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Trademarks: Wiley, the Wiley Publishing logo, For Dummies, the Dummies Man logo, A Reference for the. Rest of Us!, The Dummies Way, Dummies Daily, The. a virtual PDF printing program, such as Adobe Acrobat Writer or Acrobat Distiller. Shown in Figure 1 is an example of a project plan made using MS Project. to learn about Microsoft Project and then build your skills as you learn .. Save as PDF or XPS Create PDF or XPS-format documents directly from Project.

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Ms Project For Dummies Pdf

Project schedules aren't always easy to make. Depending on the project, you can have a schedule that's clean and straightforward, or a tangled up pile of tasks. Project , the most recent incarnation of Microsoft's popular project management software, offers a tremendous wealth of functionality. Microsoft Project gain an understanding of the main Microsoft Project screen elements. ✓ gain an understanding of how Microsoft Project works. ✓ learn how to use the Ribbon.

There are cross-platform and Web alternatives, but in this article I will focus on Microsoft Project alternatives for Linux in particular. The distinction is a bit tricky because technically Web-based alternatives can be used from Linux, too. One of the main advantages of ProjectLibre is that it has translations of the app and the docs in dozens of languages. TaskJuggler helps with project scoping, resource assignment, cost and revenue planing, risk and communication management. There is an optimizing scheduler, a resource balancer and a consistency checker that help you keep the project on track. OpenProject OpenProject is another project management app that comes with a free and a paid version. More or less this is enough for most small to large projects, but if you want more advanced features, such as custom themes and logos, Single Sign On, or dedicated support, you can consider the Enterprise or Cloud versions. Plan by Calligra Plan by Calligra is one very neat app you can use for managing fairly complex projects with multiple resources. Together with the standard features of most project management apps such as task management and resource planning, Plan has some cool features such as rescheduling including from the current state of the project and the ability to compare the rescheduled project to the original schedule. Plan also offers detailed task, resource and cost breakdown functions.

To quickly change the field in a column, doubleclick in the column header and select the new field from the Field Name list. While in the Field Name list, press the first letter of the desired field to go to that field. In the Gantt Chart Table or any table , to quickly hide a column, click on the right edge of the column header and drag it to the left until it disappears becomes a 0 width column.

To display this hidden column, place the cursor a little to the right of the column separator bar where the column used to be, click and drag to the right. You can wrap text in the Gantt Chart to display text on multiple lines if you increase the row height. To increase the row height, place the cursor between any two row numbers if the ID field is displayed in the first column and is "locked" , click and drag down to increase the row height.

Only Text fields wrap and only if the column is narrower than the text in the field. When printing Gantt Charts or other timescaled charts you can adjust the width of the timescale to fit the page without changing the timescale units. The latter step is useful when a chart is just a little too wide to fit on a page. To select two or more non-adjacent tasks, click on a task in the table area , hold down the Ctrl Key and click on another task in the chart.

Continue holding the Ctrl key to select other tasks.

MS Project Tutorial in PDF

This is especially useful for linking or unlinking tasks that are not on consecutive rows. To change information for a number of tasks at once, highlight the desired tasks select non-adjacent tasks using the method described above and select the Task Information button.

Enter the common information in one of the fields displayed in the "Multiple Task Information" dialog box. To remove a date constraint from a task, select the task or multiple tasks and select the Task Information button.

MS Project Interview Questions

This removes any date constraint in the task and allows it to be scheduled based on the dependencies rather than a date entered perhaps accidentally by a user.

If a task does not move reschedule based on a dependency, it may contain a "fixed" date of some kind. Use the Tasks with Fixed Dates Filter to view only those tasks in a plan that contain fixed dates. You can then determine if these tasks should have these types of fixed dates.

This symbol indicates a constraint has been set. If 3 days was reduced to 2 days then local UAT could start earlier. Read more on MS Project Constraints. Project headed straight down Below we have a lot of similar tasks scheduled to happen at the same time.

Microsoft Project 2010 For Dummies

What I call project headed straight down. This could indicate a high risk approach to delivery, implemented to meet timescales that are not realistic. The Project Manager needs to be sure that these simultaneous tasks can be managed and delivered safely i.

Many of the tasks require the same resource type — IT are scheduled to check workstations in two locations on the same day. The Project Manager needs to be sure there is enough resource to rollout out in several different locations at once. Tasks with no predecessors In the image above Review Local Business Requirements has no predecessors.

If a task has no predecessors then in theory there is nothing in the logic of the plan to prevent it happening right now. If you have tasks without predecessors check the plan logic by asking: What is preventing this task happening today? If there are activities that need to happen before this task can start add them to your plan. In this example, Review local requirements is probably dependent on a working group who will facilitate sessions to gather the requirements.

This seems odd as surely Cutover go live is dependent on the fixes. Read the section below to learn how to import your.


PowerPoint is a visual application and better suited for creating the type of visuals client and executive expect. Office Timeline is a PowerPoint add-in that imports data directly from Microsoft Project and transforms it into rich visual Gantt charts instantly.

Since these charts are a native PowerPoint slides, they can be opened, shared, presented, updated or edited by anyone who has PowerPoint. You will need to install Office Timeline Plus , which will add a timeline maker tab to the PowerPoint ribbon image below. Click on Microsoft Project in the Import wizard and select the mpp file you wish to load.

Now, from the.

5 of the Best Microsoft Project Alternatives for Linux

You can choose to display some or all of the imported items. Mine looked like this and it took less than a minute to make. Click the Sync button on the Office Timeline ribbon to update your Gantt whenever the data changes in your Project file.

The sync wizard will identify any changes to the mpp file. Select the changes you want to accept and click Finish to update your Microsoft Office Gantt chart. Your slide can be updated in real-time.

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