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Saves all available Preview pages from a Google Book as PNGs Use it with Firefox and Greasemonkey, other browsers have some issues. After installing Google Books Downloader go to option “file” and this link to install Google Book downloader userscript and install script using. How to install Google's book userscript downloader in firefox to download ebook from google the add-on greasemonkey installed on.

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Install Google Book Er Userscript

](; Google Books [ Link to Google Books ]. all platforms work alike); Compatible with Google Chrome: [Easy-install .. for supporting [Lib]([er](http://books. Menggunakan google book downloader user script dan greasemonkey Saya udah install userscriptnya tapi tulisan downloadnya ga ada samasekali?. Tampermonkey makes it very easy to manage your userscripts and provides Tip: Also userscripts that are installed as Chrome extension can be managed.

If you think this add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form. Please don't use this form to report bugs or request add-on features; this report will be sent to Mozilla and not to the add-on developer. Used by , Users 1, Reviews. Allows you to customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript. You can write your own scripts, too. Check out http: Many scripts already exist, probably ones to enhance your favorite sites.

As such, the scripts in this example are generally more forwards-compatible than previous examples. This script uses a single document onclick handler to change the link targets on-the-fly, rather than iterating through all links and changing them in advance.

With a more complex script you could go much further: URIs, even override the open method completely. But with such aggressive measures comes the risk of blocking out functionality you do want: The difficulty with removing ads is that not all of them are unwanted.

The source of the ads may also be relevant: Any ad-blocking program will inevitably have limits to the degree of precision with which it can be customised, but with user scripting there are no such limitations: If you want to extend the list of ad servers, you can add as many as you like to the domains array at the top of the object constructor:.

How to install google book er userscript

The principle could be taken much further, to control to the nth degree whether an element is removed or not — you could differentiate by size, for example, images that are x 60 pixels. This would filter out most advertising, while leaving compliant Websites alone!

A study of commonly misspelled words , by Cornell Kimball, analysed Internet Usenet newsgroups to discover the most common misspellings. Using some of that data to construct regular expressions, this script makes text-replacements to correct common errors:. You could extend the idea by adding profanity filters to the list: But do be careful with any words that might also be substrings of other words, such as "ham" is to "gingham".

You could even construct links directly to an online dictionary or other reference source.

A site that lacks a search facility can be frustrating to use, but Google allows you to search within individual sites simply by appending site: This script uses that syntax to create a site-specific search box on every page. The scripting is solid, the idea sound, but it has quite a serious problem: This script compensates for that by creating tooltips that are triggered by focus events:. The scripting is quite straightforward; it creates a single element and writes in the title text if any exists.

The complications lie in the positioning of the tooltip: It works on links, iframes, objects and form elements — those that can receive the focus — and creates tooltips that are styled using CSS2 System Colors.

Install userscript google book er

Most serial browsers screenreaders like JAWS, and text-only browsers like Lynx have a "headings mode" or something like it, where they list and link to all the headings on the page. It provides a greater degree of random access on pages which use proper headings.

This script emulates that functionality, creating a small "H" icon at the top-right of the page, from which a menu drops down containing links to every heading:. The menu is built as a list, each item of which is a link populated with text or other HTML from the original heading.

Perhaps, in future, more browsers will implement this behaviour, but until then, we can write a user script to do it for us. This effectively adds domain-specific persistence to sites that use native stylesheet switching: View or install the script persist-stylesheets.

How To Install Google Book Er Userscript

From a practical perspective, this means that if the site already uses cookies a lot, we run the risk of filling up the data limit 4K and thereby overriding data that the site needs. You could also reduce the impact by having a list of specific include domains, where you know the feature is needed, rather than running it on every site that uses alternate stylesheets.

But suddenly there are security implications here, as well: it would be very easy to write a user script that steals the cookie and other data from every site it encounters, then sends it all somewhere else.

Users could be exposing themselves to a whole new angle of exploitation; a recent cnet article has already brought this issue to the fore. It also asks more general questions around whether site owners might object to having their pages modified in this way.

Dean Edwards raises a similar point with his interesting take on how Greasemonkey broke his site ; a lively debate follows. Anyone can make any page appear any way they want in their own browsers; many browser add-ons, screenreaders and other user-agents will change, rewrite or add to the DOM of the page before any client-side scripting is run.

Just like TiVo a digital TV system that can filter out ad-breaks from recordings , this becomes a threat only if lots of "ordinary" people use it. That could certainly reduce the problem of data stealing, though not without unwanted side-effects what about the impact on legitimate remote syndication?

I think the implication is this: non-technical users must be able to trust the source of a user script they install. One possible solution might arise if an archive of user scripts was made available from a verifying source, as Firefox extensions are.

And in fact the ever-active GM development team are looking into ways of doing this, with a userscript. Developer Tools User scripts might also represent a niche for the creation of developer tools — scripts that you can write and customise for specific projects, or keep as a collection of general tools that are enabled or disabled as required.

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