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questions can help you get the most out of Pathfinder Player Companion: Knights of the Inner Sea. 0 For our campaign, does it make sense for my character to. 1!\bauotttottou We Are the Wall. We Won't Be Saddled. Country Taldor. Country Brevoy. Heraldry Medusa head flanked by a hammer and mattock. Heraldry. Pathfinder Player Companion: Knights of the Inner Sea (PFRPG) Show Description For: Non-Mint. Add Print Edition $ $ Add PDF $ Add Non-Mint.

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Pathfinder Player Companion Knights Of The Inner Sea Pdf

PDF: $ Knights of the Inner Sea, a Pathfinder Player Companion Knights of the Inner Sea presents a player-focused, in-depth. PZO 6 From Hell's - · The Sundered · Harrow - · PZO Carrion Crown Poster Map Folio. pdf. Pawns, Pathfinder Player Companion, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Pathfinder Tales, and Rise of the Runelords are Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Castles of the Inner Sea between the noble Knights of Ozem in Vigil and the hordes.

The Inner Sea region is the heart of the Pathfinder campaign setting. From devil -worshiping Cheliax to cosmopolitan Absalom , the savage and frozen Lands of the Linnorm Kings to the steaming jungles of the Mwangi Expanse , there's a place for any character or adventure your imagination can come up with. Yet while a Game Master or player might know all the secrets of the setting, courtesy of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting World Guide: The Inner Sea , what does a character know about his or her world? With the Inner Sea Primer, Game Masters can quickly and easily introduce their players to the Pathfinder campaign setting, and experienced players can customize their characters with new, setting-specific tricks and traits. Inside this Pathfinder Player Companion, you'll find: Player-friendly overviews of every nation of the Inner Sea Region, telling characters what they need to know about their homelands—or those of their enemies. New character traits for every country and region, helping to flesh out characters and tie their backgrounds and mechanics into the setting. New archetypes for three Inner Sea sword fighting styles : the Aldori swordlord , the Qadiran dervish , and the Taldan rondelero duelist. A complete overview of the major gods in the region, and what every resident should know about them.

A knight who dedicates her life toa singular goal or purpose is steadfast in her ways, andmay journey her entire life in pursuit of such a quest. Although some knights make their odysseys in pursuit ofa vile monster or some holy relic, there are those whosevoyages are a simple search for wealth and treasure.

Knights in search of monetary gain typically do so for thesake of their kingdom or their knightly order, and donatetheir valuable findings to the cause they believe in-whichis, in some cases, their own pockets. Though they wear leatherarmor instead of breastplates and wield rapiers insteadof longswords, unhindered knights are every bit asstately as other knights, and perform their duties withunparalleled grace.

Rangers, inquisitors, bards, andmonks who follow a knightly code can often be classifiedas unhindered knights, as can rogues who dedicate theircraft to a strict system of honor.

Thefollowing are the three most common broad types ofknightone is likely to encounter on Golarion. Heavy Knight: Most knights wear sturdy armor madeof iron or steel, and wield great weapons either twohandedor alongside a metal shield.

Thaumaturgic Knight: Those dedicated to theprinciples ofknightliness who use arcane or divine magicas their primary means of displaying gallantry follow thepath ofthe thaumaturgic knight. Magi, clerics, wizards,and sorcerers make excellent thaumaturgic knights,using their mystical prowess to bolster themselves onthe battlefield, all the while ensuring the safety of theirallies and any nearby innocents caught in the crossfire.

Unhindered Knight: Those knights who prefer toshirk heavy arms and equipment in favor oflightweight MANDATEFounded to serve as a ceremonial honor guard for the godAroden upon his return, the Eagle Knights were initiallylittle more than an ornament: an opportunity for the scionsof the right families to dress in fine uniforms and drill inmarching smartly before an audience.

After Aroden perishedand inadvertently threw the Inner Sea region into chaos, theEagle Knights found a new purpose in defying the crushingrule ofCheliax and its devil-sworn houses, and helped leadthe Andoren people to freedom and independence. Since then, the Eagle Knights have come to embodythe ideals the people of Andoran hold dear, and continueto fight for the preservation of liberty, equality, and unity.

They exist not only to protect all that Andoran has achieved,but to demonstrate to the other nations and peoples oftheworld the possibility of achieving such goals for themselves.

Thus, to be an Eagle Knight is to serve a higher calling, toaccomplish something bigger than oneself, which will lastlong after any individual knight is gone.

Within their homeland, the Eagle Knights are defendersand peacekeepers, charged with training local militiasand protecting Andoran and its citizens from threats of allkinds. They are expected to act as exemplary role modelsfor the laity, and many Andorens idolize the bold anddashing knights.

Of course, a few think they are puttingon airs, or are perhaps a bit too like a new breed of nobility,but most shrug off such concerns. Behind the scenes, the Eagle Knights are liberators,privateers, and revolutionaries. They free slaves, scuttleslaving ships, liberate prisoners, and overthrow dictatorswherever and whenever they can, as long as they can do sowithout dragging Andoran into open war with its neighbors.

Although it is easy to think of the dashing Eagle Knights asdandies concerned only with personal glory, most oftheseesteemed freedom fighters know they may well perish inobscurity, fighting for people they do not know and neverbeing openly acknowledged for their sacrifice. Such is theirdedication that they take up their cause regardless.

Confidante to the Oppressed: Others recognize that youare filled with the Andoren spirit of liberty and equality. Eye of the Falcon: You have a way of seeing right tothe heart of things. There arethree factions within the Eagle Knights organization,and while all answer the call to justice, the GoldenLegionnaires, Steel Falcons, and Twilight Talons allaccomplish their goals via distinctly different means. Golden Legionnaires areexpert defenders and woodlandcommandos, and combinepracticality, tactics, and brutalto accomplish their missions.

Order andthe laws that bind it are the fo undation upon whichcivilization is built.

Wear away at that foundation,and civilization crumbles. Thus, the purpose of theHellknights is to create, enforce, and maintain the ruleoflaw. The rule they turn to is embodied in the Measureand the Chain, the legal code the Hellknights maintainin Cheliax and aspire to everywhere. Hellknights embody order in its purest form, beginningwith their own hierarchy and strict system of ranks see "Hellknight Ranks" below.

In order to gain actualmembership into a Hellknight order, armigers must firstpass a trial known simply as the Test, a brutal exam inwhich a would-be Hellknight must singly face off against adevil summoned fr om the depths ofHell. If she managesto defeat the outsider, she gains entry into her chosenHellknight order; defeat, on the other hand, entails onlycertain and gruesome death.

Each order has 1ts own ntadel, along w1th vanous smaller holdings. Favored weapon: flail. Renowned forthe unparalleled number of signifers among its members, the Order of the Gate also specializes in dealing andbargaining with devils and other fiends. Favored weapon: dagger. Favored weapon: morningstar. Favored weapon: lance or halberd. Favored weapon: glaive. Favored weapon: longsword or whip. Favored weapon: heavy mace or whip.

Je POP. Would-be Hellknights must possess a potentcombination of discipline, combat prowess,and sheer strength in order to excel in theirchosen order. In those days, the knights worshipedArazni, heraldof Aroden, as their patron saint. When they summonedArazni to help them defeat the Whispering Tyrant, theyfound they had severely underestimated the lich-king, whohumiliated and crushed Arazni before flinging her lifelessbody into the ranks ofthe attacking knights.

Their morale all but shattered, the Knights of Ozemfound new leadership in the form of the then-mortalIomedae, who was instrumental in leading numeroussuccessful attacks against the undead scourge, and helpedto finally entomb the Whispering Tyrant beneath hisfortress ofGallowspire in AR.

After the violent climax of the Shining Crusade, thevarious crusading armies parted amicably, their commonpurpose completed.

Iomedae soon thereafter completed theTest of the Starstone and rose to divinity as Aroden's newherald, and the Knights ofOzem helped establish the Taldanprovince of Lastwall on the land where they had buriedArazni, and built the city of Vigil to stand as a bulwarkagainst any possible resurgence oftheir vanquished fo es. Lastwall is now a sovereign nation, having peacefullyliberated itself from outside rule so its holy warriorscould maintain their sacred duty unhindered by politicalconcerns.

Though the other knightly orders of Lastwallalso fo cus their attention on the nearby threats presentedby the orcs of Belkzen, the Knights of Ozem remain anorder dedicated to the teachings of their new patronsaint, Iomedae, and often seek to regain the glory of theirorder's endeavors centuries ago by strictly fo cusing onbattling undead.

Adventurers who volunteer to join the Knights ofOzem are always welcome, as the order's need is great andtheir threats ever-present.

While the order can find usesfor a wide range of recruits, the knights remain utterlyinflexible on a few prerequisites. First of all, unlike theMendevian Crusaders, whose orders of low templarsswell with the self-serving and avaricious, the Knights ofOzem are true champions of righteousness, and brook nothuggery among their ranks.

Secondly, while recruits neednot be sworn to lomedae's service, all must be valiant andpure of heart, and devotion to Iomedae is a strict requisiteto rise to the upper ranks among the order. Searing Beacon Iomedae : You deal additional precisiondamage equal to your Wisdom modifier when you score acritical hit with a melee weapon against an undead opponent. Below are some sample rolesthat a potential recruit could hope to fulfill within thestoried order.

Stationed in Virlych for weeks on end, Gallowspirewardens are skilled at surviving in a land hostile to the living. As if the undead were not enough, violent encounters with darkarcanists hoping to discover the secret to Tar-Baphon's lichdomare also a common threat to these holy warriors.

Famed for their unstoppablecharges and combat prowess while mounted, theseskilled riders can be found either spearheading attacksagainst the otherworldly fiends of the Worldwound orpatrolling the haunted borders of Ustalav. The dauntlessnessand the determination with which they drive their steedsforward make stopping such warriors nigh impossible. In the far northernkingdom of Sarkoris, a spiritual cataclysm caused thethreadbare veil between the Material Plane and the Abyssto rend completely, opening the fe stering Worldwound.

Demonic hordes spilled fr om the newly formed portal,quickly overrunning the ill-equipped barbarian kingdom. As tales of the fall ofSarkoris spread throughout Golarion,a holy clarion call was raised, and followers of Iomedaeflocked from across Avistan to the little-known nation ofMendev, bringing countless hopeful crusaders along tocombat the demonic invaders.

The past century saw constant warfare as the MendevianCrusaders attempted to push the demons back into theAbyss. However, the raw fury of these outsiders provedtoo much for the legions of the First Crusade, and it wasonly the creation of a series of magical defenses, called thewardstones, that allowed the crusaders to create a stablefront during the Second Crusade.

The following archetypes from various Pathfinder products are all good choices

Now, despite severalAbyssal offensives, the abjurations of the wardstones alongthe Sellen River remain the current dividing line betweenthe Worldwound and the rest of Avistan. But while themagical barrier-markers are instrumental in holdingback the demonic onslaught, it is ultimately the crusadersof Mendev who will determine the outcome of the warbetween demons and civilization.

Today, true believers still answer the church oflomedae'scall to arms, flocking to the front ofthe Fourth MendevianCrusade.

Fulfilling every favorable preconception of theknight in shining armor, these pious warriors flood thecrusaders' ranks with heavily armored fighters astridepowerful destriers.

Joining them are hosts of priests,clerics, and divine spellcasters ready to lay down their livesfor the good ofGolarion and the glory oflomedae. However, for every one of these true believers, acollection of ignoble characters worms its way into thecrusaders' ranks. Bare necessity forces the holy warriorsof the Fourth Crusade to accept all manner of gloryseekers,thugs, con artists, and thieves as comrades see"Low Templars" below.

So it is that the leaders of theMendevian Crusades must employ new recruits from allwalks of life, pitting the righteous as well as the wickedagainst the demonic forces oft he north.

Unlike the holywarriors they fight alongside, glory hounds avoid personal riskas much as possible, and prefer to get their kills through sneakattacks, dirty tricks, or coups de grace. Though she provides vital healing on thebattlefield, a banisher's real goal is to send as manyfiends back to the Abyss as possible, using the blessingsof her deity to inflict damage on her foes and zealouslyspread the word of her celestial lord.

Not as skilledat pure combat as many of theirknightly companions, banishers relyon teamwork and their godly magic tohunt down and destroy fiends. The Kortos Cavalry is the only horse-cavalry unit in thecity of Absalom, and is headquartered in the massive keepknown as the Sally Gate.

Within the city limits membersofthis group are called the Sally Guard, and seen as littlemore than the city watch for the district of Westgate, butonce they pass outside of the walls, they are officially theKortos Cavalry, and have impressive legal powers to patroland defend the Isle of Kortos, and even to seek out thecity's enemies in lands across the sea.

Most members ofthe Kortos Cavalry see their time spent patrolling as theSally Guard as a drab formality required of their order,and yearn for those times they are assigned to be thesoldiers, spies, and scouts of Absalom both locally and afar. Regardless, there is rarely a spare moment for cavalry onduty in Absalom, as the myriad dangers and threats thatassail the City at the Center of the World are sure to keepeven the most efficient knight constantly busy.

Members: The cosmopolitan nature of Absalom bringsa broad range of applicants to the Kortos Cavalry, whichhands out titles based on merit and service, rather thanriches or familial ties.

PZO9426 Knights of the Inner Sea.pdf

Every member of the cavalry isrequired to operate in steel armor and cany a sword andlance, but aside from these restrictions, membership inthe cavalry is open and includes spellcasters, holy waniors,berserkers, priests, and a wide anay of professionaladventurers. Pathfinders often join their ranks, if only forthe occasional opportunity to travel abroad. All members ofthe Risen Guardwere loyal agents to the throne in life, and when they diedin service to the pharaoh, they were brought back to lifeto serve again.

Because they were resurrected by orderof the pharaoh if not by the hand of the Ruby Princehimself , all members of the Risen Guard are fiercelyloyal to their liege.

Newly raised members give up theirpast identities and ranks, and some even go so far as togive up their names. In addition to protecting the RubyPrince, the Risen Guard is responsible for guarding hispersonal treasury as well as his family, and membersare often tasked with tracking down the Ruby Prince'syounger twin siblings, the adventurous and elusive Oj anand Jasilia Khemet. This has been called one oftheharshest auditions for membership in the Inner Sea region,and few ever strive to take the entrance exam intentionally.

Instead, most members of the Risen Guard had alreadyserved Osirion in a lesser capacity before joining, andselflessly gave their lives for the protection of the pharaohor to destroy the nation's enemies. Within this smallgroup, the actual skills of members of the Risen Guard varywildly, and their number might include soldiers, conjurers,diviners, poisoners, scouts, and treasure hunters. No conversation about knights on Golarion would becomplete without mention of Taldor.

A nation bloatedwith royal lineages and noble families, the variousknightly orders that inhabit this empire in declineform much of the country's militaristic and economicbackbone.

Taldan house knights do not belong to asingle unified order; rather, these lavishly outfitted fo otsoldiers and cavalry riders each bear the heraldry of theirindividual royal houses. Most house knights are granted their title thanksonly to their connections and familial relations; manyare no better at wielding a blade than a common farmer,and are far better suited for the extravagant parties andnonlethal duels typical oftheir lot.

However, there aremany royal families who treat their knightly posteritywith utmost seriousness, and go to great lengths to traintheir most promising squires in matters both martialand social. The following are several of Taldor's most prominentnoble houses, each of which sports its own knights. ElREOORDuring knightly parades and honorable competitionsalike, the genteel warriors of House Eiredor areresponsible for the majority oft he swooning maidens andhapless suitors who line Oppara's streets.

The Eiredorfamily is famous for its gallant lords and politicallypowerful ladies, and it is often said that the quickestpath to a life of luxury and prominence in Taldor is bymarrying into the ranks of this respected noble house. Aldori Swordlords: An exclusive order of skilled duelistsfrom the old kingdom of Rostland, these noble duelists havemastered the use of the Aldori dueling sword to deadly effect. Retrieved from " https: Hidden category: Uses Book template. Paizo Publishing, LLC. ISBN Pathfinder Player Companion.

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This book examines the varied and complicated motivations and. Blood of the Night contains everything a player needs to play a vampire,. Blood of the Night. PZO Book. Blood of Shadows Free. Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Night [Tork Shaw] on test. Alright people, time for Pathfinder supplements. A moroi is a type of vampire or ghost in Romanian folklore.

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Bei Pathfinder Book of Beasts: Fight the Dark Side Monsters that go bump in the night stalk the living eternally. Within this book..

A sea of blood caresses the savage shore of the Razor. Rising from. This book is published with the objective of providing Pathfinder Scouts, when they join, full. Usaro, the legendary and blood-soaked jungle city of That night, Telgen took the tent.

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