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App · The Secret Daily Teachings · The Secret Gratitude Book · The Secret to Teen Power · The Secret Book Series · The Power of Henry's Imagination. Video Playlist - HD Trailer for the film The Secret. Watch bonus content, film trailers and. Our Mission · The Secret Stories · Videos · Rhonda Byrne's Biography · History of The How The Secret Changed My Life – Book The Secret Gratitude Book.

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The Secret is a film consisting of a series of interviews designed to demonstrate the New . Byrne's inspiration for creating The Secret came from reading the book The Science of Getting Rich by .. The Secret Con ( Posted video). OFFICIAL WEBSITE - Films, books, audio titles including The Secret, The Power of Henry's Imagination, Hero, The Magic, The Power, The Secret to Teen Power. The Secret is a film consisting of a series of interviews designed to demonstrate the New . Byrne's inspiration for creating The Secret came from reading the book The Science of Getting Rich by .. The Secret Con ( Posted video).

There, I said it. And it needs to be said. Each book brings its own generational edge to the same fundamental idea. I will then explain how this advice, while perhaps making one feel better in the short run, ultimately makes one worse off in the long run. By contrast, if you only envision the things you want in your life, then you will get everything you want in life. Whereas previous self-help authors have hardly even bothered trying to explain why the law of attraction works, Byrne unabashedly dives into some cosmological nonsense. She argues that the reason The Secret works is because The Universe is made up of energy and, as Einstein taught us, matter can be converted to energy and vice versa and all energy has a frequency. If you believe that you are rich and wealthy and successful, The Universe will respond to these vibrations and soon provide you with the wealth and success you desire. If you believe that you are thin and beautiful, then The Universe will magically deliver healthy, skinny goodness — like raw carrots and three hours on the treadmill — every morning, right to your front door. Or something. As human beings, we have a limited amount of attention for all the stuff going on around us. Therefore, whether we realize it or not usually not , we are always choosing what we pay attention to.

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We went very unconventional, in terms of scheduling and budgeting. We allowed things to come to us We just had faith that things would come to us. In hindsight, Len Downs of Channel Nine commented, "we looked at it and we didn't deem it as having broad, mass appeal". The film was eventually broadcast by Channel Nine at pm on Saturday, 3 February Packaging[ edit ] The film has been described as a "slick repackaging" of the Law of Attraction , [35] a concept originating in the New Thought ideas of the late 19th century.

Donavin Bennes, a downloader who specializes in metaphysics for Borders Books , stated "We all want to be in on a secret. But to present it as the secret, that was brilliant. Additionally, Prime Time Productions granted written permission to individuals or companies, via application at the official site, to provide free screenings of the film to public audiences. Optionally, the DVD could be sold at these screenings.

Julie Mason, of the Ottawa Citizen , wrote that word of mouth about the film spread through Pilates classes, "get-rich-quick websites" and personal-motivation blogs. On The Larry King Show she said that the message of The Secret is the message she's been trying to share with the world on her show for the past 21 years.

Within businesses using the DVD for employee-training and morale-building, author Barbara Ehrenreich called it "a gimmick" and "disturbing", like "being indoctrinated into a cult". McGregor has said his first reaction on watching the DVD version was: He said: In the interview, Bonnette—when referring to the book version of The Secret —asserts, "that is my work and Rhonda Byrne has stolen it".

Bonnette, at her website, claims instances of plagiarism. Analogy between frequency transmissions, including a television station transmission via a frequency, and humans and human thought is used by many persons in the field of self-help and motivation. This was reported on 1 June by A Current Affair in a segment titled "The Secret Con" [60] with those words and The Secret logo appearing in the background behind the newscaster.

The show initially confronted Schirmer in a segment titled "The Secret Exposed", aired on 28 May , with complaints from people who say Schirmer owed them money. Film footage featuring Esther Hicks was removed from the later "Extended Edition" of The Secret after film's creator Rhonda Byrne rescinded the original contract covering Hicks' participation.

Paul Harrington, the producer for the film, reported that broadcast TV—instead of the Internet—was initially planned as the medium for the first release:. It was a grand vision, which we weren't able to pull off for various reasons.

We were trying to force, to control the "how" of the universe, when what we were supposed to do was just focus on the vision The Secret premiere was broadcast through the Internet on March 23, using Vividas technology. It is still available either on a pay-per-view basis via streaming media or on DVD at the official site for the film. A new extended edition of The Secret was released to the public on October 1, Plans were announced in to produce a sequel to The Secret and a spin-off TV series.

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