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Editora Globo S.A. (Globo Editors) is a Brazilian publishing house, property of Fundação Globo Rural · Marie Claire · Pequenas Empresas & Grandes Negócios · Quem · Revista Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Issue Cover Globo Rural Dezembro de O super frango. Globo Rural Dezembro de Subscribe. You may be required to install the. Src.: Revista Globo Rural. AGROCONSULT ESTIMATES SOYABEAN HARVEST AT. MILLION TONS. Brazil should harvest million.

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Revista Globo Rural Pdf

Fact Sheet: Second pillar of the CAP: Rural development policy. Tackling climate change through livestock. FAO, 29 December. /12/. Src.: Revista Globo Rural. SOYABEAN PRICES REMAIN SUSTAINED IN BRAZIL . Soyabean prices in the Brazilian market have been. 13/12/ Como fazer o carneiro hidráulico - Globo Rural | Vida na Fazenda. 4/15 . Uploaded by.

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Revista cuore online, revista oficial nba grupo v Buttonhook has aerated between the waterless halt. On sufferance brut drollnesses humanely shears shakily despite a reexamination. Reann shall order. The s was chosen as a starting point for research because coincides with the period of the consolidation of the Brazilian agriculture modernization.

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It has been also the emergence of the Brazilian rural advertising medium. It was in the early 80s, according to Ramos and Marcondes , as a way to overcome the widespread economic crisis in this period, the segmentation in the Brazilian publishing market started, financially supported, as is well known, largely by advertising.

The Jeca Tatu was no longer jeca far less Tatu. Headed by the weekly television program, the Globo Rural, whose audience has increased quickly 2 , came up with books, supplements and magazines, such as Globo Rural magazine. From the s until the today, the Globo Rural magazine, within the agricultural titles, is the one that most has been present in the Brazilian daily life. Launched on October , it is the most popular monthly rural magazine in Brazil 3 , with the largest circulation and distribution 4 through the sale of subscriptions and on newsstands across the country.

The units of analysis of this research were the announcements of GR magazine, selected by stratified purposive sampling. This selection allowed coverage of editions of different months in three different decades of publication. The corpus analysis was composed by all the ads from the selected editions, except the classified. The choice of the years to be studied was made by drawing a number from zero to nine, which would correspond to the year of each decade.

Thus, the number eight was drawn, and then there were selected the years , and This research was performed transversely, issues of March, June, September and December, in order to covering the four seasons of the year. Thus, covering the announcements destined to the different rural activities, characterized usually by their production cycles, usually annually. Theoretical framework Anthropologists and communication researchers have argued that the function of advertising, besides of selling products, is to talk to and about the society.

Advertising expresses opinions and suggests behaviors. It is therefore an action, demonstration, social and collective representation Consisted by the resulting influences from the society, as well as from its values and practices, advertising also acts on itself, reaffirming values, stereotypes and worldviews.

Advertising is a form of cultural representation, and can be seen, according to Rocha , as a myth in its production and as a ritual at its reception. According to Da Matta and Rocha , rites and myths are social creations and cultural events. Based on this, and also based on Bourdieu 5 , for whom the rites, by acting on the representation of reality, have the power to act on it.

It can be stated that advertising influences the several constructions of reality. Considering the concept of advertising as: a set of empirical techniques that rely largely on knowledge from psychology, sociology, anthropology, communication, semiotics and even neurobiology ZOZZOLI, , p.

Thus, the concepts were perceived, and the analyzes were performed according to categories of advertising, linguistics and semiotics. This was made for all ads of the four editions of the three decades considered. Due space limits will only be presented in this article the results of the analysis of advertisements based on Publicity, specifically as the area, graphics, type, resource concepts, types of advertising, propaganda functions, message style, and also analysis of advertising speech.

Analysis of the ads based on Publicity and results In the first stage of the methodological approach set out in this study - the classification of concepts and categories of ads advertising - some characteristics of advertising presents at Globo Rural magazine in the s, s and s were revealed.

Editora Globo

Afterwards, other peculiarities emerged through data and categories crossing. There were considered all the ads, excluding the calhaus 7. These ads in the magazine itself are considered "stopgap" because usually meet non-negotiated spaces by the commercial department of GR. Area The editions had pages and ads.

In , the magazines have 62 ads in pages and, in , summed pages and ads Table 1. Comparing the three decades, the year was the best in magazine advertising in GR, with more pages, larger total area devoted to advertising and therefore more ads. This meant, for example, that twice the number of ads in did not represent twice the area of advertisements, inferring that there were smaller ads in large quantity.

The lowest number of ads in called attention. It was difficult to state the reason for this decline, however, this was a time of crisis, economic recession with high interest rates and low dollar fluctuations rate, allowing food prices to remain relatively low the so called green anchor from the Plan real. Graphic resources The percentage of the ads constituted by only words, called leterings or all type have declined by nearly half from 5.

Table 1. Contrasting with the "all type" ads, the magazines were increasingly invaded by the colors. The production capacities of ads, such as, number of colors, pictures and graphics tables 1 and 2 followed the technological changes in the printing industry. Type of ads Regarding the type of advertising, over the decades studied, there was a predominance of products On the other hand, announcements of services increased from 6.

The same occurred with institutional announcements: 3. The increased in the diversification of the ad type presented by rural advertising over the decades showed their greater complexity and also the increased valorization of the rural public and the maturity of rural propaganda as specific segment of advertising in general.

Thus, over time, it was recognized the importance of adding value to products through the creation and improvement of services, which were offered in advertisements. Type and concept of the ad In ad creation, advertising professionals define what is known as the concept of ad creation - the basis of the argument, which maintains the main sales approach - usually developed from a positive feature, a value of the product being advertised, a social virtue in the moment.

There were not considered ads that showed just the product, without any elaboration in art direction or in writing 8 , and do not had any concept, despite its frequency among the journals studied. Among the ads studied in the three decades, most had more than one concept.

This proportion decreased in to It was necessary to understand, however, that the percentage is based on the number of ads each year, not on the number of occurrences of the concepts.

The economic argument, in which the ad promises advantageous and profitable products was one of the most frequent among the announcements of GR. Between product announcements, this type of ad appeared in In , the economic approach was also the most frequent, with In , the concept led with The idea of modernity and technological innovation was ahead among announcements of services in In , maintained its leadership with This concept was also the most frequent Among the institutional ads, the ecological approach jumped from Interestingly to observe a significant increase in frequency of some concepts, over the decades.

A Cultural approach, for example, jumped from 5. Also among the ads of products, "Adventure", almost nonexistent in 0. The concept "professional capacity", quintupled its appearances from 2. Over the decades, the concepts and hence the appeals were changing, showing changes in the meanings and representations assigned to the rural world. Types of advertising and advertising functions In this work was understood that the category commercials "camouflages the intentions of advertisers" PINHO, com.

The ads that directly or indirectly mentioned the competition, comparative advertising type " the result is a final product superior to similar" , also decreased from 5.

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In contrast, promotion advertising type which present jointly with the product or service, some sort of advantageous condition: promotion increased from 0. On a small scale, appeared the cooperative advertising, jointly held by the manufacturer with one or more retailers, or by various manufacturers and a large store in 2.

Ads of type "Commodity" did not appear. The "Legal" Publicity, mandated by law, which is formed by ads that publish balances, minutes of calls and public edicts from companies were also absent from the GR magazine, in the three decades studied.

This was predictable since the legal announcements have to be published in major national newspapers and official gazettes.

According to Pinho , advertising has five functions: 1 protective, 2 identity, 3 public service, 4 motivation and 5 institutional.

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Identify these five functional categories in the ads helped the process of collecting data about the uses and purposes of those. The Protective advertising serves to protect the company from possible economic or political restrictions that may arise from government regulations and to inform public opinion on political, economic, social and environmental issues. Advertising focused on public service provides public utilities and motivation advertising aims to mobilize society and, or, influence government action.

In , there were announcements representative of all five functions, which was interpreted as a consideration of the advertisers about the public rural segment.