The survival series is for professional adults who need basic English to survive in their work and travel Each one. New Edition Basic Survival Practice Book. One of these 15 books just might save your life some day. Check out survival expert Tim MacWelch's roundup of the best survival books ever written. Basic Survival: A Beginner's Guide [David Nash, James Wesley Rawles] on *FREE* shipping on Book length, ISBN,

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Basic Survival Book

Basic Survival [Peter Viney] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is officially the best collection of survival books this side of Mars– Also, don't forget to have a look at our article on basic survival gear. Basic Survival Student Book - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. International Communication for Professional People.

Outdoor Survival Skills should find space as one of the best survival options on your bookshelf. Have you ever heard of the Green Berets? If not, they are US Special Forces, and they are badass. They prepare to survive any mission they are charged with. Which means their training is brutal and intense. Perfect for both everyday citizens and skilled survivalists alike.

Excuse me, I have a problem with my room key. What's the problem, Mr. It doesn't work. I can't open the door. The black side goes in the slot. Then you swipe it Woman: Can I leave a message for Alain Charest?

He's a slowly. I know. And it doesn't work. Sure, do you know his room number? No problem. I can program a new swipe card Woman: Uh, no, I don't. That's OK. I can find it. Make conversations 4 Look at Conversation C.

Make conversations with these place names. Guess a price. Brazil, The u. Ottawa, Quebec U. Make a conversation with this information:. The City of Vancouver, in the province of British Columbia, is just over years old The population of British Columbia is four million, and more than half lives in Greater Vancouver.

It is the third largest city in Canada. It has a beautiful location with water on three sides. Vancouver has a mild climate. You can get to the ocean, the beach, or the mountains very quickly. It is only 25 miles from the border with the U. Vancouver is a major North- American port the second largest in America. It's the largest port on the West Coast.

It's also a major center of tourism. The most famous building is Canada Place Canada Place is the terminal for cruise ships to Alaska. Underline words you can't Culture File 1 f Home towns pronounce. Then listen and check. Ask and answer: Use this information: What's your home town?

How old is it? Here's a map.

We're right here. Turn right outside at the Columbia Towers Hotel. The Canadian Pacific Station is at the end Alicia: I'm going to the cruise ship terminal.

Do I need a taxi? Take a left, then a right. You can't miss it. It's right in front of you. Canada Place?

No, ma'am. You can walk. It's not Alicia: Can I take the map? It's only about a five-minute walk. Which way is it? Follow each group of directions and find Write 1, 2, 3. Give directions from the hotel to the location. Beauty Salon. This is Tania. May I help you? Can you repeat that? May I speak to Ms. Lowe, please? I don't want the Beauty Salon! Is this ? Are you calling from inside the hotel? Who is this? This is Edgar Young. AmCan Travel. I'm in And do you want an outside line? What number are you calling?

Of course I want an outside line! This is It's an internal number. Press 9 before Voice: I'm sorry. You have the wrong number. Sorry to disturb you. Make conversations with this information: He wants the hotel Operator. Are you checking out, ma'am? Where are you heading? Pier B, on Harbor Drive. Are you going on a cruise? I work on a ship. The Pacific Rim Voyager. Oh, right. So you're a sailor, huh? No, I'm not a sailor! What do you do?

I'm the Excursions Manager. This is it. Here you go. Out of twenty Have a good trip. I fifty-cent pieces. Make 2 Complete these: Work at Sea World. Whale trainer. Work there. You have: Seventeen dollars She's Josie: Good morning I'm Cecilia Grant.

How may I help you? How do you do. I'm Josie Campbell. I'm the new Sailor: Excursions Manager. I'm looking for Ms. Grant's office. Good to meet you, Josie. Take a seat. Her office is straight along the hallway Josie: Thank you, Ms. It's number Her name's on the door. Please call me Cecilia. So, you're the Entertainment Director. Welcome aboard the Voyager! It's good to be here. You're from the Pacific Rim Traveler. Do you know Philip Van Dorn?

Of course. He's the First Officer. He's a good friend of mine. Say, come and see your new office. It's right next door. DECK 2: You're on the stairs. Ask for directions to 3 c;: Put the sentences below in the correct order, the places on the diagram. Culture File! She works in the Data Processing department. She's an old friend of mine. Greeting Response B: That's correct.

You're from the London office, aren't you? How do you do? I'm glad to be here. Do you know Cathy Stokes? Please call me Tom. Oh, really? Welcome to Smith Inc. Fine, thanks. And you? So, you're the Director. Please sit down. Now make conversations with this information: We're going to Monterey. What time do we arrive there? Where are we going on Wednesday? And what time do we leave? Is that May the 30th? Yes, that's right. May 29 Tuesday Pacific Rim Cruises: Employment Record Name: Josie Campbell Date of birth: June 2 Saturda Arrive June 3 Sunday What are they in American style?

Talk about birthdays for your friends and family, e. My brother's birthday is Monday is the first day of the week. When are we going to Monterey? On Wednesday the thirtieth. Where are we going on June 1st? We're going to Eureka in the morning. Then we're a Josie's birthday cruising the Pacific in the afternoon. Can I get you something to drink? Uh, yes. Would you like coffee, tea or a cold drink? I'd like tea, please. Yes, thank you.

I'm Alicia Romero. From San Simon: With milk or lemon? Lemon, please. Oh, right! You must be the photographer. I'm the photographer from Sagebrush Alicia: Just a minute. I'm going to make Simon: And you're going to take pictures of the Alaska cruise for the brochure. Here's last year's brochure. You can take a look Alicia: Well, that's great. I'm Simon Chang. I'm Mr. Dawson's assistant. Good to meet you. Good to meet you too. And welcome to Pacific Rim.

Then role-play the 3 Match the containers to the contents. I'm a sales representative. Take a chair. I'm from XYZ Incorporated. Would you like to pack milk sit there? Use the picture can sweet 'n' low above, and role-play Conversation B with different words.

I'm not at work right now. Please give your. Compare the answers for the class. Thank you for contacting me. Listen to his phone call. Call 1, Part 1. Complete the transcript: Underline the differences in Cathy Lowe's message. Your call again and correct them.

Write a short message. What does the operator say? He's in Room Call 2. Write the numbers in the. Culture File Phone phrases 7 0 Write an answering machine message for yourself. Then practice saying it to a partner. Jack Hudson is at a fast- food outlet in a mall. Yes, sir? I'd like a Big Burger, please. Big Burger. Anything else? With fries. Regular or large fries? Yeah, coffee. Is that everything?

That's it. That's seven ninety-three with the tax. H' Jack: Out of twenty. It's coming right up. O"'t1eltlj-free fA: Do you have anything smaller? Then Out of twenty? Sorry, I only have a twenty-dollar bill. Sorry, can you change a fifty-pound note? Sorry, I don't have anything smaller. Can I have some quarters I dollar coins in the change?

How much are those T-shirts? Sales person: How much is this? The dark blue ones. The baseball cap? They're twenty-three dollars each. What size is it? What sizes do you have? They're all the same. One size fits all. Small, medium, large and extra-large. Is it Hiroshi: It's for my son. How old is he? I suppose medium, then. The cap and the T-shirt, then. That's forty-one ninety-five together. Forty- eight sixty-five with the tax. Just sign and date it. I have a stamp with the store name.

That's one thirty-five change. Underline all the 3 c;: Conversation B. Make conversations using questions. What are the answers? Total your downloads, and pay with a traveler's check. Conversation A. How much are the large ones? No, it's for my At the Columbia Towers. Do you know it? Yes, it's on Granville Street. What's it like? There we go. Two teas. It's excellent. Which one's mine? That one. The one without a spoon. There's sugar in mine, but there's no sugar in yours. Be careful, it's hot!

How do you like the weather here? It's fine. Not too hot. San Diego's pretty hot at this time of year. Anyhow, is it going to rain? I want dry L1. Is this your first visit to Vancouver? We get a lot of rain in the fall and winter.

December and January are the wettest months. But the Simon: What do you think of it? It's beautiful. Really beautiful. I agree, but then it's my home town! Answer the questions: Which cup is his? Is it the one with a spoon or the 4 0 Look at Conversation C, and make conversations about accommodation using: Does she take sugar? Which of these are good topics for small talk? Use these questions: Then, after they leave the ship, you generally They're discussing Josie: Josie's daily routine.

If you have time! You usually don't. So, Josie. Let's go through your daily routine. What about the evenings? I expect it's the same as on your last ship. Finally, in the evenings you take reservations for Josie: When do we begin? First, you always speak to your Josie: It's not exactly the same as my last ship, but excursions team.

Well, the passengers arrive tomorrow Cecilia: Then passengers usually meet in the Ship's morning. You're free this evening. Theater before they leave the ship - that's thirty minutes Josie: Some of us from the entertainment team are Josie: And the excursions normally leave thirty minutes going out to dinner.

Would you like to come with us? You can meet everyone in an informal setting. Next, you always check the buses Josie: That's wonderful. Thank you, Cecilia. What does Josie do first? When do you usually leave home? Look at the chart and listen to their conversation.

Sales VP. Operations Olga Ivanov Michael Perez. Ships' Captains. Entertainment Director. Culture File 23 Companies, titles 2 Find abbreviations on the chart for: She's He's I responsible in charge of for accounts. I'm the Los Angeles office.

Basic Survival New Edition.pdf

Use the words in the Language Bank. He reports to the Sales Director. What does Wanda Sikorski do? They work in the Accounts Department. She's the Sales Manager. Her boss is the Sports Manager. She has three assistants. Cecilia Grant is her He's my immediate superior.

Look at the Transcript, then make sentences about Josie's job. Are those together? It's twelve thirty. You're meeting Mr. Dawson Cashier: That's twenty-five dollars and eighty-seven cents. Do you feel like some lunch? Let me pay This is on Pacific Rim Cruises. What kind of food do you like? You're sure? It's up to you. I insist. I usually go to an Italian place near here. It's self- Alicia: Then let me pay next time There's a line at the counter!

Make up your Alicia: That's fine. Let's go there. Here's a tray. It's a set lunch. They have a choice of four entrees, and you can choose a side salad, a roll and butter, and a drink. What can I get you? Lasagne, please. Do you want Parmesan cheese on that? Yes, please. Spaghetti Bolognese for me. No Parmesan. Make two 2 c;: Conversation 1: Culture File Paying Would you like some lunch?

What sort of food? Look at Conversation C. Chinese place downtown. Make conversations in groups of three using the Conversation 2: Language Bank.

Let me pay. What do you feel like? I'll pay. This is on me. No, I'll get it. Carlos speaking. Towers Hotel. This is Pearl Li. Carlos, will you go up to Room Man: Excuse me!

It's urgent. What's the problem? The shower won't stop. I want to check out. I'm in a hurry. I have a plane to catch! I'm on my way.

OK, the cashier's desk is right over there. I'll tell her you're in a hurry. Front Desk. This is Pearl. This is Room Will you send someone I2. Conversation B quickly? There's water coming through the ceiling! This is Pearl speaking. I'll deal with it, ma'am. I need someone in Room immediately! The Phone: I'm in Room , and there's water. There's water all over the floor! Don't worry, sir. I'll send an engineer right away.

Offer the offers of help. Then 8the requests. You're a guest at the hotel. You're calling the Front Desk. I don't want Housekeeping to make up my room. I can't turn off the air these situations: You want the hotel to prepare your bill now, before you come down to the lobby. You're the Front Desk Clerk. Decide who to send. Use this list: All Canada Airlines. Can I help you? I need a flight from Vancouver to Phoenix on Pierre: Pierre speaking.

Do you have any seats?

Hi, Pierre. This is Jack Hudson. Absolutely Arizona Agent: Let me see. Yes, I have one on the 5: Mineral Waters. Five thirty! What's the check-in time? Ah, Jack. Yes, how are you? One hour Economy. Thirty minutes Business Jack: I'm in town for a couple of days. Can I Class. Will you take that? I won't get to the airport in time.

When will the Pierre: I'm pretty busy at the moment. Can you make next flight leave? There won't be another direct flight on Friday. Friday afternoon?

I'll be there. What time? There'll be one on Saturday at the same time. Anytime after four. I'll take it. Does 4: Just let me check. Oh, I'm sorry, that flight's full. Yes, that's OK. I'll see you then. All-Canada Airlines Partner airlines.

Look at Conversation A. Find answers to these questions: In town for two weeks. Is Saturday morning OK? Not before eleven. Eleven thirty? Make a conversation with this information: Josie, I want you to meet Kenji Nakamura. He's the Sports Manager. Kenji, this is Josie, who's in charge of excursions. How do you do, Josie. Oh, so you're British. Well, it's good to meet you, Josie.

And you, Kenji. Everyone calls me Ken. And this is Britanny Harding. Britanny works in your department. She's a tour guide. How do you do, Britanny. Pleased to meet you, Josie. I'm looking forward to working together. Me too. Captain Carlsson? I'm glad to meet you, Ms. And I'm glad to meet you, Captain Carlsson. Aren't you from the Pacific Rim Traveler? Well, I hope you enjoy working with us. Thank you, sir. One has a similar job, one is her superior, Exchange it with a partner.

Go around the room and one has a junior job. Don't a Who has a similar job? You can use these b Who has a junior job? This is I want you to meet II'd like you to meet.

Basic Survival Student Book

Can I introduce I May I introduce Conversation B All the entertainment staff are on their way to a Josie: Come on! It's your turn! Ken is sharing a cab with Josie.

I was a pro tennis player before this job. You were a professional? For those that liked With topics ranging from bugging out, to building an emergency outdoor kitchen, to dealing with a dead body, there is a wealth of information covered in this very detailed book. This is not just a disaster survival or urban survival book; there are lessons in here for almost any type of emergency.

This is one of my favorite books. Learn how to brain-tan deerskins, make sharp stone blades, build bow drill equipment, and many other trades of the outdoorsman. This book is ideal for those who need a hands-on approach to primitive living skills. Every survival library needs a copy of this book, and so does every Bug Out Bag. The plants described in this book are found throughout the eastern half of the U. This concise book tells you which wild plants to use for salad, tea, root vegetables, and many other foraged foods.

Don't let the black and white line drawings deter you. This book has the details and an extensive number of plants that many slick-looking books with color photos are lacking. Never go hungry again with this book in your pocket.

This back-to-basics book shows you how to take care of shelter, water, fire, food, tools, and supplies, along with instructions on identifying wild edible plants, tanning hides, improving your archery skills and much more. This book, along with the author's score of other books, have created an East Coast survival skills phenomenon. This handbook by Jeffrey Isaac, PA-C, is a very detailed medical book, full of technical info written in easily understood language.

This book caters to the outdoorsy crowd and covers many scenarios that you would commonly face while in the wilderness. Muscular and skeletal injuries, toxins, cold injuries, dental problems, and many other ailments and injuries are explained and a variety of treatments are offered.

If this book doesn't keep you in one piece on the way to the doctor, nothing will. Mountaineering First Aid by Jan Carline, Martha Lentz, and Steven Macdonald is a pocket-sized book on accident response and first aid care, which would fit nicely in a wilderness medical kit. This book has a number of good checklists, and provides instruction on dealing with many typical outdoor injuries. I keep this book in my largest medical bag as a reference guide for symptoms and signs of trouble.

The title pretty much says it all. Loaded with options, each chapter helps us assess our needs and find a way to meet them. Numerous checklists and photos make the book easy to read, understand, and use.

For millennia, man has struggled to control the beast within himself. UFC fighter and author Forrest Griffin, however, has ridden that beast into uncharted waters, possibly drowning the poor thing. This book is mostly a dirty joke book--at least that's how I read it--but it has two useful points for real survival skills enthusiasts.

Point one is that Forrest isn't in the same rut that we may be trapped in. I find the book thought provoking, like the chapter on digging up your wife's flower garden in order to build a bunker with a separate jail inside to lock up annoying family members. And the chapter on building a Vehicle of Destruction with an onboard brewery is inspired.

15 Best Survival Books To Master The Art Of Survival

It may be inspired by a lunatic, but I stand by my opinion. Which brings me to the second point I take from this book: Don't take everything so seriously. It's easy to get all gloom-and-doom with urban survival and disaster prep, so this book could possibly be your foul-mouthed palate cleanser.

This book is absolutely NOT for young people. Northern Bushcraft , by Mors Kochanski, is a great survival book, no matter where you live or where you go on adventures. That said, it is filled with skills gleaned from living the wild life in the northern woods of Canada. From snaring snowshoe hares or hunting a moose to sharpening axes, felling trees, lighting fires, building shelters, and much more, this book is a great outdoor resource.

So many titles, so many choices. But these books do you no good if you do not read them and retain the knowledge they hold. The best way to hang onto all that know-how is to put it into practice.

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