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Lose Weight Here: The Metabolic Secret to Target Stubborn Fat and Fix. The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook: Eat Even More Food and Lose Even. Holistic physicians, biochemists, and personal trainers Jade Teta and Keoni Teta have created a diet and exercise program that jump-starts. The Metabolic Effect Diet: Eat More, Work Out Less, and Actually Lose Weight Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction. Since the release of The Metabolic Effect Diet, a lot of people have been asking us how this book is different from other diet and health books.

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Metabolic Effect Diet Book

Enlarge Book Cover . The Metabolic Effect Diet is the revolutionary fitness program that enables you to build muscle and lose weight by working out less!. The Metabolic Effect Diet is the revolutionary fitness program that enables you to With this book more people will learn the secrets behind achieving the body. He is the founder & CEO of Metabolic Effect Inc., and author of the best-selling book,The Metabolic Effect Diet. He is a regular contributor to many publications.

Especially for women, fat can linger in stubborn places like stomach, hips, thighs and derriere. Doctors and brothers Jade and Keoni Teta believe they have a solution. The founders of the weight-loss company Metabolic Effect are experts in weight loss, and have just released their newest book Lose Weight Here: Jade Teta recently spoke to Yahoo Beauty about his best weight loss secrets. Yahoo Beauty:

It works for a short amount of time, but then stops. It makes stubborn fat more stubborn. Look at athletes — they eat more and exercise more.

They are fuelling their bodies. Europeans tend to eat less and exercise less. When people alternate back and forth between the two approaches, it keeps the metabolism from fighting back against you by increasing hunger, lowering energy and elevating cravings.

So how should we tackle weight loss? Metabolism determines everything you need to know about weight loss. Can you spot reduce fat in stubborn areas? When fat loss happens, it happens all over but some areas burn fat more slowly such as the stomach, hips and thighs.

With the right diet to ensure your metabolism is in check, you can make stubborn areas burn fat more quickly. Do you recommend cutting out carbs or fats?

Very simply, you need to listen to the biofeedback signs from your body. What foods make you feel hungry, full, affect your sleep or your libido? You need to play around with it. Are there any foods to avoid? We talk about buffer foods and trigger foods in the book. Some people can have a glass of wine and leave it at that, while for other people it leads to them drinking the whole bottle.

Some people can eat two squares of chocolate and feel satisfied. You need to figure out what is your trigger, or what keeps you feeling full. What are some of the best foods to help keep your HEC in check? What about the foods to avoid?

Again, we only offer general guidelines as its different for everyone but they tend to be foods that are high in starch, sugar, fat and salt, such as cereals, breads and pasta. Some people are fine eating these things but most people over do it.

The Metabolic Effect: A New Approach to Weight Loss

How did you come up with these guidelines? Our approach comes from the latest research as well as our clinical experience working with tens of thousands of people over the past 25 years. I've been trying to vary my routines and meals to shake up my weight plateau and fortunately, I found a couple of new tips from the book that I have started trying out - like new veggie recipes and smoothies - and so far, they seem to be working.

This book can also be useful to those who are not the biggest gym frequenters because the exercises it suggests can be easily done at the confines of a home, an office, or even just a room. Live the concepts in this book as far as weight loss through picking the right foods, the diet part is straight forward and rather simple. The included recipes were easy, making it much more likely that a person will follow. The weight training section is also very simple and straightforward.

The exercises are easy to follow with picture examples. Pick 4 exercises and do them over and over in a circuit, resting when needed, for minutes. The cardio part is what doesn't work for me. Walking 3 Live the concepts in this book as far as weight loss through picking the right foods, the diet part is straight forward and rather simple.

Walking minutes or very short intervals of running 20 minutes total. That doesn't work for a runner. Everything the book said made me feel like by running I will just be sabotaging myself. We shall see.

The New ME Diet: Eat More, Work Out Less, and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest

A decent overview of nutrition and how different foods affect your individual biochemistry. Sticks to a low-starch philosophy, but explains why, and provides an easy style of eating that doesn't involve measuring out every portion of every food. Instead, provides guidance on "bites" of starches during each meal, which may be easier for most people.

That said, I do think that a few of the concepts here are helpful though such as adjusting number of bites of carbs to suit one's physiological needs and the concept of keeping HEC hunger, energy, cravings in check. At some degree, I also think it is a bad plan to make too many changes at once as I've never gotten very good results for long that way.

I did not like this book. I didn't like the approach, the exercise plan, or the eating plan. The book has received many good reviews - it just wasn't for me. There was one section that I really liked that discussed lifestyle choices we make sleep, stress, alcohol, etc. It was convincing enough that I made some changes to my evening routine and sleep habits. This book had a ton of great information on how Metabolism works, something that is really important for me to know, as I have Hashimotos Thyroid Disorder.

This condition hugely messes up my metabolism. Now if I could just stick with a healthy metabolic diet for myself maybe I would feel a lot better than I do. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a highly motivated individual and has been having problems understanding how to make their metabolism function at optimal peak. May 04, Julie Colotti rated it liked it. This book was recommended to me by a personal trainer that I have been seeing for a few weeks now. As I read, I'm finding the plan very logical.

What I'm also learning is that while I eat fairly well already, I'm not eating enough. In the two weeks that I have been following the plan 'roughly' and making different choices and adding more food, I've lost and kept off a couple of pounds. I realize these results are not as dramatic as other folks, but I'll take it. Planning to implement a lot of stuff from this book starting next week. Not for the workout piece,although I will be easing off some classes and focusing on functional fitness and keeping my cortisol levels down.

My main focus will be on the rest and food choices to see how my body reacts hormonally. Going to give it 2 months, then reevaluate. View 1 comment. A good take on fitness and nutrition. The Metabolic explanation of hormone function in the body was excellent. The exercises were good, but provided no modifications for imbalances. The nutrition plan is extremely restrictive and, for me, brought entirely too much attention to number of bites eaten.

Jul 18, Robin rated it really liked it. So far this diet book is different from the typical diet book. It doesn't count calories but focus on unlocking your fat burning hormones. I've found out I'm a sugar burner and need to watch my carb intake. Many people will try and convince you that dieting is as simple as calories in and calories out but that is no longer the case. Genetically we are all very different and I love how this book outlines what are the best foods for your body type.

I will keep the book on hand to reference often. Jan 19, Julie rated it it was amazing. Read, reread, and currently reading. This is the message that I needed to hear at this point in my life. So far, this diet has me feeling better and sleeping like a baby. I am looking forward to continuing the transition to making this my permanent way of life and becoming a better me.

Jan 24, Janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: I worked out with Jade and Keoni for several years. They are great trainers and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness.

The Metabolic Effect Diet: Why its different. - Metabolic Effect Metabolic Effect

Their own levels of health and vitality are a testament to the efficacy of the methods they write about here. Nothing revolutionary, but an easy read. My biggest problem with the book is the concept of a "reward meal" I really dislike the idea of using food as a reward. I wish they had referred to it as a "reset meal". Jul 17, Micki rated it it was ok Shelves: Another take on the same low to no-carb plans we've seen a million times.

I enjoy the Metabolic Effect ME workout class at my gym, but this book was nothing new.

Dr. Jade Teta: The Metabolic Effect & Being a Food Detective

Same idea as South Beach or Paleo. Fine if you haven't already read those, otherwise same old caveman plan.

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Anyone can read and apply what's in this book and reap the benefits of it. They theory behind their methodology is great.. And the practical instructions are even better. Dec 20, Kammie rated it liked it. Like the idea of lifting weights and eating clean. Is a little extreme for me at the moment but adapting some of the lifestyle changes. Mar 29, Robin rated it really liked it.

Very interesting. Holistic approach on eating right and exercise. I learned a few things and might download the book borrowed from library. Jan 26, Jenny Yelle rated it really liked it. A good intro to the ME diet.

The website has more detailed info about how hormones come into play with weight loss. Jul 08, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: Good illustrations and advice about metabolism. As with most health books, the info can be useful, but it's the followthrough by the reader that counts.

Jul 21, Teacatweaves rated it it was amazing. Lots of great resource information. This is a great book for adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. May 23, Katie rated it really liked it.

The authors have some interesting suggestions about when to exercise, when not to exercise and how to eat to build muscle and lose fat. Easy to read and practical. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Jade Teta. Jade Teta. Books by Jade Teta.

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