O vencedor está só é, segundo Paulo Coelho, uma fotografia do got stolen with this book in it. sigh. so finished it off by reading the pdf version. not bad. The Winner Stands Alone is a novel by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, first published in The book was first published in Portuguese under the title O Vencedor está Só. It is the thirteenth major book by Coelho. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. book was first published in Portuguese under the title O Vencedor está Só. It is the thirteenth major The Winner Stands Alone: A Novel - PDF Free Download.

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Ebook PDF el vencedor esta solo Download or Read Online el vencedor esta In our collection PDF Ebook is the best for you, and very recomended for you. PDF | 57 hours read | On Nov 11, , Paulo Roberto de Almeida and Esta obra só não é sociologia em estado quimicamente puro porque o autor conhece, externa” do partido vencedor das eleições de outubro desse ano e uma. book was first published in Portuguese under the title O Vencedor está Só. It Download The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho: Download Book in PDF.

He loves reading, walking, computers, the Internet, football, music, and travelling. Every day, he wakes up early, goes for a two-hour walk and then practises Kyudo a kind of meditative archery. The fast-moving plot takes place over a period of just under 24 hours during the Cannes Film Festival. However, it is not the movie industry that interests Igor Malev, a successful Russian entrepreneur; he has come to Cannes intent on winning back Ewa, the great love of his life. In order to attract his ex-wife's attention, Igor becomes a serial killer. This seriously sick enterprise is set against a backdrop of producers, famous actors, aspiring actresses, top models and fashion designers, giving us a scathing portrait of the Superclass, the elite of the elite who currently define how our lives are run.

With Paulo, you expect him to tell a story, pause and then throw up an existential quandary. But barring that, not recommend at all. At least with Eleven Minutes, I felt I had entered a real world for some time but with this one, you get the feeling of being stranded with a clueless bystander. It is translated from the original Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa.

The Cannes Film Festival: Ewa is there with her fashion-designer husband Hamid Hussein for showings and some high-power business meetings; Russian telco president, Igor Malev is there to demonstrate to his ex-wife that she needs to return to their marriage.

He refers to them as martyrs for love. But then his objective changes. Igor is obviously mad but the reader has to wade through chapters of his thought processes. The whole tone is very moralistic, full of platitudes and aphorisms, and very heavy on message at the expense of good writing. It is repetitive to the point of being tiresome, making this a rather tedious read.

Jan 28, Megan rated it did not like it Shelves: I have never read any of Paulo Coelho's books beside this one.

O Vencedor Esta So by Paulo Coelho (, Book) for sale online | eBay

Somehow, I got to this one first, I guess because it was new. From reading the summaries and reviews of his previous books, I am still holding out hope for them that they are nothing like this one.

The problem with this book is he spends far too much time pontificating on the downfalls of society in regards to fame and money. We worship it, it cha I have never read any of Paulo Coelho's books beside this one. We worship it, it changes us, it's so horrible, etc. I don't disagree with any of that, but be a little subtle.

Your audience is not dumb. We don't need the point beat over our head every 3 pages. It honestly felt like he was just switching between writing a novel to writing a badly-written dissertation on the evils of celebrity. He focuses on it to the point of irritating the reader and making the story and characters secondary. Which sadly, the actual story is not redeeming the book either. Even the stories of the characters themselves are hard to get very invested in, partly because of the choices in writing and partly because of the overbearing feeling of "I am here to teach you a lesson!

Unfortunately that was ruined with poor writing and a feeling of being preached to. I would like to know if any of his other books are worth it View all 5 comments.

May 13, Hadichahon rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Coelho, as an author, is capable of so much more, I promise! Reading this book will taint your perception of him as an author.

I now clearly lament the spur of the moment decision which led me to waste approx 18 euros on this darn book. When I first began reading I was mildly amused. Within the first fifty pages, however, such positive emotions morphed into deep rooted frustration. It quickly became apparent that I was reading a comic satire of the movie and fashion industry. I genuinely disliked each and every character in the book especially Igor! The bored, euro-trash mentality, and the repetitive whining of each narrative, gets very tiring very quickly.

Every single character was flat and lacked a depth of emotion- they simply didn't come alive in my imagination- they were simply unable to take on their own identities, speak with their own voices, or come up with unexpected actions. Instead, Coehlo ponderously dragged them through a plodding and unnatural plot, forcing the reader to follow suit.

O Vencedor Esta So by Paulo Coelho (2008, Book)

And follow suit I did. I felt obliged to finish the book. Maybe due to my abhorrence towards the idea of an unfinished book, or as an honorary tribute to the usually wonderful author That miracle never occurred!

I wish I could have my time back that was wasted on reading this book. Whatever it was that Coelho wanted me to get from reading this book, I did not get it.

I guess part of the reason I'm being so hard on this novel is because it starts out with a somewhat interesting premise and then seems to dig itself into a large abyss from which it cannot escape. The book felt extremely stagnant in many parts; especially the passages providing explanations about the materialistic nature of the fashion and movie industries. I found myself feeling the urge to yell: No need to repeat it over and over and over and over and over again! View 1 comment.

A page, hour novel in Cannes, this novel takes you to a very deep world of fame, money, crime and a lot of bad things that come to your imagination and are written by the author Paolo Coelho, who is creative in entering human depth. In this novel, Paolo Coelho tries to show us again where a man may come from his actions and how long he will endure the pressures and problems of life, all of them on the celebrity side, and what they might do to connect to this fame and money and the amount of concessions and scandals that might be made to reach.

The city reveals to us the writer of love, yes love that may reach the stage of the abnormal or we may say love ends with hatred and for things we believe we offer for lover or lover ,. This novel introduces us to a world that can not be new to us, but the new one is the depth and the events behind the scenes of this world of interests and crimes that may happen to people whose only dream is to reach fame, whatever the price and concessions to reach.

This novel impressed me very much in which a lot of things may benefit from it and take you to the depth of beautiful and interesting dialogues in which a lot of lessons and lessons will be used. Cerita di buku ini mengajak untuk merenungkan kekuatan mimpi-mimpi kita serta nilai-nilai yang kita gunakan untuk mengukur diri sendiri. Berbeda dengan karya Paulo Coelho yang lain "The Alchemist" yang berseting daerah gurun yang kering serta minim menyebutkan nama tokoh, di buku ini berseting tempat mewah dan glamor serta bertaburan nama-nama sehingga kadang harus membuka lagi halaman sebelumnya untuk mengingat siapa tokoh yang sedang dibicarakan.

Igor mantan militer Rusia yang pernah terjun ke Cerita di buku ini mengajak untuk merenungkan kekuatan mimpi-mimpi kita serta nilai-nilai yang kita gunakan untuk mengukur diri sendiri. Igor mantan militer Rusia yang pernah terjun ke kancah perang di Afganistan, setelah perang usai dan Rusia telah terbuka Igor menjadi pengusaha telekomunikasi yang kaya raya.

Kesibukan sebagai pengusaha dan sifat yang misterius membuat kehidupan rumah tangganya kacau sehingga dia ditinggalkan oleh Ewa istri yang sangat dicintainya. Ewa pergi dan menikah dengan seorang designer kenamaan bernama Hamid Hussein yang juga sangat mencintainya.

Cerita berlanjut ke Cannes Perancis karena Igor tahu bahwa Ewa dan suaminya akan pergi ke sana. Igor ingin memberikan 'pesan' kepada Ewa dan berharap Ewa menyadarinya bahwa dia masih 'ada' dan berharap Ewa kembali kepadanya. Berlatar belakang Festifal Film Cannes ini lah cerita petualangan berlangsung.

Di sini berkumpul orang-orang terkenal, sukses dan kaya raya dengan berbagai alasan dan bermacam tujuan, dari yang baru melangkah ingin menjadi bintang, yang sedang terkenal maupun yang sudah mulai meredup tapi tenyata kesuksesan dan keterkenalan mereka berbanding terbalik dengan kehidupan pribadi yang penuh persaingan, kelicikan, kekhawatiran dan kesepian yang menimbulkan kebahagiaan semu.

Kemudian terjadi serangkaian pembunuhan yang ditengarai sebagai pembunuhan berantai. Hebatnya beberapa pembunuhan dari awal sampai akhir cerita hanya berlangsung dalam waktu 24 jam. Membaca cerita ini mengingatkan pada cerita Sidney Sheldon atau Agatha Christie, yang agak berbeda di sini kita sudah dikenalkan dengan pembunuhnya dan mengikuti proses pembunuhan sejak awal dari sisi pelaku, polisi lah harus menebak siapa pembunuhnya.

Apakah pembunuhnya tertangkap atau siapakah yang bertahan; siapakah pemenangnya yang pasti siapapun pemenangnya dia berdiri sendirian, kesepian, kebingungan. Sebenarnya tidak ada yang namanya 'satu-satunya kesempatan', kehidupan selalu memberimu kesempatan lain Jan 12, Ivana S. Too condescending. I don't mind being reminded of real values of life and superficiality of modern world, but a whole book about it is a bit too much for me. Too many characters and none of them made me care, not even slightly enough to be concerned if they get to live or die at the end.

The whole story made my eyes roll on too many occasions. Descriptions were boring and long, dialogues artificial and the whole thing felt wrong.

I hated the ''tone'' of writing - it sounded as if the readers are Too condescending. I hated the ''tone'' of writing - it sounded as if the readers are too oblivious and stupid to see the world for themselves, and as if we all need to be told about life from a person who considers himself superior.

It would be so much better if more space was used for actual plot, and less for tirades about everything that is wrong with the modern world. It is ok to see the world as it is and be able to distinguish true values from fake glamour, but cca pages of tirades about it is not something I find amusing or interesting.

Aug 27, Wordsmith rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: People reading the tree of Paulo Coelho. This is a later read from Paulo Coelho, which honestly, after reading three of his earlier works, back to back, I chose this one from the stack, based solely on the cover, breaking my decision to read them in perfect order.

This is a different Paulo Coelho from the mystical, wandering about the hills or the deserts in natures beauty, seeking and finally finding a way, the way, to seek and find your own way through the maze of your own spiritual journey. In "The Winner Stands Alone" Coelho takes a This is a later read from Paulo Coelho, which honestly, after reading three of his earlier works, back to back, I chose this one from the stack, based solely on the cover, breaking my decision to read them in perfect order.

In this one there are celebrities, wannabes, men, lost—souled men, they are nothing but greedy. Greedy for women, being number one, and of course, greedy for money.

Isn't it always about the money? The desire for it, that need for more, more, more, that greed will make a person do the most unlikely things, sometimes atrocious things, especially when a person has lost their way in the world. Lost their heart, when everything is meaningless except the next buck, the next award, the next conquest, well, it does make their journey a different one than Santiago's, that's for sure.

This is a thing I like about all his books, in the back are all these extra treats to read. Here is one thing he had to say about "The Winner Stands Alone. What is the ultimate message you would like this book to deliver and is there a definite moral of the story?

Paulo Coelho: I beg to differ: On the contrary, it is about the gigantic price we pay for allowing ourselves to chase illusions, instead of our true dreams. I don't think it's a moralistic book—even though I describe it without concessions as a "dream factory"—but I do hope the reader will be able to see it as a warning rather than a manifesto. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Oh my, does he try to adapt some of Sidney Sheldon? Well, he failed.

I hate this book from the first chapter I read it.

But I continue read it with some faith that Paulo will surprised me. Yea, Paulo did I hate this book more after I finished it. This book is totally cynical. About green program, fashion, movies, human, and oh, I don't know, the whole universe?

What does it want? This is no romance book, detective book, psychological, nor religion. Sounds like a whole book about complains.

Igor Oh my, does he try to adapt some of Sidney Sheldon? Igor killing people to let Ewa know that he's ready to accept her back? Now, where's the logic for that? I read the book few times so I can find the thread between killing people and Igor's forgiveness for Ewa.

I can't. In the end, Igor decided that Ewa doesn't deserve his forgiveness. So Igor keep killing Perhaps in the end the writer realized that the reason behind Igor's killing is not good enough. So, he changes it. The writer, at first, wanted to put some unusual reason for Igor's killing but then ended confused. It will be more acceptable if Igor kill for a very 'ordinary' reason: Oh well I'm very disappointed perhaps because I usually like Paulo's piece. Though I don't always like the stories or agree with the book, I always found something valuable I learn.

Still hope will find those in Paulo's other books. May 12, Dana rated it liked it. I list Paulo Coelho as one of my favorite authors, and I love a number of his books. While I liked this one, it definitely wasn't my favorite. That being said, I also think a lot of people just won't get it.

Igor is a powerful Russian entrepreneur who goes to the festival to get back his wife Ewa, who left him.

Paulo Coelho. Emanuele Scorcelletti / GAMMA The. Winner stands Alone

He is trying to catch her attention by destroying worlds. We follow a variety I list Paulo Coelho as one of my favorite authors, and I love a number of his books. We follow a variety of characters: Igor, a notorious film distributer, an aspiring actress, model on the rise, and an unknown film director. Igor believes that his mission is one that must be carried out at any cost. I won't say a whole lot more about the plot, as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who would like to read this book. I do think that Coelho paints an interesting picture of this world of excess.

No one is happy in this novel, regardless of how famous they are or how much money they have. He illustrated the fleeting quality of life and I believe, tries to acknowledge what really should matter--not money and fame, but love and people. I think I'll read this book again in a few months and try to think about it more. While I did like it, I don't know if many people will.

The vast majority of society clings to the idea that if we just had a little more money, or were famous, or more beautiful, then everything would be all right. Not so, says Coelho and while I believe this is an important message, I'm not sure that the world is ready to hear it, nor am I really sure that is what he intended, it's just my own interpretation.

At any rate, I would definitely recommend this book. It was a good read, and was structured in an interesting way. As a writer, I really appreciated the structure and his interesting points of view.

It definitely read quickly, but like I said, I think I will read it again to delve into the deeper meaning. Readers Also Enjoyed. About Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho. Before dedicating his life completely to literature, he worked as theatre director and actor, lyricist and journalist. Slow initial sales convinced his first publisher to drop the novel, but it went on to become one of the best selling Brazilian books of all time. The old diseases have not yet been brought under control.

But is this a portrait of the world I live in? Of course not. When I decided to take a snapshot of my own times, I wrote this book.

The subject matter may be different, but the style is the same: direct, without being superficial. Besides, in my most recent books, I ve dealt with war and prostitution, and have moved away from the purely spiritual matters I wrote about at the beginning of my career. I want to be like any other writer and reflect the times I live in. But why talk about the world of celebrities, fashion and glamour? I've spent quite a lot of time in that world, and it always leaves me with an uneasy feeling.

I'm more used to it now, but I still feel curious to know how things really work.

The research I did was an attempt to explain those mechanisms, and so I chose as my main characters people who are full of dreams and who are doing all they can to make those dreams reality, but are going about it in entirely the wrong way.

However materialistic their goals may seem, they are motivated by something that transcends the material world. I want readers to know that the people they imagine to be all-powerful superstars are, in fact, mere cogs in a machine manipulated by the few. You yourself are a winner. Do you stand alone?

People think of a winner as someone who is loved by everyone. But as you climb the steps of fame, there s always another side to that. People may be fascinated by you, but on the other hand, those who haven t been as successful are bound to view you with a certain bitterness.

That s where the loneliness comes in. I think I m a winner of a different sort. I do go to lots of events and parties, and I m sure that I m viewed by people with fascination and envy in about equal parts, but I have other commitments beyond my life as a writer. I m a United Nations Messenger of Peace; I travel all over the world and meet all kinds of people of different nationalities and social classes.

In fact that provides the raw material for my work. I have my wife as well as many friends. I m alone when I make decisions, but never physically or emotionally alone. A winner can be alone or not, depending on the kind of life he chooses. The show pays tribute to a cross-border phenomenon in the history of world literature. On looking into Paulo Coelho s life, Morais discovered someone whose story had such potency, drama and human interest that he concluded that even if Paulo had never written or sold a single book, his life would make a tremendous novel.

The Magician is the electrifying life of a popstar who is courted by princes, sheikhs, queens and presidents. A story that not even the most creative of screenwriters could have dreamed up. I don t know what my reaction will be when I read what s in this biography, but in the chapel right in front of me now are written the words: 'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free'.

Paulo made an ethical decision to give free access to the darkest corners of his life. It is perhaps this blend of mysticism and astonishing candour as regards his past that explains why Paulo Coelho despite all his detractors is revered throughout the world as someone very special. However, none of those experiences prepared him for what happened at the beginning of , when he was handed the key to an enormous black chest almost the size of a wardrobe and disguised as a television stand in the maid s room of a magnificent penthouse apartment in Copacabana.

The owner of the chest, author Paulo Coelho, handed over more than the key; for he gave the journalist permission to use the contents of that chest as he wished.

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