This tutorial walks through some basic image and layer manipulation techniques. Making a Circle-Shaped Image How to create a circular-shaped image. File formats supported include GIF, JPEG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF , PCX,. GNU Image Manipulation Program. Generated by docbook2odf. What is GIMP. • GNU Image Manipulation Program. • Bitmap Graphics Editor. • Open Source. • Cross Platform. • Not for Vector editing

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Gimp Tutorials Pdf

Pdf ebook created with Serif PagePlus X4. Quick and Easy Tutorials that enable you to discover the magic of GIMP. The lessons are designed to be read just like . The GIMP (GNU1 Image Manipulation Program) is a free program to create The GIMP Basics: a brief discussion of working with image files, layers, filters and . GIMP (GNU) is a free graphic manipulation programme, you can download it ( Mac + GIMP & Photoshop PDF Tutorials With Start Images & All Future GIMP.

In this tutorial I'm going to tell you how to use this solid piece of freeware to create a watermark for your images. So, the first thing is to open an image or create one from scratch using GIMP, you know how to do that The next step is to create the text for the watermark. Select the Text Tool and adjust the parameters in the tool's preferences once you are done with the text it should appear like this over the image. Click OK and alternatively you can select the Rotate Tool and rotate the text if you want. I did and it looks like this: Now go to the layers toolbox and select Overlay mode and reduce the Opacity till you are satisfied, for this example I reduced it to And the final result is this. Now you can save a copy of your image with a watermark on it. Simple and easy, isn't it? Final Words Now you can show your images on the internet with nice watermark on then, GIMP helps you to make it easy and quick.

If you want to learn how to mix colors in GIMP, check this. You might be thinking that mixing colors is so easy there is no need to have a tutorial about but even experienced users will have what to learn from the tutorial. Here is a tutorial to teach you how to use it to achieve a vintage effect.

Of course, you can use QuickMasks for much more than this.

It covers layers, operations with layers, layer masks, etc. Some of the stuff in it is a little advanced, but if you need a solid intro to layers, this one is also OK. Here are two tutorials about paths — one about Bezier selections and one about drawing shapes.

GIMP - Tutorials

Both tutorials are short and sweet — just a few minutes each to read and try. You can do so many things with them! However, when you are a GIMP newbie, this array of filters might seem hard to conquer. In such cases, a good tutorial about GIMP filters, for instance this one , can help a lot.

The document lists all filters by group blur, enhance, distort, light and shadow, noise, edge-detect, artistic, etc. This tutorial provides five ways to use shade and lightning in GIMP. Tutorials for Advanced Users This last section contains the most difficult but probably the most interesting stuff — advanced tutorials.

However, since it also develops into some excellent advanced techniques along the way, I thought it say nicely here. I suspect even GIMP veterans will have what to learn from this book, so if you have a spare hour, give it a try it. This tutorial covers the whole process in great depth.

Just a short clarification: Not all steps performed on the example image used in this tutorial were done in GIMP — some are performed in another open source graphics program RawTherapee. How to Color using Gimp I also really like this color guide which spans 7 minutes and offers a very quick intro for beginners.

But this color guide may take the cake for its easy instructional guidelines that any artist should be able to follow. I recommend going through both vids if you need to learn basic digital painting and want a template to follow. Granted Bob Ross worked in traditional mediums so it feels very different using a digital program. Kynitia — Speed Painting You can learn a lot from speedpainting videos and this one shows you how to design a character in GIMP start-to-finish. So give this a shot but make sure you already have some comfort with basic painting first.

Daredevil in GIMP One nice thing about this video is how the creator actually narrates their way through the process.

Most speedpainting videos go so fast and usually rely on background music. Highly recommend this if you can follow along with the quick movements. It covers a lot of techniques on how to draw in GIMP and how to nail down the anime style in your work.

But I think the content speaks for itself. Now if you want to paint faces and portraits digitally then you might try GIMP as a free starting point. It helps a lot if you already have some artistic skills but not totally required. The tutorial is not guided so there is no narrative or voiceover. Or if you have two monitors! Really you can start with practically zero knowledge of GIMP or digital painting. One such example using GIMP shows him painting a retro-style engineer character from scratch.

GIMP Tutorials

You get to see his linework and his final color choices. Incredibly valuable if you have some artistic experience and can follow along.

Another brilliant quick painting vid this time focused on Miku.

If you love Japanese-style character art or general anime art then give this vid a bookmark for future viewing. Love creating fanart of your favorite characters?

The total time in real-world hours to complete this piece was over 5 hours so it makes sense that the artist sped it up. It actually ran so long that they broke this into three parts! Just be warned this is a pretty technical painting. You should have some knowledge of digital art before trying to follow along with the artist Karolina Twardosz who you can also follow on Tumblr. How fun! Painting Hair in Gimp Hair can be one of the most frustrating things to learn to draw.

Gimp Books

The video totals about 32 minutes and it really does walk you through the entire process step-by-step. A beautiful example of how much you can learn with the right resources. I know that not everyone wants to learn pixel art but I will say this tut is phenominal. Especially when combined with the setup tutorial above.

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Puppy Dog Speedpainting Getting back onto the painting side we have this video from artist Johan Brits. This one uses a photo as a reference guide and the painting process is very clear. But try to use this more as a guide for your own work rather than a step-by-step tutorial. The fictional character Nebula is the focus of this painting tutorial.

It totals over a half hour with clear instructions on how to draw your own version of Nebula in GIMP.