Exodus by Leon Uris; 28 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Accessible book, Emigration and immigration, Exodus (Ship), Fiction, History. Passionate summary of the inhuman treatment of the Jewish people in Europe, of the exodus in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to Palestine. Exodus. byUris, Leon, Publication date Topics Exodus ( Ship), Jews, Holocaust Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “One of the great bestsellers of modern times.” —The New York medical-site.info: Exodus eBook: Leon Uris: Kindle Store. Tags: Exodus () Leon Uris, tutorials, pdf, ebook, torrent, downloads, rapidshare, filesonic, hotfile, megaupload, fileserve. Book Reviews. Our Exodus: Leon Uris and the Americanization of Israel's Founding Story. By M. M. Silver. (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, pp.

This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address: Article Id: Leon Marcus Uris August 3, — June 21, was an United States Marine and author, known for his historical fiction and the deep research that went into his novels. His two bestselling books were Exodus published in and Trinity published in His father, a Polish -born immigrant, was a paperhanger , then a storekeeper. His mother was first-generation Russian American. He derived his surname from Yerushalmi, meaning "man of Jerusalem ". His brother Aron, Leon's uncle, took the name Yerushalmi.

They are disappointed because the Jews don't farm and take money from overseas philanthropists. The brothers change their names to Akiva Yakov and Barak Jossi.

Jossi tries to understand the Palestinians, using demonstrations of force to gain their respect. The two brothers become senior in the Jewish government, and debate using terrorism to fight the British authorities.

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The British are depicted as supportive of the Holocaust. The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine is approved, and the conflict with the Palestinians begins in earnest.

The Haganah forces prevail over the three Arab generals who vie for fame. They adopt the tactic of siege warfare. Jewish victory at Safed , incorrectly rumored to be through use of an atom bomb, frightens the Palestinian fighters, who flee to Lebanon.

Israel proclaims independence and gradually defeats the Arab nations. Themes[ edit ] The main plot of the novel, writes Bonnie Helms, involves a "story of great courage. The novel includes several love stories, although they often take place in surroundings of violence and terrorism. Those settings were composed of their previous personal experiences, which were then grounded in both religion and geography.

According to William Darby, "The leading characters in Exodus only find romantic happiness when they understand that they must conjoin nationalistic, religious and personal aims. It tells the story of the Jews coming back after centuries of abuse, indignities, torture, and murder to carve an oasis in the sand with guts and with blood Exodus is about fighting people, people who do not apologize either for being born Jews or the right to live in human dignity.

The handsome Ben Canaan is described as six feet and three inches tall, with dark hair and ice-blue eyes.

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His uncle Akiva formerly Yakov Rabinsky leads the Maccabees, a militant organization based on the Irgun. The brothers came to Palestine after their father was murdered in a pogrom. As a young man, Ari was in love with a young woman, Dafna, who was tortured, raped, and murdered by Arabs. Dafna later becomes the namesake of the youth village, Gan Dafna, around which a large part of the story unfolds.

As part of the Mossad Aliyah Bet an organization which organized Jewish immigration to Palestine , Ari is extremely creative in devising techniques to bring Jews from all over the world to Palestine — more than allowed by the British quota.

During World War II, he served as an officer in the Jewish Brigade of the British army, and he uses this experience to benefit his activities.

This is his main occupation until Israel gains freedom, when he joins the Israeli army and is assigned to the Negev desert. He sees himself as part of a new breed of Jew who will not "turn the other cheek". There are similarities to his character and Moshe Dayan , the Israeli military leader and politician; many parallels can be drawn between Ari and Dayan: both the fictional Ari and the real-life Dayan were trained by the same British General and had similar World War II experiences.

Grieving for her lost husband and the recent death of her daughter from polio , Kitty develops a maternal attachment toward Karen Hansen Clement, a German refugee in a Cyprus displaced persons DP camp. This attachment and her attraction toward Ben Canaan result in her becoming, initially with reluctance, involved in the freedom struggle.

She eventually becomes irritated at Ari's lack of emotion towards violent deaths, but comes to understand and accept his dedication to Israel.

He is credited as the whistleblower of the Exodus after it left on its voyage to Palestine, as a blackmail against the British. Bruce Sutherland[ edit ] Bruce Sutherland is a British military officer rank of brigadier whose mother was Jewish.

After a lifetime of soldiering, he is posted to Cyprus, with instructions to maintain security at the detention camps. Like many British aristocrats he has a stifling, formal manner of speech. Internally, he is torn between his sympathies with the Jews he is required to guard and his duties as a British officer; the horrors he witnessed when his battalion liberated Bergen-Belsen is also a factor.

He retires from the army at his own request after a mass escape engineered and led by Ari Ben Canaan. Despite this, he moves to Palestine to settle, becomes good friends with Ben Canaan, and acts as a very unofficial military advisor. Karen Hansen Clement[ edit ] Karen Hansen Clement, described as tall, with long brown hair and green eyes, is a German teenager who was brought up for a while by foster parents in Denmark.

She was sent there by her family when Hitler rose to power in Germany. Her family was subsequently interned in concentration camps , where her mother and two younger brothers die.

Before she is transported to Israel, Karen is placed in a Cypriot refugee camp and is one of the passengers on the Exodus. Karen does meet her father again in Israel, but he is a broken man who is unable to communicate or recognize his daughter; the experience leaves her unnerved and shattered. Despite this, she maintains her gentle and dainty personality.

At the end of the novel she is murdered by fedayeen from Gaza.

Dov Landau[ edit ] Dov Landau, described as being blond, blue-eyed, small, and young-looking for his age, is an angry teenager who lost his entire family to the Holocaust ; he has not merely survived the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and of Auschwitz , but has learned from them to turn circumstances to his advantage. A master forger , he narrowly escapes the gas chamber by displaying his talent to the camp doctor.

The doctor is not able to tell the difference between his own signature and the five copies that Dov makes. Dov works as a forger but is then assigned to work in a Sonderkommando , which he barely survives. After the camp is liberated, he ends up in Cyprus and eventually Israel as part of the escape organized by Ari Ben Canaan.

He joins the Maccabees based on the Irgun , a Jewish militant organization that is headed by Barak's brother Akiva.

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He is driven by a thirst for revenge "that only God or a bullet can stop". Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Volume Our Exodus: Michael Brown. Emeritus, York University, Toronto, Canada. Oxford Academic. Google Scholar. Cite Citation.

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