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The Battle of the Labyrinth. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book Five: The Last Olympian. The Demigod Files. Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, illustrated by. Full text of "Percy Jackson's Greek Gods". See other formats. RICK RIORDAN PGRCY JACKSON'S QRCCK QODS Illustrated by John Rocco BOOKS BY RICK . Four: The Battle of the Labyrinth. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book. Five: The Last Olympian. The Demigod Files. Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, illustrated.

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Percy Jackson Greek Gods Book Pdf TO GET A FULL COPY BOOKS BY RICK RIORDAN Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book . greek gods by rick riordan this books is about all the greek heroes of ancient BOOKS BY RICK RIORDAN Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Courtesy of Penguin Books Ltd. Page 3. 2. PERCY JACKSON'S GREEK GODS humanlike form. She liked to walk across the earth – which was basically walking .

But she could also take on humanlike form. She liked to walk across the earthwhich was basically walking across herselfin the shape of a matronly woman with a flowing green dress, curly black hair, and a serene smile on her face. The smile hid a nasty disposition. Youll see that soon enough. After a long time alone, Gaea looked up into the misty nothing above the earth and said to herself: You know what would be good? A sky. I could really go for a sky. And it would be nice if he was also a handsome man I could fall in love with, because Im kind of lonely down here with just these rocks. Either Chaos heard her and cooperated, or Gaea simply willed it to happen. Above the earth, the sky formeda protective dome that was blue in the daytime and black at night. The sky named himself Ouranosand, yeah, thats another spelling for Uranus. Theres pretty much no way you can pronounce that name without people snickering. It just sounds wrong. Why he didnt choose a better name for himselflike Deathbringer or JosI dont know, but it might explain why Ouranos was so cranky all the time.

This story shows you that women are troublemakers! It's all their fault! Adam and Eve. The blame game has been going on for a long time. Zeus got his way. Afterward, Kallisto was too ashamed to say anything.

She was afraid it was somehow her fault. Pro tip: if you're attacked by a creep, it's never your fault. Tell somebody. It's hilarious "I am king of the universe! I am literally above everything else. Okay, I just tossed in the cheeseburgers to see if you were paying attention. That's enough for doubles tennis, including a ref.

They'd been down there so long, they were probably hoping Kronos would swallow down a deck of cards or a Monopoly game. Percy's narrating Some girls might've asked for front-row tickets to the hottest boy band concert, or a date with someone awesome, like, I don't know, Percy Jackson, or somebody. What—it could happen Yes, that's a reason.

The sole reason I knocked off 0. But for you, my dear untainted soul, prepare to have your mind blown. Like Gaea, Ouranos could take human shape and visit the earthwhich was good, because the sky is way up there and long-distance relationships never work out. In physical form, he looked like a tall, buff guy with longish dark hair. He wore only a loincloth, and his skin changed colorsometimes blue with cloudy patterns across his muscles, sometimes dark with glimmering stars.

Hey, Gaea dreamed him up to look like that. Dont blame me. Sometimes youll see pictures of him holding a zodiac wheel, representing all the constellations that pass through the sky over and over for eternity. Happily ever after? Not exactly. Part of the problem was that Chaos got a little creation-happy. It thought to its misty, gloomy self: Hey, Earth and Sky. That was fun! I wonder what else I can make.

Soon it created all sorts of other problemsand by that I mean gods. Water collected out of the mist of Chaos, pooled in the deepest parts of the earth, and formed the first seas, which naturally developed a consciousnessthe god Pontus. Then Chaos really went nuts and thought: I know! How about a dome like the sky, but at the bottom of the earth! That would be awesome!

So another dome came into being beneath the earth, but it was dark and murky and generally not very nice, since it was always hidden from the light of the sky. This was Tartarus, the Pit of Evil; and as you can guess from the name, when he developed a godly personality, he didnt win any popularity contests. The problem was, both Pontus and Tartarus liked Gaea, which put some pressure on her relationship with Ouranos.

A bunch of other primordial gods popped up, but if I tried to name them all wed be here for weeks. Chaos and Tartarus had a kid together dont ask how; I dont know called Nyx, who was the embodiment of night. Then Nyx, somehow all by herself, had a daughter named Hemera, who was Day. Those two never got along because they were as different aswell, you know. Other stories claim Eros was the son of Aphrodite. Well get to her later. I dont know which version is true, but I do know Gaea and Ouranos started having kidswith very mixed results.

First, they had a batch of twelvesix girls and six boys called the Titans. These kids looked human, but they were much taller and more powerful.

Youd figure twelve kids would be enough for anybody, right? I mean, with a family that big, youve basically got your own reality TV show. Plus, once the Titans were born, things started to go sour with Ouranos and Gaeas marriage.

Ouranos spent a lot more time hanging out in the sky. He didnt visit. He didnt help with the kids. Gaea got resentful. The two of them started fighting. As the kids grew older, Ouranos would yell at them and basically act like a horrible dad.

A few times, Gaea and Ouranos tried to patch things up. Gaea decided maybe if they had another set of kids, it would bring them closer.

I know, right? Bad idea. She gave birth to triplets. The problem: these new kids defined the word UGLY. They were as big and strong as Titans, except hulking and brutish and in desperate need of a body wax. Worst of all, each kid had a single eye in the middle of his forehead. Talk about a face only a mother could love.

Well, Gaea loved these guys. She named them the Elder Cyclopes, and eventually they would spawn a whole race of other, lesser Cyclopes. But that was much later. When Ouranos saw the Cyclops triplets, he freaked.

These cannot be my kids! They dont even look like me! Gaea screamed back. Dont you dare leave me to raise them on my own! He stormed off and came back with thick chains made from the night skys pure darkness. He bound up the Cyclopes and tossed them into Tartarus, which was the only part of creation where Ouranos wouldnt have to look at them.

Harsh, right? Gaea screamed and wailed, but Ouranos refused to release the Cyclopes.

[EbooK Epub] Percy Jackson's Greek Gods [Free Ebook] by Winifred2Robertson - Issuu

No one else dared to oppose his orders, because by this time he was getting a reputation as a pretty scary dude. I am king of the universe! How could I not be? I am literally above everything else.

I hate you! Gaea wailed. You will do as I say. I am the first and best of the primordial gods. I was born before you! Gaea protested. You wouldnt even be here if I didnt Dont test me, he snarled. Ive got plenty more chains of darkness. As you can guess, Gaea threw a total earthquake fit, but she didnt see what else she could do. Her first kids, the Titans, were almost adults now. They felt bad for Mom. They didnt like their dad much eitherGaea was always bad- mouthing him, with good reasonbut the Titans were scared of Ouranos and felt helpless to stop him.

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

I have to keep it together for the kids, Gaea thought. Maybe I should give it one more try with Ouranos. She arranged a nice romantic eveningcandles, roses, soft music. They must have rekindled some of the old magic. A few months later, Gaea gave birth to one more set of triplets.

The new kids were even more monstrous than the Cyclopes. Each one had a hundred arms all around his chest like sea urchin spines, and fifty teeny, tiny heads clustered on his shoulders. It didnt matter to Gaea.

She loved their little facesall hundred and fifty of them. She called the triplets the Hundred-Handed Ones. Shed barely had time to give them names, though, when Ouranos marched over, took one look at them, and snatched them from Gaeas arms.

Without a word, he wrapped them in chains and tossed them into Tartarus like bags of recycling. Clearly, the sky dude had issues. Well, that was pretty much it for Gaea. She wailed and moaned and caused so many earthquakes that her Titan kids came running to see what was wrong. I dont know what she called him, but I have a feeling thats when the first cuss words were invented. She explained what had happened. Then she raised her arms and caused the ground to rumble beneath her.

She summoned the hardest substance she could find from her earthy domain, shaped it with her anger, and created the first weapon ever madea curved iron blade about three feet long. She fixed it to a wooden handle made from a nearby tree branch, then showed her invention to the Titans. Behold, my children! The instrument of my revenge. I will call it a scythe!

The Titans muttered among themselves: What is that for? Why is it curved? How do you spell scythe? Gaea cried. Ouranos isnt worthy to be the king of the cosmos. One of you will kill him and take his place. The Titans looked pretty uncomfortable. Soexplain this whole killing thing, said Oceanus. He was the oldest Titan boy, but he mostly hung out in the far reaches of the sea with the primordial water god, whom he called Uncle Pontus.

What does it mean, to kill? She wants us to exterminate our dad, Themis guessed. She was one of the smartest girls, and she immediately got the concept of punishing someone for a crime. Like, make him not exist anymore.

Is that even possible? I thought we were all immortal. Gaea snarled in frustration. Dont be cowards! Its very simple. You take this sharp pointy blade and you cut your dad into small pieces so he cant bother us again. Whichever of you does this will be the ruler of the universe! Also, I will make you those cookies you used to like, with the sprinkles.

Now, in modern times, we have a word for this sort of behavior. We call it psycho. Back then, the rules of behavior were a lot looser. Maybe youll feel better about your own relatives, knowing that the first family in creation was also the first dysfunctional family. The Titans started mumbling and pointing to each other like, Hey, youd be good at killing Dad. Uh, no, I think you should do it. The youngest of the twelve shouldered his way forward.

Kronos was smaller than his brothers and sisters. He wasnt the smartest or the strongest or the fastest.

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

But he was the most power-hungry. I suppose when youre the youngest of twelve kids, youre always looking for ways to stand out and get noticed. The youngest Titan loved the idea of taking over the world, especially if it meant being the boss of all his siblings.

The offer of cookies with sprinkles didnt hurt, either. Kronos stood about nine feet tall, which was runty for a Titan. He didnt look as dangerous as some of his brothers, but the kid was crafty. Hed already gotten the nickname the Crooked One among his siblings, because he would fight dirty in their wrestling matches and was never where you expected him to be. He had his mothers smile and dark curly hair. He had his fathers cruelty. When he looked at you, you could never tell if he was about to punch you or tell you a joke.

His beard was kind of unnerving, too. He was young for a beard, but hed already started growing his whiskers into a single spike that jutted from his chin like the beak of a raven.

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