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History of Plumbing Practice The birth of the plumbing profession in the Philippines is traced back to the 17th century. The CITY known as Intramuros. Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Revised National. document, for review, data, plumbing, law, book, free, pdf, building code.

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Revised National Plumbing Code Of The Philippines Pdf

History of Plumbing Practice The birth of the plumbing profession in the Philippines is traced back to the 17th century. The CITY. provision of the Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines. treatment . Revised National Plumbing Code Of The Free Download Here. CHAPTER 1: ELEMENTS OF PLUMBING - Home Remodelers Store.

Every application shall: The technical specifications submitted shall comply with the proVJstons of existing standards of the National Building Code and this Code. Other concerned departments which verify compliance with other applicable Jaws may review such plans. If the Administrative Authority finds that the work described in an appHcation for permit and the plans, specifications and other documents filed therewith conform to the requirements of the Plumbing Code and other pertinent laws and ordinances, and upon payment of the fees specified in Section I 05, a permit shaH then be issued to the Applicant. Administration Such approved plans and specifications shaH not be changed, modified or altered without authorization from the Administrative Authority and aU works shall be done in accordance with approved plans and specifications. The holder of such partial permit may proceed at his ovm risk without assurance that the final permit for the entire building, structure or plumbing system will be granted.

Stcdon Pipe exposed to damage by sharp surfaces. Alignment of vertical piping shall be maintained between floors with the use of a mid-story guide. Hangers and Supports Abrasion Hangers and straps shall not compress. Supports shall allow free movement. Closet rings shall b:: No vitrified clay pipes or fittings for building drain or sewer shdl be used above ground or whenever piping is pressurized by a pump or ejector.

Drainage fittings shall be of cast iron. Burred ends shall be reamed to the full bore of the pipe. The threads of drainage fittings shall be tapped to allow two 2 percent or 21 m.

Fittings on screwed pipe joints shall be of the recessed drainage type. They shall be kept at least 0. No galvanized wrought iron or galvanized steel pipe shaH be used underground and shall be kept at least mrn above ground. Stclion I NPr '. J80 l 2J. Flxture Ulli1.

Water dusets shall he cvmpu. For a continuous flow into a drainage system. Clothes washers in groups of thra 3 or more shall be rated at six 6 ftxlure units each for the c: Drainage pipiug serving baiteries of appliances capahle of producing continuous flows shall he adequately sized to tmwidc for peak loa. J Lps XI. Cf second -' V l J. Sixty 60 degree branches or offsets may be used only when installed in a true vertical position.

Horizontal drainage lines connecting with other horizontal drainage line shall enter through forty-tive degree wye branches. Two fixtures set back-to-back. Vertical drainage lines connecting with horizontal drainage Jines shall enter through torty-five 45 degree branches or other approved fittings of equivalent sweep. Excreta Dramage System Section Horizontal drainage branch lines.

No fitting having more than one inlei at the same level shall be used unless such fitting is constructed so the discharge frcm one inlet cannot readily enter into the other inlet. An additional cleanout shall be provided on a horizontal line with an Each cleanout in piping S1 mm or less in size shall be installed so that there is a clearance of not less than mm in front of the clcanout.

Countersunk cleanout plugs shall be installed where raised heads may cause hazard to passing personnel or vehicles. Each cleanout for an interceptor shall be outside of such interceptor. Cleanouts in piping larger than 51 mrn shall have a clearance of not less than 0.

Cleanouts shaH be provided for pressure drainage systems. Cleanouts located under cover plates shall be installed to provide the clearances and accessibility required by this Section. No underfloor cleanout in any residential occupancy shall be located more than 6. Each cleanout. When a hubless blind plug is used for a required cleanout. Excreta Drainage System Backwater valves. The gate valve shall be located at the discharge side of the backwater or check valve.

Two 2 fixture units shall be allowed tor each The method of connection shall be at the top of the horizontal line through a wye branch titting.

The vertical discharge line from such ejel: Building drain or building sewer receiving discharge from any pump or ejectl r shall be adequately sized to prever. The top shall be provided wit h a vent pipe which shall extend separately through the roof.

Excreta Drainege System The invert of the lowest inlet to the tank shall have a mi. Air tanks shall be proportioned to be of equal cubical capacity to the eJector connected therewith where there shall be maintained an air pressure of not less than 3 b.

Such vent shall be large enough to maintain atmospheric pressure within the sump under all normal operating conditions and. If constructed of poured concrete. Sumps and receiving tanks shall be watertight and shall be constructed of concrete. All such sumps and receiving tanks shall be automatically discharged and.. When subsoj1 drainage system is installed.

Metal sumps or tanks shall be of such thickness to serve their intended purpose and s. Wben the foregoing requirements are met and the vent. Exceptions a Single family residences. Sizeof Pipe mm ': When wms an!

For one I percent or The diame-ter of an individual vent shall not be less than 32 mm nor iess in si:: Except sinks.. Excluding trap arm. Based on two 2 percent or Except 6 fixture unit traps or water closets. Revised N: The foregoing does not apply to walk"in refrigerators or combination walk"in and reach-in refrigerators used for storage and sales of products packaged in bottles.

Such equipment shall be drained by means of indirect waste pipes as defined in Chapter 2 of this Code. Cooling and air-conditioning equipment may be separated by an airbreak. Such equipment or fixtures shall be drained by means of indirect waste pipes.

Every indirect waste interceptor receivi ng discharge containing particks that clogs the receptor drain shall have a readily removable beehi ve strainer. No trap for any clotheswasher standpipe receptor shall be installed below the floor. S No plumbing fixtures served by indirect waste pipes or receiving discharge therefrom sha! Where water service connections are installed for clotheswasher.

Indirect waste pipes less than 4. No standpipe receptOr for any clotheswasher shaH extend more than 0. No indirect waste receptor shall be installed in any toilet room. Angles and changes of direction in such indirect waste pipes shall be provided with cleanouts to pemlit flushing and cleaning.

No Vt! Indirect waste pipes exceedi ng 1. Any materials approved in Section may be used when. No domestic dishwashing machine shall be directly connected to a drainage system of food waste disposer without the use of an approved dishwasher airgap fitting on the discharge side of the dishwt.

TJd not less than! Sud1 trap connection shall be by means of a pipe connected to the inlet side of an approved fixture trap. Listed airgaps shall be installed with the flood level FL marking at or above the flood level of the sink or drainboard. Condensers constructed of metal shall be not less than No. Sumps and condensers shan be provided with suitable means of access for cleaning and shall contain a volume of not less than twice the volume of water removed from the boiler or boilers connected thereto when the normal water level of such boiler or boilers is reduced not less than mm.

Pipes from boilers shall discharge by means of indirect waste piping as detennined by Administrative Authority or the boiler manufacturer's recommenda. Such pipes may be indirectly connected by discharging into an open or closed condenser or intercepting sump of approved type that will prevent the entrance of steam or such water under pressure into the drainage system. The top of the deep seal trap shall have a 19 rnm diameter opening located at the highest point of the trap to serve as a siphon breaker.

The sizes of the blowoff line inlets. Wearing plates or baftles shall be installed in the tank to protect the shell. Outlets shall be tr. All condensers and sumps shall be properly trapped at the outlet with a deep seal trap extending to within mm of the bottom of the tank.

All closed condensers or sumps shall be provided with a vent taken off from the top and extended separately. Standard gauge 2. Srction Piping conveying industrial. No chemical wastes shall be discharged into the ground. Wet-Vented Systems and Special Wastes The owner shall make and keep a permanent record of the location of all pipings and venting carrying chemical waste.

Whenever practicable. The vent connection shaH be downstream of the uppermost fixture. The retum bend used under the drainboard shall be a one 1 piece fitting or an assembly of a forty-five 45 degree elbows.

Drainage fittings shall be used on all parts of the vent below the floor level and such a vent line shall have a minimum slope of 2 percent or 21 mrnlm back toward the drain where it is connected shall be maintained.

Pipe sizing shall be as elsewhere required in this Code. The island sink drain. The retumed vent shall be connected to the horizontal drain through a wye-branch fitting and shall. Any branch more than 4.

Waste Piping. Unless specifi. Cleanouts may not be required on any wet-vented branch serving a single trap when the t1xture tailpiece or cormection is not less than 51 mm in diameter and provide ready access for cleaning through the trap. Revised Natior. WU Size Air-conditioning condensate waste pipes shall be independent of any drainage and waste system and shall not be smaller than shown in Table Minimum Condensate Pi te piamete! Ji l - The size of condlmsate wa.!

Outside Air. Other points of discharge acceptable to the Administrative Authori. Horizontal and vertical vent lines and vent stacks shnll be copper. Air circulation shall be assured throughout all parts of the excreta drainage system by means of vent pipes installed in accordance with the requirements of this Chapter and as required in this 'ode.

Series Traps serving sinks which are part of the equipment ofbars. The second interceptor shall be properly tapped and vented. Schedule When such conditions exist.

DWV or other approved materials having a smooth and unifonn bore except that: No galvanized wrought iron or galvanized steel pipe shall be usd underground and shall be kept at least 15 em.

When connecled to a common building sewer. Burred end5 shall be reamed to the full bore of the pipe. In addition. Revised Natkmal Plumbing Code al the Philippines Each vent opening shall terminate not less than three 3 meters from. Vent pipes shall be extended separately or combined.

The vent pipe opening from a soil or waste pipe.

Vents and Venting Two 2 fixtures may be served by a common vertical vent pipe when each such fixture wastes separately into an appmved double branch fitting having inlet openings at the same level. Flagpoling of vents b prohibited except where the roof is used for purposes other than weather protection Vertical vent pipes for outdoor installations shall extend to at least 3 meter Vents Not Required O meter above the floor leve. The size of yoke vent shall be not less in diameter than either the soil stack or the vent stack.

The second interceptor shall be properly trapped and vented. The vertical distance between a fixture outlet and the trap weir shall be as short as practicable.. Not more than one trap shall be permitted on a trap arm. The depth requirement may be waived if approved-type pump disdw. It is provided.

National Plumbing Code Of The Philippines, Revised Edition (1999)

No clotheswasher cr laundry tub shall be connected to any trap of a kitchen sink. Each domestic clotheswasher and each laundry tub shall be connected to a separate and independent trap. Ajr circulation shall be assured throughout all pruts of the drainage system by means of a vent pipe system installed in acwrdn. For trap arms 76 mm in diameter and larger. A trap arm may change direction without the use of a cleanout when such change of direction does not exceed ninety 90 degrees.

Bell and Crown. The trap shall be the same size as the trap ann to which it is connected. No more than one approved slip joint fating may be used on the outlet side of a trap. Each trap shall have the manufacturer's name stamped legibly on the metal of the trap and each tubing trap shaH have the gauge of the tubing in addition to the manu facturer's name Traps sJ-.

No i1x. Drum traps may be installed only when permitted by the Administrative Authority for special condition. Every trap shail have a smooth and uniform interior waterway. An exposed and readily accessible drawn brass tubing trap..

Traps for bathtubs. When automatic trap priming devices are installed. Hwy are necessary for the proper handling of liquid wastes containing grease.

The drain inlet shall be so located thd it is nT! When subject to reverse flow of sewage or liquid waste. The use of ladders or the removal of hulky equipment in order to service interceptors or clarifiers shall con!.

Location of all interceptors darifiers shall be shown on the bu. Each intercept. Revised Nstional Plumbing Code of the Philippine: Traps and lntef'.

Each plumbing fixture or piece of equipment connected to a grease trap shall be provided with an approved type flow control or restricting device installed in a readily accessible and visib le location in the tailpice or drain outlet of each such fixture.

Every f1sh. Waste pretreatment is required. Flow control devices shall be so desiene-J thz! A grease t. For the pufPose of this Section. The total capacity of fixtures discharging into any such grease trap shall not exceed two and one-half lh times the certified liter: Any grease trap inst l.

No water jacketed grease trap or grease interceptor shall be approved or installed Each grease trap shall have an approved water seal of not less than 51 in depth or the diameter of its I Utlet.

Sedion G REASt: Private Sewage Disposal Systems. An exposed a. Each trap shall have the manufacturer's name stamped legibly in the metal oflhc trap and each tubing trap shall have the gauge of the tubing in addition to the manufacturer's name.

Described No more than one 1 approved slip joint fitting may be used on the outlet side of a trap. Without dishwashing machine. Traps and lnton: S gallon S hours Single service kitchen. Jtc hen. Food waste dtsposer. Storage Factors Fully equipped commercial kitchen. With dishwashing machine. Multiple floor drains may discharge into one sand interceptor. Revised Nation! Plumbing Code of the Philippines 5rdion Laundries Le. SJJch as string. Sand interceptors are required whenever the Administrative Authority deems it advisable to have a sand interceptor to protect the drainage system.

The sand interceptor shall have a minimum dimension of 0. The outlet section shall be covered by a solid removable cover set flush with the finished floor. For each The outlet pipe shall be the same size as the inlet size of the oil interceptor.

The interceptor shall have an interior baffie for full separation of the interceptor into two 2 sections. The invert of the inlet pipe shall be no lower than the invt! Rainwater downspout or conductor pipings place.

The bottom of the conductor draining over the catch basin storm drain or stonn sewer is protected from damage by connecting a stronger material such as steel pipe or cast iron at its lowest section. Downspouts for high"rise buildings shall be of stronger pipe materials to resist the high hydrostatic pressure inside the vertical downspout instal1ed within the pipe chase which has no intennediate branch from the roof to the ground level.

Rainwater piping commencing 0. Rainwater downspout or conductor located on the exterior side of a low height building shall be not less than 26 ga. Schedule 40 ASS. Such drains shall have a total net inJet area not tess than two 2 times the area of the outlet pipe to which the drain is connected. Revised National Plumbing Codo o1 the Philippines l to2. Roof deck strainers for use on sun decks.

Roof drains. II Rainwater piping installed in locations where they may be subjected to damage shaH be protected. L2 Dome-Type Strainers shall have a minjmum total net inlet area of one a. Vertical Wall Areas. Where vertical walls project above a roof so as to permit storm water to drain to adjacent roof area below.

Consult local rainfall figures to determine maximum rainfall per hour. For one 1 wall. Walls on three 3 sides. The size of a building rainwater piping or any of its horizontal branches shall be sized in accordance with Table Based upon maximum roof areas to be drained. Exa mple: Table Roof Area. In Table with a The size of semi-circular bottom roof gutters shaU be based on the max. Ol 76 A IN SQ. I Depth of equivalent area of rectaJI.

J -t--J. Storm Drainage Sye.

Rectangular pipe shall have 2: Square pipe shall be sized to enclose its equivalent round pipe. Size o f Drain Leader or Pipe. The sizing data for vertical conductors. For rainfall rates other than those listed. Vertical piping may be round. Item i No. The public sewer may be considered as not being available when such public sewer or any exterior drainage facility con. No commercial food waste grinder shall be connected to a private or pub!

An approved-type watertight sewage or wastewater holding tank. No rain. IIy removed and properly disposed off to some approved off-site location. No cesspool and septic tank effluents. Administrative Authority. R No building sewer shall be smaller than mm diameter nor lc! All required huilding sewer clec. When a building sewer or a branch thereof does not exceed 3 meters in length and is a sho!

Two-way clean-out fitting installed at connection point of building drain anct building sewer outside the building nuy be installed in lieu of a single clean-out.

The provisions of this Subsection inc! Whfa building sewer is located under buildiugs. No building sewer or other dra! For thl! No flexible compression joint shall be embedded in the manhole base. Water pipe joints shall be installed not less than 3 meters away from sewer line in both directions.

The water pipe shall be placed on a solid shelf excavated at one side of the common trench with a minimum clear ho rizontal distance of at least 0. The bottom of the water pipe.

Water pipes crossing sewer or drainage piping constructed of clay or materials which are not approved for use within a building shall be laid a minimum of 0.

Nothing contained in this Code shall be construed to prohibit the usc of all or part of an abutting lot to: The maximum distance between manholes shall not exceed 91 meters. The instnunent recording such action shall constitute an agreement with the Administrative Authority which shall clearly state: No person own!

IH A copy of the instrument recording suth proceedings shall be filed with the Administrative Authority. All dtuinage piping shall clear duml! Fur parallel construction For crossing'. Houso Drains and House Sw: Ute distance may he reduced to not less than Whether covered or uncovered.

Sin Percent. Threads on plastic pipe shall be f2. Wall or floor flange lead-wiped joints shall be made t:. Caulked joints in centrifugally cast iron CClP belt-and-spigot water pipe shall be made with non-toxic materials. Threaded plastic pipe shall be Schedule 80 minimum wall thickness. When a pipe joint material is used. The lead shall be caulked thoroughly at the inside and outside edges of the joint.

Tubing threads shall conform to fine tubing thread standards. No paitit. Cleanout plugs and caps shall be lubricated with water-insoluble. Joints in lead pipe or fittings or between lead pipe lr fittings and brass cr copper pipe.

After caulking. Revised National Plumbing Code of the Phlllppines Packing Additives Prohibited. The tubing shall be e. The jnints shall be properly fluxed with an approved noncDrrosive type flux and made up with approved solder.

PMO Installation Standards. Joints between asbestos cement pipe and other approved pipe shall be made by means of an approved adapter coupling. Asbf'stos Cement Sewer Pipe Joints. All solder and fluxes shall be manufactured to approved standards. Surfaces to be joined by soldering shall be cleaned bright by manual or mechanical means. When pipe is joined by means of flexible compression joints.

Cast Iron Pipe. Scre-wrd Pipe to Cast Iron Pi1 e. Joints in cast iron pipe shall be made as provided in Subsection U Neoprene gaskets are recommended tor oil handling piping works. Connection is made by inserting the pipe or tubiug inside the fitting to a prescribed depth. A mechanical connection which depends on an internal retention device tn prevent pipe or tubing separation.

When required. Joints in vitrified clay pipe or between such pipe and metal pipe shall be joined with neoprene gasket for hub and spigot joints.

Joints between wrought iron. MO Installation Standard. Neoprene rubber shall be used in soils subject to oil intrussion. Mechanical joints for centrifugally cast iron water pipe shall conform to nationally recognized standards.

In lixture supply pipings. Joints in copper tubing shall be made by the appropriate use of approved brass fittings properly soldered or brazed together. Expansion joints shall be accessible. Joints between lead and cast iron. Flared or Ferrule Connections. Brass or copper ground joint. Wrought Iron cr SteeS. Use of job-fabricated Female screws of PVC for water piping are prohibited.

The joints between the copper tubing and the fittings shnll be properly sweated or soldered or made with tlared and screw ends adaptor fittings the connection between the threaded pipe and the fitting made with a standard pipe size screw joint Solder shall conform to the requirements of Subsection Solder shall conform to the requirements ofSubsection Gasket material shall be graphite-i mpregnated asbestos.

Il be an approved material and designed to accommodate an adequatel y sized gasket. No fitting or connection that offers abnorma l obstruction to flow shall b.

When connec: Wall-mounted water closet fixtures shall be securely bolted to an approved fi xture carrier fitting. The c. The cormecting piping between the carrier fitting and the fixture shJ.

The connecting piping between the carrier fitti ng. Jointn and Connoctions! Any fi tting or connection which has an enlargement. The bottom of the fl ange shall be set on an approved firm base. Brass or cast iron body cleanouts shaH not be used as a reducer or adapter. All such markings shaH be done at the factory by the manufacturer.

Standards listed or referred to in this Chapter cover materials which will cotlfom1 to the requirements of this Code. All materials used in any plumbing or drainage system. All materials and devices used or entering into the installation of the plumbing and drainage systems.

Where a standard covers materials of various grades. C'ast or Stamped: Each length of pipe. Design and matetials for special conditions or materials not provided for herein may be used only by special permission of the Administrative Authority after he has satisfied himself as to their adequacy.

All pipes. The provisions of this Code are not intended to prevent at the present time PIPE Iron. Ction Lead bends and lead traps shall not be less than 3. Per sq. Copper tube shall not be used for piping carrying chemical or industrial wastes as defined in Section of this code. Listed flexible copper water connectors shall be installed m exposed locat ions.

Type K.

Type M copper tuhing may be used for water piping when piping is above wound inside or atop a building. For flashings or vent terminals.

Weight and Thickness of Sheet lead shall not than the following: Copper tube tor water supply piping shall have a weight of not less than Type "L".

Minimum Weight each kg S Pipe Size mm Inside lliameter l. Each such closet ri ng or closet flange shall be approximately mm in diameter and..

Soldering nipples shall be of Bronze. Each cleanout fitting and each cleanout plug or cap shall be of an approved type. Closet rings or dosct flanges shall be burned or soldered to lead bends or lead ferrule or c-aulked to cast iron soil pipe. TH RF: There wi ll be tour 4 bolts per water closet. Each cleanout for galvanized wrought iron. Closets screws. C'lcancuts shall be designed to be gas and wate11igbt wi1hout! Materials used fi r cleanouts shall conform t.

Plugs shall have raised square heads or approved countersunk rectangular slots. All such screws and bolts shall be of adequate size and number to properly connect the floor flange and anchor the fixture to the tloor. Referenced StaMa. Valves up to and including 51 mm in size shall be all brass or bronze metal. Sizes mm or larger in diameter shall have cast iron bodies. Unless otherwise listed. E IU: Abbreviations used in Table refer to standards or specifications issued by the organizations identified below..

All standards and specifications fer materials are subject to ch. Black and Hot-Dipped.. I Welded and Se.. Waste Services.. I B Seamless and Welded Copper Dis: Plumbing M. Seamless Red Brass P1pe I j ABS B!! Plastic Drain Waste and Vent Pipe wi: ITEM 1 -r C l!

Wrought Copper and Wrough: Plumbing Matarialf.. Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride.. StormDrainandCutvcrtPipe 62 Drain. Ao hcatlons i! IAPMO 6 j!

Q u allt: D 1! VC Plastic Pipe an Primers tor l ise: Note 4 j 1! Schedule 40 I l 93 94! Plastic Pipe Fittings. F Schedule 80 l:. MARKS 9 8.

80960884 Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines

Item No. I j ' WWP 1: I Res1dent1a! Standzrd i i. ANSlJ 1! Extra Strength. I PS I I I t Yalves for '-Y. Globe-Type Lc. T1le Lmed Shower Receptors and Replacements: Bail Valves 6 inches through 48 inches!

PS 31 I! STM I I Valves Wztzr Supply Fed DomestiC Usc I!

I I PNS! I Item I I. ASSE I Coated Ptpe lnstallatton I j - I I: Househ9ld and Commerctal Water Filters! Household Dishwashers Drain Hose. The following is a suggested order of procedure for sizing the water supply system. If the huilding supply is to be metered.

Friction-loss data can be obtained from most manutacturers of water meters. Ill The f! Hion by F lushometer-t. Xt meter Coupling or Str. I Ttw rcquirrd size of branches aud risers may be obtained in the! For extremel y hard wat. Chart A-4 may be used.

The diarnctt: This may be controlled by: JJO 48 L J ing supply is Friction Loss - I'T'1 Side wall:?. B1 1 When disposal fields are installed. The type of syst. VIS B. I he capacity of any one septic tank and its drain2. The minimum required area of porous formation shall be provided in one or more seepage pits. In order to determine the absorption qualities of questionable soils other than those lisr. Such plans shdll show aH dimen8ion. Wherever a first compartment exe.

Private Sewaoe Disposal Sy:: The B 5. Revis9d Natior. The invert of the inlet pipe shaH be at a level not Jess than The coating shall extend to at least Each such tank shall be structurally designed to withstand a!

An inverted fitting equivalent in size to the tank inlet. Wooden barnes are prohibited. Septic tanks installed under concrete or black top paving shall have the required manholes accessible by extending the I! Inlet and outlet pipe fittings or baffies.

The side walls shall extend at least Clean stone. Wooden septic tanks are prohibited. Drain pipe shall be placed on filter material in an approved manner. Connections between a septic tank and a distribution box shall be laid with approved pipe with watertight joints on natural ground or cc mpactcd till.

When the quantity of sewage exceeds the amount that can be disposed in Dosing tanks shall be equipped with an automatic siphon or pump which discharges the tank onct. When seepage pits are used in combination with disposal fields. Plumbing Cede of the Philippines section. No earth backfill shall be placed over the filter material cover until atler inspection and acceptance. Where the total length of pipe exceeds Distribution boxes shall be dcsigntd to insure equal flow and shall be im.

The inverts of all outh. Where two 2 or more drain lines are installed. S nun HI reduce or in h! Disposal fields. The lines hctwt! Distribution dram line:. J m bdo. J by toncrcl. Except in the case of approved type pre-cast concrete circular sections. Lining materials shall be placed tight together and laid with joints staggered. Fach such cover shall he provided with a Revised Nationl!

Brick or block grea! Excavation voids behind! I m bclov.. Ead1 C. On multiple setpaRe pit in. Hed f u singk n: Interceptors shall be located as dose to the source as possible and be acressii.

Structural requirements shall be in compliance with the appli cable suhpar1 s of B 5 of this Appendi x. Sampling box shall be Administrative Authority.

AH necessary manholes for servicing shall be at grade level and be gastight. Jie for servicing. Single service kitchen: Single servirjg with disposal.

On June 18, , R. On November 28, , the First Amendment to the National Plumbing Code was approved, which effected the inclusion of "AsbestosCement Pipe" as an approved plumbing material.

Plumbing Notes 1 | Water Purification | Plumbing

The plumbing systems: water supply, sewage collection and disposal and stormwater drainage involve the right choice of materials, the economical design of the systems and their proper operation and maintenance. The supply of adequate hot, cold and chilled water, the efficient conveyance and disposal of wastewater such as food wastes and human excreta from plumbing fiXtures require provision of enough air, which will result to the efficient installation of the systems.

Plumbing practice has grown in scope and magnitude with the progress in complexities of constructions such as high rise buildings with multi -level basement floors that now require electro- mechanical equipment and controls. The dwindling water resources intensify water use conservation. Modem or state-of-the-art plumbing installation now require the close coordination of works among Master Plumbers, Architects and Engineers to come up with the most efficient and economical plumbing installations.

I wish to thank wholeheartedly those who have given their time in making available their expertises by discussing with us certain important aspects of this Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines. Many of them have unselfishly rendered invaluable assistance in criticizing and improving our text and for innumerable insights into this complex subject. The basic goal of the National Plumbing Code of the Philippines is to ensure the unqualified observance of the latest provisions of the plumbing and environmental laws.

Principle No. Further, a lavatory and bathtub or shower shall be installed to meet the basic requirements of sanitation and personal hygiene. Priaciple No. When necessary, the fixture, device or appliance shall be connected indirectly with the building drainage system. Other concerned departments which verify compliance with other applicable Jaws may review such plans.

If the Administrative Authority finds that the work described in an appHcation for permit and the plans, specifications and other documents filed therewith conform to the requirements of the Plumbing Code and other pertinent laws and ordinances, and upon payment of the fees specified in Section I 05, a permit shaH then be issued to the Applicant.

Such approved plans and specifications shaH not be changed, modified or altered without authorization from the Administrative Authority and aU works shall be done in accordance with approved plans and specifications. The holder of such partial permit may proceed at his ovm risk without assurance that the final permit for the entire building, structure or plumbing system will be granted.

Two 2 sets of approved plans, specifications and data shall be returned to the applicant a! The issuance of a permit based on submitted plans. In case of renewal of a plumbing permit, a fee equivalent to one-half the amount ofthe original fee shall be paid. Additions, alterations or repairs shall not render an existing system unsafe, unsanitcuy or overloaded.

All devices or safeguards required by this Code shall be maintained in conformance with the existing Code edition at the time the plumbing system was installed. The owner or his designated agent shall be responsible for the maintenance of plumbing systems.

To detennine compliance with this subsection, the Administrative Authority may cause the re-inspection of any plumbing system. No portion of any plumbing svstem shall be concealed until inspected and approved. The Administrative Authority or his representative shalt not be liable for expenses incurred in the removal and replacement of materials required to warrant proper inspection.

When the installation of a plumbing system is complete, an additional and final inspection shall be made. Plumbing systems regulated by this Code shall not be connected to the water and energy fuel supplies nor to the sewer system tAntil authorized by the Administrative Authority and other Agencies concerned. AU AQ. The Administrative Authority requires that every request for inspection be filed at least three 3 working days before such inspection is intended.

Such request shall be in writing and jointly signed by the Owner and the Registered and Licensed Master Plumber- Contractor. The seal shall be round in shape and shall be inscribed with the following I Registered and Licensed Master Plumber at upper portion of the round seal. No attempt is made to define ordinary words, used in accordance with their established dictionary meanings except where a word has been used loosely, that it becomes necessary to define its meaning as adopted in this Code to avoid misunderstanding.

Section "'A" ACCESSmLE - when applied to a fixture, connection, appliance or equipment, shalt mean having access thereto, but which may require prior removaJ of an access panel, door or similar obstruction. IO Sec. This may be due to pumps, boilers, gravity or other sources of pressure. Also called vacuum breaker. See backflow. BACKVENT PIPE - the part of a vent line, which connects directly with an individual trap underneath or behind the fixture and extends to the branch or main vent pipe at any point higher than the fixture or fixture traps it serves.

This is sometimes called an individual vent. See Revent pipe. BIBB- synonymous with faucet, cock, tap, plug, etc. The word "faucet" is preferred. BIDET - A plumbing fixtures used for washing the middle private part of the body, especially the genitals. Also called a "sitz" bath. There is no opening for the passage of liquid or gas. VE- a valve that automatically closes to prevent the flow of liquid or gas in a reverse direction Sec loop' vent, also.

COMMON - that part of a plumbing system designed and installed toserve more than one 1 appliance, fixture, building or system. Jo Nrc St'C.