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“From the Treasures of Arabic Morphology” is a comprehensive book of Ilmus Sarf. Please note that “From the Treasures of Arabic Morphology” has been published by Zamzam publishers of Karachi, Pakistan. Lisan Ul-Qur'an (3 Volume Set + Answer Keys). Arabic Tutor - Volume One. Author. Moulānā ¿bdus Sattār Khān .) Translated by Moulānā Ebrāhīm Muhammad. First Edition R Awwal A.H. April Flow: the psychology of optimal experience/Mihaly. under the reference to page 1, find a lead to Aristotle's view of h Essentials of Arabic Grammar Essentials.

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Arabic Tutor Pdf

Arabic Tutor – Volume OneIn reality, choosing such lessons and providing a sequencefor them is Arabic Tutor – Volume OneThis part contains. ARABIC TUTOR Volume 1 Moulana Abdus Sattar Khan Translated by Moulana Ebrahlm Muhammad Edited by IslamFuture *' ^ ♢ ♢ jk_L=kJj// JjJ^jll Mil j^uU. Nahw (Grammar) - Arabic Tutor Vol 1 pdf. Download. Fundamentals of Classical Arabic. Fundamentals of Classical Arabic is a series of.

Osman Abstract This research presents the integration process of an interactive program specifically dedicated in teaching Arabic language to the non-native speakers. This program is established based on the complete awareness of the language contents and its four levels of language study phonological, morphological, syntactical and semantic with distinct focus on prominent foundations and theories concerned with academic accomplishment as derived from the e-learning data system. The research is established on textual and phonological database involving vocabulary comprehension and its manners of pronunciation and inferring to the most highly expected errors from the non-native speakers of Arabic. More than users participated in the process, under the supervision of a specialized teamwork between the administrative, linguistic, educational and engineering departments. This program garners practical and academic features ensuring more worth in studying it compared to other e-learning programs. In essence, Virtual Tutor does not only embody theoretical foundations which are supported with modern methodological designs, but it also simultaneously ensures efficient participatory role of the users. Journal of Translation, Volume 3, Number 2. Retrieved on Nov 13, from www. Aldalalah, O, Fong, S. Effects of multimedia-based instructional designs for Arabic language learning among pupils of different achievement levels.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Arabic tutor 1 1. Page 2 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Lesson 1 to Lesson 15Volume Two: Lesson 16 to Lesson 25Volume Three: Lesson 26 to Lesson 43Volume Four: Arabic Tutor — Volume OneLesson Arabic Tutor — Volume One TransliterationThe following method of transliteration of the Arabic lettershas been used in this book: However, no primary syllabus that conformed to the timeswas presented to the seekers of Arabic — such a syllabusthat could increase the enthusiasm of the learners.

The ancient method of teaching Arabic and its syllabusfrom the very outset made one lose courage.

Arabic Tutor (4-Volume Set) | Islam Future → The Future For Islam

Even themodern books have been deficient in creating an urge in thestudent. Experience shows that only a syllabus which has easy rulescoupled with teaching the language can increase theenthusiasm of the student. The rules must assist the learnerin mastering the language. While learning the language, therules are refreshed. Page 13 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Arabic Tutor — Volume OneIn reality, choosing such lessons and providing a sequencefor them is no ordinary task.

He grants it to whoever Hedesires. Many seekers of Arabic have written that they had losthope after several attempts. If they had not obtained thisbook, they would not have learnt Arabic. This is the fourth edition of this book.

Arabic Tutor – Part Two

Initially, this bookwas written in two parts. Now it has been divided into fourparts so that it can serve as a proper syllabus for highschools from the fourth class till matric.

This is the first part of the book. The lessons have beendecreased when compared to the previous editions. However, the exercises have been increased to an extentthat they can serve the place of an Arabic reader. Page 14 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Arabic Tutor — Volume OneThis part contains only fifteen lessons. But you will besurprised to note how much Arabic is taught with such afew lessons.

The method of analysing sentences andrecognition has been so well explained, that one cannotachieve this by learning several other prevalent ArabicGrammar books. The key to each part has also been published.

Due to this,many learners have learnt Arabic on their own. A student doing self-study can complete this part in aboutsix weeks. However, due to the presence of several othersubjects in high schools, it will be appropriate to make it aone year course in the fourth class. Nevertheless, this book is such that every text bookcommittee and those in charge of the syllabi in themadrasahs should include it in their syllabus in order toremove the difficulties of the students.

This book is worth being Page 15 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Arabic Tutor — Volume Oneintroduced in government and non-govermental schools sothat the teaching of Arabic can be simplified.

This humble servant is grateful to all those who renderedbeneficial opinions. The following pages contain the valuable opinions of somescholars.

This should serve as a means of encouraging theseekers of Arabic. Others will not have to waste their timein looking for the merits of this book. Page 16 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Itis perhaps the best book written in this subject. The authorhas done a tremendous favour to the seekers of Arabic. This is a tremendous task. You havefavoured the Muslims greatly. You have decreased aburden from my shoulders.

Ihave found this book to be the easiest from all the bookswritten on this subject. Arabic Tutor — Volume OneThis is the most successful effort at explaining the languageof Arabic and its rules.

However, I havenot seen any book till now that concisely meets the needs ofthe time. It is worthy of being includedin Arabic madrasahs and English schools so that thestudents can learn the language in a short period.

Page 18 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: It is better than other books. If this book is included inthe initial Arabic syllabus, it would be more beneficial thanother books. Arabic Tutor — Volume OneWe have included this textbook in the syllabus of ourmadrasah.

Experience shows that it is very beneficial. It seems to bebetter than the previous books. My children study it with greatinterest. Page 20 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Your effort is worthcongratulating. Page 21 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: In our opinion thisbook is worth including in the syllabi of all government andnon-government schools where Arabic is taught. Wespecifically request the Punjab Text Book Committee togrant the students the opportunity to benefit from it.

My desire is that theprincipals of Arabic institutes include it in their syllabi. I have seen practically all ofthem. Page 22 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Every fact isthoroughly learnt like a known fact. In our opinion there isno better series to promote Arabic. I do not have sufficientpowerful words to describe the assistance I have receivedfrom your book in learning Arabic.

Even now, if a Muslimfinds Arabic to be difficult, he is unfortunate and lackscourage. Page 23 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: I used manybooks but it was futile. When I studied your book, Imastered Arabic in a very short while.

abdul sattar khan arabic tutor pdf

The surprising thingwas that I received no assistance from any teacher. Yourbook in reality is a mirror of the Arabic language. However, as soon as I saw your book,my courage increased and I began studying it. I completedthe first part in a few days. Now send me the second part. Ido not think there is any book easier than this one. It helped metremendously to the extent that now I am able to write afew sentences in Arabic.

Undoubtedly your book will createa great revolution.

Page 24 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Arabic Tutor — Volume OneThis amount of recommendation is sufficient for the onewho understands; otherwise so many reviews werereceived that a separate book could be compiled for thispurpose.

Indications1 The inverted comma is used to indicate the plural of anoun. Notes1 Do not start a new lesson until you have mastered theprevious one. Remainsteadfast and seek the assistance of someone. Perhaps lateron you will understand the point yourself. Page 25 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Arabic Tutor — Volume One RequestA request is made to the teachers to study the bookthoroughly before teaching it.

During your teaching stint,you will be able to refer your students to previous lessonseasily. There is no need to memorize the rules parrot-fashion. As you continuously repeat the examples, the ruleswill become ingrained in your mind. You will also learn theArabic terms at the same time. It is appropriate to teach thebook twice. First teach it superfluously and then in detailthe second time. Translators NoteTranslating is indeed a difficult task and I therefore do notclaim to have fulfilled the right of translating this book.

Iask the reader to overlook all shortcomings. Thoseattempting to translate any work of this calibre, will realizethe great hurdles one has to overcome, especially wherethere are many technical terms involved. I have made an attempt to clarify the text as much aspossible and simplify the rules so that the beginner cangrasp them quickly.

Where there was a need, I have addedexplanatory footnotes. Page 26 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: I have corrected these inthe English version. In many cases, I have used tables toenlist sentences or examples. This was done for the sake ofgreater clarity although the original text does not have suchtables.

Many new Arabic words used in the exercises havenot been mentioned in the vocabulary. I have enlisted theseas well. Many singular words did not have their pluralslisted. I have included these also for the benefit of thestudents. I have used the arrow sign to indicate the direction ofthe text. In some cases, the text has to be read from left toright as in English, while in other instances, it has to be readfrom right to left as in Arabic. I have provided the English equivalents of the Arabicgrammatical terminology for the sake of information.

Thestudent need not learn the English terms. If one learns theArabic terms and understands them well, it is sufficient. Page 27 Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Page 28Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: Arabic Tutor — Volume One the letters besides the One hamzah is that of the. Another hamzah is an alif that is mutaharrik or an alif having jazm like the alif of The initial hamzah of a word which is not pronounced when joined to the preceding word, e.

Page 30Madrassah Inaamiyyah Camperdown - http: A word having a meaning is called. It is of threetypes: An is independent of other words in indicating itsmeaning. It also does not have any tense, e. A is a word that indicates some action together withone of the three tenses, e.

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A is a word whose meaning cannot be understoodwithout an or , e. Arabic Tutor — Volume Onemusjid. The Types of Nouns2. Nouns are of two types: An indefinite noun is a word which refers to a generalthing. The word — a man, does not refer to anyspecific person. It can refer to any person.

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Learn Online Connect with the tutor on mobile or desktop via Justlearn. Satisfaction guarantee Refund Are you not satisfied with your lesson? Justlearn offers a replacement with another tutor or Justlearn credits. Justlearn is an online language learning marketplace.

We connect students with the best language tutors from around the world. Our team has developed a complete system to find tutors, book lessons and learn a language online. How are the tutors verified? The Justlearn staff view each tutor application. Most applications are rejected. English Format: PDF Items: Although the quality of the print is not very good, it will suffice for the incumbent student who requires a book on Sarf urgently, until a new edition is printed.

Ma Shaa Allah… Really great work to make this book. Ma Shaa Allah… Very beautiful designed book … I am very glad to find this book. Very nice work.

I am teaching this book online now. Great experience.

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