Ennie Award nominee for Best Setting! Progenitor is a massive Wild Talents setting sourcebook from Arc Dream Publishing. Nearly pages long. Comes with the PDF of Wild Talents Essential Edition, the complete rules, free. Progenitor is a massive Wild Talents setting sourcebook from Arc Dream Publishing. Nearly pages long, it's written by Greg Stolze, creator of the One-Roll Engine, co-author of Wild Talents, Godlike. Wild Talents - Progenitor: Woodstock - Starting with Richie Havens and ending with Jimi Hendrix, the Woodstock music Watermarked PDF. $.

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View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO wild talents 2nd medical-site.info, 6MiB, 1x1 .. Another anon here, throwing in Wild Talents: Progenitor for good. Transmission Hong Kong: medical-site.info Anonymous . Looking for Wild Talents 2e and Wild Talents: Progenitor. This wiki is created to codify the world of Progenitor, a superhero setting for Arc Dream Publishing's Wild Talents game. In Progenitor.

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Rather than fool about with Range and Willpower costs like Precognition in the Wild Talents book, or putting Augument onto Attacks and Defends and wind up making it both more expensive and more powerful than makes sense for eCollapse do it this way. Once per scene you can roll the dice and get an insight from the GM. If you use this to predict what someones going to do in a fight, you get a dice pool bonus to your attacks or defenses equal to the Width of your set.

If you use it to figure out whats going on based on the information you know, the GM gives you a hint. Smear of Destiny: You can predict events. The more information you have, the more accurate your predictions are. Environmental Adaptation Mod Theres three parts of this. The first one replaces your whole nasal cavity, going down through your neck, superseding both your airway and your esophagus. This bit here is a lining for your tongue and the interior surface of your mouth.

Forget about tasting stuff, by the way. Anything you drink, eat or breathe gets trapped and analyzed. If its toxic, narcotic, debilitating or just something the software isnt sure about, it goes back out.

Gasses go out with the next exhalation. Liquids and solids come out the mouth, so if someone tries to poison you at a high society dinner, youre going to create a disturbance spewing it.

Though less of a disturbance than youd create dying, I suppose. Another element connects to your liver and more or less supercharges it.

Anything that gets around the neck barrier such as something injected gets filtered from the bloodstream, buried in some fat cells, encysted in a protein shell and dumped into your bladder to trouble the sewer gators. The third element is a protective plastic coating over your eyeballs so that you cant get blinded by tear gas or get sarin in your ocular cavity.

Blinking feels a little thick, but your tear ducts adapt quickly enough. No worse than contact lenses, really. Its a little broader than standard Immunity but not quite up to Variable Effect, so ten points per HD seemed reasonable. Smear of Destiny: Ignore the effects of poisons, intoxicants, drugs and irritants. Aero-ink still blocks your sight, but only as long as its suspended in the air.

You get this implanted organ, usually in the body cavity but sometimes in a limb if its beefy enough. It produces an organic explosive, not quite as powerful as C-4 but given enough time and a modestly balanced diet you can make as much as you want.

You can excrete it out a normal body orifice or through a dedicated opening. I have two versions of this mod so far. One produces a clear, oily liquid, set off by flame. The other kicks out a dingy orange-yellow paste almost the exact consistency of a decently firm poop. That one you can burn all day, it wont go off until its hit with an electrical jolt.

Either forms roughly the size and weight of a soda can. One final concern is that a serious inspection of the blast site is going to turn up a pretty unique chemical signature. It takes some labwork, but if the cops care they can tell that explosions A and B came from bomber number one, while C and D came from bomber two.

This has the Exhausted flaw -3 so you can only produce a new batch of boom juice once per scene. Therefore, every unit of explosives, when it goes off, affects everyone within ten yards of the blast point. Those within the bang zone take 2 Shock to every hit location and roll 4d, taking 1K to each location that turns up.

Each additional unit increases the radius by a yard and adds another Area die, just to keep things simple. Smear of Destiny: Your character is always presumed to have access to explosives. More than that, bruises fade within half an hour. Something like a knife wound? Expect it to scab over in a couple hours and be good as new well, close enough by the weekend.

Dont get overconfident and go walking in front of a shotgun blast. If that doesnt kill you outright your body eventually pushes out the pellets and scabs it over, but its a good idea to carry some plastic wrap to put around yourself so you dont bleed out before the gaps can knit.

As a rule of thumb, anything that goes in one side, comes out the other, and you cant cover up the holes even with both hands? Youre going to be on your ass a month and have some scars to show off. Also, dont expect this to restore brain functioning if you lose actual gray matter. Wild Talents: Regeneration 2HD. Smear of Destiny: Instead of getting Queen factors when resolving events, you can remove one point of Suffering per scene, unless it came from 1 an intangible cause like psychological trauma or 2 a truly gruesome and massive injury, as described above.

Knockout Gas Mod The gland that puts this stuff out is about the size of a Chicago hot dog, complete with bun and condiments. It fits in a body cavity with some squeezing and can then unload into your lungs, letting you breathe out the gas like a smoker.

Or putting it up near the armpit with a nozzle down to on the palm or under the fingernails gives you a greater ability to put a concentrated dose in someones face. Naturally the toxin has no effect on its own producer, though you may or may not be vulnerable to other people with the same mod. Theres a funny story about two guys in Jalisco who knocked each other out, fell off the same building, and landed on the same cop.

But thats a friend of a friend thing, might have grown in the telling. It produces enough fog to affect everyone in about a tenfoot cube, so try to get your enemies to dogpile you before you use it. Heres how it works. When you activate this, everyone within 10 yards takes four points of Shock to their heads, timed as if it was a 2x10 attack.

This ignores armor but obviously, since its a gas, gas masks and the like Environmental Adaptation Mod, naturally keep it from having any effect at all. To keep things thematic, this damage does not ever turn into Killing damage so you cant gas people twice and leave a trail of bodies and it all goes away once they wake up. Smear of Destiny: You can make people pass out when theyre close to you.

Linguo-Jam Boost Turns out the language center in the average brain is pretty lazy by the time you grow up and actually, compared to someone Linguo-Jammed, only so-so when youre a young kid. With this gadget, if you speak English and want to learn to parle Franais, thats about a month of casual study or exposure with no particular effort.

Wild Talents - ECollapse

Something like Chinese or Basque, with a different foundation? Two months. Assuming youre not, yknow, working at it. If you really put your head down eight hours a day, you can get fluent in weeks, not months. Most of the Linguo-Jammed find the new fluencies to be an appetizer. The main course is a far deeper understanding of your own language.

It goes beyond letting streety bastards understand heavy contract legalese or letting white-shoe lawyers follow the latest rap singles , though again nice. No, when you get your LJ firing, people cant lie to you. You dont just understand whats said, and whats meant, you get whats deliberately unsaid. Wild Talents: This is handled with a power and a Hyperskill. The Hyperskill is 3HD in Empathy. Its Useful quality is that you learn languages very rapidly when exposed to them.

You get 9d in it. Smear of Destiny: You understand the full text, the subtext, and you penetrate the repressed text.

I Want Some More After getting one superpower, its not uncommon to want more.

Wild Talents - Progenitor: Woodstock - Arc Dream Publishing | Wild Talents | medical-site.info

Specifically, people usually want whichever superpower was used to whip on their booty. But sorry, the human body is barely able to support one boost or mod. Even the almost-unheard-of urban legends who double down without getting some kind of super-cancer usually wind up dying within a couple years. Effectively, their mods starve their organs of crucial nutrients and they collapse of accelerated aging.

Memory Boost There are lots of different types of memory, and this course of medications doesnt amplify all of them. Muscle memory where you do something once and can repeat it flawlessly over and over? You probably want them coordination capsules. These pills here are for sensory, verbal, mathematical and emotional stuff.

So if youre interested in total recall and photographic memory, this is for you. Makes you look real smart, and you never forget a name or a face.

Also good if youre after inexpressible, bittersweet tristesse when you catch a whiff of your ex-girlfriends perfume. Smear of Destiny: Like it says on the tin, photographic memory and total recall. Olfactory Mod You know how a dogs olfactory nerves, if spread out, would be bigger than a human beings skin?

You didnt know? Actually, I dont have a real clear source on that either. Never mind. What happens with this is, we graft in five new patches of dedicated nerve tissue, each about the size of a few squares of toilet paper. One goes on each forearm, on the calves too and underneath the scalp. The nerves weave up into the hair follicles and alter them for odor perception. The smells you pick up through the mod arent like the ones you get in your nose, you dont have an instinctive and visceral reaction to them.

If you smear a dog steamer, you smell it like normal but it isnt debilitating. Likewise tear gas, if that comes upno better, no worse. Hell, you can find anyone, anywhere.

Pepper juice, wolf urine, Head n Shoulders, nothing is going to disguise a scent from you. Which means those fancy costumes arent hiding a thing from you. Limited, of course, to things that could only be detected by aroma. But be generous with the clues. For example, someone with this could tell if two superficially identical liquid explosives had been excreted by different people. Ditto for drugs. Smear of Destiny: You can track and recognize people, animals and distinct aromas with great accuracy.

Pattern Matching Boost This ones a weird one, and not just because you can get it in suppository form. Dont worryit also comes as a patch, like with nicotine. It improves the brains ability to decode complicated logic structures.

Ill level with you: Im not sure exactly how this one works, since its not a big seller like, say, the libido crank. Its like a nerd pill only, yknow, it goes in the other end. I dont think it makes you like Star Trek, if thats a concern. Wild Talents: Its all Hyperskills. Smear of Destiny: You can figure out electronic devices very easily.

Pharmacretion Mod Did I say the cops hate the explosive thing?

Well they do, but they hate the bitches who lactate Ecstasy just as much. Like the explosive production mod, its an organ about the size of a bratwurst that can extrude illegal substances, either through a dedicated new opening in your body or through one of the common ones.

You cant get high off your own junk, which is probably for the best.

The pharmacopeia available is staggering, but its one drug per customer. You can get a mod for meth, an organ for opiates, or sweat glands that pump out synthetic cocaine. Have fun, Scarface.

Wild Talents: Create Drugs, 5d. Each recharge nets you ten more doses. After youve used your recharges up meaning, every doses of smack or whatever you need to take an afternoon off, eat lots of sugars and complex carbohydrates, and maybe think about what youve done with your life. Then youre back where you started. After someone takes a hit, they take a penalty to all dice pools equal to the Width of your production roll. Smear of Destiny: You always have access to the drug the mod produces.

Screamer Mod Its a funny-shaped mod, big but not heavy or unwieldy. It installs between your shoulderblades, hooked into the lungs so it can use them as a sounding chamber, 24 with this shallow bowl thingies like the guts of a stereo speaker, and your skins the fabric covering. Oh, theres a pair of biological earplugs, like little valves for the ear canal, they protect your eardrums when you use the screamer.

You can also activate them without bringing the noise, if your neighbor has a cat or an active love life. What the primary mod does it make a loud, shrill, very irritating sound. Notable in that it requires willpower to work.

Mad Scientist : Hey, they didn't put those gadgeteering rules in there for nothin'. Get cracking! Min-Maxing : Quite friendly to it, and a guide to basic min-maxing is included after the power creation rules. So long as one guy doesn't try to one-up every other person at the table, min-maxing creates extra-effective and efficient characters.

New Powers as the Plot Demands : Between Variable Effect, Augment, and using Willpower to download or upgrade powers in play, there's no shortage of ways to pull a new power outta nowhere just when you need it. Non-Lethal K. Be careful not to deal too much Shock, though.

Not Wearing Tights : Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and sometimes changing with the setting. In the World Gone Mad, World War II Talents don't wear costumes or even special insignias because that instantly makes them priority target number one. Later on, however, costumed vigilantes start making their presence known, in part because the average Talent became much sturdier.

In Grim War, government-sponsored mutants are almost always deployed in costume, just so the enemy knows just how badly they're going to get beaten. In eCollapse, the difference between having a costume and not having a costume is the difference between being a superhero and being a crazy person with illegal biological upgrades Point Build System : An elaborate one at that.

Psychosomatic Superpower Outage : When you run out of willpower, this happens. Your powers still function, just at half strength and without any bonus dice. Reed Richards Is Useless : Taken out back and shot. World Gone Mad plays this somewhat straight with Gadgeteers, whose physics-defying "Gadgets" are impossible to mass produce, and thus have limited impact on the world. Nevertheless, the existence of Hyperbrains means various real-world technologies are developed sooner, such as the first personal computer the "Xerox Home Office" appearing in Sliding Scale of Idealism vs.

Cynicism : "Low Black" is cynical, "High Black" is idealistic. The alien who crash-landed at Roswell. A giant robot who's also a hippie gadgeteer.

A crazy guy dressed like a Minuteman who can manipulate luck and enjoys Offscreen Teleportation. That's The Odd Squad, the heroes on the cover of the book and the characters used in examples. This game is designed to foster and nurture bizarro heroes. Splash Damage Abuse : Averted. While getting caught in an explosion is no fun, it's much, much nastier to be the one at the center.

Superhero Speciation : Encouraged by the rules. Lack of it is occasionally mocked or highlighted in-text; Progenitor includes stat blocks for "Zippermen" its version of the flying brick at every level of power.

Superpower Lottery : Touched on in several settings. Extremely literal in Progenitor, where one woman gained Manhattan-level superpowers by obscene cosmic accident, and ten other people randomly obtained a fragment of her power, who then passed it on to one hundred others, and so on, with the closer you are to the source the more powerful you are. Superhero Packing Heat : A viable option at low levels, when downloading up blasting powers can be pricey. At higher levels, you only have nukes to turn to for bigger firepower.

Superhero Prevalence Stages : Outside of the lower-power settings, an inevitability. Some do so gradually, like Wild Talents; others erupt with little forewarning, like The Cerberus Club. That One Disadvantage : There are only a handful of disadvantages, and most of them are so hideous for such little payoff you'll have to be very dedicated to the character you wanna play to take 'em.

Notably, you can pay 5 points to be hideously crippled by lacking a stat, including Body no physical body, meaning you can't interact with the physical world even with Talents , Coordination complete immobility , Sense complete inability to perceive the outside world , Command no will or self-direction of your own or Charm apocalyptic inability to read others' emotions and responses—an example given is gunning down a five-year old for smiling, or rather "bearing its teeth threateningly".

Trainstopping : download the No Physics extra to pull off stunts like this. Edit History Tags Source. Create account or Sign in. You need to have a Wikidot. Sign in. Create a new account. Featured Article: Metahuman The Using this wiki site page provides useful information for the Site Admin.

Progenitor + PDF

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