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This is the MySQL Tutorial from the MySQL Reference Manual. For help with using MySQL, please visit either the MySQL Forums or MySQL Mailing Lists, . Download your free copy of Creating your MySQL Database. Free PDF eBook: Android NDK Beginner's Guide. Free PDF eBook: Android Security Cookbook. Download free Course A MySQL Tutorial for beginners training, PDF file by tizag. com on 58 pages. for beginners Sample pages PDF ebook.

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Mysql Ebook For Beginners

A list of 22 new mysql ebooks you should read in , such as Coding Interview , 5. Book Cover of Ray Yao - PHP MYSQL In 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn. Learn MySQL in Plain English: A Beginner's Guide to MySQL eBook: Trevor Page: Kindle Store. MySQL: MySQL Tutorials for Beginners Basic to Advanced MySQL Languages eBook: Dennis Hutten: Kindle Store.

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Whether you want to work on the sysadmin side or the web development side this is a brilliant introduction to the world of MySQL management. It also uses a lot of diagrams to grab your attention and keep it fixed on the overall structure of relational DBs. This makes it an easy book to work through and internalize regardless of your existing background. The book is very detailed offering a clearer view inside the MySQL management setup.

I wish it was a bit more organized as a reference guide, but the index is clean enough that you can find your way around. The chapters follow a simple progression from installation to basic setup, security, adding users, adding tables, stored routines and so much more.

All you need is some time and patience to work through the lessons, all of which should be pretty simple given the clear writing style. Instead think of it like a reference guide to keep handy if you ever want to pull up some ideas or work through lessons quicker. The book spans a whopping pages with a ton of code samples and problem solving techniques. Learn how to fix problematic queries, avoid SQL injection, and how to salvage a corrupted database.

Other topics cover the differences in operating systems and how these environments can cause different problems with your MySQL install. This book is mostly geared towards professionals who already know a bit about MySQL and want a reference guide for problem solving. But it is a brilliant first step for anyone who wants to dive into database structures without having any prior knowledge.

This includes stored procedures which are encapsulated SQL queries that perform a very specific task. However I specifically recommend this book to bring yourself into a whole new level of understanding SQL code. Professional DBAs and sysadmins understand how stored procedures can drastically improve the common workflow. This data can include customer information or it can be sales pricing or inventory stock. All three major operating systems are covered including a lot of basic SQL code.

Automated backups, database security, and improving DB efficiency are all topics discussed in this book. One downside to this book is the index that seems to lack a lot of organization.

MySQL for Absolute Beginners

But this is one minor issue compared to this massive book on data management and MySQL development, great for techies and entrepreneurs alike. MySQL High Availability talks about all these subjects explaining some common tricks to improve performance. MySQL replications, clusters, and custom monitoring features are all considered. When it comes to WordPress — which is a content management system — a bevy of information needs to be stored in the database.

Blog posts, images, comments visitors leave, and so on. Basically any action through the platform that requires data storage directly relates to MySQL because that is where it is stored. These two database software platforms are a couple of the most popular, in part because they are free, but also because they are widely supported.

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Many websites and web applications make use of them. The decision may already be made for you depending on what you need the software for.


A wide variety of commercial web host providers use MySQL, too, and as a result support is often included with their hosting subscriptions. Where Should You Start? The best way to hone your skills is through practice.

We have also included resources on the list for those who already grasp the fundamentals. We also have includes the price of each. Keep in mind, the resources are not listed in any particular order. Tutorials range from basic topics all the way to more advanced stuff, such as performing functions and managing your own database.

Price: Free 2. Planet MySQL is one of those resources, with a huge database full of tips, tricks guides and more. Price: Free 3. W3Schools has a remarkably comprehensive set of tutorials for SQL. There are code examples, interactive quizzes, additional resources, and much more. If you complete the course you can take a test to receive an online certification.

PHP — The Right Way Sometimes taking certain liberties while programming can cause problems later down the line that you might not see initially. Price: Free 5.

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There is a plethora of tutorials, guides, and resources for many topics. Price: Free 6. This is a great place to visit for coders of all skill levels, so you might want to bookmark if you plan to work with SQL and MySQL for quite some time. Be sure to visit the documentation and developer zone portals.

MySQL for Absolute Beginners

Price: Free 7. Keep in mind, this resource is dated now, but you can easily move on to more current tutorials and guides after you complete this one. Price: Free 8. They also happen to have an incredibly comprehensive MySQL tutorials section.

Intermediate and expert coders can search the huge library of guides for help with more advanced functions. Beginners can learn how to install MySQL on various platforms and get started. Price: Free 9. Their MySQL tutorials will take you from the introduction stages all the way to advanced and aggregate functions.

Price: Free 1o. The other great feature is that you can download a PDF of the tutorials for offline viewing.

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Price: Free Coders of all skill levels will find something of use here. SitePoint This site is a great resource for web development or programming information of any kind. Some of the information is a bit dated now, but the fundamentals and basics are still relevant. This particular guide by Etel Sverdlov is for absolute beginners. It walks you through setup up a development environment and getting started with MySQL.

His blog serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone working with the language. LinuxJedi This blog — maintained by prominent developer Andrew Hutchings — primarily covers his experiences with Linux and related development.

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