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Run Silent, Run Deep is a novel by Commander (later Captain) Edward L. Beach Jr. published The novel was on The New York Times Book Review list for several months. The staff of the New York Times Book Review included it on their list. Start by marking “Run Silent Run Deep” as Want to Read: An American equivalent of Das Boot, this gripping, bestselling novel of submarine warfare inspired a well-known Hollywood film starring Burt Lancaster and Clark Gable. See 1 question about Run Silent Run Deep. Run Silent, Run Deep (CLASSICS OF NAVAL LITERATURE) ( ): Edward L. Beach: Books.

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Run Silent Run Deep Book

Having owned the "movie" based on this book, I wondered "what/how" the complete story line actually was/played out. This book DID NOT DISAPPOINT ME !!!. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Edward L. Beach () graduated from the U. S. Similar books to Run Silent, Run Deep (CLASSICS OF NAVAL LITERATURE). Run Silent, Run Deep. Author: Edward Latimer Beach, Jr. Publisher: Cassell, Naval Institute Press Year: Reviewer: Daryl Carpenter. This is where it all.

An American equivalent of Das Boot , this gripping, bestselling novel of submarine warfare inspired a well-known Hollywood film starring Burt Lancaster and Clark Gable. Set in the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the tension-filled story focuses on an American submarine captain given orders to destroy Japanese shipping in the Pacific. At first his missions go well, but when he takes on an infamous Japanese destroyer, nicknamed Bungo Pete, a terrifying game of cat and mouse begins. From the training of the crew right through to the breathtaking climax, this tale is absolutely riveting, and will have fans of military writers such as Tom Clancy cheering. Edward L. Beach graduated from the U.

Edward Latimer Beach, Jr.

ISBN 13: 9780304364657

Cassell, Naval Institute Press Year: Daryl Carpenter. This is where it all began, folks: The origin of every submarine cliche since Mercifully, the originator of those cliches happened to experience them first-hand, and was a pretty decent writer to boot. The author, Edward Latimer Beach, Jr. This experience gave Run Silent, Run Deep a greater sense of verisimilitude than the vast majority of submarine novels written before and after it. Run Silent is written from the 1st-person perspective of Edward G.

Richardson, commander of the submarines Walrus and Eel. Beach knew how to cover his tracks! RS, RD begins in late December, After a clumsy simulated torpedo attack, and a near-fatal diving accident, Bledsoe fails to qualify for command. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Run Silent Run Deep , please sign up. This is a retro classic!

How could I NOT want to speak of its substance? See 1 question about Run Silent Run Deep…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 29, Richard Fuller rated it it was amazing.

I read this book in high school. A L-o-n-g time ago This book started it all From this book forward, I was hooked on warships. First were the subs, after that came the Battleships.. I was the only kid at my high school who could rattle of the entire fleet that attacked Pearl Harbor!

While that may be a dubious distinction, the love of I read this book in high school. While that may be a dubious distinction, the love of ships that began with this book, grew and stood with me throughout my life.

Run silent, run deep.

I think this book is probably a classic by now. It certainly should be.

Captain Beach takes us through the inner workings of the older pre-war S-boat submarines. By the time he takes command of his new construction sub, Walrus, the reader has a good working knowledge of what a submarine IS. Throughout the book, the reader is submerged in the world of submarines, and submarine warfare. The tale he weaves is one that the reader can dive into and enjoy, from Cmdr Richardsons first encounter with Bungo Pete, his enforced shore duty, finally being given command of Eel.

The reader is swept along through encounter after encounter, and can't help but feel the loss when Richardsons former exec, Jim Bledsoe, is given command of Walrus, enters the Bungo Straits, and is lost. He succeeds, and the war ends shortly afterwards, Eel making only three more patrols. The rest is the story of what happens in Washington D. There is no pornographic imagery in the writing, and the language is written in the style of the late '40s, early '50s, so no problem for the younger generation.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves ships, submarines and action!! May 31, Colin Birge rated it it was amazing. Beach, Jr. If Clancy had studied hard, he might have qualified to change the ink in Beach's pen. Beach was a WWII submarine veteran himself, and wrote a gripping, plausible thriller about life under the sea and the perils of making war there. It's a book of its time: You can't ignore any of that, but if you set the book in context, it stands up as a classic thriller.

My copy, incidentally, is the one that my late grandfather owned. He thought Beach's novel was one of the best adventure stories ever written.

Who am I to argue? Jan 16, Patrick Peterson rated it really liked it Shelves: I think I read it one summer when I was Jr. High or High School in the late 60s or early 70s age. I remember liking it very much, since it was about war, which was a totally fascinating subject to me at the time.

I certainly grew out of that stage and have developed a major antipathy to war. But the feelings of what it was like to command a submarine in Japanese waters during WWII still are in my mind from this book: Mar 06, Leila rated it liked it Shelves: When I saw this title I was excited as I thought it was the book version of a movie I have always placed as a favourite among World War II tales re submarines versus destroyers.

Perhaps not the usual taste for an elderly lady to enjoy, but then I have always had a weakness for sea stories, perhaps because I was born at the start of World War II and saw many video clips of military action at sea in the cinema way back in the s. I was however disappointed to find this was not what I thought.

I When I saw this title I was excited as I thought it was the book version of a movie I have always placed as a favourite among World War II tales re submarines versus destroyers. It is a very detailed account of the life of an American submarine captain and the running of his Sub..

I confess I did skip it pretty often as I made my way through it. I wouldn't read it again. This is one of my favorite war stories. It was a major best seller when it came out, ten years after World War II. It has a level of authenticity you seldom find in military fiction. It is a submarine book which reads as if it were written by someone who had commanded a submarine in wartime, for an extraordinary reason: It was.

So why isn't this book more widely available? I couldn't find a current paperback or ebook edition at all.


The edition I show here is the only one I found. It may still be This is one of my favorite war stories. It may still be available new, but my copy is an ex-library copy, used of course, downloadd through the mail. As pointed out in the introduction of this edition, not only had Edward L. Beach Jr.

Run Silent Run Deep

This is an amazing piece of work for somebody to have knocked out in their spare time from a job which had them on call 24 hours a day. It reads as authentic, not only in the detailed and correct description of operating a combat submarine, but in the horror of a campaign marked by savagery on both sides.

I will not speak of war crimes as I don't want to moralize here. I will just say that there was little quarter asked or given by either side in the Pacific War. Most military fiction sanitizes this, in a one-sided manner more often than not.

In its small way Run Silent, Run Deep does not. That makes it rare and special in this genre.

Run Silent Run Deep by Edward L. Beach

I have read complaints that certain characters such as Laura, Commander Richardson's love interest, aren't well realized. This doesn't particularly bother me. If she is an ideal seen only from a distance, that reflects the reality of the situation of men aboard a submarine thousands of miles from those they loved.

To them home and family are dreams, not a real presence. The lack of development of a character barely seen and almost unknown is realistic.

If anything about this is not realistic, it is that Richardson would fall in love so quickly with someone he had met so seldom. I first read this book a long time ago. I'm pleased to find it holds up well to my memory of it.

Jul 11, Jeffo rated it it was amazing. Fantastic book, ultimate suspense, very realistic,I cannot say anymore. Mar 26, Tom Vetter rated it it was amazing. Great book! Read this in submarine school in , and got my copy autographed by Ned Beach way back then. One more reason why I wanted to write someday too! View 1 comment. Jan 15, Tom Stamper rated it liked it.

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