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How is your prayer experience affected by the posture you assume? Respond to the following: Never underestimate the place of prayer. I pray when I jog. When you want to draw near to the heart of God.

If you feel like you are not growing towards a more mature place in your prayer life. Share with your homegroup your own habits of prayer and how they came to be. Specifically what does Elijah ask for? In SBCC. Pray that you will learn to pray.

Our Tuesday morning prayer gathering has. The purpose of prayer is to make clear to all the participants in this war that the victory belongs to the Lord.

Extraordinary prayers are prayers that go beyond our ordinary and very necessary prayers. Ordinary prayers are those prayers we offer to God for health. Extraordinary prayers are those prayers we offer to God asking for renewal and revival. Hopefully our homegroups spend time. This is why God has ordained prayer to have such a crucial place in the mission of the church.

Notice what Olley calls praying with the ears of faith. John Piper rightly sees prayer as central to the mission of the church. Elijah Prayed Expectantly Re-read verses His bent position suggests intense prayer as he looks eagerly for a sign of rain. In Prayer proves the supremacy of God…. These are prayers that center in on God. What might help you pray more extraordinary prayers?

Pray with and for one another about praying. Soon comes a torrential downpour. Seven times he sends his servant before the smallest glimmer of a sign of rain.

Periodically throughout the year we have whole days of extraordinary prayer. The Supremacy of God in Missions. Then he prayed again.

Consider the words of Acts 4: Consider repeating 1 Kings Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church. Pray for friends and family to meet the one true God. Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. And if he has committed sins. Elijah lived and prayed expectantly. The words of James. And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise. Spend time practicing praying together as Elijah prayed. Confess your own idols. Flesh out this statement by proclaiming who God is in various ways.

Elijah was a man with a nature like ours. We should. The Lord. Pray revival for the physically and spiritually impoverished places where our missionaries serve. Think about this prophet of God. We find this towering figure in both the Old Testament and the New Testament has.

He goes to Zarephath and is used by God in the miracle of feeding a widow and her son and in raising the son from death to life After all of the above.

Elijah confronts Ahab as the problem king of Israel Chapter 19 shows us the other side of this prophet. After Yahweh sends rain. Elijah was taking the posture of a servant or a slave. We might think of this as an example of athletic prowess. Think of all he has done. He offered the proper sacrifice. What follows is a composite list and paraphrase of what these and other commentators suggest. His warm-up was an mile run to Jezreel. As a pastor. What kind of spiritual mood swings do you experience?

How does the following list help you understand your own bouts of depression? Elijah has been in the business of prophet for over three years without a break. What stands out as you read?

Who are the main characters in this chapter? What is confusing? What is comforting? Then another mile run to Beersheba. This is about a six day journey! We will cover this section over the next two studies. Here we find an extreme mood swing in Elijah. Elijah is depressed and the causes must be many.

Lloyd-Jones noticed that some people who came to him for counsel were simply tired. He asks Yahweh that he might die. Elijah goes one day farther into the wilderness from Beersheba and finds himself under a broom tree. Consider these and reflect on your own life. Its Causes and Cures. Remember this is the prophet who had just called down fire from heaven and who had slain the prophets of Baal.

Various commentators. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The former medical doctor wrote about the physical and spiritual components of depression. Recently he has turned into an ultra-marathon runner. Now we find him sinking into a deep depression.

Another frequent cause of spiritual depression is what we may describe as a reaction—a reaction after great blessing. What has been your experience of fatigue and spiritual depression. A juniper tree deep in the wilderness has room for only one underneath it. Beneath the barren branches of discouragement and loneliness there is little shade.

You will break the bow if you keep it always bent. Notice Elijah is alone by the time he gets to the broom tree. God sent fire from heaven and then sent a flood after a three-year drought! His was the ultimate post-revival slump. Discouraged people are lonely people. Elijah has been bent for too long. You cannot isolate the spiritual from the physical for we are body. How has this affected how you are spiritually? A Swing From Greatness: Elijah just witnessed one of the most dramatic acts in history.

The greatest and best Christians when they are physically weak are more prone to an attack of spiritual depression than at any other time…1 A Greek proverb states. Swindoll writes. Into this group.

What was this like? Unfilled Expectations: Elijah went to Jezreel. Or after a deep time of devotion and renewed commitment to the Lord? Or possibly after being part of leading or helping with a ministry.

Instead the prophet finds himself running the distance race of his life. What thoughts do you have on your own pride with regard to your Christian growth? Now Ahab. How do your fears play into your Christian life? Notice the second half of 1 Kings After what God did on Mount Carmel.

Elijah was. Elijah seems to be infected with the pride that haunts us all—the notion that we are somehow special and have risen above the crowd.

He is still running for his life when he sits under the broom tree. You have to take yourself in hand. Who God is. You must say to your soul: You must turn on yourself.

How can you preach the gospel to yourself? How has this been helpful? Which of these six potential causes are you most prone toward? Which of these is most likely to sink you into something of a spiritual depression? Share with one another in your homegroup and pray for one another. And then you must go on to remind yourself of God. Do you realize what this means?

I suggest that the main trouble in this whole matter of spiritual depression in a sense is this. What gifts does God give his prophet to revive his spirit? How have you experienced these gifts in your own life? Before concluding this study we need to ponder one more quotation from Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Praise Him for the Scriptures that show us that even His most Spirit-filled servants experience fear. Share these with your homegroup and pray them for one another. You may want to put them on a separate piece of paper. Consider holding before Him the discouragement of others. Ask Him to give you real food to eat. He is sitting in the dark. Recall the geographical distances we saw in our last study. Is it a sincere question? A gentle question? A harsh question?

Have you ever sensed God asking you a similar question? What was his intonation with you? Spiritual depression is hard to shake.

Is it surprising to find that this great man of God was still depressed? Getting over it takes more than a pastor saying. What stands out as you read this passage for the second or third time? Where is here?

Elijah is. Or we might be tempted to think that those who are spiritually mature could and would conquer depression in short order. Charles Swindoll. Philip Ryken. The example and experience of Elijah tells us this is not the case. It is not a twentyfour hour virus. Elijah was asking for special treatment. Self-righteousness feeds spiritual depression by making claims on God that will only add to our bitterness when he fails to meet our outrageous demands.

Apparently Elijah thought that God owed him something for his service. By mentioning his zeal to the Lord. It has been forty days since the angel of the Lord appeared to this prophet See verse 18 along with Where were you when God asked Where are you? How did God respond? What was his answer? If appropriate. He thought he deserved better. Sometimes we are tempted to have the same attitude.

Respond to the following. Elijah was living in a cave when God asked him this question. God invites Elijah out of his dark place and then all sorts of things happen.

What does Elijah do when told to get up and leave his cave? God is revealed not only in the fire and earthquakes but in his word. God speaks with a still small voice. The rendering of verse 12 in the King James Version is virtually immortal. Yahweh is the God who speaks.

Make a list of all that happens in verses How can we help friends who are struggling to hear? In what ways does God whisper to you? What can we do if we find ourselves. Go out and stand before the Lord. How should these instructions to Elijah have been an encouragement to the prophet? Elijah comes out and finds a friendship with a like-minded and similarly-gifted person.

God provided the fellowship of his successor Elisha. He will anoint both the next Syrian king and the next king of Israel.


He has designed us to live in friendship and fellowship and community with others. God has not designed us to live like hermits in a cave. Compare the words of Jesus in Matthew God gives him a friend. Then Elijah passed by him and threw his mantle on him. Elijah is passing the mantle. He will also anoint Elisha. We see the fulfillment of these things in 2 Kings 8: What have I done to prevent you?

Go back. By no means! For I myself am an Israelite. Then we read. I will follow you. The seven thousand faithful people in Israel were proof to Paul that God does not abandon his promise to keep and preserve a people for himself. By alluding to Elisha. In Luke 9: Do you not know what the Scripture says of Elijah. Jesus clearly reminds us of Elisha. Hundreds of years after the events of 1 Kings Read the following and rejoice.

Elijah says. But if it is by grace. God has not rejected his people whom he foreknew. If we love Jesus we are a part of this promise! I ask. Jesus said to him. Romans The statement is far from clear. Elijah passes the mantle to Elisha. Go back for what I have done for you. Pray that just as Elijah was to appoint a successor.

Break the silence. Lift up the names of others in the body of Christ who need refreshment from the Lord. As you do so. Spend some time being still. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Come to me. The greed of this evil king leads to his final demise. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption. Here we will find Ahab and his wicked wife Jezebel sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind.

Naboth Ahab Jezebel Two worthless men. Here we meet a man named Naboth who lives in Jezreel and owns a vineyard. Do not be deceived: God is not mocked. The Apostle Paul refers to this principle in his letter to the Galatian church. God will not be mocked. The story begins abruptly in verse 1.

Read the 29 verses of this chapter. King Ahab. Galatians 6: The key players in this story are Naboth himself. What do we learn about King Ahab in verse 4? What kind of king is he? Think of a time when you had a similar reaction to a blocked goal.

Ahab sulks on his bed. What was your reaction like? Since the land came to Israel as the result of the redemptive act of God, the land itself belonged to God, and provision always had to be made for the redemption of the land so that it returned to the ownership of the original family Leviticus Dillard, p. What do we learn about Naboth as he answers the King in verse 3? Meyer sets the scene wonderfully for these verses:.

What has taken place? Has disaster befallen the royal arms? Have the priests of Baal been again massacred? Is his royal consort dead?

No; the soldiers are still flushed with their recent victories over Syria. The worship of Baal has quite recovered after the terrible disaster of Carmel; Jezebel—resolute, crafty, cruel, and beautiful— is now standing by his side, anxiously seeking the cause of this sadness. Meyer, p. What went wrong here? If you are married, think of some ways you could be an un-Jezebel to your husband or wife.

Share this with your spouse, and with your homegroup if appropriate. Pray for the married couples in your group. How do you think Jezebel justified her actions in her own mind? Think through verses This story shows us the awful consequences of coveting what is not ours. Here the wealthy king of Israel wants another vegetable garden close to his home and his covetousness leads to murder. Read Exodus Why might someone say that coveting is the most dangerous of all sins? How can we help one anther in the church to stay away from breaking the tenth commandment?

Who could help you curtail covetousness as it occurs in your life, and how would they do that? What would be your part in this? God is a revealer of secrets Daniel 2: He sent Elijah to meet Ahab at the scene of the crime. Look up the above verses along with a few more. How do these verses speak to you personally? How should they inform the way you live? Romans 2: The Hebrew word used conveys the idea of habitual.

But Ahab humbles himself and repents and lives. Discuss this as a homegroup. When the author tells us Ahab sinned as the Amorites had done. It was because of the sins of the Amorites that God gave the land to his people in the first place see Genesis What are some examples of people in our time and place who have sold themselves to do evil?

What do we learn of the character of God from this paragraph. What would you say to a friend who has been faithful and suffered for his or her faithfulness? Depending on your experience of studying the Bible. Naboth is faithful and is murdered. Compare Ezekiel Ahab is unfaithful. Ahab married Jezebel. How should we find ourselves in this story? By the end of this chapter we might be scratching our heads. Consider things like abuse of children in churches. Repent of ways that the church has participated in these things.

Pray for the unity of the Spirit in the churches of our area. You kill and covet. Pray that those who sin in these areas would repent even as Ahab did. Consider its outcome in James 4: What causes fights and quarrels among you? Pray that He would expose sin and clean up His church. Ask Him to consider it and to take it in hand Psalm See 1 Kings It is foolish. King Ahab has died and his son. But we do know that his instinct in times of trouble was to turn to the Baal gods rather than to Yahweh.

Human beings seek relief from the chaos and the vagaries of life. What features of the story stand out to you as you read? Sin is not simply rebellion. What are your instincts in times of trouble? What messengers and voices have spoken into your life that shape your first response to trouble?

Consider the setting of this chapter.


They will turn in almost any direction and pursue any religious cult or philosophical movement that promises to relieve the terror of the unknown. His mother is Jezebel and his father King Ahab! The God of the Bible will not tolerate hubris. Cheap grace is the grace we bestow on ourselves. Human pride and pretentiousness draw an unremitting response of judgment and anger from God..

What does this teach us about both sin and about God? Deuteronomy 4: Deitrich Bonhoeffer. How has sin compelled you to stupidity? Respond to the following summary statement from Raymond Dillard. Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance. Cheap grace is grace without discipleship. Invite God to transform your heart and mind to desire to love and obey him. His power displayed in consuming the first two groups of 50 men.

Ponder too. Let us be careful not to approach Him too casually. Revere God as holy. Acknowledge Him as the only one who forgives our sins and heals our diseases Psalm Confess your sin.

We have heard his confrontations with King Ahab. We felt the heat of the fire that fell on Mount Carmel. Now he is an old man with a young friend. The chapter can be divided into several paragraphs: Jot down any thoughts and questions this passage brings to mind. We have seen him being refined and deepened in Zarephath as he cared for a widow and her son. It is time to pass the baton of prophetic leadership. Before going on in this study. Elijah is a man just like us…. We have seen him cower in a cave and ask that his life be taken from him.

We have gone with Elijah to Cherith and endured the drought. As Charles Swindoll writes. He sticks to his mentor and spiritual father like glue.

Heroic almost beyond belief. For them physical dissolution is but the body being put to sleep: But we also have a vague picture of our own glorious future.

Here we find Elisha embracing the difficult life of prophetic leadership to which he had been called. He is ready to face whatever is involved as Elijah is taken from him vv. In the translation of Elijah we have both a pledge and a type of the supernatural exit from this world which every child of God experiences….

The decision to continue is always his vv. Elijah seems to want to get away from his younger friend and Elisha will have nothing of it. Death as the wages of sin has been abolished for the redeemed. Elisha says. Elisha was chosen by Yahweh to succeed Elijah see 1 Kings I will not leave you… vv. Is Elijah.

As the Lord lives. Notice the thrice repeated conversation in these verses. But now he was going to top them all: He was going to dodge death. As we just saw above. Each of us needs a Paul.

They bring us strength. And they are a rare breed indeed! Think of it. What help do they give to your Christian journey?

Livro nisto cremos pdf

But think of the other side. I could not have gone on! As I look back. What might be the value of doing so?

As we have seen. Each of us needs a man or a woman in our life who serves as our mentor. But in a secondary sense. If you do not have a mentor. Perhaps each of us needs an Elisha. This is not only because of what we can do for him or her. It is Jesus whom we follow and Jesus whom we refuse to let go. Do you have such a person? Describe how this Elijah. Elijah is the mentor. Jesus is our true Elijah. They are those who are there for us.

The New Testament teaches that every believer is called into ministry and service Ephesians 4: Look over Romans Blessed should we be if we were as eager after the Spirit of God.

A broad. Are you eager to serve God in fresh and demanding ways. If not. Paul speaks at length of the call for every believer to use his or her spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Body of Christ. Do you have a sense of your calling as a believer? How has God called you to serve the body of Christ? Have you asked God to equip you for your calling?

What would it mean to ask this of God? How would you know if you received this equipping? With the above questions in mind. This is not to imply Elisha wants to be two times as impressive as Elijah1. Oh for this spiritual hunger.

Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual 19th Edition

Men of the world hunger for name. Elisha is asking only that he be equipped for his mission and calling. Rather he is asking for the inheritance of a first-born son. In Romans Gilgal is the place of promise. Bethel v. Think of some places. It begins in Gilgal 2: Read 2 Kings 2: Elijah rolls up his cloak and strikes the water. Beth-el means house of God. What is the next geographical marker in these verses?

It is the Jordan River. This re-crossing of the Jordan is loaded with significance. Pray for those in your group who may not have a sense of how God is calling them. It was in Jericho that the people of Israel saw that Yahweh could and would deliver the Canaanites into their hands.

At this instant. Bethel was a place of promise and anticipation. What other Old Testament story does this bring to mind? Explain how you felt and feel called to serve God? Pray for one another in these areas. Geographical Significance Notice the geography of this passage. Was there a place of promise? A place of intense prayer? Was there a Jericho or a Jordan in your Christian journey? Describe these for your group. Prince Sea and Judge River were his enemies.

In the Old Testament. Pray for new elders and new preachers. Now Elijah crosses the Jordan to enter heaven itself. In ancient Canaan. Pray for them and for others who face similar major life transitions. Pray for grace in these transitions. May we live as Elijah did. Consider those in our body who face the departure of loved ones. They threatened to destroy him if he could not successfully overcome them. Consider ministries like the Palestinian Bible Society.

As we have seen so many times in this brief study of the Gospel According to Elijah. Praise the God who ordains all the days of our lives Psalm The wind and the waves would obey him. Pray for children and youth. Dillard explains this scene of crossing the Jordan. Pray for the next generation in the places our missionaries serve. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Workbook1ver2 Pc's Conflicted Copy Jump to Page. Search inside document. Swindoll, Elijah: How do you view your property, material possessions, and money?

Meyer sets the scene wonderfully for these verses: Documents Similar To ElijahFinal. Haney Presbyterian Church. Grace Church Modesto. Nkor Ioka.