Read "Mumbai Avengers" by S. Hussain Zaidi available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Five years after 26/11 - the siege of. Retribution for 26 / 11, five years after 26 / 11 the siege of terror in Mumbai that brought the country to its knees India still seeks justice. The terrorists who. You can download it from the following link. Mumbai Avengers by S. Hussain - Credit Courtesy: site.

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Mumbai Avengers Ebook

Mumbai Avengers book. Read 79 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Retribution for 26 / 11, five years after 26 / 11 the siege of terr. Home · Topics · Documents · Mumbai Avengers by S. Hussain Download Mumbai Avengers by S. Hussain Recommended. No recommend. easily available after their release in the market The film based on crime author Hussain Zaidi's novel 'Mumbai Avengers' is set in the aftermath of the 26/

The terrorists who planned it have disappeared into the darkness they emerged from and Mumbai seethes with fury. All the Indian government has achieved is the establishment of counter-terrorism committees. But one man will stop at nothing in his quest to avenge the dastardly act. Retired Lt Gen. Sayed Ali Waris of the Indian army masterminds a covert mission with a team of daredevil agents: a sharp policeman, a suave tech expert, a cerebral scientist and two battle-hardened army officers. They strike like lightning even as they are pursued by the Pakistani army and the ISI, combing through every land and possibility in pursuit of the deadly killers. From Sweden to Istanbul, through Dubai, Pakistan and Singapore, they annihilate the perpetrators with single-minded focus, veiling the deaths as natural ones to save the Indian government diplomatic and political embarrassment. The stakes have never been higher. This is a nifty, edge-of-your seat thriller with an intricate plot and jaw-dropping twists. As Waris and his team navigate untold dangers towards a nail-biting climax, will Mumbai finally be avenged? download the eBook.

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Mumbai Avengers by S. Hussain Zaidi

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View all 4 comments. As Rakesh Maria, former Mumbai Police Commissioner writes on the cover, the novel is Gripping, intense and keeps you on the edge. The novel is so fast paced that once started, you just cannot keep it down. Brilliantly researched, it is a rare effort by any Indian writer to write such a narrative based on one of the worst terrorist attacks on India. Great read. Mar 16, Pooja Anand rated it it was ok Shelves: A typical filmy story line.

Still I hoped Mr. Zaidi wouldn't disappoint his readers and their love for his efforts. But, alas! The mention of facts, way A typical filmy story line. The mention of facts, ways of killing the targets is definitely interesting and mentioning of facts such as about Israel or China or ISIS is good but then these facts have not been used properly. There were too much words used to hide the identity of the RAW chief for it shouldn't comeback to India, but then no words I mean no paragraph have been used to inform the reader as when his identity became a known fact to the avengers.

In one paragraph the author mentioned bradley's real name, and then I fail to understand why use fictitious names for other terrorists but not for Maulana Masood Azhar, when all them are facing trials or free functioning terrorists and cases are open in international and Indian courts. At some places grammatical errors. I didn't feel it was a book from Mr.

Zaidi as am accustomed to reading his much investigated fact books. Every dialogue, situation, the way two characters communicated, their humor, everything was filmy. I feel it is a triumph moment for Mr. Zaidi and his gang like Kabir Khan, Zaidi has been able to write and sold a story which is just a bollywood film written in a form of book.

While reading I was thinking which Indian actor would play the role of which character in the book and I have my list ready: I wanted to give only one star but then second is for the facts. View 2 comments. May 08, Qube rated it it was ok.

Having read and liked Dongri to Dubai, I picked up this book. Dongri to Dubai had a lot of content, and was published at a time when the inner workings of Mumbai's Mafia was not common knowledge. It had therefore grabbed my attention despite the writing being indifferent. In Mumbai Avengers, the writing remains as indifferent but the content is missing. Instead of good content, we have a filmy story.

The prologue and the first couple of chapters gives you a sense of what is to come. Credibility too Having read and liked Dongri to Dubai, I picked up this book.

Credibility too is a problem in the book. Take the first chapter for instance. Lacing a man's meal when the room service person is taking it to the room won't be as easy as the writer makes it out. Guess the Hussain Zaidi brand is being milked. View 1 comment.

The plot is filmy and gives the impression that even before starting to write the book, S. Hussain Zaidi had sold book's rights to be made into a movie. No regrets on reading just about an ok fictional book, but I would like to see Zaidi writing more of non fictions. First Abu Salem and now this, Mr Zaidi has really managed to keep me glued to his books so much that I can't wait to grab another one from his kitty.

Mumbai Avenger's plot is based on true events but the story has been given a fictional touch. And having said that, not even once you will feel that all the characters are fictional and nothing of this has happened or can happen in reality. High tech master plans to counter terrorism, crossing borders, creating multiple identities, exploding bombs, First Abu Salem and now this, Mr Zaidi has really managed to keep me glued to his books so much that I can't wait to grab another one from his kitty.

Mumbai Avengers by S. Hussain Zaidi.pdf

High tech master plans to counter terrorism, crossing borders, creating multiple identities, exploding bombs, finishing the enemies, this book has it all. And they succeed in doing so that too by entering the lion's den.

Read it to experience all the action that follows. Crisply written and entertaining. Go for it!!! Aug 27, Divya Sharma rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 5 comments. I was sooo excited to start this book because I've loved many previous Zaidi works. It has sensational claims and appeals to the Indian mass.

I'm not sure if this is his first forray into fiction but Zaidi's writing style is pretty dry, as usual, even in 'fiction' and lacks personality seeming like an accumulation of clinical statements and haphazardly inserts the fee I was sooo excited to start this book because I've loved many previous Zaidi works.

There are countless mistakes in editing the manuscript which irritated me while reading it. Once or twice theauthor also slips up as the original names of the people appear rather provocatively. Zaidi,obviously is armed with a heavy chunk of information about the Indian administrative machinery. His research is pretty thorough in many avenues but there are places where he hurries to just get his plot over with or move on certain gears to suit his own desires and those lack logic.

These places are pretty easy to spot and there're so many of them. The main sestet of our Mumbai Avengers is eclectic- Rtd. Gen Sayed Ali Waris, a hero of Kargil, heads this unit of Iqbal Singh Kang- a diligent sharp policeman, Brijesh Singh, a retired colonel haunted by the Kargil war, Vikrant Singh, a young daredevil quick-witted army man, Subhrata Ray, a Bengali biotechnologist and geniticist, Laila Borges, the technical expert of this team.

I particularly relished the rich background of Waris, Kang, Brijesh. Vikrant is embossed very well- a fleshed out character. Ray has his moments too. Laila is paper thin and I couldn't identify with her as a team member. This was another problem with Zaidi's writing, he fleshed out only half the charcters of the main team and even the main antagonist Afridi but never gave time to the others. Zaidi writes the pace of the plot in classic thriller mode and this is pretty exhausting in itself which leaves little time for anything else.

The sensationalist fast pace, though, starts after heavy introductions of Waris, Brijesh and Kang. Zaidi takes great pains to transport us into this terrifyling world of cyber-terrorism, espionage, the Chinese, Israeli, American and Russian intelligences, a glimpse into the gigantic web of their networks, strengths and tactics and the double standards of these various intelligence agencies.

So much is happening in every chapter that you have to pay your fullest attention to every sentence. Three-quarters of the book flies away without your notice. Then the problem starts. Because you start to realize that there are a lot of unrealistic situations - you can see through each of them.

The pace is still pretty fast but I felt a nagging feeling as all the plot twists occured.

One of the most illogical twists was view spoiler [ the unexpected last moment Good Samaritan, Chandra Prakash and his real identity. As soon as he came into the picture, it was so easy to see through it. This was obviously a trap and an intelligence team that infiltrated Pakistan on a mission to avenge the wrong done to India can't be as stupid as to trust this man. But it still happened! And all of a sudden the book loses it's momentum and hits a final blow slyly.

The thing is this felt like a vent of the anger and frustration over the 'impotence' of our government. Most of India feels wronged and that proper steps to punish the perpetrators have not been taken after such a hideous attack.

This might be a temporary 'feel-good' but it becomes harder to accept that in reality there will never be such 'Mumbai Avengers'. Applaud the research in making this feel real but could've been a lot better. Won't bother with the film Aug 06, Rahul Khatri rated it liked it Shelves: Thriller with Economical Car Pace!

After US Intrusion deep inside pakistan to assasinate Osama Bin Laden who's responsible for thousands of innocent killings , every single Indian Citizen wants same from their Government to go inside the enemy territory and avenge the death of Indians in Syed Ali Waris who is strongly in favour to avenge Mumbai to seek justice by dispatching the masterminds of to hell but as happens in India , the meet ended with politics of we-are-not-a-peaceful-nation.

But the scenario of an assassination attempt on PM Designate pull the strings in Secretary R's brain to carry out the operation of eliminating the terrorist to give a message that India can retaliate well and with that the Journey of Mumbai avenger begins extending from Karachi to Stockholm , Dubai to Istanbul and even includes 7 RCR.

The illustrious and patriotic lineage accorded Waris a meritorious position in the army and he has been tasked to carry out the covert operation with a team including a police officer , a suave tech expert , a scientist and two battle hardened army officers.

They annihilate the perpetrators with single minded focus , veiling the death as natural ones to save the Indian government from diplomatic and political embarrassment. Every assassination leaves the threads which let the avengers being pursued by ISI. No doubt the story line is the dream of every single citizen of India. With the book , author tried to patch a message to the government to carry out such surgical strike to eliminate those who are a direct threat to Nation.

The failure of the will power of government is considered as the inability to carry ant assault of Our Agencies. Author with the characters , their acts and with their sense of patriotism , shows how there are many unnamed soldiers who works in the dark to protect this nation from any ill , Soldiers who can never be medaled , True Heroes of Nation whom existence is denied by the government in case they are caught.

I bought this book with the hope to read a pacy thriller , cliffhanger one which keeps me sit on the edge but the narration shattered all the attempts.

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