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How To Get Into The Top Consulting Firms Pdf

How to Get Into the Top Consulting Firms a Surefire Case Interview Method - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Top consulting firm. The WetFeet Research Methodology. You hold in your hands a copy of the best- quality research available for job seekers. We have designed this Insider Guide. Some consulting firms specialize in a particular industry or policy provides links to consulting organizations that have a particular interest in the skills and .. Guide to the Case Interview, Vault Guide to the Top 25 Consulting Firms, Vault.

To be certain, Case Study questions are extremely important. However, so are all of the other categories. You want to put yourself in a position where you can respond well to all of the question types, so while you should spend quite a bit of time preparing for Case Study Questions, you should also spend time preparing for questions in the other categories. This Chapter is devoted to the first six categories. Please see our Consulting Case Study Training Guide for lengthy discussion and examples of the final category of questions. They help the interviewing Consultants assess who you are as a person, and what your current skill set is. Being able to articulately answer any behavioral or experience question in a confident manner will help give the interviewer assurance that you would make a valuable employee and high-performing Consultant. Two important questions will spring to mind for the interviewer when he or she meets you. First, if he or she were to spend hours working with you on a project, would he or she get along well with you? Bear these questions in mind during this portion of the interview. You want the interviewer to like you as a person, and also feel assured about your professionalism. There are generally no correct answers when it comes to Behavioral and Experience questions though in many cases, common sense will tell you what some truly terrible answers might be! We will also provide you with a list of the common questions, which cover most topics.

We can use that to our advantage because even if you have multiple Big 4 interviews, you only need one approach. Sign up to our newsletter below to get more on that. Even auditors usually get some accounting questions. How do you know what to prepare for? Also true. If all this is true, then how can you ever know what to expect in an interview? Some interviews are very relaxed and they will just have a casual conversation with you. Usually the other part of the interview is where they will let you ask questions, so be prepared to have some thoughtful questions to ask.

It helps to just get them talking about their own career decisions, why they chose their firm, what makes a great consultant, etc. You have to be ready for anything, but also be yourself.


Remember that professional network that you spent months building up? Send them an email. This one step will put you way ahead of the competition. Why did you spend all that time building up a network and finding mentors anyway? I say this not to brag, but to show you that I know what works. What is the one piece of advice I would give every candidate?

Be confident. There is nothing worse than an awkward or weird interview. Candidates get hung up on answering questions, but to show real intent you need to be able to ask the interviewer something relevant.

The best advice here is to take a pen and paper into the interview and write down some brief notes about anything to interviewer says. The more you can get the interviewer to talk about themselves the better people love to do that. Not asking questions when you have a chance is a sure-fire way to not get the job. About the Author Tim Darling is a manager at a top consulting firm. Read more. Product details Paperback: Intaglio Publishing; 4.

English ISBN Tell the Publisher! I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention case in point case interview management consulting darling book consulting firm top consulting school of business interview process reading the book practice cases interview preparation consulting interview recommend this book guide to case cosentino case book is a good found in the book point over any other book frameworks pages.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified download. I downloadd this book in preparation to interview for a role at one of the Big 4 Consulting Firms. I had already spent 3 years at another consulting firm and had spent plenty of hours working through "Case in Point.

The author is a little high on himself, but once you get past that, he makes some good points. In the end, "Case in Point" was leveraged more during my interview, but this book was quite helpful in allowing me to review and re-evaluate my views. I also have Case in Point but found it to be full of a lot of unnecessary garbage.

I found the flow charts and examples to be great for getting a handle on structuring and laying out cases. Although perhaps overpriced, this book is a good resource and I definitely recommend it over Case in Point. One person found this helpful. Just read the first few chapters.

The approach seems more systematic than what is found in other case prep books such as Case in Point. In particular, the frameworks are well presented and make sense. This is the "science" of case interview, when other books tend to present it more like an "art". Has too little content to justify the price. A better investment would be Case in Point or Victor Cheng's book.

Simple, straight forward, intuitive A must for case study prep. The author focuses on the thought process and reasoning behind case studies vice the memorization of multiple frameworks or acronyms. If you were presented with the chance to join a private equity firm or strategy division at an attractive corporation early in your tenure, would you take the position?

This is a somewhat silly question, as in reality you would at least consider the opportunity. But we highly recommend that you say that if you wanted to do Private Equity or corporate strategy, you would have searched directly for such a position. If you are not both interested in business and already reading business and market news, then perhaps you are not really as interested in Management Consulting as you think you are.

In other words: even while you are a student, you should be reading newspapers and keeping abreast of ongoing business events. You do not have to know all of the business issues going on, but you do need to have a broad view of the key current events, as well as some deeper knowledge of a couple of specific events or trends.

It is rare that you will be asked about a specific news item—unless, of course, it relates to something that you have discussed.

If, for example, you stress a deep interest in healthcare and there has been major news on the healthcare industry, you might be asked for your understanding and opinion, so be ready. What interesting business books have you read?

You can say that you have little time given your study load, but that you briefly read publication X and Y whenever you get the chance. The question about books does not come up very often.

How to Get Into the Top Consulting Firms a Surefire Case Interview Method

Preferably, you should be ready to briefly talk about one or two popular business books. Also ask which books the interviewer recommends you to read, if the topic comes up. Describe a recent business event that interests you. The key here is the structure of your response. Ideally, you can then lead the topic to an area that you are interested in and can speak intelligently about it—particularly if you are able to steer this into implications for different business or industries.

For example, you might talk about rising commodity prices and how this might be putting pressure on gross profit margins on certain types of businesses. This is your chance to show how you can intelligently present and discuss a business topic, as well as discuss potential ramifications—this is the heart and soul of the job of being a Management Consultant.

HGCC: Resources

This is similar to the previous question about recent business issues. It is not a common question, but does provide an opportunity for you to offer insight into on a particular industry.

You should have a structured answer as to why you are impressed by a particular company and also by a particular CEO. The CEO does not have to be the CEO of the Company that you are impressed with, though doing it this way could make your research easier. Preparing for such a question could help you get familiar with a specific industry, which would be helpful for the two preceding questions. Follow-up questions are likely, so be sure to have good insights into the Company and also into the CEO that you select.

It would also be helpful if you could memorize some information about the industry that the company operates in see two previous questions. If I were doing research and wanted to gain insight into a particular aspect of a Company or industry, what approach would you recommend? This question and variants of it are a way to test both your knowledge of how Consultants operate, as well as your ability to think outside the box. Start with the usual sources: company filings, industry data, Company presentations, media articles, and a web search.

This question very frequently has follow-ups, so be flexible. Try to decide, based on the follow-up questions and prompts, which of these information sources would be useful. If you have working knowledge of the analytical techniques that might be used to address the issue being discussed, be sure to mention it in whatever level of detail you feel comfortable.

Questions for the Interviewer In addition to interacting and asking questions about the Case Study during an interview, you should attempt to ask the interviewer about his or her own experiences in Consulting.

Management Consultants tend to like talking about their own experiences, and we believe that you will benefit if you prompt the interviewer to talk a lot about their experiences. How did you enjoy this experience and what did you learn? You will need to reveal where you learned it. This shows you are doing real homework about the firm and are therefore a serious job candidate. If you know a particular firm is strong in an area you are interested in, it is definitely worth asking questions about that area, and asking whether it will be possible for you to speak to a manager or partner who focuses on that area to learn more about it.

Firms typically hire generalists, but certain partners and managers like to hire Consultants with knowledge and interest in their focus areas. If the Consultant you are interviewing with works in that area, all the better. How did you choose this industry or capability? Do you have favorite industries or capabilities? In your opinion, what are the key components that make a case or study or project or engagement interesting?

Could you please tell me more about it? What has your experience been like?

Most challenging? In real life, we all have access to computers and calculators. What would be the impact on profit? Thus, in addition to our separate Consulting Case Study Training Guide , below we offer you over 60 sample Consulting interview math questions below. A variant of any of these questions could come up as part of any interview. By practicing these questions and the techniques needed to solve them, you will dramatically increase your speed and accuracy at answering the quantitative questions that arise so frequently in Consulting interviews.

These skills will also help you succeed on the job as a Consultant! Piano is popular in China, with more children playing piano in China than there are children in the United States. Assume 0. The key to this problem is to get your powers of ten correct. If the elasticity of demand for Australian beer is 0.

Answer: 5 beers 5. Answer: Remember that this is an estimation question, but you should try to get close. Answer: 3. Estimation; try to get close.

What is the breakeven output of units? Answer: 2, units. There is an easy way and a difficult way to arrive at the same answer. How many hours were there between December 22nd, and April 17th, ? Answer: 2, hours. Estimation and thought process are key; try to get close. Assume 50 working weeks per year, and 40 hours of work a week. The Flowertree Hotel in Shanghai has three types of rooms. Use paper to track the pieces.

The population of China grew from approximately 1. By approximately what percent did the population increase? Answer: 7. Demonstrating long division—use paper. Try to come up with an initial estimate before diving into the mechanics of division. How many days were there between Monday, January 3rd, and Saturday, May 5th, ? Answer: days. The population of France is currently 65 million people. If the population grows at a rate of 0. Note that a good initial estimate is 0. Give this estimate first, then note that the correct answer will be slightly higher because of compounding.

Simple division, but there is extraneous information in this problem. There often is on Consulting math questions. The average American consumes approximately pounds of sugar per year while the average German consumes approximately pounds of sugar per year. Assuming the German population is 80 million and the U. Use paper to calculate and track the pieces. Try to come up with an initial estimate first. See why is a good estimate.

Approximately what percent did the stock price fall over that period? A building contractor downloadd Silica bricks and Alumina bricks. Calculate the pieces first. It may help to assume a specific price per brick for one of the types.

If the number of visitors to the site doubles in the next month and triples in the following month, what will be the total number of visitors over those three months? Answer: , visitors. What is the annual salary of this architect? Assume the size of the U. What will be the size of the market in two years?

What is the cost of a 21 mile trip? Huy, an in-house Strategy Consultant at a major retail chain, was asked to determine what percentage of female visitors to its stores made a download. Answer: This is a trick question. It cannot be determined without knowing what percent of visiting males make a download.

How much more federal taxes will the couple have to pay once they are married? The easiest way to calculate this is to look at the difference in tax rates, i. Assuming 9 directors per company, how many female directors sit on boards of Fortune companies? Answer: directors.

Calculate the pieces on paper and subtract. Approximately how many people in Brazil are under 14 years of age? Try to estimate first. There are students in the class. What percentage of the is female? An ergonometric furniture store in San Francisco has three types of ergonomic chairs.

[PDF] How to Get Into the Top Consulting Firms: A Surefire Case Interview Method - 2nd Edition

The Everyday, Home and Deluxe. For every Deluxe chair, there are 4 Home chairs, and for every Everyday chair, there are 0. What percent of chairs are Deluxe? The best way to solve this problem is to pick a number of a certain type of chair say, Home and solve for the rest. Elizabeth drove a Ferrari for 3 hours, averaging 60 mph for the first hour and 90 mph for the remainder of the trip.

What was the average mph? Answer: 80 mph. Do not fall into the trap of averaging the speeds. Calculate total distance, and then divide by total time. There were approximately 18, public payphones in Australia as of January , down 7. Approximately, how many public payphones were there in Australia a year earlier? Answer: 19, Remember that you cannot add 7.

Instead, divide 18, by [1 — 7.

Along the way, try to come up with an estimate before diving into the long division. Answer: 18, units. If 1 Canadian dollar is equivalent to 1. Answer: 9, Canadian dollars. Break this down into pieces. This makes the math much easier. If a liter of cola syrup, when mixed with water, produces 15 liters of cola, how much is the cost of producing a liter of cola? Assume no cost for the water.

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