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Watch The Book of Life - Kids & Family on DIRECTV. It's available to watch on TV , online, tablets, phone. Should he follow in his family's footsteps, or follow his heart? Young Manolo goes on a fantastic journey to discover the path his life could take. Watch trailers. Gustavo Santaolalla and Guillermo del Toro at an event for The Book of Life ( Diego Luna at an event for . Free Movies and TV Shows to Watch Now. On IMDb Freedive, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no cost.

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MPAA rating, Not Rated Format, Prime Video (streaming online video) The Book of Life imagines Jesus returning to Earth in (accompanied by PJ. Format: Prime Video (streaming online video) THE BOOK OF LIFE is produced by Guillermo del Toro, directed by Jorge Gutierrez, and features an outstanding. It's called The Book of Life, but it takes place on the Day of the Dead and in the But if those who've passed on are remembered no more, then.

However, as an avid fan of all things animated, I was very happy with this movie when it came out in as The Book of Life , produced by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Jorge Gutierrez. But the similarities have made a lot of people wonder. The Book of Life was a good and quirky film. It became an underground hit, even though it wasn't a box office slam. In the end, it became more of a home video hit. However, the majority of the negative reviews draw parallels to The Book of Life. These reviews chastise Pixar, suggesting they had no business producing a similarly-themed film 3 years later. These are lazy reviews. Well, I happen to own a copy and decided to watch it and compare for myself. If compared directly, there's really no contest. It's not fair for me to compare these films directly considering the studios, the budgets, and the 3 year time difference. So instead, I'll eschew technical comparisons for ones considering the writing, the music, the visuals, and the characters. If compared them directly, there's really no contest. Moreover, I'll also discuss the way the culture is used in both films, as well as their many strange similarities, however questionable they may seem. They establish the existence of the celebration at the beginning, but then it recedes to inconsequence.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions.

Rate This. Manolo, a young man who is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart, embarks on an adventure that spans three fantastic worlds where he must face his greatest fears. Jorge R. Gutierrez , Doug Langdale screenplay by. From metacritic. Academy Short list: Animated Features. Comic-Con Emotional Movies. Share this Rating Title: The Book of Life 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

User Polls Oscar Predictions: Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Learn more More Like This. The Boxtrolls Animation Adventure Comedy. Rise of the Guardians Animation Action Adventure. The Croods ParaNorman Epic Animation Adventure Family. Kubo and the Two Strings Animation Action Family. Rango Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Diego Luna Manolo voice Zoe Saldana Maria voice Channing Tatum Joaquin voice Ron Perlman Xibalba voice Christina Applegate Mary Beth voice Ice Cube Candle Maker voice Kate del Castillo La Muerte voice Hector Elizondo Carlos Sanchez voice Danny Trejo Skeleton Luis voice Carlos Alazraqui Skeleton Carmen voice Emil-Bastien Bouffard Young Manolo voice Elijah Rodriguez Edit Storyline From producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge Gutierrez comes an animated comedy with a unique visual style.

Plot Keywords: Parents Guide: Edit Details Official Sites: English Spanish. Release Date: Also Known As: Opening Weekend USA: Production Co: Sound Mix: Edit Did You Know? Trivia Xibalba is the name of the mayan Underworld. The "Day" in fact lasts from October 31 to November 2. Quotes La Muerte: The world keeps spinning, and the tales keep turning, and people come and people go, but they're never forgotten.

And the one truth we know, it held true one more time That love, true love, the really, really good kind of love never dies. I would give these characters a B-, pretty typical and nothing special. In Coco , you have the young boy discovering his place in the world. He is the driving force of the movie and has wonderful personality quirks such as his dimple trick and flaws such as his rebellious attitude against his family.

Then, you also have Hector, the deceased man who's desperate to see his daughter again. Hector needs to get his picture in a family shrine or else he'll officially be forgotten by everyone in his family. He struggles to help Miguel, hoping it'll lead to seeing his daughter. But along the way, he discovers the truth about his own past that he never known otherwise. He grows and develops, and is fun and silly as well as deep and often conflicted. Finally, you have Ernesto de la Cruz.

In life, Ernesto was a confident, beloved musician, and in death his reputation and adoration make him hard to find. While he seems like the perfect man, you eventually learn his secret, and it becomes a major driving point to the plot.

No magical devices needed to make them interesting characters. To put it succinctly, the musicians were more concerned with performing covers of pop songs than producing original music. These covers felt forced to me, trying too hard to appeal to a mass audience. However, it's just a typical love song. And it's a little sappy, to say the least. Pretty much everything else was a cover, and as a result they were jarring.

In Coco , the songs fit. None of them felt like pop songs played by a mariachi band. And each time you get something different out of it. The first is the popular version sung as a classic song from back in the day, and it sounds like a man asking his lover to remember him. The second time you discover that it was written as a lullaby, and the song has a very different meaning.

The final in-story version plays in the penultimate scene, and explaining any more would spoil the movie. But I can attest that the entire theater, including myself, was in tears during it. The last version is the modern day pop song which is fun because it includes both the Spanish and English versions in it sung as a duet. Both The Book of Life and Coco have great visuals. In fact, some are rather similar.

The scenery of both films features massive, tall, colorful, fantastical landscapes. Both have a strong theme with the yellow petals, as is culturally appropriate, and both have fantastic character designs. In The Book of Life , the story is told to children on a field trip. As such, all the characters are wooden dolls, which allows for some fun visuals and gags, and gives them a unique feel I really liked.

The characteristics of the wood became characteristics of the characters. Even the dead characters had fun carvings on them, and there are plenty of opportunities for epic shots.

Coco didn't do anything unusual in the style of the characters or world. However, their execution was exceptional, even exemplary. Most of this is due to the talent, technology, and budget they had. But it makes a difference. The City of the Remembered looks much grander and livelier and more colorful, and the skeletal character designs are well conceived and allow for fun gags.

I would say Coco has the edge, but The Book of Life puts up a good fight for visuals, considering its limitations. Both of these films handle Mexican culture very differently.

However, when it goes to the cultural well, it relies tropes and stereotypes, such as matadors and luchadors. Rather, it explains everything the audiences needs to know in a way that isn't condescending. They present cultural ideas and traditions naturally and include some of their own ideas as well.

Coco vs The Book of Life

It's a great way to underscore the importance of these traditions, including their Spanish names, without annoying audience members already familiar with them. Pixar has done this before. During the production of Moana , Disney enlisted the help of Pacific Islanders. The creative team learned from them, talked with them, observed them, and integrated their findings into the film.

For Coco , Disney Pixar took it one step further. They brought in a team of cultural experts, including critics of theirs, in order to get it right. There are so many tiny things that speak volumes about the efforts they made. Little things such as Miguel's grandmother throwing her shoe. Meanwhile, Coco found appropriate actors, which all sounded appropriate and could say the Spanish words properly. The Book of Life completely fails for me in regards to casting.

While many of the cast are Hispanic and have accents, most of the main characters are not. Ok, now for some weird conspiracy level stuff. There are a lot of coincidences and similarities between these two films. With all these similarities, it begs to question: Well, after looking at the two films, I can say definitely not. In fact, they are very, very different movies. The Book of Life is far more over-the-top with the themes, the magic, the characters, the styles. Which isn't a bad thing.

In fact, it lends itself well to animation. What's more, it's primarily a love story, cut and dry. On the other hand, Coco takes a more realistic approach, making the characters and situations more believable. Unlike it's predecessor, it's a movie about family. These are both good films.

The Book of Life is fun, fantastical, stylized, and enjoyable. However, it is a flawed film.

Themes are overdone. The ending is mostly predictable. Cultural aspects are minimal, and often stereotyped. The timing is confusing, and the pacing rushed at times. Nonetheless, it was a fun movie. But comparing it to Coco is unfair.

Not only did Pixar have a huge budget, but the feel and concept are actually very different. There is no hero, no epic battle with a giant monster or two , no gambling magicians, and no magical medals. In their place, we get a touching look at family, music, and acceptance.

The Book of Life () - IMDb

These characters struggle in real and complex ways. From a father who left his family, to a son who wants to be a musician, to a mother torn between love and long-lingering resentment. Ultimately, Coco is just superior. The story is more solid. Music flows seamlessly, fits the film's mood, and is very catchy. The themes are universal and not overdone.

Mexican culture is prevalent throughout the film and isn't presented negatively. Visually, it's beyond breathtaking. The characters are fun and flawed and conflicted. But it is up there as one of their top 5 films. If they borrowed from The Book of Life , they did an excellent job of making it their own and improving on those ideas. Both are highly rated, and I like both.

I encourage you to see them both. And I encourage you to resist the urge to compare them. They are quite different, despite their similarities, and each deserves to be enjoyed for their own merits. Relatively good in-depth analysis but I disagree in almost every way. Coco is an overwhelming copycat of a hugely popular and yes on lesser budget unique and true to culture animation. Everything about it is absolutely beautiful. The movie is about many forms of love: The characters are reliable in their development.

The rich and authentic Mexican culture embedded into every aspect of this movie is nothing short of a first class thing of beauty. The soundtrack is one of my favourite of all time. Makers of Coco capitalized on and rode the coattails of a previous success. They should pay royalties to Makers of Book of Life.

Book of life remains one of my all time favourite feel good movies. I do adore Mexican culture and music , I admit and applaud this work!! To say Coco rode the coattails of The Book of Life is really stretching it, to be honest. In fact, it is still a favorite of mine, and they clearly put a lot of effort into the look development and visuals. If that was the only thing to compare them on, then I would say they are equally good considering the difference in time, scale, and budget, and might have agreed with you.

But there is so much more. The stories are really nothing alike. BoL is about a love triangle between friends, a feud between two deities, and a bandit roaming the countryside ala The Seven Samurai.

In fact, it has more to do with The Seven Samurai than with Coco. A village is in trouble as bandits threaten them. They need help from an outside band of fighters, whose leader used to be one of the villagers. They have to convince them to stay and fight for them. These are the themes to both Seven Samurai and Book of Life. Meanwhile, Coco is about family, forgiveness, betrayal, the day of the dead, and music. Ultimately, it is about a child with a dog who feels outcast from his family and finds himself thrust into a strange land.

The Book of Life

He needs to try to get home. He learns there is a man in a far away tower who can help him. He finds a friend or a few who help him, only to discover the man is not who he thinks he is, and he has to stop someone dangerous to save his friends and himself. This seriously has more to do with the Wizard of Oz than with the Book of Life. Yes they have several similar themes, but they are used in very different ways and many of them have to do with the holiday itself the holiday focusing on ancestors and the land of the remembered.

Most of the songs in BoL are covers, most of the songs in Coco are either traditional or originals. Coco includes an ALL Hispanic cast, without any actors who do not fit the role or brought in merely to get butts in the seats.

The name Pixar is enough to bring in an audience. Yes, BoL includes romance, loyalty, friendship, and forgiveness, as does Coco, but they each handled these themes in very different ways.

In BoL, romance is very direct with the two main male characters, who are friends and at the same time rivals, literally fighting over the girl, very cliche. In Coco, the romance is between a man and his wife who she thought had left her, even though he tried to return but was betrayed by his closest friend, so in reality, the story here is very very different. It is so much more than that to so many of us.

To us having complex and developed characters help children learn and grow and help adults engage with the movie and characters more. I just feel that people comparing Coco to BoL really do an injustice to both films as they have less in common than they think, and movies borrow from other films all the time.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Nothing more and nothing less. Conspiracy theories aside, but cynicism to the fore, the main thing they have in common, other than the basic locale, is forgettable songs. Excellent review, but I have to say, I genuinely believe that Book of Life is a much better representation of the culture than Coco. While Coco may do a great and beautiful job of showcasing the basics of the holiday, Day of the Dead, and some of the nuances in the culture pertaining to it, Book of Life embodies the Latin culture, layered and suggestive as it is.

The Book of Life may have plot loop holes, unanswered questions, and strange time progressions but so does any work of Latin American fiction. Simply look at any one of Fridas works and you are left with many more questions than you will ever have answers for, but mostly with a deep and lasting sense of magic and beauty.

Both movies bring me joy, one simply appeals more to pop culture. I like them equally. Very good analysis! For me, it was Book of Life. It just feels more original and the story is more genuine. Coco feels a little bit like Costco food: Disney is just capitalizing on the Hispanic market to sell more tickets. I believe their marketing research budget is larger than their movie budget because it drives their overall corporate strategy. This scene happens relatively early in the movie, and thus kinda ruined the reveal near the end.

So Disney got in hot water for trying to Trademark day of the dead for an upcoming Pixar film in It has a boarding school for witches. Since the Book of Life did come out around the time Pixar was trying to copyright the name of the movie and caused a minor uproar, they would have had plenty of time to change story elements or plot points if they felt it mirrored BoL too closely.

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