To access this eText title while using your mobile device, you need the Pearson eText app. If you've previously downloaded this app, click "Launch" below to. Welcome. Welcome to the registration and Sign In page for resources powered by Pearson's new eText technology. This dynamic technology creates a powerful . Simple to set up and easy to use, Pearson eText lets educators add their own notes in their eTextbook, precisely at the teachable moment. Wherever they are in.

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Pearson Ebook Shelf

Pearson ELT eText provides your English course books online. Where available, you can access your Pearson books either through your Internet broswer or by. VitalSource Bookshelf is the world's leading platform for distributing, accessing, consuming, and engaging with digital textbooks and course materials. eBook access limits Downloading eBooks Installing eBooks The Bookshelf ( home page) of the Pearson eBook app has the same function.

What are they trying to do or what is not working? I am running into various issues with the eText for iPad App. FAQ Short no more than 7 sentences answer to question. The troubleshooting answers below apply to the Android tablet app for a Pearson eText. For info about the Pearson eText 2. See eText, eText 2. How do I regain access? The answer depends on which app you are using. Pearson eText If you sign out of the Pearson eText app and try to work while your iPad is not connected to the Internet, you will not be able to sign in to the Pearson eText app because authentication must occur while you are online. To access your bookshelf, re-connect your iPad to the Internet and then re-launch the eText app and sign in. Generally, there is no need to sign out of the app. You will then be presented with a web page that allows you to launch your eText title using the eText for Campus app. As long as you do not sign out of the app, you can launch the Pearson eText for Campus app directly from your iPad for subsequent logins. What if my eText on the iPad is missing pages that the print textbook displays?

To jump to a specific section in the book, tap the Contents button.

Pearson Common Core Literature Grade 8 Reading Kit Reading and Literacy Intervention

This displays the Table of Contents page; tap a chapter or section title to jump to that section of the book. Viewing an eBook's Table of Contents on an iPhone.

To search for a specific word or phrase, tap the Search magnifying glass button. When the Search screen appears, enter the term you're looking for into the Search Book box, then tap the Search button.

‎Pearson eText on the App Store

All instances of the word or phrase are now listed; tap an instance to jump to that point in the book. To change the size of the onscreen text, tap the Fonts button to display the Fonts panel.

Tap the small A to decrease the size of the text; tap the large A to increase the text size. Changing the size of onscreen text on an iPhone. You can also change the font displayed onscreen.

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Tap the Fonts button to display the Fonts panel, then tap Fonts. This displays a list of available fonts; tap the one you want to use.

By default, iBooks displays all text against a bright white background. Videos and animations bring key concepts to life, helping students place what they are reading into context.


Straightforward setup makes it incredibly easy for educators to get their class up and reading quickly on the first day of class. Computer Science. Environmental Science. Download the Pearson eText app to your mobile device to keep on learning—anytime, anywhere, and even offline. Pearson eText works best with these operating system, version, and browser configurations.

Professional Counseling: A Process Guide to Helping eBook, 8th Edition

Student Educator Have you already registered? Connect with and motivate students — right in their eTextbooks.

Key Benefits of Pearson eText. Gain insight into how students use their eTextbook The dashboard lets educators see how students are working in their eTextbook so that they can plan more effective instruction in and out of class.

Extend the learning experience, anytime and anywhere Portable access lets students read their eTextbook whenever they have a moment in their day, on Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. Create a customized table of contents Instructors can rearrange the Pearson eText table of contents at both the chapter and section level to match the way they teach.

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