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[Drum] Colin Bailey - Bass Drum Control - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Something about bass drum technique and proper. Colin Bailey - Bass Drum Control - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download Colin Bailey Bass Drum Control for free without registration.

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Colin Bailey Bass Drum Control Pdf

Download [Drum] Colin Bailey - Bass Drum Control. Bass Drum Control: Best Seller for More Than 50 mastery of exercises. I used Colin Bailey's Bass Drum Control book to develop my SINGLE. I used Colin Bailey's Bass Drum Control book to develop my SINGLE bass drum playing and DOUBLE bass drum playing. I had the good fortune to get together.

There are also many exercises that alternate between the hands and feet. The enclosed CD with the latest edition actually explains the technique used and what recommended pedal set-up to use. The book illustrates the exercises with notation. Understanding music notation is essential to us this book. One of the things that is great about this book is that the CD gives some very good information about foot technique, pedal adjustment, seating position, and head tuning to get the results you hear on the CD. All the exercises in the book are performed with a single pedal and this guy can do anything that people today do with two. Even more amazing is to note that this book was first published in ! There is also a neat section that incorporates the bass drum into the rudiments.

He has my highest admiration.

25 Timeless Drum Books

I had the good fortune to get together with Colin and have him show me some of his insights into bass drum pedal technique and found it to be very useful. I had first hand experience as Colin took me through his great book years ago as his student! Anyone interested in moving their bass drum playing up a gear should get this, in fact anyone learning the drums at all should have a copy!

Don Lombardi, who makes intelligent interjections throughout, hosts the programme. The whole vibe is a relaxed masterclass, lots to learn and all presented in a clear and calm manner.

Colin's legendary book — Bass Drum Control — is the top selling publication of all time for teaching bass drum technique.

Colin now offers individual lessons via Skype. All rights reserved. Bob Barry jazzography.

Victor was a very serious musician, always learning, and he had a great knowledge of harmony. He always had hip changes, and with him being a drummer too, he wrote some very tricky parts for me.

He did the same for the bass too. He knew just how far he could go technically, it was always right though. Everything about playing with Victor was wonderful, I feel very fortunate to have played with him and Monty all those years.

What an incredible guitar player. He and Wes in my opinion are the two best ever.

Colin Bailey - Bass Drum Control

Joe was the exact opposite of Victor, in that he never wanted to rehearse, even on recordings. At the end there is a tag, and it was always played out in time. Joe decided he would slow down the last two bars; I went on in time for a couple of beats until I caught on.

It sounds like I made a mistake!! Joe played so beautiful on the changes, and he had great time, and was hot, like Victor. We used to play some really fast tunes, and he was so comfortable playing at those tempos, it was nothing to him. Joe plays some stunning stuff on that album.

Colin Bailey - Bass Drum Control

That was July We just went into the studio, ran the tunes down, and telepathy made the endings ok. There were three, four hour sessions. I made a lot of albums with Joe through the years. We also did albums with other artists.

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I remember one show, the Woody Woodbury Show. It was a five night a week show, and had a six piece band. No getting warmed up, it just showed what a natural nut player he was.

[Drum] Colin Bailey - Bass Drum Control

Joe really liked playing with the quartet, because he could play any tune that came into his mind, and John and Jim were on it, they had such great ears.

We never knew what he was going to play. He would just start, and we would join in. He liked it that loose. What is it like being a drummer in a studio musician setting as compared to being a Jazz drummer on a gig?

There is always a little pressure in studio work, whereas playing Jazz on a gig is looser. I did a lot of TV shows, and there are no mistakes allowed because of the time factor. If you were to mess up on the taping you would be in deep s Recording is a little easier, because there, you can start over if anything goes amiss. T his may be a question of special interest to the drummers reading this feature, but what type or brand of drum kit do you play?

Why did you choose these drums? What cymbals and sticks do you play and why?

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