If you are an existing PDF customer for iOS Games by Tutorials or the iOS Apprentices, you can download it now on your My Loot page. The book has been completely updated for Swift 4, iOS 11 and Xcode 9, and is This will be a free update for existing 2D Apple Games by Tutorials PDF. Platform iOS Language Swift 4. Editor Xcode 9. Learn how to make iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS games using Swift 4 and SpriteKit. Sign in to download PDF.

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Ios Games By Tutorials Pdf

Learning Cocos2D:A Hands-on Guide to Building iOS Games with Cocos2D, These testers were all followers of the iPhone game development tutorials on. iOS Games by Tutorials [Ray Wenderlich, Mike Berg, Tom Bradley, Mike Daley, Jake I have used it so much that I would not enjoy reading it from a PDF. 3D iOS Games by Tutorials>>的配套代码. Contribute to XanderXu/3D-iOS- Games-by-Tutorials-code development by creating an account on GitHub.

The team and I are happy to announce that we have released a brand new second edition of our popular book, iOS Games by Tutorials! This new second edition is fully updated for Swift and iOS 8. In addition, there are a few extra cool goodies inside. Keep reading to find out more about each update! This update was a huge amount of work, since we had to update everything to an entirely new language. But even though it took such a large effort on our part, we are releasing this as a free update to our PDF customers! This is our way of saying thanks for downloading the PDF. You are what makes all of the tutorials, books, and starter kits we make on raywenderlich.

Q: Is knowing Swift enough?

Do I also need to know Objective-C? A: It's true that most iOS jobs want some Objective-C knowledge, because there are over a million apps written in the language.

2D Apple Games by Tutorials Updated for Swift 4 and iOS 11

To help you learn, I wrote a book called Objective-C for Swift Developers , which is designed to help you transfer your skills from Swift to Objective-C as quickly as possible. Q: Do any of your books overlap? A: No — they are all designed to be unique, standalone books.

Q: Can I download your books on iBooks? A: Yes, you can download my books on the iBooks Store. For more information and links to the full range, click here. Please note: If you download the original Hacking with Swift book through iBooks you don't get the bonus content, because it's not compatible with the iBooks Store.

If you want the bonus content please click here to download through Gumroad. Q: Do you offer any discounts? A: I try to keep my books priced as low as possible; if you look around, you'll find other courses sell for twice as much, despite offering far less content.

[PDF Download] iOS Games by Tutorials [PDF] Full Ebook

However, if you sign up to my monthly Swift newsletter you'll get discounts every month. If you're looking for the biggest discount of all, see the very next question… Q: Can I download your books in a bundle? A: Everyone who downloads any of my books gets access to bonus content as part of my Swift Frequent Flyer Club. Click here to claim yours! A: I'm happy to deliver talks and short sessions at conferences and user groups, although you'll need to cover my travel costs from the UK.

I'm always happy to speak on podcasts about Swift, iOS, macOS, or other similar topics — get in touch! However, this raises a number of questions: Why SpriteKit?

Why iOS? The development tools are well-designed and easy to learn. Plus, the App Store makes it incredibly simple to distribute your game to a massive audience — and get paid for it!

Why Swift? Why 2D?

As impressive as 3D games may be, 2D games are a lot easier to make. All of this allows you, as a developer, to focus on creating killer gameplay. Plus, some people prefer 2D games anyway! One year later, we released a second edition fully ported to Swift, as a free update for existing customers.

Yes, you read that correctly! These changes were so significant that we decided it would be better to completely revamp the book again! Just like we did with Zombie Conga, we removed the chapter showing how to port the game to tvOS.

Free pDF iOS Games by Tutorials: Second Edition: Beginning 2D iOS Gam…

Because Apple released so many new features for GameplayKit this year, we decided it would be too much to properly cover in this book. As such, the chapters dealing with GameplayKit have been removed, and will be covered elsewhere, at a later date. However, since Apple has abandoned iAd, we removed the chapter which covered that topic.

If you read the book before, but want to read it again and have limited time, the best thing to do is focus on the new games, or the chapters that interest you most.

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