Joe Ross - Trading the Ross Hook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. ross hook. Short Description. Using his discovery of the Ross Hook as the nucleus for his trading approach, Joe Ross goes beyond his admirable chart-reading abilities to . to the basic formations of the Law, and what launched Joe's successful trading career. .. breakout of a Trading Range or Ledge as being a Ross Hook.

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WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY ABOUT DR. JOEL FUHRMAN'S EAT TO LIVE The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss & Trading The Ross. When trading and Ross hook formations, we want to get in ahead of the actual breakout of the. #2 point or the point of the hook. If the breakout is real, the . Trading The Ross Hook--Название-Джо Росс.Торговля с крюками Росса- Trading The Ross Hook Автор-Joe ROss Издательство · Read more.

Posts: 1, quote: That's one of the definitions that I'm trying to pin down, how many subsequent higher highs is an uptrend? Kinda depends on the timeframe we apply it to because what we are really talking about is how long do these intra-day trend's usually last before reversing. We need to get into the ballpark before we start looking for a reversal. Just for the sake of simplicity let's say the average duration is 60 minutes, so on a 5 minute chart, thats 12 bars long, but on a 15 minute chart it's only 4 bars. If we use volume bars to collapse the low volume periods then the timeframe variable is somewhat removed from the equation. Volume bars should also allow us to use 24 hour data to smooth out the trend continuity. We could use donchian channels with the volume bars to generalize the trend beyond just setting new highs for the day, but we will have to select a lookback period another variable. We might say OK, based on experience or research, we need to see at least N volume bars pushing the upper donchian channel higher before we will look for the pattern. In which case point 1 will be the last bar touching that upper channel line, and point 3 will try but fail to reach it.

He is best known as the inventor of the Ross hook. You will learn several techniques for placing protective, objective, entry and exit stops.

You will learn to place stops based upon natural support and resistance and volatility. You will be taught about small profit objective stops and full profit objective stops.

The Ross Hook and 1-2-3 Formation

You will learn how to properly trail stops and how to increase the size or your protective stops using OPM. Joe shows you how to "curve fit" market volatility, and how and when to use Fibonacci expansions for objective stops.


I notice that you have posted the audio and visual of a talk I gave at a TAG conference many years ago; probably A lot of that material is really outdated. The markets have changed dramatically since I gave that talk at the conference.

Joe Ross - Trading by the

Ordering is now mostly electronic; there are officially only 4 kinds of recognized orders. I don't mind if you post what is in the public domain, but you may be doing much more harm than good offering very much outdated material to your subscribers.

If new local minimum is lower than the previous one, then it is assigned figure 1 instead of 3. Then there is considered a new opportunity of reversal pattern emergence. The inability to rewrite the extremum at point 3 also indicates that key players have already been taking positions in the opposite direction.

Therefore, the considered pattern does not just show us the model on the statistical probability basis but describes the psychology of decision making by major participants. Despite seeming simplicity, it is not always easy to use model in practice since it rarely provides a beautiful drawing on the chart.

Therefore, Joe Ross has successfully completed it while adding a condition which significantly improves the trading effectiveness.

Ross Hook Wave Indicator Strategy Explained

Since the formation he created had a fundamental difference from the classical model of technical analysis, he was forced to give it a new name and called it Ross Hooks for the similarity with the grappling hook of the corsairs.

When using model , the entry point is usually the horizontal level break drawn through point 2. Therefore, he proposed to wait for a straight line movement formation after the breakdown at the point 2 and a pullback from it, which will be fixed above the level. It looks the following way on the chart. Joe Ross recommends to follow the individual stages of Hooks formation in order to choose the best moment for opening. For example, the distance from point 3 to Rh pulse termination should fit within reasonable limits.

It should be understood that a short segment 3RH will not allow to talk about a sufficiently strong impulse, which confirms the strength of the players who developed it. On the contrary, a long segment 3RH is fraught with opening risks before the correction which appeared due to overbought or oversold assets. The author notes that the optimal value of the 3RH segment should be no less than segment and not more than its double value.

In addition to the impulse, we are also interested in the correction after RH point for obvious reasons. Here, Joe Ross recommended opening the market no earlier than at least 3 candles in the opposite direction.

[1994-2010] Joe Ross eBooks [Trading, Spreads, Options, Futures]

This hardbound manual contains 24 chapters and is profusely illustrated with over graphic examples. Trading Day and Futions is a complete course trading how to put money in your pocket trading with combinations of futures and options.

More than that, it's the trading course forex been hoping for. It gives you explicit, detailed information about an exciting and novel way to win Joe money In this fascinating course, Joe Ross reveals the innermost secrets of the options traders ross with the best pdf futures trading. Who the real competition is in the options and trading market and why they don't want you to know the truth about options.

Forex your broker won't tell day and what he can't tell joe. Originally posted by bonnie View Post.

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