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With so much ripped realness at Cosmo Tower 69, this was a tough gallery to round up. But one thing's for sure: These guys DO NOT need Photoshop! More on. A simple guide as to what's inside your Cosmo mag this month. Check this out!. Cosmopolitan_Philippines_pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. AUGUST Cover Stories 24 80 Maja Salvador Cosmo FHM Philippines September

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Cosmopolitan Philippines September 2014 Pdf

Published PM, September 04, . Every year, Cosmopolitan Philippines releases their 'bachelors' issue, and this year, Paulo Avelino is the featured. Cosmopolitan magazine has devoted their September issue to http://www., or follow them on Twitter. Get your digital copy of Cosmopolitan Philippines Magazine - September issue on Magzter and enjoy reading it on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the .

Or You Did. Now What? Dazzle with the latest in makeup artistry. Doggie Style He Cheated. Fearless Beauty.

Fearless Beauty. Your playlist needs an upgrade and you know it. Pick blue-based formulas. PH All th e on lin e ust! Other than raising The Best Kid Ever!

Cosmopolitan Philippines

Elizabeth Acosta. Ellaine Cruz For local dealership and distributorship inquiries. Knell Rosario. Harold William Rey. Charmie Abarquez. JC Brion. Kitkat Nerva. Valine Aquino. Robinsons Pioneer Complex. Joel Valdez at tel. Heels from Alaia. Maricel Adaniel. Annie Santos. Jewelry by Love Rocks Jewelry. Clare Felise Magno. Noreen Peligro. Anjelyn Carino. Art direction by Hazel Joy Malagonio. Chinggay Cabit. Jacket from Zara. Pioneer St. Charlotte Barlis. Astrid O.

Jennifer Tolentino. Elnie Marie Santos. Alfredo Toledo Jr. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any manner without the permission of the publisher. Juan Paolo Maningat. Visit www. Myrza Sison. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject editorial or advertising material. Ralph Cordova. Carla Paula Soriano. Roberlin Rubina. Nathaniel Embiado. Nails by Rosalyn Morata of Chic Nails. Publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material.

Carmina Gara.. Hansel C. Body suit from American Apparel. All rights reserved. Mandaluyong City Michael Lumabi. Mitz Jairus Baldoza. Jay Mathew Dimayuga. For international distribution inquiries. Rachelle Anne Castillo. Styling by Cath Sobrevega of Qurator. Hair by Jay Wee. Philippine Copyright by SH Publications. Eric Ferdinand Gasatan. Kim St. Alex Revelar. Jane M. Junn De Las Alas. Dorothy Joy Bulan.

Ashley Balla. Marlyn Miguel. Fax No. Joey Anciano. Assisted by Jigs Miranda. Edward Caringal. Reijie Paquibot. Neil Emerson De Guzman. Ira Guevarra. Email us at customercare summitmedia. Joyce Argana. The experience itself is fun. Everything else is secondary. He says. She says. We all eat everyday. Cooking is also very liberating and empowering. Our regular Whip It Up food stylist loves his new gig for Cosmo. All the models were such pros. We photographed different kinds of beauty.

From there.

Break time: Enter Tower 69 with 2014 Cosmo bachelors

Try it! To illustrate each feature. What a waste of worry and money! Of course. Twitter myrzasison email myrza cosmo. Proliferating today is an avalanche of procedures for creating eyefolds to enlarge the eyes. Editorial Director IG. Fast forward to You are beautiful if you say you are. Are we just succumbing to the pressure of conforming to a societal ideal? Happy August! Our year-old story begged for a remake in this beauty issue. Inspiration with a Cosmo edge.

You totally get us ladies. Gosh, sobrang fresh ni redangel dito. Parang teenager lang. Sarah Chiu Got a copy already! Thank you Cosmo for featuring Angel Locsin on your cover, please continue to support her! More covers for her and more BTS! Ann Maceda Got mine! Sooooooooooo excited! These catch my eye: Thanks for agreeing with us on the numerous important aspects we look for in a man.

I especially salute the point about going for a man who works out, since it means he is dedicated to self-improvement and is in no way a slouch— in bed and in life.

Can I give you a hug? Go for the lassie hairstyle. Try it for a young and classy look. Wow-Worthy Wob The famous wob or wavy bob is all about creating perfectly imperfect curls. What you need to do: Wrap your strands around the rod of a curling iron. Next, scrunch up your strands, apply some hair spray for extra volume, and gently pull down your curls.

Easy on the tresses, because the goal is not to make it look too made up. Sassy with Swag The swag short for swingy swag is the style that will save you from the awkward stage of a growing long bob. The right hair length is also a must to make this style extra gorgeous for your face shape. Every Cosmo girl wants to know the secret to achieving effortlessly voluminous hair. Our answer: Dove Oxygen and Nourishment. Keep a small pouch that you can transfer as you change bags and bring only the basics.

Drawing journal.

Check out our Beauty Awards to find the best makeup for your different needs! Makeup pouch. See Shopping Directory for details. Next time you feel swamped at work. P each. Studies show indulging your creative senses soothes the mind and gives your brain a reboot.

Who cares if you never learned how to paint or draw? Get a fun drawing journal and cute stencil books like these to help bring out your inner artiste. Toe separators. P WWW. Take your party photos up a notch with this handheld Polaroid prop.

So let the rain fall. Have your own. Garden tools. A green thumb. So when you finally find your match…take care of them! Keep them in unique cases like these to avoid breaking or misplacing them. P each 8 Notebook. The last thing you want is to miss an important one because you got your digits wrong!

Typo 22 Umbrellas. You never know what bacteria may be lurking in salon-owned equipment. Do your part in helping Mother Nature by starting a pocket garden at home. Get some pots and cute gardening tools like these and try your hand at growing herbs and low-maintenance plants.

Snap photos of your friends behind the frame and write funny hashtags below for photos you may or may not regret post-party. While saving up for your dream rocks. How could she go from dancer to actress to singer to making bank on all three at once? We want to know the secret. And Maja, in tsinelas and muching on a tortilla chip, is eager to help us figure Maja out. Our first theory: Maja is the realest sorry, Iggy. Her keen understanding of the world she moves around in makes sure she keeps her place in it: New formula?

Ang dami nang bagong artista ngayon.

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Iba na talaga tao ngayon. Anong bago ang mabibigay mo sa kanila? As we duly attempt to swallow our shoe envy, she pipes up: Three hours later, Maja has worked several bodysuits, danced effortlessly to several tracks on Spotify, waited patiently as lights, outfits, and makeup are adjusted, and ridden the frenetic wave of energy that is a cover shoot as placidly as humanly possible. This cover could be her sexiest yet.

How does she do it? She knows she has to make moves, so she does. She knows the harsh reality of being… Maja Salvador. When asked how she deals with the inevitable pagod and frustration that come with the inevitable ups, downs, and trappings of a Maja-level career, she has a lot to say. Yes, nasasaktan ako—but do I need to dwell on it nang matagal?

Masayahin talaga akong tao—ayoko nang mabigat. She puts a premium on herself by making sure she listens to herself, not the people who. I always say: Say what you want, pero kilala ko ang sarili ko. If I could dance to one song forever. The Cosmo Interview Name: My favorite comfort food: My favorite vacation spot: My all-time favorite movie: My most challenging role: My biggest celebrity crush is: Being single is awesome because.

My life peg is: My go-to outfit is: How I deal with intriga: My message to my Cosmo readers: Gusto ko maging si… Maja. Minahal ko naman at minahal ako. Lahat ng duties ng girlfriend. I try to find my happiness kung saan man ako at that moment. Huwag ka mag-regret. Maja and Gerald Anderson call it quits. Meron kaming sariling mundo.

See Maja reenact her One More Chance scene! People find it hard to be comfortable in their own skin to which Maja retorts. Ang dami ko pang ibang puwedeng gawin.

A long pause. May mga taong tatanggapin ka. Never akong naging bitter talaga. If you can change something. Naniniwala akong di mo kailangan magmakaawa for love. Maja only had glowing. Para akong nakikipag-boyfriend sa marami. Part ng life ang pagkakamali. So ako. You just have to accept that and move on. In my last relationship.

No matter how hard you fight for it. May mawawala. Enough about Maja the girlfriend. Ask yourself: Worth it pa ba? Respetuhin mo sarili mo. Iniyak ko nang todo. Does the relationship still deserve that?

Loving her single life.

And I need to be honest with myself na. In her last Cosmo interview. Ha ha! PH dering on awkward. Naging masaya ako eh. You have to know what you deserve.

But siyempre. Hindi naman ako nabuhay lang para magboyfriend. But Maja in the present is the very picture of calm. Read more about this winner on www. You can get glam hair and a healthy scalp at the same time. Having gorgeous hair starts with having a healthy scalp. We need hair solutions that work double-time. Holika Holika. Nine West. Charles and Keith. Lighting one of these while soaking in the tub is a great way to de-stress! The Body Shop. P Pretty pastels help you keep your cool on crazy days.

Katherine Heigl. Kate was the one the bartender turned to first. Where Kate has her looks. I mean no offense to Karlie or Cara when I say. Kate and I eventually became friends.

I was getting a book published. I have a certain cachet of my own. A former model. Meeting friends for drinks. Maybe if our friendship had continued I moved to L. It seems that. Kate was trying to prove she was smart enough to hang with me. The rich friend with a weekend house. Like so much else. That way. A study found that having a friend whom we perceive as thinner or prettier can actually boost our self-esteem. If you ask most women what they look for in a new friend.

Hardly ugly. Around this time. But this presents a catch Some of us subconsciously seek out friends who may help attract attention. It can change with things like promotions. When we were out together. Shannan Rouss. It was so obvious that Kate was trying to prove she had something to offer besides being hot.

I made an effort to keep up with her: I blow-dried my hair and wore my highest heels. According to a study of college-age women in the journal Human Nature. Just like attractiveness plays a part in romantic relationships. The reason? When we feel close to a friend. Fearless Life. But for better or worse. Attraction is more than just looks. I would choose personality over looks for making friends. I believe in soul mates. Looks are a huge factor in choosing the people we date.

Do your Tinder. Choosing to date a guy based on looks means you are attracted to him physically. But does this translate to wanting someone enough to pick up the phone and see what his plans are this weekend?

Not necessarily. Date someone who makes your heart skip a beat. Does his intelligence spark meaningful conversations you can relate to? Have you ever found yourself on a date with a gorgeous specimen. Personalities revolve around character traits. I have. This is a heavier consideration for me when it comes to long-term compatibility and relationships.. These patterns of behavior and temperament indicate whether or not you will get along well with each other.

When I met him, he looked nothing like his photos, and talked about nothing but himself, his sexcapades, and his recent ex.

During the movie he treated me to, he tried groping my thigh. Then he still tried to kiss me with stinky garlic breath. My fantasy of hooking up with a student came true that night.

Six months later, we ended up in the same meeting because the companies we worked for had partnered up. He stuttered through most of his presentation and it was super awkward. The world is just too small sometimes! In the middle of our fun, she woke up, sat up, and looked right at us! I was playing an online game with my friends and gave her a call while we were waiting for our next match.

We tried telling the guard that we were just having a serious heart-to-heart.. I totally forgot that I was on Skype with them as well and they overheard my. No way was I going to risk having him arrest me—or worse! I made sure to always mute Skype after that.

I sneaked out in my boxers. We were practicing it during dress rehearsal and unfortunately. Fearless Celebs Amber Times Nine. Camille Co WWW. Long skirt. P Florals an d pin k always go togeth er! Cremesheen Lipstick in Little Buddha. Tough en up a pale pin k sweat er wit h dist re ssed je an s an d c omfy kic k s.

P Tricia Gosingtian Rigid bracelet set. Distressed jeans. P ou r C om plet e ysoft look wit h a ky brown sm o e s. And you can be anyone you want [in a different place]. Korea and world traveler chats with Cosmo about wanderlust. But in situations like in a club where everyone has their guard up. I wander off alone and go exploring by myself to learn more about the place. Most of the time they understand. I give my all.. I really want to go backpacking around the world alone.

I play frisbee. I used to get teased for that. I make my intentions clear: Breaking hearts? Traveling alone [leads to] selfdiscovery. But if I go up to her. I read novels. But now I can just go up to a girl. Solenn Heusaff. Okay fine. With a double degree in Math and Physics and a Ph. Handsome host and Cosmo Guy Walter knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

Just four. A hottie who writes poetry? Their brains. Hey Atom. Michael DiGregorio Height: FunFearless Vest. Jh Jeans. N nd thin bangle. M t Bergdorf Good a tA s. Atsui at Zalora. K hoes. Fearless Style Bag. CC s T Jeans.

Further epidemics occurred in , , and , with increasing reported cases of dengue disease [5] — [8]. The epidemic had the highest recorded incidence rate The rising incidence of dengue disease can be explained by several factors.

Dengue is caused by one of four dengue viruses DENV-1, -2, -3, or -4 transmitted primarily by the Aedes aegypti Linnaeus mosquito, which breeds in open water containers, and can survive year round in tropical and subtropical climates.

During World War II, the movement of people and equipment expanded the geographic distribution of Ae. Aegypti and dengue disease in Southeast Asia [3]. Since then, virus propagation in the region has been facilitated by rapid urbanization, environmental degradation, the lack of a reliable water supply, and improper management and disposal of solid waste [3] , [9]. In the Philippines, the percentage of the population living in urban areas increased from Dengue has been a notifiable disease in the Philippines since [11].

During the review period the Philippines employed both passive outpatient and inpatient and sentinel surveillance across all ages [12]. The National Epidemic Sentinel Surveillance System monitored the total number of hospital cases and deaths that were admitted to — selected sentinel hospitals throughout the Philippines and, up until , did not differentiate between dengue fever DF , dengue haemorrhagic fever DHF , or dengue shock syndrome DSS.

For Mexico, 1 species 5. Between 3 and 4 species are estimated for the country, considering the necessity of consistent studies in the north, central, western and southeastern regions. Kim K. Eight species of the genus are found to occur in this country. Four species, G. A key to the South Korean species of Gelanes is provided. ZooKeys, 77— These three species are assigned to a newly designated fulgida species-group, and a portion of the key for identification of this species-group is provided.

Based on the shape of the ovipositor apex, the fulgida species-group resemble members of the subgenus Microdiaparsis Horstmann but are distinct in having a much shorter temple. Tersilochinae of Western siteia Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae. Genus Stethantyx Townes, part 1. Ten species, S. Six species, previously known only from Costa Rica, S. A partial key to Western siteian species of Stethantyx is given. New data on the Afrotropical Tersilochinae Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae.

Proceedings of the Russian Entomological Society, 84 2 : — New data on distribution of Diaparsis Diaparsis interstitialis Khalaim, D.

Cosmopolitan Philippinesโดย November - อ่านอีบุ๊คที่อุ๊คบี

Male of D. ZooKeys, 83— One species, S. A key to species of Stethantyx occurring in Mexico is provided. Russian Entomological Journal, 22 4 : — Oedemopsis riyitoi is recorded from Mexico for the first time.

Both species were reared from vegetative buds of blackberry plants containing two leafroller species, Argyrotaenia sp. Lepidoptera: Tortricidae. Colour photos of these two species of Oedemopsis are given for the first time. Bordera S.

The Canadian Entomologist, 4 : — Five species, C. Data on diagnosis, variation, distribution, and hosts of all species are provided. All previously known species are re-described. The present revision extends the distributional range of the Neotropical species C. An illustrated identification key to all North American Clistopyga species is provided. Journal of Hymenoptera Research, 27— Eight species belonging to the subgenus Tersilochus are described as new: T.

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