Are you looking for free graded readers? Are you a learner of English? Do you want to read every day in English? Do you want to read simple books to improve . Apr 5, Graded Readers PDF Books Free Download For Learning English. April Level The Mysterious Island (Pearson English Graded Readers). Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you A graded reader is a book intended for learners at different levels of learning.

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For this reason, when creating our graded readers and stories, we consult language To find the best level for you, download a free sample of the book you are. choice of titles ensures they will easily find a book to inspire them English Graded Readers bring the joy of reading and opportunities for learning into the. Beginning Reader Stories are simple to use. PDF files require free Adobe Acrobat Reader software Level - 1. Level - 1 Stories (14 Stories, PDF file MB).

These books are all original stories written around modern themes, and all are available as digital e-books. Use these to read some complex classic books in English or to enjoy a great modern hit. There are six levels of Pearson English Readers and you can find your level by taking these vocabulary placement tests. There are lots of online resources that you can use with each book, some of which are available for free on the website. The Macmillan readers are organized from beginner to upper intermediate, and you can find your level by taking this test. Besides learning English, these two series of books can teach you about history and culture. Books and short stories of all kinds are available, from classics to modern stories. You can download sample pages and audio for each book.

Other English readers write completely new and original stories.

These kinds of books exist for kids , young adults and adults. Choosing the right book or series of books depends on what you enjoy reading. So how can you learn English from these books?

You can choose a reader based on the kinds of books you enjoy, since publishers offer different types of books. Once you find the right series for you, the next step is to find out your grade. Publishers have their own level charts to help you determine what grade of reader to start with. This will ensure that you can understand the text, but also challenge you to push yourself a little to learn new words and phrases.

There are other ways you can enhance your English learning with graded readers. Here are a few tips before you begin:. Example book on site: The Cambridge series of graded readers has seven levels of learning, from beginner to advanced.

These books are all original stories written around modern themes, and all are available as digital e-books. There are fiction and non-fiction books and plenty of different genres. Use these to read some complex classic books in English or to enjoy a great modern hit.

Where to Find the Best English Readers: 7 Incredible Sources for Endless English Reading Practice

There are six levels of Pearson English Readers and you can find your level by taking these vocabulary placement tests. We talk to two skateboarding fans from LA. Read about the life of Jessii Vee to find out.

Meet Chloe, a young woman who doesn't want to sing, crying at the audition for Find a Star Have you read The Hunger Games? What makes The Life of Pi so special?

English Graded Readers

But what about the blood in the pool? And the horrible injuries to her leg? How could something like that have happened? It worked for Charlie McDonnell! Can you imagine the trouble that baboons in city centres could cause? What is Maria's secret and who will help her get out of trouble? But what can she do?

But should Mo tell a teacher about her friend's cheating? Do you know how to interpret the meaning of your dreams? Read about the purpose of dreams and what you can learn from them. Find out more about where street art has come from and where it might be heading. All eyes will be on you.

Nation argues that one word family is Readability and vocabulary are important factors 1. NNSs have more trouble if the passage is more have a vocabulary more than 3. Their vocabulary is not rich, and the number of familiar words is limited. Often, One solution is graded readers, which are books even if NNSs study English for a long time, their vo- for NNSs that are classified based on their vocabu- cabulary is far below that of native speakers NSs. Graded readers are extended texts, mostly fiction, written in language The average educated native speaker has a vocab- reduced in terms of structure and vocabulary Hill ulary size of around 17, word families Goulden, Eng- ers of English have a vocabulary size of considerably lish language learners can choose the appropriate 2 Journal of Culture and Information Science June level of reader based on their vocabulary levels.

The textbooks for seventh to ninth textbooks, and about vocabulary is well controlled and grammatical struc- 1, words in total are included. The words seem to tures are simplified for lower levels. Penguin Read- be easy and are often used in communication and ers use six levels, for example, and vocabulary is readings. Readability is well controlled, and sentenc- limited to words for Level 1, for Level 2, es and words are short.

At lower grades, this is par- 1, for Level 3, 1, for Level 4, 2, for Level ticularly obvious. A lot of dialogues are used, partic- 5, and 3, for Level 6. Students can move up the ularly in the seventh grade textbooks. They are similar to readers for children, but the content is appropriate Authorized senior high school English language for adults rather than children.

As for vocabulary levels, graded readers Level are roughly parallel with junior high school English language textbooks, and graded readers Level are parallel with senior high school textbooks. Their vocabulary is far more limited than authentic English passages. Students who have studied them are not ready to read authentic passages.

Japanese seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students have been studying English language in public junior 2. Review of Literature high school since postwar education started. Most students start studying English language when they 2. Almost all Japanese stu- The contents of authorized textbooks for junior dents study it, since junior high school education is high schools and senior high schools are determined compulsory.

English language is taught three hours a by the Course of Study, which has been revised al- week, thirty-five weeks a year, that is, about most every tenth year, and Isobe did a sum- hours each year.

In senior high schools, students mary showing how the Course of Study and junior choose how many hours they study English language, high school English textbooks had changed over the but most students study it. English language pro- years. The range and the number of compulsory grams are strictly controlled by the Ministry of Edu- words since are shown in Table 2. The readability and vocabulary of authorized Eng- lish language textbooks are well controlled.

Free graded readers for extensive reading

Govern- ment-authorized English language textbooks for ju- nior high school students have only essential words, which have to be included in one of the three Vol. Since , both the junior high schools used from to academ- number of words taught and the number of compul- ic years using corpora compiled by ELPA Associa- sory words have decreased, with the decrease being tion for English Language Proficiency Assessment sharper for compulsory words.

Thus students were which include only the main texts of each chapter. The results are shown in Table 2. Looking at a series of junior high school text- books, they found a reduction in both types and to- kens in s.

The seven series of textbooks included an average Nakamura compiled corpora from seven of unique words for the three grades combined. Students study relatively little vocabulary in the average number of words per sentence, and com- junior high school English classes. He com- veloped by Nakamura He argued that the piled corpora made up of all chapters and analyzed number of words or sentences, which is the common the vocabulary found in the textbooks by series, determiner of difficulty levels of textbooks, is very grade, and part of speech.

Tokens found in each text- different among the same size textbooks. They review 4 Journal of Culture and Information Science June major series of graded readers, and their corpus in- tion.

Kobayashi b compared the original version and two simplified versions of Jane Eyre, which was The first group to construct the computerized cor- the most popular material for graded readers1, and pus of graded readers was Nation and his colleagues showed that, in simplified versions, vocabulary and e. From the viewpoint of vocabulary carefully avoided. Research Questions Computer analysis of the text would be needed The purpose of this study is to compare graded to choose the words.

If a novel was to be set text readers and Japanese English textbooks from the for a large number of learners or for several viewpoint of vocabulary and readability. Very few years, the small amount of cost and effort of attempts have been made at such comparison, even scanning the text into the computer and running though many researchers and teachers emphasize the a simple word frequency programme over it importance of extensive reading e.

Day , In their epoch-making work, Nation books? Moreover, all the works guish graded readers and authorized textbooks? Cambridge English Readers. Data and Methodology Penguin Readers by means of reading one text at each level, and they need to read at least two or three 4.

Methodology students have used one of those series.

Where to Find the Best English Readers: 7 Incredible Sources for Endless English Reading Practice

We used high and low level Reading textbooks. For both doshisha. We used English Language Proficiency Assessment which Perl programs which we made to calculate the cover- include only the main texts of each chapter; we did age of words in the text, and we used AntConc to not include the chapters which have only exercises.

We chose three graded readers from each of the six 5. Results and Discussion levels of Penguin Readers, the most classic and pop- ular series of graded readers, at random. We used 5. Vocabulary Frequency corpora made by Kobayashi For further details of We have summarized the results of analyses of ju- corpus construction, see Kobayashi a.


In order to see the differences Therefore we chose nine junior high school text- among grades, we have summed up the above results books, sixteen senior high school textbooks six by grades in Table 3.

The number of sentences culty and vocabulary. Except letters per word and between the eighth grade and ninth grade are almost syllables per word, their levels are well controlled, the same. The number of letters per word is almost with the exception of the number of sentences in the same between the tenth grade and eleventh grade. Level 3 and Level 4. There is a large gap between Level 4 and Level 5. Pride and Prejudice in Level 5 is too difficult and The number in each item is very small for the sev- this makes a relatively large gap between Level 4 and enth grade, and we understand that those items are 5 and no gap between Level 5 and Level 6.

There is a big gap between the seventh grade and eighth grade, Figure 1 and Figure 2 summarize the growth of and there is very little difference between the eighth Guiraud index and one of JACET, respectively, grade and the ninth grade. The eighth grade should in textbooks and graded readers.

However, the gap between the ninth grade and the tenth grade is very large2. The differences among three grades in the senior high school are fairly large. Since almost all junior high school graduates go to senior high schools, the gap between junior high schools and senior high schools should be small and the change should be smoother.

The index of JAC- Figure 1: Guiraud index ET is not necessarily good measurement of vo- cabulary difficulty levels for each grade, since the differences are so small. We have summarized the results of analyses of graded readers in Appendix E.

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