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He reached up to scratch his head, almost making it impossible for my eyes not to drop down to his groin. His single hand barely managed to cover up all his. Impossible komal kant epub download deutsch. Komal Kant - Beneath yzufoqoju. ml Komal Kant - Runaway Mortal 01 - Runaway Komal Kant - The. epub Komal Kant With Me 04 First Chances. epub Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Free mp3 download Impossible With Me 1 Komal Kant ePub.

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Always stay with me. Ashton Summers and Luca Byron were best of friends until a tragedy caused their friendship to fall apart seven years ago. Ashton made new friends, joined the cheerleading team, and hung out with the popular kids while Luca made weird friends, formed a garage band, and became a social outcast "Remember when we made that deal that I would pretend to date you in exchange for a favor? Ashton made new friends, joined the cheerleading team, and hung out with the popular kids while Luca made weird friends, formed a garage band, and became a social outcast. There's no common ground at all. It's impossible for them to get back together, let alone fall inlove. Ashton copied Kance's style, adopted her personality, and also became a bitch in the process. He stands up for what's right, makes his own decisions, and doesn't take shits from anyone. I must say that the romance is pretty endearing and unique. The connection they have from their past, their current animosity towards each other, and the unexpected sizzling sexual tensions all contributed to a very fantastic love story. The only reason I decided to gave this book 4 out of 5 stars is because it didn't evoke such strong emotions in me. Nevertheless it's a fun read and I really enjoyed it!

It's more like homework than pleasure reading. I love the whole enemies-to-lovers plot-line. I loved it then, and I love it now. Total comfort-read. View 1 comment. Nov 04, Jessica rated it did not like it Recommends it for: You're into cheating bastards and mean bitches?

Go ahead and read this. Ok, screw this. What is it with me and books full of cheating, lying bastards? Seriously, I want to set this book on fire which, unfortunately, I can't - seeing as it's on my Kindle Sorry, emotions are running a little high at the moment View all 6 comments. Dec 13, Nila rated it it was ok.

I'm such a junkie for a loved-since-childhood romance! Though I had a lot of problems with this book, I read on to the end because the adorable Luca and the beautiful but shallow Ashton had been so close as children, and each had a special place in each other's heart.

You just long to see them together. Tragedy and different goals have broken them apart. Ashton is a snob and one of the "popular" crowd in school: The author takes a chance by making Ashton so unlikeable I'm such a junkie for a loved-since-childhood romance! The author takes a chance by making Ashton so unlikeable and the author has to climb a very steep hill to make the reader like Ashton or care about her.

Luca was first to push Ashton away and is partly responsible for her choice to seek friendship and approval in the "popular" crowd. He finally starts to explore the changes that have turned his childhood friend into a shallow bully, and they come to understand each other better. Though they are attracted to each other, they come to value their deep understanding of each other as Ashton begins to change. Luca has to make some changes, too, and the book shows them both influencing each other to begin to become better people.

I had problems with Ashton's shallowness and the lack of depth in secondary characters. Most of the other people in the book seemed to have just one dimension. I wish the characters had given some thought to birth control or condom use, and I really think Ashton needed to give a lot more thought to reporting her near-rape.

Honestly, if she couldn't see that this guy could be a danger to other girls, then someone needed to tell her. It's kind of all of a piece with the general shallowness of the whole book. Events and people seemed to have no life or reality except as they affected Ashton or Luca, and I guess that's one reason I had a rather flat response to the book.

Nov 04, Michelle Flick rated it it was amazing. I want to start off this review with some honesty - when people pick up indie author's, they tend to be hesitant.

What am I going to get out of this? Can this person really write a "good" story? What if I don't like it?


All these thoughts are normal. However, Komal Lewis's debut novel will leave you with these answers: I got an awesome, well-rounded story. She can really write and leave me wanting more.

I loved it! I got to read the book prior to everyone else Yes, I'm bragging. I found myself I want to start off this review with some honesty - when people pick up indie author's, they tend to be hesitant.

I found myself thinking about the story when I couldn't be reading it. I found myself rushing through things so I could get to the book. I had to know what was going to happen. I also had some fantasies about Luca. If you're looking for another crush, look no further.

Ashton - is dying to be the most popular girl. She feels it will cover up some of her insecurities and she's about to get everything she wanted. The cost? Anyone who stands in her way. Even if it means she has to be a complete b tch. Luca - is the rocker boy from next store who used to be Ashton's best friend and he has to watch the terrible things she does. It bugs him, but for seven years, they haven't talked. What can he do? I mean, he's the school's freak - abeit a hot one.

But due to the evil Kance - Ashton finds herself relying on Luca with the intention of dropping him as soon as she gets back on the social ladder. One draw back - things start happening - like super intense kissing moments and unwanted so they think feelings.

Komal knows how to write a kissing scene. I will tell you this - you will not put it down! At all. It's that good. Nov 04, Avery rated it liked it. When I first discovered this book in the blogisphere world I knew that I had to get my hands on it- despite contemporary not being my 'go-to' genre that belongs to YA paranormal - There was something about this book that just called to me and pulled me out of my comfort zone and am I really glad that it did!

Luca never felt the need to flaunt himself o When I first discovered this book in the blogisphere world I knew that I had to get my hands on it- despite contemporary not being my 'go-to' genre that belongs to YA paranormal - There was something about this book that just called to me and pulled me out of my comfort zone and am I really glad that it did!

Luca never felt the need to flaunt himself or get in caught in the popularity game, he just was. Which unlike a lot of the aforementioned bad boys made him so much more realistic and approachable. Admittedly while reading the book, Ashton, the female lead, did grate on my nerves a fair bit. But after I sat and thought about the book after finishing it I realized that the way that she acts is very much true for someone of her age I think that what a lot of older YA readers forget, myself included, when we read the genre is that it is targeted to a YA audience- we can't chastise the characters for not acting in the way that we might because, in many cases, we do have a lot more years of experience on them - when something important is ripped from someone's life in Ashton's case, popularity I think that we would only act in a similar way to how she did, doing everything in our power to get it back.

Komal's biggest strength, in my opinion? Writing sexy-times like no other. There are a number of scenes in this book that will take your breath away the kitchen scene, anyone? Another talent that Komal possesses is setting up the companion novels to this book "Falling For Hadie" and "Wrong Side of Town"- we are given a tidbit of who some of the characters in the latter books are, what their conflicts are and the likes of, in this book, and in doing so Komal really hooks the readers in, ensuring that they will add her to their "must download" list.

All in all, I do think that this is a strong debut from author Komal Lewis and I do consider myself to be one of those "hooked" readers- I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!

I highly recommend this book for those looking for a fun and flirty, not to mention quick, read! Nov 29, Meredith rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Crazy kids!! I really enjoyed this book. Ashton and Luca grew up together and they were inseparable. After the death of Luca's dad, he pushed Ash away because he couldn't deal with sharing. Later we find out that Ashton actually witnessed the death of the man she considered her father because of their closeness.

They drift further and further away from each other. He becomes a rocker that everyone labels a freak. She becomes cheerleader captain that everyone labels spoiled and popular. Aft Wow!! After taking the lead from her "best friend" Kance who proves to be the biggest back stabbing hooch who obviously doesn't deserve or want second chances!!

After being demoted and kicked off the team, her social status plummets. Luca has a slight make over making him very appealing to the eyes. Ashton gets this crazy idea to fake being together to get her status back. They rekindle their childhood friendship, talk about their pasts and what went wrong and of course develop deeper feelings for each other. They start dating, not without people trying to come between them.

Kance being one. She actually almost succeeds. This is a heart warming story about the growth of a friendship that lay dormant but not dead. I'm definitely happy I read it! Ashton and Luca are next door neighbors and at one point they were best friends, but then tragedy strikes and the two drift apart growing into very different people.

Luca is amazing by the way—definitely my new book boyfriend. Despite their differences, the two find themselves drawn more and more to eachother though they are kicking and screaming the entire way.

The result? An amazingly sweet, sometimes steamy um, hello? Kitchen counter scene—OMG , great story about teenage love. Apr 07, Tatiana rated it it was amazing.

Impossible (With Me, #1) by Komal Kant

Dec 06, Autumn Doughton rated it it was amazing. So I feel this strange affinity with Komal Kant.

We've never met or spoken, but we both released our first books within weeks of each other, and now like we freaking planned it , we've released our new books within days of each other. So, I've had this in my to-read pile for awhile and I thought last night, "you need to do this shit, Autumn.

Love the story. Love the characters. Love the writing. Nov 15, Abbie rated it liked it Shelves: Actual rating - 2. They improved a little bit as the story progressed, but they still weren't ones that I could love. This wasn't a bad read, but there were times where I felt a bit bored. It took me ages to get into it as well, because the characters were so unlikable. Overall, Not bad, but had awful characters to start with. Nov 09, Nikkita rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is sweet and annoying and stupid but nice at the same time.

Annoyed how stupid Ashy can be. But, uhm, I think you couldn't blame her? For what she did? Maybe, Just maybe, she did all that because, for people in middle school or high school or whatever, Popularity is really more important than anything. Stupid, I know, but still. But I liked this book.


Just annoyed how stubborn they can be. May 26, Tamis rated it really liked it. Realmente no entiendo eso de las escalas sociales en las escuelas solo puedo decirles a todos aquellos que lo creen: NUNCA intenten ser algo que no son solo se defraudara a ustedes mismo.

Y Luca Ma ma mia!!! Nov 15, Jodie rated it really liked it Shelves: I'll grant you, Ashton was hard to like. Did it make me want to punch her in the throat at times? Hell yes! Did it make me wanna reach through the pages and ruffle Lucas's hair? More than once. Did it make the book less enjoyable?


Abso-freakin-lutely NOT - it made it hella fun! I loved going down memory lane and remembering the sheer embarrassment that only a mother can invoke and re-visiting the friendship between highschool besties and first loves, and that feeling when you are pretty certain I'll grant you, Ashton was hard to like.

I loved going down memory lane and remembering the sheer embarrassment that only a mother can invoke and re-visiting the friendship between highschool besties and first loves, and that feeling when you are pretty certain you are in love with the hottie of all hotties and he turns out being a douche.

I just loved it all! I've been struggling in and out of book slumps for months now. I'll start reading a book, but my mind will be all over the shop and I just can't keep going - hence my gigantic pile of half read books constantly nagging at me, but with Impossible, I read it in one sitting.

Yep, I totally didn't like Ashton, but the sneak peeks of vulnerability staring back at times made me want to see her change. Luca, hell, I fell in love with Luca when he was still considered a freak! Impossible made me re-live High School, but living it through someone else's eyes is preferable to my own. There was bullying and plenty of cringeworthy moments, but I fell for this bunch hook-line-and-sinker!

There were so many beautiful moments that had me cheering for Ashton and hoping she would make a difference to her peers and stop the vicious circle. There was so much more to these 2 than met the eye.

The banter was the kind that is only shared between 2 people that really know each other, even if they wanted to pretend they didn't. For a pair that was just working a charade, you can feel the chemistry bouncing off the page. Each time Ash was tantruming, I was giggling. Perhaps it reminded me of me I would read this again, I truly enjoyed it that much. Well done Ms Lewis. I can't wait for your next book!

Jan 06, Kacii rated it it was ok Shelves: I probably would've given this at the very least a three star, if not for hating one of the main characters. Honestly, I could barely stomache some parts the the book and I had to keep putting it down. I couldn't bring myself to read any more of it until I had cooled down. Ashton is the biggest, most stuck-up effing bitch-princess I have ever had to read from their point of view.

I bet Kance would be worse, but I thank god! Ashton is just I t I probably would've given this at the very least a three star, if not for hating one of the main characters. I think I'm done with all of this contemporary bull for now. I've had enough of it. Especially where world class bitches are involved. And it was so unreal. In the beggining she held no remorse.

There would be no way she would ever change in a heartbeat like that. Not possible. Lucaa was a great character, on the other hand. Maybe into the more jagged side of things, but really? He wasn't a half-bad character compared to Ashton. Though a book about ants with a queen ant as the main character would be more appealing then reading about Ashton ever again. Do I reccommend this book?

Well, I'm not sure, which is a first. The writing was wonderful, fantastic, full of pizazz and all that. But Ashton kept poking my eyeballs out while I read I don't know if I should recommend torture like that.

Up to you. But in general I guess I'd say look for a different book, and unless you're really desperate, I wouldn't suggest coming near this book. Not because of the quality of writing, no siree, not because of the quantity of writing. Because of Ashton and the fact that she's so hung-up on her popularity she can't get her head in the game and out of the clouds. But maybe you like that kind of thing. Not me. No thank you. Nov 12, Zoey Derrick rated it really liked it. I have said it on Twitter, and I will say it again on Goodreads as well as site.

This book is a great Debut novel for Komal Lewis. I see many great things coming from her and I do look forward to reading more of her work. I was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of this story from Komal herself and I am sorry that I was unable to finish it in time to give real feedback to her before its release.

The main character Ashton is a little hard to like, I am not going to lie about that. She starts off as a bit stuck up and I personally have little tolerance for characters and people like that in real life. However, I quickly realized that Ashton is your typical high school girl and most importantly, I saw quickly that things were going to work out.

Eventually I felt sorry for her and it brought tears to my eyes. Other times I wanted to reach in and smack her stupid. Luca is your typical bad boy that is easy to fall for. He is easy to like and in some cases easy to hate.

One of the many things that I enjoyed about "Impossible" is that you are able to follow along with the story from both sides and written in first person vs both sides written in 3rd person. I give 4 stars because of the difficulty in truly being able to enjoy the character of Ashton. She frustrated me and made me want to hate her. In the end I did really enjoy her as a whole.

I do not recommend this book to anyone under the age of 17 because of the language and adult content of the story. I do however recommend this book to anyone wanting to try a new read and what I hope becomes a series. Meet Ashton Summers. She is the epitome of a mean girl. I really hate her even when I know she's only a fictional character. She's a bully, full of herself and couldn't learn from her mistakes. In some part, I don't want her to get happy ending. That's how much I hate her.

But it also shows that the author did a really good job writing her. She can make her character under my skin while I read her story. And then there is Luca Byron, Ashton's childhood friend. Everyone think he's a freak just bec Meet Ashton Summers.

Everyone think he's a freak just because he wears black; black t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes with black eyelines and black hair; has tattoos and befriend with piercing boys. They share the story through their POV.

Unlike Ashton, Luca couldn't convince me how much he hates Ashton and doesn't care of what people think of him and his friends. There are times that I felt like he just doesn't know what he wants and feels toward Ashton. Although he keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong with the way he and his friends dress and it has nothing to do with their personality, to me his suddent changes tell the opposite.

It's like he wants Ashton to accept him with the way she pictures of what best for him. The city of muskego in cooperation with waukesha county provides. This service is provided and funded by jensen environmental management out of theirampnbsp.

Imran free nasheeds dahya Get directions reviews and information for jensen environmental management inc. I felt that first person made both Luca and Ashton seem very shallow, and it made it harder to like them Second, I wish that the topic of bullying had been handled better.

Ashton was a horrible bully at the beginning of t Impossible was a quick read for me, and I enjoyed impossible komal kant epub nook. Ashton was a horrible bully at the beginning of this book, and she never really realized how wrong it was. Her change from mean girl to nice girl was so sudden that you didn't even get to see her realize the mistakes she'd made. I wish that the author had paid more attention to that, and made Ashton's realization that things were wrong more noticeable because it was really glossed over.

Impossible komal kant epub nook thing I enjoyed about this book was the rekindled friendship between Luca and Ashton. I loved getting to see them become friends again and to see them heal the wounds that they had from their past when their friendship first ended.