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Sandra married Michael Brown, former television anchorman and award-winning documentarian of Dust to Dust, and . Cover of: The switch. Send No Flowers By Sandra Brown Free EBook Download PDF. The Switch Sandra Brown Books, Great Books To Read, New Books, Love Reading. Sandra Brown is the author of seventy New York Times bestsellers. There are over eighty million copies of her books in print worldwide, and her work has been .

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The Switch Sandra Brown Pdf

The Switch by Sandra Brown - It isn't the first time that identical twins Gillian and Melina Lloyd have switched identities. Melina, the more impetuous twin. The Switch book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It isn't the first time that identical twins Gillian and Melina Lloyd h. Editorial Reviews. Review. Identical twins are fair game for a thriller writer, and in The Switch, queen of suspense Sandra Brown (The Alibi.

She is nothing if not serious when it comes to her work. As the oldest of five daughters, she was a responsible and mature girl, and always chose to read a book rather than play with dolls. Her responsible nature stayed with Sandra as she graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in English, and in her job as a contributing feature reporter at the nationally syndicated PM Magazine in Dallas. When the show experienced mass layoffs, however, Sandra found herself out of work. Sandra married Michael Brown, former television anchorman and award-winning documentarian of Dust to Dust, and returned to Ft. They had two children, Rachel and Ryan. Though she continued in her occasional position as a showroom model in Dallas, her husband encouraged her to try fiction writing while their children were at school. He had just left a career as a news anchor and talk-show host to form his own production company, so why shouldn't she take a creative risk, too? Within a year Sandra sold her first novel, Love's Encore, under the name Rachel Ryan taken from the first names of her two children. Soon thereafter, she was producing a succession of books for six different publishers, culling ideas from briefs in USA Today, television shows, and her own active imagination. Since the publication of her first novel in , she has penned well over sixty books. Sandra has over fifty million copies of her books in print, and has achieved some major feats on what is perhaps the most highly regarded bestseller list of all--that of the New York Times. Since , every one of Sandra's novels has appeared on the list.

The writing on the wall implies that someone had seen Melina and Chief together and they had assumed it was Gillian. The twin is devastated by her loss and she wants answers. Chief is stricken too. Together they will look for the truth behind the murder.

What they discover is something dark and twisted. My thoughts: I hated to see one of the twins go. Together they were fun and so very close to each other. But, I guess it was necessary in order for the remaining twin and Chief to go looking for the killer. I liked Chief. He was there for her to the end. Chief had his own turmoils in regards to his race and what to do with his future after NASA. He was slow to admit his true feelings but I understood his conflicting emotions. The big baddie was truly an ugly human if you can call him that.

Talk about Narcissistic personality. He checked all the boxes with his grandiose ideas. Sadly, I'm sure there's a crazy guy out there just like him. The Switch had two good twists or maybe just one. I guess I can say, I saw it coming but I still enjoyed the reactions it provoked. As a side note, I thought The Switch's audio was well done.

View all 5 comments. Yes, 5 stars for me! I can never go wrong with SB.

The Switch

This book had me hooked from the start. I binge read it til 2am. It was near the last chapter when I sorta figured it out. I was right on my who but not my what The plot was awesome! View all 6 comments. Aug 08, Jill rated it it was ok. I'm going to be really honest here: Since that is usually an extremely small portion of my day, I try to be very selective in my reading choices.

I'd rather spend my precious reading time on something I really enjoy.

Play Dirty

My summary can best be summed up by this discussion: All in 1 day. As a side note, this book seemed more like a vehicle for the author to write repressed sexual fantasies from 9th grade versus a real story.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. There's an underlying premise that the astronaut called Chief the H of the story slept with one sister and then spends the rest of the story lusting after the other twin. This had an ick factor for me even while I tried to wait for the ick to go away. Took way too long to get there. I simply don't download that they didn't stay at the house after the twin chat. There was a guest bedroom, you wouldn't 2. There was a guest bedroom, you wouldn't drive back to a house that wasn't yours.

But then the whole story of them on the run would just go away. This felt stupid and contrived. So two of the primary premises failed for me and it's hard to download into the plot which had so much potential.

O livro anterior que li da autora foi um pouco decepcionante mas este compensou em tudo. Muito bem estruturado e uma narrativa inteligente. Nunca tinha lido nada da autora mas comecei extremamente bem! View all 16 comments. I am so addicted to Sandra Brown's Romance Thrillers!!!!!! What an author she is, keeps ya guessing till the end and this book had a very big surprise ending!! Sisters, twins, identical in every way, Melina push's her twin Gillian to take her place in entertaining a celeb, for this is her business.

The celeb is an astronaut Col. The following day, Melina receives terrible news that her twin has been murdered brutally and I am so addicted to Sandra Brown's Romance Thrillers!!!!!! The following day, Melina receives terrible news that her twin has been murdered brutally and the Col is the prime suspect.

This book is a fast pacer, turn pager Too far-fetched and the romance was meh. Jan 24, -ya rated it liked it Shelves: An unbelievable premise can sometimes turn into an entertaining book.

The romance and storyline seem contrived despite the ambitious plot point like a villain with a delusional god complex and nefarious enterprise. Not my favorite. View all 10 comments. Tem um estilo que me agrada muito. Sobre o livro, tenho alguma coisas a dizer.

Portanto, gostei mesmo do livro. A autora conseguiu isso. Que ideia macabra. Gostava que eles tivessem ficado juntos. Concluindo, outro livro muito bom. View 2 comments. Sandra Brown tem aquele toque de ligar o romance ao policial que ela bem sabe e por isso torna o enredo deveras apelativo.

Vou ler mais obras desta senhora! Principalmente se comparar com o "Uma Voz na Noite". Aug 02, Rissa rated it liked it. Aug 04, Hava rated it liked it Recommends it for: Sandra Brown fans.

I quite enjoyed this book, but with some caveats. I sat in the bathroom on the floor for almost an hour, reading, convincing myself that it wouldn't hurt to read for "just" five more minutes. I finally made myself go to bed. However, when I got to the end of the book and realized what Sandra Brown had done, I started to think back on the book, and I wasn't so in love with it.

I don't want to give anything aw I quite enjoyed this book, but with some caveats. I don't want to give anything away, but if it really happened the way that Sandra was saying that it did, then the inner narration on the part of the surviving twin doesn't make any sense.

She thought things that she wouldn't have, because she'd have already known the truth. In other words, she was confused by things that she shouldn't have been confused by. However, if you want a fast read that enjoyable, then go for it.

The Switch by Sandra Brown

But Sandra should have had better editing on this one than she did. View 1 comment. Aug 11, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: This is another book that I've had forever but put it back every time I started to read it.

I think the plot of this story was very good but the romance portion was very disturbing to me even after the plot twist that should've saved it. I really can't say more without giving spoilers but if the book had been without the romance it probably would've been a four star read. Brown is a fantastic writer and I loved the plot though the number of plot twists at the end was ott and made my head hurt.

The Switch

S This is another book that I've had forever but put it back every time I started to read it. Strange that the romance ruined the book of a romance author but the premise of it was so skeezy I actually skipped most of those scenes and the plot twist turned it from creepy to It was a huge deception that should've been unforgivable.

I enjoyed the book romance aside but the ickiness of the romance will prevent it from being a reread Toliko Sandrinih trilera sam procitala tako da sam vec naucila kako citati izmedju redova: Dec 02, Kendall rated it it was ok. I love Sandra but this story was stupid. Thank You! I really enjoyed this book. My friend prefers it when an author just gets to the point and lets the reader use his or her own creativity to fill in the details and create an image themselves.

I would have to say I disagree. Many of the details Sandra Brown uses when writing are relevant to the story. If the details were not included some aspects of the story would not flow as well as they do with the details in the story. I loved this story. I utilized the details to try to determine how the story was going to end. I was not successful. Maybe I should have played more attention to the details.

Gillian and Melina are identical twins. They switched identities regularly as children, but now approaching 40, they decide to do it one more time - with tragic results.

But Melina feels deep inside her that there is more to Gillian's murder than the sheriff, who has quickly wrapped up the case, realises - and she continues to investigate. This is a good story line with two twists at the end one I saw coming and one I didn't.

I became quickly absorbed in the plot and would have given it 4 stars had the writing particularly the conversations not been quite so stilted in places. Jun 27, Dee rated it liked it Shelves: Can't quite put my finger on why: Grand Central Publishing is now reissuing this title and of course since it's long been on my TBR I was happy to receive a new edition to be able to read and review.

Melina and Gillian are identical twins that have amazed everyone their entire lives at just how much alike they are. Now as adults both have their own jobs and lives but are still just as close as they had always been.

Wh The Switch by Sandra Brown is a romantic suspense standalone novel that was originally published in Aug of When Gillian and Melina get together in order for Gillian to share the news she has gone ahead with her plan to have a baby Melina thinks the occasion needs a celebration.

Being a media escort Melina has a huge client that night that she knows Gillian would love to meet so she suggests they pull the switcharoo they used to do as kids.

What Melina never expected was to be awakened by the police notifying her of her sister's murder with clues left that point to her being the original target. The last person to see Gillian alive was Melina's celebrity client and the two end up joining forces to hunt down whoever killed Gillian.

The Switch was one of those books that easily should have been a five star as it definitely gained my interest from the opening pages and kept it throughout the story. However, as much as I am a fan of those twists and turns and shocking the reader as the last moment there was just one little detail in those final moments I don't think really added up.