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Love Stories That Touched My Heart - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Love Stories That Touched My Heart. "Love—only a four letter word, yet it's so powerful that it can conquer anything in this world! We've all experienced the first flush of love and remember the. love stories that touched my heart ravinder singh pdf - stories that touched my heart ravinder singh pdf may not make exciting reading, but love stories that.

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Love Stories That Touched My Heart Pdf

Ravinder Singh is an Indian author, who rose to fame with his debut novel I Too Had a Love Story. This book narrates his real-life love story, with a girl (called. Love Stories That Touched My Heart book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An anthology of moving, inspirational, heartwar. heart ravinder singh | Get Read & Download Ebook love stories that touched my heart ravinder singh as PDF for free at The Biggest ebook.

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The movie finishes at 1 a. He gets up to leave. Goodnight, Krishna. Goodnight, Mr Perr err Daksh.

Narrowing his eyes, he leaves the room. The next morning I get out of my room, brush my teeth, pick up my sneakers and head out to the fields. It is a very cold, foggy December morning, so Im wrapped up in thick woollens. What was I doing last night?

Talking to myself. Even now, my thoughts are focused on him. I know he is handsome but still Im sure he is a narrow-minded control freak. As I remain lost in my own thoughts, my foot suddenly slams against a heavy stone.

I stumble into a slushy part of the path. Apart from landing like a fool into the slush, I realize I have hurt my foot. Need any help, Miss? Oh, it is him! What is he doing here?

Why is he always there to rescue me from my own disasters? I clear my throat. I can manage I say, trying not to look at his face. You are very stubborn, Krishna. Just give me your hand. I offer my hand hesitantly. He clutches it tightly to help me get up; again I can feel the cold even more I stand up, stumbling, holding on to his shoulder for support. As we enter the house, everybody is surprised to see both of us.

Hey, what happened? Nothing, Mom. Your dear princess fell again, he says, grinning. Everybody laughs at this. How dare he? And why is he calling my mother Mom? Oh, my suspicion was right! Or maybe not? I must know for certain. So the next time I find him alone, I confront him.

He is sitting at a desk, doing some accounting work. I want to talk to you, I say. Krishna, I am busy right now. Can we talk later? My big negative point is my egoistic attitude. Why did you call my mother Mom? He looks up. Is that a problem? Standing up, he then comes close to me. Yes, I said, stuttering. She is my mom, so you cannot call her that. Oh, really?

He walks a little closer. I cannot move I want to step back but I find myself simply unable to move. I need water; it is getting too hot here. Suddenly he pulls me into his arms. My mouth is so close to his. He is looking into my eyes. I am trying to look down, afraid that he can read my eyes and can see into my soul. He lifts up my chin and gently runs his thumb over my lips. For that moment I forget everything around us. All I can focus on, apart from the sensation of being held by him, are his dark brown eyes.

Oh boy, he is the only man around whom I can feel mushy without even watching a romantic movie. Krishna a voice comes suddenly from another room. I push him away and manage to calm myself. It was Anoop asking me to come to the hall.

Mom is calling you. In that moment, my heartbeat thuds very rapidly. I rush to attend to my mother. Later in the evening, we all make a plan to go to a famous restaurant in the city. As we get ready for the outing, I consciously try to ignore what happened with Mr Perfect that afternoon.

But still I ensure to put on my best dressand I realize how very pleased I am to have taken the pains of bringing so many dresses with me on this trip.

Am I trying to impress him? No way! Everybody is trying to look their best, so why shouldnt I? But I find that Im more nervous than usual. Soon, everyone is ready and its time to leave. You two, go in the other car, says Mom. I am surprised. Mom is asking me to go alone with a boy! I insist, No, I will also go with you.

Yes, Mom, there is no need of another car, says Mr Perfect. Thank God! I cannot bear landing in one more scandalous moment after that afternoon.

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No, says my mother. You will go in separate car. Thats it. No more discussions. I know what mom is trying to do. Seriously, Indian mothers can be such a headache sometimes! We take another carthis ones an Audi! The streetlamps look beautiful this foggy evening, between the mist and dark night.

Mr Perfect doesnt say a word. So to end this awkwardness I start a conversation. How about your higher studies? You dont want to study further? So now I am working on increasing crop yield methods while simultaneously learning the ropes of my fathers business and also doing some actual farming.

What else you want me to do? My jaw almost falls to the ground. I said. So you would want a wife who can stay with you? I mean, a housewife. Yes, I would definitely want a wife who can stay with me, Krishna. I knew it! A narrow-minded control freak. But, he continues, if my wife wants to work, she can work with me in our business. He never ceases to surprise me. I am feeling good about it.

But still I am confused about why he wants me to marry him? He can get any girl he wants. Suddenly, the car stops and I notice that we are near a hill. Where are we? Dont tell me that the car has stopped working.

No, Krishna. Please stop watching those romantic movies in which the heroheroine get stuck in a car and then their romance starts, he says, grinning. Just a thought; it has nothing to do with romantic movies. I say, annoyed.

Lets go. Up there. To the top of the hill. Are you kidding me? Im not going there. Stubborn girl. He takes my hand and we move towards the hill. As we reach the top, I can see the river on the other side.

This scene is breathtaking. Although it is far below us, the sheer height does not seem to scare me. Instead, I feel greatso amused and thrilled. A cold breeze blows my hair over my face.

It is so beautiful, nothing can be more beautiful, I say. I knew you will like it. I am dumbstruck at that moment. Here is Mr Perfectand that too on his knees, asking me to marry him! This cannot actually be happening. All this only happens in the movies. I wish I could hold on to that moment forever.

Krishna, please reply, my knees are hurting and its very cold out here. I smile, my eyes wet with tears, and say, YES! Thrilled, he gets up and slips the ring on to my finger.

He then hugs me tightly. I can hear his breath in my ears as he says, I liked you when Mom showed me your picture And I liked you even more when you fell from the train. Then I should fall every time, I laughed. I wanted you right there while watching that movie, he whispered in my ears. I love you! Be mine. Be my wife. I look up at him. He lips come close to mine and then he softly kisses me on my lips. I love you too, I responded gleefully.

And, like every other love story with a happy ending, we lived happily ever after. A Love Story in Reverse! If the only prayer you said was thank you that would be enough. Meister Eckhart And I mean it from the bottom of my heart. The benevolence and support that you all have showered upon this tiny blog has brought colossal contentment to our beloved Ramanima.

Mumbled in between sobs and sniffles, she said, That stupid new tenology technology and that fish net Internet Say thank you to them, Putti Sob! I dont know how they knew! Truly Gods blessings; I thought I will die from a heart attack rather than old age.

My Krishna has come back to his Radha. Hare Krishna! And that is how Ramanima expressed her gratitude to all of us. I realized that love is not just about being romantic and mushy, but it is about strength and respect at the age of fifty-three. The meeting finally took place at Cubbon Park, beside the big rock. The first reactions of the lovers took the whole crowd by surprise!

Instead of a warm, yearning embrace, they looked at each other peculiarly. It was like watching two chimps in a zoo being moved into the same cell for the first time. Singhji curiously took Ramanimas hand and started to peel off the band-aid that covered the tattoo off her wrinkled forearm whereas Ramanima kept brushing the long-pepper salt hair off Singhjis forehead to check for the mark. Age had worn and withered both their physical appearances but some marks were forever.

After they were satisfied with their findings, they suddenly locked themselves in an embrace, just like the audience had first expected. Cheers and claps followed, and the couple broke away from their embrace, suddenly conscious and overwhelmed by their surroundings. After a light-hearted speech everyone left for their respective homes, knowing that what they had witnessed that day was nothing short of a modern Cinderella fairytale.

Thirty years of hope, three lives, two hopeful lovers, and a modern fairy godmother and her ever so obliging helpersthese are the perfect ingredients for a contempo-antiquated love affair! Sunday, 15 July Its the Final Countdown There are certain moments in life that are moments of impact. These are the moments that will affect your entire life. The Vow My evenings are only filled with blogging, probing and watching romantic movies on a minimized window on my laptop.

My friends tell me that I am insane, my parents have given up on me and my bosses at the office would sack me without hesitation if I werent employee of the year! Only you, my readers and supporters, understand what I am going through. It is because of you that two lives will be changed forever! I know this journey has been lengthy and tedious, and I wont deny that more than fifty times I have decided to give up.

Love Stories That Touched My Heart

But you, my readers, have been my motivation, and today I want to share with you the greatest surprise of all! We may have finally found Singhji, and this time I did check out his story. I am 99 per cent sure it his him.

After all, only Ramanima can be the judge of that. So I am going to share the story of how we finally were contacted by the real Singhji. Nearly two weeks ago I received a postcard from a chap in Dublin, Ireland.

It read: If you want to know the truth about Singh, then you must first hear a story. I will be available from At first I thought this was a prank by yet another one of the many pranksters who have sent us fake letters, mails, emails, postcards, etc. But there was something intriguing about this card. So I called the number. What I heard next I would not have anticipated in a million years. The voice at the other end was hesitant and had an unrecognizable accent.

But there was also willingness and a sense of relief; like a heavy burden was being lifted off this mans chest! Errr Hello, am I speaking to Miss Alicia?.. Hello again Before you ask me anything, let me tell you my tale.

About thirty years ago, when I was a hot-blooded young chap, I roamed the free streets of Punjab with not a care in the world. I had no job, not much education, and like most young, hot-blooded Sikh boys, I would eat, spend time with my friends, run in the fields and tease girls.

I had a way with the ladies and secretly dated many girls during my day, which was not accepted by society then. My father had heard a lot of rumours about my activities and wasnt pleased at all. He decided to send me to the south of Indiato Mysore Universityto get a good education and a job so that I wouldnt squander my life away.

I was very unhappy about this decision but I respected him enough to obey his orders. The university life was completely different from how I had lived in Punjab. I learnt about new things like discipline and respect for fellow students.

There were very few girls who studied with us. But there was this one girl, Ramani. Even to this day my heart skips a beat whenever I think about her. She was the only one who could turn a hooligan like me into a little puppy with just her words.

I had instantly fallen in love with her charms. It was hard to court a girl like her. She was the most beautiful of all the girls at the university. I courted her for ten months before she finally reciprocated my love. Within a week of this development, I received a call from my brother. He said that our father had been killed and that riots had begun all over the north of India against the Sikhs.

Devastated, I had to leave Mysore immediately. I left a friends address with Ramani and told her to keep sending me letters to that address. She was heartbroken when I last saw her. Little did I know that it would be the last time I saw my beloved. When I went back to Punjab, the state was in absolute disorder. People who considered each other brothers had turned into bitter foes. As soon as I reached home, I was met with a rude shock. My eldest brother was forced to join the Sikh extremist group.

Currently, the members of this group were forcing my middle brother to join as well, saying that our familys lives were at stake. Within a month my eldest brother was killed and my middle brother was once again asked to join the group.

When he refused, his wife was burnt alive. They also threatened to kill me, so he was forced to join the group. A few days later, I was approached by a friend of my brothers. He told me that my brother had been captured by the police and they were coming after me since they did not want to leave anything to chance. He told me that the only way to get out of this mess was to leave the country in a shipping container and flee to the USA.

All this while I was in touch with Ramani and we exchanged letters often. But I knew that I would never be able to see her again, so I wrote her my last letter. That same night I left in the container with forty other men heading to the USA. We travelled for twenty-seven days with limited food and water. But when we finally saw the light of day we were not in the USA!

We had landed in a strange country. Later, we were told that we were currently in Portugal, and the container would be shipped off to Mexico immediately, without food! After another journey of twenty days we finally arrived at a port close to the USA Mexico border.

To cross over into the USA, you had to cross a river and a forest illegally. On the river, a bridge was being constructed, and the workers took a break for fifty minutes every day. This would have to be our time to move. All in all in a span of fifty minutes, we had to swim across the vast river.

After that we had to cross the forest at night. Little did we know that the forest was not only home to wild animals but also Mexicos most feared mafia gang!

We lost about seven men in the waters, and another five to wild animals. The survivors ran for their lives through the forests. As expected, we were captured by the gang and held for ransom. Everyone was asked to get approximately a lakh of Indian rupees in exchange for their lives. Those who did not have anyone back in India were shot on the spot.

The rest of us were held captive. Then one night, when the leader and his troops had gone out and the men guarding us had relaxed a bit, we managed to kill them all and escape. We fled to the border only to be greeted by a fresh round of firing bullets. The border guards!

We screamed and begged and lifted our arms to signal surrender. We lost two of our friends to the bullets. The police then captured the remainder of us and held us at the police station for questioning.

It was then that I saw a clock and a calendar for the first time since Id left India. It had been almost five months since I last ate a decent meal. Looking around, I saw that only twelve of my friends had survived! After that we asked for political refuge in the land of dreams. We were granted it, but we didnt realize that we were bound in the USA forever. It was only after another ten years that we finally were helped by a non-government organization.

They fought for our rights and we were granted citizenship. After that, I joined a few other Indians and set up a small spare-parts business.

And from there, there was no turning back. Today I head the Europe zone of the company. I have never travelled to India, nor tried to contact Ramani. Call it spinelessness or cowardice, but the truth is that I never wanted to see Ramani with any other man.

Somewhere deep down, I was still that same hotblooded Sikh. Then about three months ago, my friend from Punjab called me up to say that some girl had come to our old home and had been asking about me. He sent me the details from the business card you had left. I used the Internet to find you, and what I came across was simply unbelievable! How much you had dedicated your life to finding me! I was ashamed. It took me three months to decide if I should contact you and I am glad I did.

Alicia, I know this must be too much to take in; and if you still dont believe me, just ask Ramani to show you the tattoo on her hand. And tell her you have found her Krishna for her. Also, dont forget to add that her Krishna has a scar on his forehead from the day he cut himself while fighting thirteen boys in college to prove his love for her.

You believe me, Alicia? I was flooded with emotion; I actually had a lump in my throat. It was differentit was victory mixed with a sense of witnessing true love unfold. And I justly have to thank and give most of the credit to my friends who supported us through our blockbuster journey which we made together.

The wait has finally ended for all of us. The location is booked and the message has been spread. We all gather at the rock in Cubbon Park, near the Victoria statue, at 4 p.

Let us all be dressed in something red, symbolizing love, when we bear witness to this stunning moment in front of our eyes. Oh God! I am so wound up! Im finding it difficult to get myself to wait for a month. Imagine having to wait for thirty years! What a coincidence? Today is the first of April and here, at our tiny NGO office, we have already received twenty-nine prank postcards I must applaud the timing!

And in good humour I thank all our readers for cheering us a bit with all these pranks. But I am nowhere close to finding Singhji. I just returned from my fourth trip to Jalandhar and unfortunately it has still yielded no results. The only good news is that I finally tracked down Singhjis original house, which is now occupied by some other family. This piece of crucial information was shared by a Miss Harpreet, our dedicated reader from Punjab.

She even helped us track down the house. I am really overwhelmed at how much support we have been receiving from all our beloved readers. Thanks again, guys. I can never really thank you guys enough! Let me tell you why this story is so important: I have been in and out of relationships and no one has really stuck on. And I am sure that most people today think that commitment is something that weighs us down. I see marriages breaking up around me and people already on the re-bound after such great commitmentseven before they have time to call their friends and family.

Society has advanced so much now that we have no time for anything! When I first heard Ramanimas story, I felt like I was being told the plot of a movie.

We study the examples of Romeo and Juliet, or Salim and Anarkali, as part of history and literature. Epic love has always been referred to in the past tense since we have no such examples to provide in the present! Personally, I feel that all of us are slowly losing faith in the great love story, and the Prince Charming theory now only seems applicable to the real-life royal families!

My cause is a little selfish, I must state. I have never found true love. Even so, a part of me has always wanted to be a part of one great love story. So when I heard Ramanimas tale, I decided that I was going to become the modern-day Fairy Godmother to this ever-sohopeful Cinderella, and help her find her true Prince Charming. This Fairy Godmother is on a mission! Sunday, 4 December The Very Beginning! I have a mission to embark upon. A chance encounter on my trip to Mysore has left me with no option but to use this medium of mass reach to start a hunt.

No, its not duck season, but it is the season of love. I had met a woman who told me her story of lost loveand it was so heartwarming that I got swept away by it. For the past five months I have turned hundreds of pages of directories, and used various people finders and search engines.

Ive travelled three times to Jalandhar, Punjab, and even carefully tracked the Mysore University records from to just to be thorough in finding a Mr Gurmeet Singhthe hero of our love story. I was driving from Bangalore to Mysore with a couple of friends, when one of my friends suddenly had to pee. And since we were passing a village we randomly knocked on the door of a pretty house. A sweet middle-aged woman opened the door and welcomed us into her home!

We had an instant connection with her and told her that we were on our way to the Mysore University, and one thing led to another and suddenly we were listening to a story which changed our lives.

Ramanilovingly known to us as Ramanimawas a student at the university thirty years ago. While studying there, she fell in love with a Sikh boy. She had her best memories there and she narrated her story with such passion that we got lost in the details. In fact, right from the first moment she laid eyes on him, she knew he was the one! How can anyone know that? But while India may have got her freedom, society was still bound by tradition and love was misunderstood. The stolen glances, the meetings in the park, the large group of friends accompanying them on their outingsit was all like a s movie!

Incidentally there is even a part where she put Singhji through a test to prove his love. One thing led to another and he was made to beat up thirteen guys, cutting his forehead in the process, and was nursed back to health by Ramanima.

So cute! Their love story was cut short when he suddenly left for Jalandhar when the riots broke out there. The two of them were in touch for a while, writing letters for a few weeks. But then he disappeared completely from the face of the earth!

She told us that in her heart she knew he was out there somewhere. She had been waiting for him for about thirty years. When she showed us the letters, we were stunned! On our way back, as a joke, we took up the mission to find Ramanima her true love.

But today I have realized that the mission has become an obsession for me. So I have a request, my dear readers. I need your help! I am also starting a Facebook page. Please like it and spread the word! Together we can make a miracle happen, and we will! I breathlessly reached the bus stop and asked the man standing there. He was taken by surprise, as if I asked him for his wallet.

After a pause he replied, No. I heaved a sigh of relief. As I returned to my normal breathing speed, I asked again, I see your tag, do you also work for Reuters Software Solutions?

He replied Yes, I do. His voice was strong yet polite. Dressed in neat formal clothes, he was clean-shaven and looked like a well-cultured man.

I quickly glanced at his fingers. No rings. All this is fine but whats with these short answers. I wondered if he was simply shy by nature or just plain arrogant. I was also not one of those who would give up easily. Theres something strange with women like mewhen someone ignores us, we tend to get more attracted to them. Its a classic flaw introduced by the naughty Almighty, but still I could not resist talking to him further.

I extended my right hand hoping to involve him in a conversation. Oh, thats good to know, I am Abhishek. He rendered a rather weak handshake and did not bother to extend the conversation.

So which department you work for, Abhi? I guess I can call you that, right? I continued, moving closer to him. He smelled great as well. I was hoping we at least end up having a couple of dates, if not more. I am in the training department; actually, I am one of the coordinators. After a small pause, he continued, And ya, Abhi is fine. With those words, he looked into my eyes for the first time. For me, thats all it takes. Once someone looks into my eyes, they get lost as if they are hypnotized by a magician.

The eye contact lasted exactly five seconds before our brief, interesting little moment was abruptly ended by the arrival of the bus. Needless to say, I sat next to him. After the brief quixotic moment at the bus stop, I was sure that he would be the one to restart the conversation. How about you, Naina? Which department do you work for and how do you find our RSS? There you go! It was the magic of my earthen-pot eyes and my charm that was putting those words in his mouth.

I gave him more details than he asked for, talking about my department, work, colleaguesand I did not stop there. I also hinted that I am the girl to party with. He listened with great interest but I could also sense that he was a shy and quiet person. Time is heartless.

Love Stories That Touched My Heart by Ravinder Singh

When you want it to move slower, it flies and when you are waiting for something important, it crawls. Though we travelled almost twelve kilometres for about thirty-five minutes, it felt like less than five minutes. We reached the office and went to our desks. For both of us, the day had started on a bright note. After I reached the office, I went to my desk, checked my emails, had coffee with my colleagues and then returned to my desk.

Being a new member, I had very few responsibilities to handle. I was almost through with my days work within first couple of hours.

My crazy mind was recollecting the time spent with Abhi and my logical mind was telling me it could take more effort from my side to make things work. My thought flow was disturbed by the loud voices I heard from the corner of the room.

I put my head up to see what was happening. A muscular man, with his shirt torn, was walking out. Curiosity took over and I went to investigate. I learnt that he was involved in an argument with one of the staff members and had left the scene furious. I saw him going towards the mens room. I casually walked in that direction and he came out. He looked very confused as if he didnt know where he wanted to go. Being a responsible employee, I stepped in. Excuse me sir, may I help you? I asked him.

Er I dont know. I am not sure why I am here. Is there any artists association or something like that? I was right, he was confusedbut even more than I thought. There was no mention of the events that had transpired minutes earlier. I chose to carry on with the momentum. Yes, but not in this office.

Its just a couple of blocks away. I can help you with that. Thats so sweet of you. I am Rohan, a columnist for one of the monthly magazines, called The Impression. He introduced himself by extending his left hand. Hi, I am Naina. I But before I could complete my sentence, I was struck dumb by our handshake. What a firm handshake, strong and confident.

I could see the veins distinctly visible on his strong forearm. Either he was very angry or he hits the gym regularly.

I continued after returning to my senses. I am glad to help you. I was going out for lunch anyway. So you are a columnist for The Impression? What do you write about, Rohan? Unwillingly, I ended the handshake and walked with him towards the exit door. I had gently mentioned about having lunch as well. I was curious to see if he was sharp enough to catch it.

I had heard that physically strong people are usually dumb. Its mostly philosophy, Naina. We can talk about it more over the lunch, he replied with his head slightly tilted towards left.

His left hand stretched out to open the door for me and there was a smile on his face which read: You are so gorgeous! It was hard to believe he was the same angry young man from a few minutes ago.

He took me to a Bavarian restaurant. It was expensive but worth it. He asked me whether I was in a hurry to get back to office. I assured him that I was not. So we walked all the way back instead of hiring a taxi. I left him at the Vintage Artists Association and returned to office.

After a rather eventful day, I was sitting at my desk playing solitaire. The clock showed 6. I was waiting for my cellphone to buzz. Usually it beeps between 6 p. Just then, my phone beeped and the message appeared on the screen: Cm out baby, I wil b there in 5 mins. Involuntarily, a smile appeared on my face and I gave a blow-kiss in reply.

Within five minutes, the white Volkswagon arrived. I stepped in and kissed Gautam on his forehead. So how was your day, sweetheart? Wonderful, honey.

Lets grab some dinner on the way, I replied. Yes, dear, we dont have time to cook tonight, I am all excited about our big trip starting tomorrow.

Finally you can meet my childhood friend! We stopped at McDonalds. He ordered two Happy Meals for takeaway. The person at the counter asked, What would you like to have as a drink, sir? He replied, I will take organic milk. He turned to me and asked, How about you, sweety? I said, Diet Coke.

Download eBook Pdf Love Stories That Touched My Heart - Edited by Ravinder Singh

He ordered, So one organic milk for me and a Diet Coke for my wife. We reached home and ate our dinner watching some sport I am barely interested in. My husband, Gautam, tried to explain to me how different rules apply in different formats.

I acted as if I cared. I saw his face brighten with excitement when he thought one of the rules was particularly tricky. I nodded but hardly listened. I love him. He doesnt know how much. After dinner, we finished packing and Gautam was as excited as a little kid whose summer holidays were about to start after long-and-hard exams.

Once he slept, I poured myself a glass of red Bordeaux wine. It takes a lot out of you when you meet different people and try to connect with each of them emotionally. I opened the balcony door of our apartment and stood there staring at the dark sky. Even some of the stars which were usually visible were missing.

It was completely dark. I took a couple of large sips and revisited my day in my mind. So it was a day of three persons. Usually it would be two, but today was three. I took one more sip and sat on the chair with my legs up on the table. A cold breeze had picked up. Unknowingly my eyes got moist.

I gulped my sorrow along with my wine. Abhi, Rohan, GautamI am living a fake life but I chose it. Dr Reddys words crossed my mind as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. You have to make a choice, Naina. You can leave Gautam here and we will take care of him like any other patient, or you can take him with you.

It sounded insensitive but doctors cant be diplomatic. He is the only one for me, I love him. I want to take him, doctor. The doctor explained, I understand the emotions behind those words, Naina, but its very complicated. We have observed him over a month now and clearly he has shown us two distinct personalities. Some days even three. The accident has made him develop an MPD. Though it was an accident, Gautam thinks he is responsible for the death of his childhood friend Abhishek.

Every morning he wakes up thinking he is Abhishek.

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