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Block 1: Elementary Education in India: A Retrospective ( KB) PDF File Opens in a new window · Block 2: Elementary Education in India in the Cotemporary. आप अपने android mobile से ही deled course books download कर सकते है। NIOS pdf books hindi, english, assamese, bengali, gujarati, kannad. Course Material: - Secondary Courses - Sr. Secondary Courses - Vocational Courses - Open Basic Education - Diploma in Elementary Education (

As examinations are near and as a teacher you wont be able to get enough time to prepare for upcoming examinations and it's not convenient to read whole book of NIOS PDPET Bridge Course, so are here providing you the PDPET Bridge course solved sample papers and important questions and answers e-book study material for course , , and which will be very helpful in quick and easy preparation of examination. The 4th semester exam will be held probably in the month of March-April, So we need to start preparing ourselves for course exam from now and today we will provide you some very important questions and answers e-book, Sample papers and some other selected questions by a group a experienced teachers. Solved E-books will be provided one by one for the convenience of teachers and as per the demand. All books are will be in PDF format. We request you to study these units very attentively to do well in exam. So you need to prepare ourselves in very short time for the Exam. Till than we request you to study these solved important question answers e-book pdf so that it would be easy to learn question answers after reading the units attentively. Contents: Unit wise important questions with detailed answers for all blocks Features: - 1. Long answer type questions 2.

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The problem of poverty is a problem that stood out to me the most. Conflict theorist, functionalist and symbolic interactionist all have different perspectives. This is something many unfortunate people deal with. While some may fall from the top, others had the misfortune of being born into it. I feel as though poverty is not a problem in the neighborhood I live in but I am very familiar with it.

It makes me ask myself where their families and friends are, or what tragic event happen to put them in that circumstance. For instance, when the coach of the football team wanted Michael to attend the school everyone else disagreed. A functionalist perspective is completely different. A functionalist might argue that poverty is around because if everyone was wealthy then we would have a shortage of the necessities.

This was written 18 years ago, and it still holds a profound influence on thinkers, industrialist, and the academic community. Specifically, the risk which Beck delved on is the risk of globalization.

He argued that as civilization moves towards greater globalization, the risk is inherent p. Risk in the modern world is basically brought by technological changes p. Beck argued that the risk society is not limited to natural risks such as risks of the environment and health-related risks. It involves a whole new set of interlinked social changes, such as global migration, ever-changing patterns of employment, higher job insecurity, loss of traditional values and local culture, loss of traditional family customs, and individualized personal relations p.

A striking characteristic of the risk society is that these changes are not confined to one geographic location Caplan, Due to globalization, risks are intertwined and goes beyond social classes.

Risks and consequences are now global in nature, so to speak. It entailed the loss of lives, not just of the Americans but of all the nationalities of the world since they were based in a global center that is New York.

The World Trade Center was a melting pot, and the loss of lives was grieved upon by almost all nations of the world. It created a sense of global citizenship, and at the same time, this tragedy created a sense of insecurity on a global scale. People, on their own, undergo a process of becoming themselves. Another major feature of this theory of modernity is the focus on the individual and not the whole society. They are freed of any structural constraints, and they are able to instinctively create their own selves and the environment where they live p.

People usually go on their own; they can work at home or choose to work in offices. In such practices, individuals learn to be more decisive, without being conservative or traditional.

Beck reiterated that the new modernity is very different with the old modernity that the industrial world has talked about. This modernity is far from the industrialization kind of modernity. In this risk society, changes are not brought about by industrialism p. Individuals initiate their own social and institutional ties. Individuals maintain their connections and it provides them with their own support systems p.

Hence, the sociologist emphasized that risk society is a major break-away from the industrial society, where changes seemed to be uniform according to the industrialization process or the economic level a certain society is in.

As already mentioned, a striking feature of the risk society is that it is not limited by time and space. Hence, the risks are not confined to one place or to a certain time. For instance, a volcanic eruption in Indonesia could mean a pollution problem in other parts of Asia at some point in time. This could also mean that an airplane crash in London could affect the other parts of the world.

The distinction of the affected individuals or groups is not also defined by class p. A major contention is the feature which stresses the individualization and the transformation process of an individual in a global world. The authors believe that climate change, as a whole, does not equally threaten individuals or nations p. They reason that wealthy people or rich nations always have a major line of defense when climate change transpires.

Another criticism is the deep association of the risk of natural disasters and accidents. As the authors pointed out, even industrialized nations are beset by the concerns of major flooding, hurricanes, among others p. Modern societies are also alarmed with industrial accidents such as the Chernobyl nuclear accident, Sandoz, and Bhopal, among others p.

They cite that rich European nations like Bavaria and Germany will implement effective measures to curb the risks and dangers linked with climate change.

In fact, they argue that these nations have already conceived how they will technically prepare for reduced waterfall, food shortages, snowmelt, among others. This is not the actual case for poor and developing countries. They would be hardly hit by the impacts of climate change. In this regard, one of the major criticisms of the risk society is its concentration on the individual. However, in terms of these hazards, the risk is collectively manifested and experienced.

Hence, my own position is that Beck has a small grasp of the politics of this individualization versus the collective approaches as intertwined in the process of globalization. Hence, even in the process of forming his new social values and new lifestyles, men generally conceive and value of the same things. They fear the same things; they can let go of the following things, etc. In a greater sense, the contemporary society is still a group of people with inherent aspirations and beliefs.

People now aspire of the same material comforts, technological devices, and experiences like traveling to Europe, etc.

This leads us to conclude that the most modernized society becomes, the more it manifests capitalism and other politically and economically linked concepts. While Beck and other sociologists may think that individuals of the modern world actually enjoy more freedom to act on their own, they miss the point that they are in the greater realms of globalization.

Global capitalism, for example, affects the global environment and this risk is shared by the world. They will be the main actors to decide and act on these environmental issues and problems.

Yet, the impacts and effects of this phenomenon do not rest on the individuals and the modern society. The ethics of mitigating this risk lie with the commercial entities of the globalized world and not on the people, even while they now consider themselves as global citizens.

Certainly, the modern world is beset by ecological imbalances. This cannot be compromised, and this is not unified under capitalism Magnoff, p.

Capitalists are greedy and hence, they do not accept harmony at the expense of equal sharing of resources.

NIOS D.EL.ED Study Material Syllabus Book All Language

If thrown back to the issue of climate change or natural hazards, it is quite true that a rich nation will have a sophisticated and stable approach to risk mitigation while poor nations will be left on the sidelines. The truth is, capitalism will not be deterred by environmental insecurities.

While capitalists implement ecological stewardship, this will not lessen their greed p. In this section you'll find lots of advice and worksheets to encourage your child to write their own stories, which will help them consolidate their literacy learning by putting their phonics, grammar and reading skills into practice. You'll also find out how reading and writing are assessed, what reading schemes are and how to foster a love of reading that will last your child a lifetime. Children are encouraged to read and write a range of genres in their time at primary school.

Each year they will focus on various narrative, non-fiction and poetry units; we explain how story-writing lessons help develop their story structure, grammar and punctuation skills.

Encouraging children to write a story of their very own can give them an enormous confidence boost, as well as help them consolidate their literacy learning by putting their phonics, grammar and reading skills into practice.

Of the Best Reading and Writing Lesson Plans for KS3 English The Fight - A planning sheet resource uses a fight between a spider and a mantis as the stimulus to cover a range of slow writing opportunities.

Guru Nios:Downloadpdf

You can use a series of images or a short video as the stimulus for a modelled or shared writing session, where you prepare the writing prompts, then ask the class to think of examples. Nature programmes provide short, dramatic clips that can give your pupils effective stimulus material to practise slow writing strategies. Images from wild life programmes can be very effective as starting points for descriptive writing and character development. For example, the BBC clip Sengi racetrack elephant shrew lives life in the fast lane.

Slow motion is used very effectively to create drama. In this clip from the BBC, called Drip drip drip, we are transfixed by the fate of a rodent stuck in a rainstorm. Use this clip with your pupils to explore the effectiveness of slowing things down.

Then, ask your pupils to write up the clip, in pairs, using the slow writing tool. Ask your pupils to watch the clips with or without audio. You could assign different characters to different pupils.

For example, in this clip called Meals on wheels, ask your pupils to take on the role of the cat, the owl, the insect, the agouti and the marmoset, who watches it all. This clip called David and Goliath shows a battle between a rhinoceros beetle and a crow. Try a similar approach with this clip called the Chipmunk duel. Super-strong magnetic force creates a quick connect for fast, simple and powerful 3D modeling. Colorful translucent plastics and unique shapes help teach geometry, math, science and engineering through two- or three dimensional construction.

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Set includes varied sizes and shapes for countless roadway configurations! Comfortable sofa with two red vinyl reversible, interchangeable cushions. With virtual reality, you can do all of these things! Durable, hardwood veneered pieces are 5" wide and can be easily put together and taken apart like puzzle pieces. This technology can make you feel as though you are having an amazing adventure - even if you are just sitting in your living room.

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Fascinating text, vivid photos, and real-world examples bring these amazing breakthroughs to life! Built to deliver the latest audio technology to the classroom in an easy-to-use package! The solid colors create an oasis of quiet where children can gather for discussions or sharing. Buzzers help students need to learn to be assertive, teaching them to be loud and direct when they want to voice their opinion or answer a question.

The 3W amplifier and built-in speaker deliver clear sound to small groups. Language - Conversational turn taking is a difficult task to master. Students can listen to what animal is heard first to identify who has the floor to talk. Creative writing activities online The first step in learning how to write a persuasive essay is learning these fundamental rules: 1. Are you simply attempting to get someone to see things from a different vantage point?

Adapt standard essay organization to suit your audience and purpose: 1. Include the background and context to help readers understand the issue. Whether or not to include background information as part of your introductory paragraph or as a separate paragraph depends on the length of the essay. When dealing with a skeptical audience, present your proof first followed by your assertion or declaration.

Discuss why the your reasons are better than the opposing reasons. Your conclusion should include recommendations and reassert your main argument. Follow the link for a detailed explanation on how to write an effective thesis statement. When dealing with a favorable audience, present your assertion first followed by evidence 4.

If you wish to take an indirect approach, you may want to acknowledge the opposing views before presenting your argument. Knowing your audience is more crucial in persuasive writing than any other type of essay. Provide evidence, explanations, comments, logic and supporting details to support your claims.

Take an indirect approach when writing to an audience that is hostile or disagreeable to your position. Take an indirect approach when delivering bad news.

How you present the argument depends on your approach. Did I mention you need to know your audience and purpose? Strengthen your argument by acknowledging opposing views and explaining why your position is better. When learning how to write a persuasive essay, remember that how you organize your persuasive writing is just as important as what you put in it.

Take a direct approach when writing to an audience that likely agrees with your position. Use appropriate language and tone for your audience. The university's roots can be traced back to when the West Ham Technical Institute was established. As of February it had more than 17, students from countries. The college provided courses in science, engineering and art, and also established its own internal degree courses in science and engineering, which were ratified by the University of London.

The UEL's succession of founding institutions exemplify the developments that took place in British further and higher education policy throughout the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The university is a lead academic sponsor of Hackney University Technical College which opened in , one of the first university technical colleges in England. In April the university was granted armorial bearings by the College of Arms. The Centre for Clinical Education was opened in January Operating in partnership with the National Health Service, the centre is London's only provider of podiatric education.

The Docklands Campus, opened in , is the largest of the three campuses, It is in the redeveloped Docklands area of east London, at the Royal Albert Dock, closed to commercial shipping since the s and now largely used as a water sports centre and rowing course, for example for the London Regatta Centre. London City Airport is across the dock from the campus. The campus library is housed in the Royal Docks Business School building. Co-owned with Birkbeck, University of London it is situated in Stratford and delivers part-time and full-time study for adults.

The project was the first time two higher education institutions have created a new shared building. The building provides shared teaching spaces for both higher education institutions and their partners. Degree programmes and other courses are taught by one of the seven teaching Schools.

In addition, the Graduate School provides support and administrative services for postgraduate research students. The School of Business and Law RDBSL is a combined school which offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph D degree programmes, as well as non-degree executive education for individuals and companies. The School's main location is at the Stratford Campus but it also offers programmes at the Docklands Campus.

The school also offers a range of business support, enterprise development services and conferencing facilities.

Knowledge Dock helps students start their own companies by supplying help and business start-up incubators. The School of Social Sciences offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in disciplines including international development, politics and NGOs, sociology, psychosocial studies, social enterprise and innovation studies.

The Cass School of Education and Communities delivers teaching and supports research in comparative education, early childhood, diversity and language, multilingualism, professional education, race and community, social work, teacher education and technology-enhanced learning. The School of Health, Sport and Bioscience supports research and delivers teaching in nursing, health studies, physiotherapy, microbiology, biomedical science, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, forensic science, sports science, conservation and ecology.

UEL offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. In addition, extended degree programmes are available for many of the single honour programmes. In these programmes, students add a preliminary foundation year to the usual three-year programme. UEL offers a range of postgraduate degrees, including taught master's degrees, professional doctorates and research degrees including MPhils and Ph Ds.

UEL has had Olympic and Paralympic projects including research, student involvement and sporting partnerships underway since it was announced that London's bid to host the Games was successful in It exists to represent UEL students in university decision-making, to act as the voice of students in the national higher education policy debate, and to provide direct services to the student body.

It is affiliated to the National Union of Students, which represents students nationwide. Elections are held every year to elect a new executive committee. The Students' Union runs a number of clubs and societies, campaigns and entertainment.

There is also a social meeting space, on the Docklands campus and another, the Dome, on the Stratford campus There are over 50 societies at UEL. A sports centre at the Docklands campus, Sportsdock, opened in Please improve this article by removing names that do not have independent reliable sources showing they are notable AND alumni, or by incorporating the relevant publications into the body of the article through appropriate citations.

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