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“First They Killed My Father”: The Microhistory of a Khmer Rouge Survivor / By Alvin. Until the age of five, Loung Ung lived in Phnom Penh, one of seven children of a high-ranking government official. As the Vietnamese penetrated Cambodia, destroying the Khmer Rouge, Loung and her surviving siblings were slowly reunited. "First They Killed My Father" is. Ung's first book,. First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers details her experiences under the Khmer Rouge from shortly before.

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First They Killed My Father Pdf

Read First They Killed My Father Movie Tie-in PDF - A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers by Loung Ung Harper Perennial | From a childhood. See the Glog! {PDF} Loung Ung - First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers (Film Tie In) {eBook: text, images, music, video | Glogster . First They Killed My Father is an unforgettable book told through the voice of the young and fearless Loung. It is a shocking and tragic tale of a.

While standard histories look at the big picture by studying large aggregates of people over extended time scales, microhistories are intimate and focus on the experiences of individuals or small groups of people over shorter time scales. While standard histories of human aggregates — communities, peoples, nations — offer continuous narratives of events and present these aggregates as seemingly homogenous wholes, microhistories expose these aggregates as actually consisting of distinct individuals who each have their separate timelines and life histories Lim, , p. The cinematic adaptation of First They Killed My Father effectively portrays this distinction with a scene set in the Khmer Rouge collective farm where Loung Ung and her family were sent to work. The aerial shot from above — the perspective of history — presents the enslaved villagers as indistinguishable black-clad workers moving in disciplined lines around the paddy fields; the ground-level shot — the perspective of microhistory — reveals these seemingly-identical workers to be distinct individuals who are doing their best to avoid getting beaten or murdered by the cruel Khmer Rouge cadres. The latter is a growing genre.

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Quotes All. Waiters and waitresses in black-and-white uniforms swing open shop doors as the aroma of noodle soup greets waiting customers. Street vendors push food carts piled with steamed dumplings, smoked beef teriyaki sticks, and roasted peanuts along the sidewalks and begin to set up for another day of business. Within a few months of being in the village, their tightly knit family unit was torn apart.

One day, Khmer Rouge soldiers arrived.

They told the villagers that the Vietnamese had invaded Cambodia, and it was therefore necessary that the regime take every teenage boy and girl away from their families. They would be enlisted in work camps and forced to contribute to the war effort against the Vietnamese. Ung and her family could do nothing but watch as year-old Keav, her older sister, was abducted the next morning. As she left, Keav turned to her father.

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She told him there was no need to fear because she would survive. All the family could do was pray that Keav would be proved right. But sadly, that morning was the last time Ung would see her sister.

Keav was sent to a labor camp with around other teenagers. The girls were forced to work just as hard as the boys, though they were given less food. After about six months of living in these filthy conditions, Keav came down with dysentery.

First They Killed My Father

Keav was told that she would be tended to by doctors and nurses there — but this was a lie. The regime had merely brought in ordinary people to pretend they were health professionals. Keav was left to lie in her own feces, and within a few days she was dead, her family far far away. Keav was the first member of her family that Ung lost, but she was not to be the last.

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Her father had managed to protect his family so far by telling the authorities that he was just a poor farmer. But somehow, somewhere, the truth had come out. They were there to take her father away. This was the last time Ung ever saw him. Most likely, like so many other denounced associates of the former regime, he was taken to the edge of a mass grave and struck down with a hammer. While it would be small comfort, Ung hopes that her father was dead before he was pushed into the grave.


Many people were only knocked partially unconscious by the hammer, before being buried alive, suffocated by the corpses and still partially living bodies piled on top of them.

The next fear, of course, was that the rest of the family would suffer the same fate as her father. Her mother was especially terrified. After all, the Khmer Rouge had declared that they would also kill the families of those who had been declared traitors. Each was to travel in a different direction until they found other places where they could live. If anyone asked them any questions, she told them, the children were to say that they were orphans. Her reasoning was that if the family split up, the regime would be much less able to find and execute them all.

First they killed my father : a daughter of Cambodia remembers

Ung along with her brother and sister did as they were told and left the village. However, their mother stayed there, along with her youngest daughter, Geak, who, at only four years old, was too young to head off on her own. And that was it — what remnants there had been of family life had now dissipated forever.

Pa had a serious gambling problem early in their marriage; he lost his house and money in a game, and stopped gambling when Ma threatened to leave him.

As a result, he does not allow playing cards in the house. Loung continues to display love and respect for her family members and establish what their lives are like in the time before the Khmer Rouge takeover. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Loung is extremely curious about the world, though her incessant questioning annoys Ma.

After she has finished eating, her parents let her leave the table and she downloads fried crickets for a snack. She notices that many of the more successful street vendors are pretty girls, and that beauty is a powerful commodity. Later on, beauty will become a burden as it attracts harassment and even rape under the Khmer Rouge.

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