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Kobo offers endless choices with millions of the world's best eBooks. Download your next read instantly to enjoy in the free Kobo App for smartphones and. download e-Books on medical-site.info E-books, or electronic books, were initially considered to be the death of the paper book. Find e-books online and download them instantly from medical-site.info, downloading them to your device of choice. SA eBooks based in South Africa are your gateway to free eBook downloads ( without registration or hidden costs) Our eBook Library offers % Free eBooks!.

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Visit Penguin Random House SA's ebook store, where you'll find all our ebooks at really great prices. Get your ebook library going with these three easy steps. South Africa. Choose from great eBooks from Rakuten Kobo's extensive catalogue. Get personalized recommendations and see other readers' reviews. This page is intended for south african ebooks. All ebooks given here are having free licenses and so it is free to download. Topics included in these ebooks are.

Pearson, Macmillan and Oxford University Press are working with the company to ensure that South African learners have access to educational content. Developing solutions The company has been watching the academic space in South Africa for some time and has been developing solutions aimed specifically to help more schools access eBooks. Access to physical textbooks is a problem that emerging markets, including South Africa, face constantly. While many of these learners have mobile phones and some even tablets, they still do not have easy access to textbooks due to logistics or costs. The free eBook store will provide students and teachers with a simple platform to download their e-textbooks. They will have access to thousands of eBooks needed in their curriculum from leading global academic publishers; the school can decide to download these eBooks on behalf of their student body, or the students can download the eBooks for themselves. Pearson's range of local school and supplementary eBooks will soon become available in the eBook stores. This includes digital note-taking and highlighting, making for easier revision and study. Using digital distribution channels enables the company to reach more students through technology," says Veronica Napier, consumer sales director of Pearson South Africa.

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Welcome, Guest Sign in or Register. Monday, 20 October Hits What is eBook Publishing, what steps are involved in the digital publishing process, how the process different from the normal hard-copy publishing route and is it the best choice for you?

History of eBook Publishing Up until all aspiring authors would have followed roughly the same process to publish their hard-copy books. This process is a long one and can easily take up to a year before the book is available to customers.

Once a book is sold, each person in the publishing chain takes their cut from the sale of the book. The bookshop will take their share, and the publisher who owns the copyright will take theirs before the remaining amount is paid to the author as royalties.

The result is that the author, in many cases, waits for months for this process to be concluded and royalties to be received. Once the process begins, the author also does not have much control over the publishing and printing of the manuscript. The marketing process, arguably one of the most important steps, is also then largely left up to others, with the author playing more of a secondary role.

Following the technological improvements in the early part of the last decade, and the acceptance of the eBook as a vital component of the publishing cycle, the role the author can play in the process has changed, allowing the author more power than ever before.

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It sold out in hours. This device was a catalyst for the online publishing industry, introducing eBooks as a real alternative to traditional hard-copy printed books. Customers were impressed with the range of eBooks available on the site platform, the cheaper pricing of eBooks and being able to choose the font type and size of the eBook you were busy reading. Up until then there had been other devices capable of reading eBooks. The need for often unnecessary and complicated publishing contracts was removed and replaced by a short and simple signup process.

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