The Darkest Seduction. Home · The Darkest Seduction Author: Showalter Gena The Seduction. Read more · The Seduction · Read more. Read The Darkest Seduction read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. The Darkest Seduction is a Romance novel by Gena Showalter. Read The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9) PDF. At long last, New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter unveils the story of Paris, the.

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In this irresistibly seductive Lords of the Underworld adventure, an immortal warrior's desire for the wrong woman may ignite the biggest war the. The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld) [Gena Showalter] on site. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At long last, New York Times. The Darkest Seduction book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. At long last, New York Times bestselling author Gena Showa.

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Now I think he may potentially be one of the strongest of the Lords. With Sienna being the only woman Paris could apparently be with more than once it opened up a new door for him, the chance to be with the woman he cared about and truly loved. I loved his fierce protectiveness and desire to be with her and take care of her no matter what—it was wonderful. Have you lost your freaking mind people?!? Hunter or not, Sienna is one of the best leading ladies to grace this series!

Paris and Sienna as a couple are incredible. Despite their history, or perhaps because of it, the sparks between them run wild! Neither is the same person they were when they first met, but their desire to be with each other strengthens their relationship. Their interactions were entertaining and the sex between them hot. Showalter has written this story perfectly, however there is a lot going on throughout the book.

With so many sub-storylines taking place and unfolding, one could be mistaken for getting a tad confused. A hilarious new addition to the series, this goddess and houser of Narcissism looks to be an interesting character.

And Willy! Yes Willy! Gena Showalter has got a lot in store for him and I for one cannot wait to see what awaits him in his story. As the 9th book in the series, The Darkest Seduction comes with big revelations and big shocks!

Major plot changes, and completions, will see the series head in a new direction and the inclusion of new characters shows that Gena Showalter is far from done when it comes to this series! View all 20 comments. Jul 05, Deborah Obida rated it really liked it Shelves: Paris' book is everything I thought it would be and I love it, I discovered a lot of things in this book about Paris and I realized that just like the other Lords, I don't know him. There is so much more to him than his looks and demon, Paris loathe the person he is now, he thinks he is not good enough and hates using people for sex, he feels as if he is forcing them and that they don't actually want him but his demon.

How sad is that, who would have thought that of Paris, absolutely no one. So glad he finally found love. William was in this book more than the other Lords, I enjoyed his parts so much, after the ordeal in the last book, he lost some hair, yes hair and now he is obsessed with getting it back.

Suddenly William loomed over him, scowling, snarling and bloody, his suit dirt-stained and ripped. How many strands. Of hair I lost.

On my way down? My hair needs TLC and you…you… Damn you! Feb 18, Mimi Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: Paris and Sienna's story started a while ago, so my expectations were high, and I liked it a lot. I even liked the slew of other stories and much is resolved here. If you want to see the major parts of the story, read on Mimi's DS shopping list 1. That initial fall from 'believe it' pile, deduced the half star. Cronus, Rhea and the Hunters.

Yes, people, the big battle has occurred and we escaped unscathed by we, I mean the lords, of course. Basically everything is solved here,the prophecy, the battling gods, Sienna's role in it all. Everyone who is everyone was there, fighting. CHECK 3. You might've noticed I didn't mention Galen as being solved. That's 'cause he hasn't been yet. His and Legion's story is coming soon, I think. Ah, Willy, I enjoyed seeing you and your conditioner.

We get even more glimpses of his powers and history but nothing concrete. So, one one hand, it's not solved, but I loved him here, so CHECK 5. Introduction of new characters. On one hand this was annoying, since these Lords just keep popping up, but I'll deal. Was unnecessary in this book that already has so many storylines. We see the Lord of Narcissism, Indifference, Selfishness and I forgot. CHECK 6. Appearance of old characters. Of course, we got to see our beloved characters again.

Just when you expect it to go on and on, and that demon babies are like elephants. CHECK 7. Introduction of a new series. While reading this book I was confused by Zachariel's constant appearances. I like him, but for a relatively new character he was getting a lot of page time. However, upon reading about a new series Angels of the Dark, about tattooed, bad boy angels, it became clear we were being sucked in.

The first book is coming out in June Wicked Nights. Wish William gets his book soon. Alas, I don't think it's in the stars. I believe you suffer from what the humans call ADD. I definitely have attention deficient demon. And a stranger conversation Sienna had never heard. Ashlyn survived the birthing, and so did her personal horde. I need someone to flash out of here and get me some. Little terrors clawed me up but good. So anyway, come on, come in, and meet your nephew and niece, Murder and Mayhem.

Still, I think I got my point across: View all 5 comments. Mar 25, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: What I liked: I really like how Showalter gave us updates and insights into what's goin 3.

I really like how Showalter gave us updates and insights into what's going on with the other Lords - both the one's who are already living their HEA and those guys and girl whose stories are in the making. I personally loved the novella 'The Darkest Angel' featuring Lysander so I'm stoked that the angels' are getting their turn. Some things finally get resolved! A LOT of stuff happens in 'The Darkest Seduction' - at pages this is the longest LotU yet and in that span view spoiler [ Ashlyn finally has the twins although Ever and Urban definitely fall under the Hollyweird name category and things with the Titans come to a "head".

What I didn't like: Notice that Paris and Sienna didn't make my "What I liked" list? Well, even though this was mainly their story, I actually felt their relationship was kinda forced and stilted in parts. It wasn't awful per se, but it was one of the weaker HEA's I've read for the Lords about on par with maybe Gideon's and Aeron's stories. Yeah, Paris has been yearning for Sienna ever since finding out she's the special girl who he can get repeat boners for, but the explanation given as to why this is just didn't quite work for me.

So, even though this isn't my fave 'Lords of the Underworld' installment, it was still an entertaining read overall and I will definitely be continuing on with the new series and the remaining LotU books. Kane's up next there's just something about the Keeper of Disaster I really like and it should be apocalyptic - literally!

View all 7 comments. Dec 27, Katie babs rated it it was amazing.

Gena brought her "A" game to this one. It's the best one in this series. I adored Paris and how he treats Sienna.

Also one big storyline that has been current throughout is tied up. I may have missed this but I don't understand why Paris can stay faithful to Sienna. His demon makes his body respond to other women because she needs sex, but why is Sienna so special? She also came into her own here and kicks some major demon booty.

And the loves scenes between Paris and Sienna are smoking hot to the Gena brought her "A" game to this one. And the loves scenes between Paris and Sienna are smoking hot to the max. This series is far from over. Legion is my favorite of all. Poor former demon turned hot woman has been through the wringer and needs some TLC stat.

Paris and Sienna, as well as the rest of the Underworld gang gets two enthusiastic demon horn and tails up. Paris, Keeper of Promiscuity, is everything expected and a whole lot more. His is a character that instantly surges from the pages from the very first moment of his introduction in an exquisitely sexy style, keeping his demon sated while still reveling in the company of his fellow Lords, making him an instant favourite.

Through the series development however, we see flashes of the encumbrance that is being the Lord of Sex — the heartaches, anguish, hate, and desirous feelings for more, all accompanied with the aftermath of extreme self-loathing, guilt and humiliation. In this, at long last, we get the unveiling of Paris, absorbing his every emotion, his every desire, his tenaciousness to keep his demon in check, and his willingness to find and save Sienna, along with him.

Although what starts out as an awful encounter taking root as animosity, Sienna is ultimately the best match for our beloved hero. Along with possessing the demon of Wrath, she possesses the very thing that Paris needs; forgiveness.

Their relationship starts with distrust, but slowly builds into a strong bond. There is no jealousy beyond the hot alpha male possessiveness! The multiple POVs that were a bother in the prior book proved to be fitting in this, taking us deeper into the lives of Paris and Sienna, and also into many others, specially William and Kane.

My only quibble is the sex scenes.

Admittedly, Paris being the Keeper of Sex, I was expecting a little bit nice and a lot of naughty, but I found the sex scenes to be timid, at odds with his character, yet very suitable with the story and romance. A definite must read! January 25, View all 11 comments. Jul 18, Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: This was really a great addition to the Lords of the underworld series. To be honest, I wasn't all that excited about Paris's story. Maybe it was dragged out a bit to much, but it turned out to be really enjoyable.

Sexy as always! To see the pictures and Vote on Paris go to http: Dec 20, Christina rated it it was ok Shelves: The action at the end of the book almost pushed it to a 3.

There was no sparks just the fact that Paris got hard twice for the same woman. Well, I need more than that. Then added to the sugar an sweetness was the never-ending "I have to leave him, but maybe I can stay one more day" tug of war. Oh and it wasn't one sided, Paris was in the same tug of war "I need to leave her, no I don't" banter.

I just cou The action at the end of the book almost pushed it to a 3. I just couldn't get into these two. I liked Paris in the beginning but he grated on me in the last few books. He just has this tunnel vision when it comes to Sienna and it was more annoying than anything else.

Onto Sienna. I think I would have liked her more if we saw more of Wrath come through. She has this kick ass demon in her and I wanted to see more of her wreaking havoc. I liked her in the fighting scenes at the end so I think if the author built more on that it would have strengthened her character for me.

I did not like the dead sister and miscarriage story line at all. It seemed like something just thrown in. It had no substance. I thought Sienna's character needed to be developed more, maybe more background with the hunters, anything instead of her constantly thinking of her sister.

I'm not sure how I feel about her being Queen yet. I do like Sienna and she definitely has some potential and fight in her so we'll just have to wait and see. The jury is still out. As far as the other characters go, I did like the other story lines. I enjoyed the demon twins being born. I really like Ashlyn and Maddox together so this was a bonus for me. I also enjoyed Cronus and Rhea dueling it out. Gotta love two super powers always trying to one up each other. Hated Viola!

Sorry but this is a bad imitation of Anya. Just doesn't work. I still absolutely love William! To me, he steals the show. I always look forward to him. I really hope Showalter doesn't screw up his character like she did with Strider. Galen and Legion could be interesting. I felt for Legion, she's broken and scared. I'd like to see more of her. Another could be interesting character is Kane.

I honestly never cared for him but his scenes weren't bad. I felt his pain and the hopelessness in him. This could turn out ok. My favorite was Zacharel! He's sexy and strong. What I love about him is his coldness and how detached he is. He better get someone special and he better not change. That's all we need is another love sick puppy. No, No, No! View all 15 comments. Mar 13, Anita rated it it was ok Shelves: It took me awhile, but I managed to finish reading this book.

Then came along Gideon, Amun and Strider's stories. Very disappointing, but I had my answer. I do love the Lords, but for me, this series has gotten too juvenile. Maybe I've outgrown this series, I don't know. Galen doesn't seem to care that he is running out of hair conditioner, so I am hopeful.

I gave this book 2 stars, but my suggestion is to download it a used bookstore or check it out at the library. View 1 comment. Feb 24, Laura V. Pero se lee, y muy bien. Tiene un buen ritmo, ni te das cuenta de la cantidad de hojas, y tenemos varios puntos de vista. Cosa que normalmente me molesta, pero en este me encanta, porque: Amo a Kane 2.

Amo a Zacharel 3. Amo a William 4. Amo a Galen 5. Creo que YA puedo leer su libro. Personajes nuevos, lo que es bueno y a la vez interesante. Y por favor, que nadie lo mate antes de conseguir su happy ending.

Dejen de intentar matarse por amor al arte. No lo creo. Hay personajes nuevos, eso me encanta. No importa. Sep 22, Rachaelthebiliophile rated it liked it. Jesus take the wheel The only way my safety loving brain could've processed this book was to think of Paris' need for sex as akin to a diabetic's need for insulin?

In the time between Paris having been with Sienna and their second chance,he's been with a lot of women some willingly in his quest to find her some only to sate his demon but his reluctance helped to Jesus take the wheel In the time between Paris having been with Sienna and their second chance,he's been with a lot of women some willingly in his quest to find her some only to sate his demon but his reluctance helped to not make me hate him and dnf this book.

Sienna in her "death" has reevaluated her life's choices and realized the path she was on as a Hunter was wrong, she accepted Paris as he was even as Wrath showed her his misdeeds. I loved how possessive he was of her and surprisingly this was one of the relationships that i actually felt their connection my problem though was that there were so many other exciting things happening here that Paris and Sienna felt secondary in their own book. Massive changes occurred in interesting ways plot wise and thankfully Sienna came into her own because she was quite timid and overly accepting before she kicked butt.

All in all this was good story wise but just ok romance wise with all the self sacrifices and such happening. On to the next Jul 31, Sofia T. Best Book Ever!!!! We have all waited so much for Paris's story and finally here it is.

The Keeper of Promiscuity may have messed around for thousands of years but now has come the time to settle down. Paris finds Sienna and together they escape from the castle Cronus held her. Apparenty Sienna is a key to win the war between Galen,Cronus and the gorgeous Lords. He who has her is the winner.

Guess who might that be?? So,Cronus wants Siena,who is in love with Paris,who loves her as well,to spy on Galen,who brace yourselves is in love with Legion,who is scared to death of him and doesn't even wanna hear his name.

It had a nice flow while the main two characters were loyal,compassionate and stubborn. Here is my favourite part it's right after the delivery William: All in all,I loved this book and can't wait for the next one. And some news: Don't miss Wicked Nights. First posted on: View all 12 comments. Sep 27, Meret Punk rated it really liked it Shelves: That was in book 2!!! For some reason, I expected more.. I think the wait made build high expectations for this one xD.. It was really good though..

Aug 30, Hanife marked it as considering-to-read Shelves: View all 10 comments. Oct 01, Gary rated it really liked it. Only 4 stars for this one as it was very every to guess what going to happen next. Jan 07, Ronda Tutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Brilliant, Creative, and Mind Blowing!

Absolutely Fantastic! I mean just WOW! I know I can't say enough to tell everyone what a great series Gena Showalter has woven.

Paris story is astounding in the fact that this lord of sex who gives nothing but shattering pleasure to everyone he pleases finally finds his one true mate Sienna. It is kind of sad he will no longer be our sexy playboy but sweet that he found that special person to calm and sate his demon. So many things happen in this story, s Brilliant, Creative, and Mind Blowing! So many things happen in this story, sure it is Paris story but many things around him from the built up of each lords story finally comes to a semi climax and let me tell you it is a shocker.

Here are a few things that I have to mention because after reading 9 installments in this series it is good to do a recap.

First let me say though that this story kept me captivated and glued to the pages. It had me laughing out loud from the bantering between the characters and making me fall in love with them all over again. So to start with my recap along with my opinion, here goes: Galen, the Keeper of Hope and Jealousy - he totally has the hots for Legion and will do anything to get her. He is also suppose to be the one who will behead Cronus according to the perceived interpretation from All Seeing Eye.

Big surprise in the end - LOL 2. Legion - has become frail, withdrawn and is dieing inside since she was rescued from hell. She hasn't spoken to anyone since she got out of hell but that soon changes when Galen kidnaps Ashlyn and wants to bargan for a trade for Legion. Maddox Keeper of Violence and his mate Ashlyn has supernatural abilities who happens to be pregnant carring twins has to be the sweetest couple. When Ashlyn is kidnapped by Galen it throws her into Labor, Maddox goes crazy of course until she is rescued, however the situation becomes intense because she is in labor and only one person can deliver her demon babies - yep you guessed it "William".

William, I absolutely love him, he cracks me up with his conceitedness. His being is still a mystery to me because he seems to have powers no one fully knows he has. Yes he is suppose to be son of Hades and suppose to have fathered the 4 horsemen, but there is more to him than we know and I can hardly wait for his story if he gets one. Hades - Father of Lucifer Ruler of Hell , Williams father, and master of the dark shadows who eats souls. I found it interesting that he comes to the forefront in this story and now has me curious of what his role will become and if he will find a mate amongst the lords.

I'm still curious to find out if he will ever find a mate that can be with him. Cronus has promised him a woman that he will be able to touch, i wonder who that woman is. But after the ending of the story, what will happen.

Kane Keeper of Disaster - I totally love him, he is so loyal to his buddies but at the same time I feel bad for him because he is nothing but disaster. He ends up in hell with William but William escapes and Kane does not. He is rescued finally by an unknown female I think it is one of the 4 horsemen but no one knows where he is.

I hope he gets a mate, he so deserves it. Viola Minor Goddess - Keeper of Narcissism is new to the series and she was annoying and irritating, I wonder which warrior she will end up with, maybe the author should stick her with Hades - LMAO! Now that they no longer exist, hopefully pandora's box can be found and destroyed. Will Cameo Keeper of Misery get a mate?

Will Torin Keeper of Disease get a mate? What about Gilly, will her and William end up together - I sure hope not? Most important - what will happen to the warrior angel Zacharel, will he ever experience love, will he make it through his punishment with the other fallen angels to redeem themselves?

Gosh, there is just so many things that are addicting and my inquiring mind just has to know - LOL I wish this series was an HBO show, I'd rather watch this than True Blood and thats saying alot especially since I am a true fan of True Blood. Excellent Read!!!! View 2 comments.

This review posted on Guilty Pleasures Recommended Read The long awaited story of Paris is finally here and it does not disappoint. Kane is still missing, William is some how saved, Ashlyn and Maddox are still expecting and of course Paris is still on the hunt for Sienna. When Paris learns that Sienna had tried to reach him but he was unable to see her, he becomes determined to find a way to get to her.

It is through an encounter with a minor goddess named Viola, that he discovers the secret to se This review posted on Guilty Pleasures Recommended Read The long awaited story of Paris is finally here and it does not disappoint. It is through an encounter with a minor goddess named Viola, that he discovers the secret to seeing his conquest minus a few details that he would probably want to know.

After some coaxing from an angel named Zacharel and some time with needles and ash tainted ink, Paris finds himself capable of seeing the dead woman he is determined to find. There is simply one problem, she is The Realm of Blood and Shadows and it takes pain and blood to get there. Sienna is tired of being held prisoner and would prefer death to the pain and agony she has suffered since coming to the Realm of Blood and Shadows.

Her wings ache, she is weak, there are shadows that devour her from time to time and the only time she gets out is when Wrath goes out for a kill and leaves her with the bloody memories when they return.

She is determined to find her sister and Cronus promises to know where she is. He swears that Galen has fathered a child with her sister and that Sienna must seduce him in order to find out her whereabouts. Sienna is ready to deal with her task until she encounters a dream of Paris coming into her prison screaming her name. When Paris and Sienna both realize that their encounter is real, all hell breaks loose.

The past has caused such mistrust between them that neither of the two know if they can get past it.

What they do know, is there is still an attraction that can't be matched between them. When they finally have an opportunity to see if Paris's demon will allow him to take Sienna again, they are attacked by carnivorous shadows. Luckily, William is there to save the day but is unwilling to explain how. When they finally find a way to leave the castle and Paris and Sienna are finally able to deal with their attraction and WOW what a scene but Paris is still unsure that Sienna is with him out of regret for the hurt she caused him or because she is truly attracted to him.

Once the two figure out their true motives, they refuse to part even thought they know it must come eventually if Cronus and Galen are to be defeated without destroying the Lords in the process. This becomes an issue when the rest of the Lords join them in the Realm of Blood and Shadows after a run in with Galen and a very pregnant Ashlyn about to give birth. Not to mention, no one can see Sienna but Paris and those blessed with the gift of seeing the dead.

In other words, Paris always looks like he is talking to and having sex with himself. As truths are revealed, battles both with friends and enemies are fought, Sienna and Paris must find a way to be together. Can Paris stay with one woman forever? Can Sienna ever find out what happened to her sister and why she was put into this predicament in the first place?

Why is it everyone wants her on their side? Oh, and will Kane ever get out of Hell? Yes these questions will be answered and a few surprises will come your way too. What a roller coaster of a story! Throughout the book the multiple stories within the story are taking place. Just as you get into a scene, it switches to someone else. While I admit, that can be frustrating, it gives a solid picture of everything that is happening simultaneously.

The Darkest Seduction

What I appreciated was that Paris shows how vulnerable he is and how self conscious he feels about his past exploits. Sienna shows him that people should not always be judged by appearance which she had originally done to Paris as well and shows him how openly one can love.

I was equally thrilled to see the the fierce nature of Paris come out to play. He has always fought for women but when his heart is locked on one woman, it is so passionate that he becomes enraged with another demon. His dedication to Sienna made me cheer him on and his desire for her had me melting into a puddle.

What is more fun is the multiple ways she turns him on.

The Darkest Seduction by Gena Showalter

If I knew throwing a desk drawer at a man would cause him to throw me on the bed and jump my bones in a mad fit of passion, I would be throwing furniture at my husband every day. Of course it would not be a Lords of the Underworld story if it did not include some side action.

We are introduced to Viola, keeper of Narcissism and minor goddess of the afterlife. She proves to add some interesting competition to the minor goddess of anarchy and now the two are on a mission to hang paintings of themselves throughout the new castle.

The birth of the twins is an interesting scene and seeing the Lords softening up to the two bundles is just plain cute. While I admit you might want to smack William a few times at his nicknames for the pair, it is funny and I am curious to see how those characters will be intertwined in the next story.

We are also given a much bigger point of view of Zacharel the angel. He is constantly hovering over Paris and Sienna and of course causing jealousy fits from Paris as a result. Knowing he has never felt passion, and shows know emotion, has a few people intrigued and I am curious to see where that leads in Gena Showalter's new series Angel's of the Dark.

Overall this book, like the others in the series, is well worth the read. I enjoyed every moment and I am now anxiously awaiting what will happen next now that a few chapters in this story are closed and new ones are opening. I am hoping that William's book will come soon. Nov 15, Sammy Loves Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was afraid that after waiting for Paris' book for so long that I was gonna be disappointed with the final product.

Well I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. No it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't a disaster. So these are the things I loved about Paris' book. Sienna had transformed from the mousey book worm hunter that she was when we were introduced to her character to a feisty warrior.

We can thank Cronus for that transformation since he saddled he I was afraid that after waiting for Paris' book for so long that I was gonna be disappointed with the final product. We can thank Cronus for that transformation since he saddled her with the demon Wrath and forced her to man up. She didn't fall into the expected insecurity trap that most heroines fall victim to when dealing with Paris and his sex demon. Yes she was jealous of other women but she always put Paris 1st and never made him feel guilty for his past.

She was brave, respectful of others and loved Paris unconditionally and was always honest with him even when the truth hurt.

The darkest seduction

I used to enjoy reading about Paris' carefree interludes. After Sienna died he spiraled into a very dark place. He became an Ambrosia addict, refused to have sex until his fellow LOTU would have to go out and find women for him.

I came to dislike Paris because he was wallowing in self pity. Thank goodness he got his woman and I don't have to witness his self destruction anymore.

He was always respectful of Sienna, put her well being above his own and was willing to sacrifice his own wants, and walk away from her instead of risking hurting her by cheating on her. Their 1st kiss was off the charts funny. The love scenes were erotic and plentiful! Loved the scene where Zacharel pushed Sienna of the roof.

I thought Paris would kill him. Cronus truly loved her once upon a time and I felt that he was still very much obsessed with her and making her submit to him.

Publication date Topics Demonology , Man-woman relationships , Paranormal fiction , Demoniac possession , Good and evil , Immortality , Paranormal romance stories , Gods , Seduction , Demoniac possession , Demonology , Gods , Good and evil , Immortality , Man-woman relationships , Paranormal fiction , Paranormal romance stories , Seduction. Publisher Don Mills, Ont. Collection inlibrary ; printdisabled ; internetarchivebooks ; china.

Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive. Contributor Internet Archive. Language English. In this irresistibly seductive Lords of the Underworld adventure, an immortal warrior's desire for the wrong woman may ignite the biggest war the heavens have ever witnessed.

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