download Be Awesome, Live Awesome: A 'Non-Pakau' self help book: Read 1 Kindle Store Reviews - Him-eesh Madaan is the author of Be Awesome, Live Awesome ( avg rating, 34 ratings, 2 reviews, published ). If you want to develop unstoppable confidence and motivation. This book has 4 parts: Awesome Career, Awesome Self, Awesome Relations and Awesome Love Life. Himeesh Madaan is one of my favourite motivational speaker.

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Read this summary first: We all know people who seem to have it all: a cool job, a beautiful partner, amazing friends, plenty of money — basically, an awesome fucking life. But knowing what you want is only half the battle; you also have to know how to get what you want. Written by a successful entrepreneur, this book will show you how you can achieve your goals through the very same principles used by the author himself. By following them, you, too, can become a real-life success story. You may think that living a good life involves pleasing others, but to fulfill your life goals, you need to first start taking care of yourself. Making yourself a priority — or being selfish — will lead to a better life not only for you but also for others around you. If you work on improving yourself, you will focus on becoming a better caregiver, parent, sibling or friend. Imagine a teacher coming to class with a bad flu instead of staying at home to rest. It would be better for everyone if the teacher put his own needs first and focused instead on getting better before he thought about attending to anyone else. Taking care of yourself and your life is crucial. For example, the author took the career path he thought he should have, every week working hours in corporate jobs that paid well, yet he never felt happy.

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In fact, he felt burnt out, stressed and unfulfilled. Being selfish involves balance in areas of your life like nutrition, exercise and mental health. If you are sick mentally or physically, it will be difficult to start a business or approach another equally big goal.

Therefore, you need to focus on keeping yourself balanced by working out and getting into shape even if you hate the thought of exercising; eating nutritious food but not being too strict about it; and developing or having a strong support group of friends and family. Stop hanging out with those who bring you down. It is important to prioritize yourself and check that key areas in your life are in balance.

That way you will be fit and well enough to start working toward achieving your goals. Have you ever tried to impress someone by acting differently, either to get a job or to win over that potential partner? So many people try to fake who they are to get ahead, not realizing that this strategy is sure to backfire.

Rather, the best tactic is to stop concerning yourself with what other people think of you. If you fear being judged by others, and to spare your ego, you end up losing a lot of opportunities.

The truth is that, of course, the reality is never as horrifying as the worst-case scenarios you imagine. People can smell fakes from a mile away, and besides, your uniqueness is what will draw people to you. Instead, be original and trust your own ideas and personality.

Contrary to what most people might think, people like helping others. But to achieve our goals, we have to be willing to look at both sides of ourselves, and not just our best aspect. To do this, you should first write down your strengths and weaknesses.

Take a deep, honest look at yourself and evaluate your skills. Being an interesting person helps draw attention to your products before your business becomes well known.

To become more interesting and well-rounded, you must build and develop your own opinions and thoughts — on books and articles, for example. Then, when the opportunity presents itself, you can share your insights with others. And remember, having a diverse range of interests will make you all the more appealing.

Instead of letting it demotivate you, use this spitefulness to boost you into action. But be mindful that some judgments contain a small piece of truth; understand these slight criticisms to help you grow. Also, keep in mind that there will always be hatred toward those who are doing well or doing their own thing. Understand that the hate is their problem and not yours, and walk away from it.

OK, maybe it is, but hopefully, you get the idea just how vital planning and habits are in making anything happen. To start planning, you need to set up your priorities with a one-two-three ranking system.

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Be Awesome, Live Awesome: A 'Non-Pakau' self help book

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Please try again later. Verified download. What a book. Every one should read the book.

Himeesh Madaan is one of my favourite motivational speaker. I like him. The book takes you to a good mood and everything goes good.

As the title says 'Non-Pakau' it really is non-pakau and a must read for people who like to read motivational books. I loved it mannnn seriously don't think about it just go for it download it!