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By Partha Chatterjee Permanent Black There are some real life mysteries that not only captivate the popular imagination but exercise an unceasing hold on it, stretching for generations. The Dreyfus affair in late 19th century France, the John F. Kennedy assassination in the US and the James Hanratty case in Britain are ones that come readily to mind. The strange case of the Mejo Kumar second son of Bhawal proved an obsessive draw in Bengal for 25 years. It generated reams of prose and colourful verse, produced innumerable conspiracy theories and triggered a captivating courtroom drama that began in the Dacca district court in November and concluded in the Privy Council in London on July 30, The story began on May 18, , when the Mejo Kumar-Ramendra Narayan Roy-of the relatively prosperous Bhawal zamindari it once hosted Lord Kitchener for a shikar near Dacca was said to have died after a brief illness in Darjeeling. He had gone to the hill station a few days before, accompanied by his wife Bibhabati, brother-in-law, family doctor and a retinue of servants, to convalesce. Apparently, his body was cremated the next morning but rumours circulated that the corpse had disappeared before the pyre could be lit. Sometime in January , a sadhu appeared in Dacca who, it was said, bore an uncanny resemblance to the Bhawal Kumar. This generated considerable excitement in the district and, when a neighbouring zamindar brought the sadhu to the family seat in Joydebpur, he was embraced as the lost Kumar. Most of the Roy family acknowledged him as the Kumar, as did the tenants of the zamindari.

She was there to surrender herself. I was the in charge of the police station. She was a beautiful lady of about 22 or 23 years, had long hairs which were maintained really nicely, wearing pink shirt and dark blue jeans, had sunglasses on her eyes.

She was looking from a nice and rich family. A girl, so pretty, can kill 3 people and also committing it in front of police.

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The whole thing was a bit unusual for me. I gave her water and she started to take sip from that glass. When she controlled her emotions, she continued to talk. I just happened automatically. And I cannot arrest you without any complaint and without seeing the body of the dead people you are talking about.

I decided to go to her house. I took two constables also with me. When we reached her house she took us to her garden and told us the places where the body of the gardener and driver were dug. I commanded the constables to take the bodies out.

For another 12 years, the resurrected Ramendra cooled his heels in Dacca, sustained by contributions of the peasantry and the munificence of his widowed sister. Despite his acceptance in society, Bibhabati refused to acknowledge his existence.

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Finally in , Ramendra petitioned the courts demanding recognition and reclaiming his share of the zamindari. Chatterjee The case in the Dacca district court began in November and ended with Judge Pannalal Basu's exhaustive and-by today's standards-well-written judgement on August 24, Nearly 1, witnesses were examined, there were days of hearing and the lawyers on both sides took a total of 12 weeks presenting their arguments.

The case then went on appeal to the high court in Calcutta where a majority judgement upheld the lower court's ruling that the sadhu was indeed the Kumar of Bhawal. The case was finally settled in the Privy Council in Ironically, Ramendra couldn't enjoy the fruits of his victory-he died two days after the Privy Council verdict.

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Projecting his endeavour as a "narrative history", he tells the story at various levels-as a thriller involving mystery, conspiracy, deceit and courtroom drama; as a commentary on upper-class Bengali bhadralok society; as a study of a legal system where exacting standards of advocacy coexisted with shameless perjury; and as a study of the complex power relations between a colonial officialdom obsessed with law and order and "native" society. Through the Bhawal case, Chatterjee encapsulates the last 50 years of colonial rule.

In terms of historiography, the importance of this book can't be underestimated. First, there is the lucidity of style and the striking absence of jargon-the bane of the social sciences.

Secondly, there is the edifying devotion to detail, something that historians have abandoned in the quest for theory. And finally, there is the resurrection of the art of history as storytelling.

Over the past three decades, Indian history has been rendered incomprehensible by tenured cretins flaunting ideology and an extremely limited vocabulary.