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Read Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle by E L James for free with a 30 day free trial. Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty. 50 shades of grey by Documents Similar To e l James Cincizeci de Umbre Ale Lui Grey Vol 1 50 de Umbre Descatusate Vol 3 3 PDF Libre. Read Fifty Shades Darker by E L James for free with a 30 day free trial. tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their.

If you think that is a tad excessive, the word "murmur" is used times. But I digress, let me get to the book. If you thought Christian Grey was controlling and domineering in the first book, hold on to your butts because he gets even worse in this one! Ana and Christian get back together within the first like, second, of this book. He vows to change his ways and not be a sadist bully if it means that she'll stay with him. He need someone other than his shrink to tell him he has a good heart. He divulges to Ana that he was beaten as a child and his mom was a crack whore. So now he likes to beat women that look like his mom. She is a little scared, but mostly of her love for him.

Mommy makes a sobbing noise. Please stop. You ar e one fucked-up bitch. He takes a deep steadying breath. The apartment is empty.

It has been a we lcome distraction. Jack Hyde. I suspect he has been overgenerous in his payment. I walk toward the bus stop with m y head down. I shrug on my jacket and head for the door. Of course.

I miss Kate. Out in the early evening air of Seattle. I manage to curl my lips upward in a semblance of a smile. I shut the door on that thought immediately. The time has own by in a haze of new faces. I can afford a car—a nice. I take a deep breath. I turn on the at-.

The box is huge and surprisingly light. It has pride of place on my desk. And the music. Congratulations on your rst day at work. Christian I stare at the typed card. I sign for the package and take it upstairs. I listlessly make my way downstairs and nd a young man noisily chewing gum. I am ca reful to avoid it at all costs.

And thank you for t he glider. I examine the roses— they are beautiful. No doubt. Who could that be? I press the intercom. Inside are two dozen long-stemmed. I sit and stare blankly at the brick wall.

That was very thoughtful. I want none of it. Even the jingles in commercials make me shudder. How long must I endure this? The door buzz er startles me from my anguish. I have become my own island state. A rava ged. I have spoken to no one. I feel nothing but the pain. Christian probably had very little to do with it.

I make my way into the kitchen to hunt dow n a vase. I hope it went well. Gray burning eyes. I am numb. An e-mail from Christian. Oh no. I am surviving on a newfoun d tolerance for lattes and Diet Coke. Jack has started to hover over me. What does he want?

Di d you get my owers? Let me know.

e l James Cincizeci de Umbre Ale Lui Grey Vol 1

I know I will break even fu rther—and I have nothing left to break. Grey Enterprises Holdings. By lunchtime on Wednesday. My e-mail pings.

If I talk to Mom. Christian Grey Subject: Tomorrow Date: June 8 Anastasia Ste ele Dear Anastasia Forgive this intrusion at work. Christian Grey CEO. Holy shit. I sit and begin trawling through a pile of correspondence addressed to h im. I manage a cup o f yogurt. I woul d be more than happy to take you—should you wish. I miss him. I love him. Of course I do. I cannot be with someone who takes pleasure in in icting pain on me.

I must be strong. I clutch my forehea d. Taking a deep breath. Can I see him again? Could I bear it? Do I want to see him? I close my eyes and tilt my head back as grief and longing lance th rough me. I cry myself to sleep at night. How long will this hideou s overwhelming feeling last? I am in purgatory. Anastasia Steele. I wrap my arms around my body.

Anastasia Steele Subject: Christian is right. Torturous memories ash through my mind—the gliding. I really miss him. I hastily leave my desk and bolt to the restroom to escap e into one of the stalls.

Holy hell. I head back to my desk. How did he ge t my e-mail address? He knows my shoe size. I am such an idiot! I still have it set to forward calls to the BlackBerry. SIP Checking my phone. I nd that it is still set to forward calls to the BlackBerry. I would appreciate a lift. What time should I be there tomorrow for your show? Thank you. Anastasia Steele Assistant to Jack Hyde. Christian Grey Hi Christian Thank you for the they are lovely.

Jack is in a meeting. Anastasia Ste ele Dear Anastasia. SIP From: Anastasia Ste ele Dear Anastasia Portland is some distance away. I look forward to seeing you. What time would you suggest? Anastasia Steele Assist ant to Jack Hyde. I shall pick you up at 5: Turning on my side. I toss and turn. My thoughts plague me into the early hours until eventually I fall into a tful. Why does he feel that way? Does it have to do with his upbringing? His birth mom. SIP Oh my. I hug my pillow.

T he dress is looser on me than it was. Has he missed me? That night in bed. I resolve to go clothes shopping with my rst paycheck. His tortured expression haunts me.

50 shades of Grey

I look at the pile of correspondence I need to s ort for Jack and tackle it as I try to push Christian out of my mind once more. Why would I stay when things had reached such an impasse? We were each skirting around our own issues—my fear of punishmen t. Has he found a new submissive? The thought is so painful that I dismiss it immediately. I turn and climb into the back.

Tidyin g my hair so that it hangs artfully down my back. Nervously I walk through the foyer with a smile and a wave to Clai re at Reception.

I ap ply some mascara and eyeliner and pinch my cheeks. I glance hesitantly at Jack. We should celebrate. My mouth dries. In the large mirror on the wall. How am I going to do this?

I hurry in to the restroom to make last-minute adjustments. Please conrm, over. The disembodied voice of the air trafc controller answers, issuing instructions. Roger, tower, Charlie Tango set, over and out. Christian ips two switches, grasps the stick, and the helicopter rises slowly and smoothly into the evening sky.

Seattle and my stomach drop away from us, and theres so much to see. I turn and gape at him in surprise. What does this mean? How is it that he can say the most romantic things? He smiles, and I cant help my shy smile. As well as the evening sun, theres more to see this time, he says.

The last time we ew to Seattle it was dark, but this evening the view is spectacular, literally out of this world. Were up among the tallest buildings, going higher and higher. Escalas over there. He points toward the building.

Boeing there, and you can just see the Space Needle. I crane my head. Ive never been. Ill take youwe can eat there. Christian, we broke up. I know. I can still take you there and feed you.

He glares at me. I shake my head and decide not to antagonize him. Its very beautiful up here, thank you. Impressive, isnt it? Impressive that you can do this. Flattery from you, Miss Steele? But Im a man of many talents. Im fully aware of that, Mr. He turns and smirks at me, and for the rst time in ve days, I relax a little. Perhaps this wont be so bad. Hows the new job? Good, thank you. Whats your boss like? Oh, hes okay. How can I tell Christian that Jack makes me uncomfortable?

Christian glances at me. Whats wrong? Aside from the obvious, nothing. The obvious? Oh, Christian, you really are very obtuse sometimes. Im not sure I appreciate your tone, Miss Steele. His lips twitch into a smile. I have missed your smart mouth, Anastasia. I gasp and I want to shout, Ive missed youall of younot just your mouth! But I keep quiet and gaze out the glass shbowl that is Charlie Tangos windshield as we continue south. The dusk is to our right, the sun low on the horizonlarge, blazing ery orangeand I am Icarus again, ying far too close.

Its a clear, crisp evening, and the lights of Portland twinkle and wink, welcoming us as Christian sets the helicopter down on the helipad. We are on top of the strange brown brick building in Portland we left less than three weeks ago. Its been hardly any time at all. Yet I feel like Ive known Christian for a lifetime. He powers down Charlie Tango, ipping various switches so the rotors stop, and eventually all I hear is my own breathing through the headphones.

Briey it reminds me of the Thomas Tallis experience. I blanch. I dont want to go there right now. Christian unbuckles his harness and leans across to undo mine. Good trip, Miss Steele? Yes, thank you, Mr. Grey, I reply politely. Well, lets go see the boys photos. He holds his hand out to me and taking it, I climb out of Charlie Tango. A gray-haired man with a beard walks over to meet us, grinning broadly, and I recognize him as the old-timer from the last time we were here.

Christian smiles and releases my hand to shake Joes warmly. Keep her safe for Stephan. Hell be along around eight or nine. Maam, he says, nodding at me. Your cars waiting downstairs, sir. Oh, and the elevators out of order; youll need to use the stairs. Thank you, Joe. Christian takes my hand, and we head to the emergency stairs. Good thing for you this is only three oors, in those heels, he mutters in disapproval.

No kidding. Dont you like the boots? I like them very much, Anastasia. His gaze darkens and I think he might say something else, but he stops. Well take it slow. I dont want you falling and breaking your neck. My anxiety has returned full force, and I realize that our time in Charlie Tango has been the eye of the storm.

Christian is quiet and brooding. Theres so much I want to say, but this journey is too short. Christian stares pensively out the window. Jos is just a friend, I murmur. Christian turns and gazes at me, his eyes dark and guarded, giving nothing away. His mouthoh, his mouth is distracting, and unbidden. I remember it on meeverywhere. My skin heats. He shifts in his seat and frowns. Those beautiful eyes look too large in your face, Anastasia. Please tell me youll eat.

Yes, Christian, Ill eat, I answer automatically, a platitude. I mean it. Do you, now? I cannot keep the disdain out of my voice. Honestly, the audacity of this manthis man who has put me through hell over the last few days. No, thats wrong. Ive put myself through hell. Its him. I shake my head, confused. I dont want to ght with you, Anastasia. I want you back, and I want you healthy, he says. But nothings changed. Youre still fty shades. Were here. The car pulls up in front of the gallery, and Christian climbs out, leaving me speechless.

He opens the car door for me, and I clamber out. Why do you do that? My voice is louder than I expected. Do what? Christian is taken aback. Say something like that and then just stop. Anastasia, were here.

Where you want to be. Lets do this and then talk. I dont particularly want a scene in the street. I glance around. Hes right. Its too public. I press my lips together as he glares down at me. Okay, I mutter sulkily. Clasping my hand, he takes me into the building. We are in a converted warehousebrick walls, dark wood oors, white ceilings, and white pipe work. Its airy and modern, and there are several people wandering across the gallery oor, sipping wine and admiring Joss work.

For a moment, my troubles melt away as I grasp that Jos has realized his dream. Way to go, Jos! Good evening and welcome to Jos Rodriguezs show. A young woman dressed in black with very short brown hair, bright red lipstick, and large hooped earrings greets us. She glances briey at me, then much longer than is strictly necessary at Christian, then turns back to me, blinking as she blushes.

My brow creases. Hes mineor was. I try hard not to scowl at her. As her eyes regain their focus, she blinks again. Oh, its you, Ana. Well want your take on all this, too. Grinning, she hands me a brochure and directs me to a table laden with drinks and snacks. You know her? Christian frowns. I shake my head, equally puzzled. He shrugs, distracted. What would you like to drink? Ill have a glass of white wine, thank you. His brow furrows, but he holds his tongue and heads for the open bar.

Jos comes barreling through a throng of people. Holy cow! Hes wearing a suit. He looks good and hes beaming at me. He enfolds me in his arms, hugging me hard. And its all I can do not to burst into tears. My friend, hes my only friend while Kate is away.

Tears pool in my eyes.

Ana, Im so glad you made it, he whispers in my ear. Abruptly he holds me at arms length, examining me. Hey are you okay? You look, well, odd. Dios mo, have you lost weight? I blink back my tears not him too. Jos, Im ne. Im just so happy for you. Congratulations on the show.

My voice wavers as I see the concern etched on his oh-so-familiar face, but I have to hold myself together. How did you get here?

Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty Shades Freed

Christian brought me, I say, suddenly apprehensive. Joss face falls and he releases me. Where is he? His expression darkens. Over there, fetching drinks. I nod in Christians direction and notice that hes exchanging pleasantries with someone waiting in line. Christian glances up and our eyes lock.

And in that brief moment, Im paralyzed, staring at the impossibly handsome man who gazes at me with some unfathomable emotion. His gaze hot, burning into me, and were lost for a moment staring at each other.

Holy cow. This beautiful man wants me back, and deep down inside me sweet joy slowly unfurls like a morning glory in the early dawn. Jos distracts me, and Im dragged back to the here and now. Jos, the journalist from the Portland Printz is here to see you. Come on. She gives me a polite smile. How cool is this? The fame.

He grins, and I cant help but grin backhes so happy. Catch you later, Ana. He kisses my Copyright E. Joss photographs are everywhere, and in some cases, blown up onto huge canvases. There are both monochromes and colors. Theres an ethereal beauty to many of the landscapes.

In one taken near the lake at Vancouver, its early evening and pink clouds are reected in the stillness of the water. Briey, Im transported by the tranquility and the peace. Its stunning. Christian joins me, and hands me my glass of white wine. Does it come up to scratch?

My voice sounds more normal. He looks quizzically at me. The wine. Rarely does at these kinds of events. The boys quite talented, isnt he? Christian is admiring the lake photo. Why else do you think I asked him to take your portrait?

The pride is obvious in my voice. His eyes glide impassively from the photograph to me. Christian Grey? The photographer from the Portland Printz approaches Christian. Can I have a picture, sir? Christian hides his scowl. I step back, but he grabs my hand and pulls me to his side.

The photographer looks at both of us and cant hide his surprise. Grey, thank you. He snaps a couple of photos. Ana Steele, I reply. Thank you, Miss Steele. He scurries off. I looked for pictures of you with dates on the Internet. There arent any. Thats why Kate thought you were gay. Christians mouth twitches into a smile. That explains your inappropriate question.

No, I dont do dates, Anastasiaonly with you. But you know that. His voice is quiet with sincerity. So you never took yourI glance around nervously to check no one can overhear ussubs out? Not on dates. Shopping, you know. He shrugs, his eyes not leaving mine. I dont know what to feel about that. Just you, Anastasia, he whispers. I blush and stare down at my ngers. In his own way, he does care about me. Your friend here seems more of a landscape man, not portraits.

Lets look around. I take his outstretched hand. We wander past a few more prints, and I notice a couple nodding at me, smiling broadly as if they know me. It must be because Im with Christian, but one young man is blatantly staring. We turn the corner, and I see why Ive been getting strange looks.

Hanging on the far wall are seven huge portraitsof me. I stare blankly at them, stupeed, the blood draining from my face. Me: pouting, laughing, scowling, serious, amused. All in super close up, all in black and white. Holy shit! I remember Jos messing with the camera on a couple of occasions when he was visiting and when Id been out with him as driver and photographers assistant.

He took snapshots, or so I thought. Not these invasive candid shots. Christian is staring, transxed, at each of the pictures in turn. Seems Im not the only one, he mutters cryptically, his mouth settling into a hard line.

I think hes angry. Excuse me, he says, pinning me with his bright gaze for a moment. He heads to the reception desk. Whats his problem now? He shes out his wallet and produces his credit card. He must have bought one of them. Youre the muse. These photographs are terric.

A young man with a shock of bright blond hair startles me. I feel a hand at my elbow and Christian is back. Youre a lucky guy. Where did Fifty Shades come from? The Fifty Shades Trilogy was developed from a multi-part series of a Twilight fan fiction Morrison, It was first entitled Master of the Universe.

James, the author of the controversial trilogy, used the name, Snowqueens Icedragon, as she published the fan fict ion online. Due to the fan fictions strong sexual content, it was taken down on the site. James later re-published her work in her own website, FiftyShades. After a while, she rewrote the fan fiction and changed the title to Fifty Shades.

The first book was published as an e-book. In May , it became a print-on-demand paperback. The second book was published in September and the third one followed in January Because of The Writers Coffee Shops limited marketing budget, they relied on online publicity. Fifty Shades of Grey is the first installment in the erotic trilogy.

The second book, Fifty Shades Darker revealed the mystery behind Christian as he learned to love Anastasia. The third and final installment, Fifty Shades Freed, shows the lovers journey as a married couple while Christian struggles with his issues. James who was first known as Snowqueens Icedragon is a mother of two. She hardly lets reporters interview her. She said that the success of the books is completely and utterly overwhelming.

The trilogy is her first ever published work. She continuously thanked her husband, Niall, as he supports her writing career. James is described as a private person by reporters. The most personal thing she shared about herself is that she likes to eat Nutella straight from the jar. This paper aims to help the people who are studying literature and those who want to read a review of the trilogy. This paper also aims to show how fan fiction stories dominate the world of literature nowadays.

Significance The significance of this study is to analyze the book which has been phenomenal since its release. It is to help the readers decide whether its a good book to read or not. It wi ll also serve as a guide to the readers before they read the book.

Many are curious about the best-selling trilogy.

This study will tackle the reviews and criticisms about the book. This will benefit the people who are into the study of literature. This will also benefit the people who want to see reviews of the trilogy. This implies the need to review the copyright laws because fan fiction stories are starting to rule over the world of literature. Statement of the Problem This study will answer the following questions: 1. What are the reasons why the novel is considered immoral?

What made the book a low novel form of literature? What is the content of the book that showed immorality? It was described as a badly written work by some critics. According to Debby Herbenick, Fifty Shades trilogy has helped women in being more expressive when it comes to sex.

It has also helped women to feel more at ease in having sexual fantasies. Now, women dont feel guilty when they think of sex, readers who are women have come to realize that sex is a normal thing and theres no need to feel immoral if they get aroused as they read. A research showed that men get aroused by watching while women get aroused by reading erotic stories. Michael Krychman, a gynecologist and a specialist in sexual health, said that Fifty Shades has also given ideas to couples to prevent sexual boredom.

He said that sex is an issue for long-term relationships. Krychman has also said that the trilogy would definitely help readers get their mind off things and forget about the pressure.

Herbenick mentioned that with women, erotic literature is the solution for them to focus on sex because women are more prone to distractions than men are. Although Dr. Krychman has said good words about the trilogy, he mentioned a detriment of reading the series. It increased womens expectation in sex. In reality, sex isnt always as good as it was described in the books Butler, Even though the trilogy is strictly for adults, worried voices stated that there are many ways for teenagers to read the books.

For young people, theyd do anything to have the forbidden fruit which in this case is the trilogy. An expert panel had a meeting in New York to discuss E. James Fifty Shades trilogy. Theyre all experts when it comes to erotic literature. So whats the verdict? Basically, the trilogy hasnt reached their standards. Erica Jong said that she couldnt find a part of the book that aroused her.

Jong also criticized the lack of editing in the whole book.

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