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Notes for the T eacher Teacher Beehive, a textbook in English for Class IX, is based on the new syllabus in English which was prepared as a follow-up to the. English text book “Beehive English” E-book for class 9, CBSE, NCERT. English text book “Moments Supplementary Reader” E-book for class. Beehive, a textbook in English for Class IX, is based on the new syllabus in. English which was A rich variety of reading material has been provided to include the literary, few questions which ask for the readers judgment; they aim to bring.

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Cbse Class 9 English Literature Reader Pdf Beehive

Free download of NCERT chapter-wise solutions for class 9 English Beehive thus making linguistic concepts easy to understand and literary devices easy to. BeehiveEnglishTextBook. NCERT/CBSE class 9 English book BeehiveEnglishTextBook · MomentsSupplimentaryReader. NCERT/CBSE class 9 English book. Beehive, a textbook in English for Class IX, is based on the new syllabus in few questions which ask for the readers' judgment; they aim to bring out the.

English is one of those subjects which can be easily mastered by going through the chapters and their questions. Drafted by expert teachers, it simplifies the intricacy of the English language and helps you build up your vocabulary. The great thing these solutions are available in PDF downloadable format in a chapter wise and sequential manner and is laid out in terms of questions and answers which makes studying a breeze and also helps for an engaging revision. The solutions are arranged in a proper sequential manner which makes it easier for one to refer to and learn. You can prepare accordingly and formulate effective plans for studying. English is a global language and is used in both day-to-day conversations and in academic contexts. Vedantu's expert teachers have curated the PDFs of these solutions at one place, thus making linguistic concepts easy to understand and literary devices easy to grasp. There is a total of 21 chapters. The benefits of referring to NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive are not only confined to understanding the textbook solutions, but it immensely helps in solving Class 9 English previous year question and sample papers. Yes, you heard it right! It is a well-known fact that solving previous year papers for any subject can help you get an edge and NCERT solutions are the most powerful tool to achieve that. English is the only subject in which you can score good marks without memorizing the answers given that you have the right set of solutions with you that will allow comprehending easily.

Last year, 9 poems were part of syllabus but this year CBSE has added one new poem to class 9 English Language and literature syllabus. Now students have to study 10 poems. The Grammar syllabus will include the following areas in class IX: Tenses 2.

Modals 3. Use of passive voice 4. Subject — verb concord 5. Determiners 8. Reading Section: Writing Section: All types of short and extended writing tasks will be dealt with. Grammar items mentioned in the syllabus will be taught and assessed. Listening and Speaking Skills: She always had to write them out in a punch code they made her learn when she was six years old.

I think the geography sector was geared a little too quick. I bet you in fast speech: She wanted to read about those funny schools. It was right next to her bedroom. It was always on at the same time every day except Saturday and Sunday. They had a special building and all the kids went there. My father knows as much as my teacher.

How could a man be a teacher? He walked away whistling. Margie went into the schoolroom. I betcha. They learned the same things.. Margie did so with a sigh. The screen was lit up.. And the teachers were people… The mechanical teacher was flashing on the screen: All the kids from the whole neighborhood came. The mechanical teacher was flashing on the screen. She was thinking about the fun they had. How old are Margie and Tommy? Why did Margie hate school? Why did she think the old kind of school must have been fun?

How does Tommy describe the old kind of school? How does he describe the old kind of teachers? What do you think a telebook is?

CBSE Class 9 English Language and Literature Syllabus for 2018-19

What did Margie write in her diary? Had Margie ever seen a book before? Answer the following with reference to the story. Did she have any classmates? Answer each of these questions in two or three paragraphs — words. Answer these questions in a few words or a couple of sentences each. What things about the book did she find strange? What are the main features of the mechanical teachers and the schoolrooms that Margie and Tommy have in the story?

Answer each of these questions in a short paragraph about 30 words. What kind of teachers did Margie and Tommy have? What did he do? Why was Margie doing badly in geography? What did the County Inspector do to help her? Did Margie have regular days and hours for school? If so. What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn? Do you agree with Margie that schools today are more fun than the school in the story? Give reasons for your answer. For example: Now use these adverbs to fill in the blanks in the sentences below.

Find the sentences in the lesson which have the adverbs given in the box below. The word complete is an adjective. Spelling Note: When an adjective ends in —y. When you add —ly to it. Sameer answered our questions shrugging his shoulders. An adverb describes action. Adverbs Read this sentence taken from the story: You can form adverbs by adding —ly to adjectives.

Thinking about Language I. Write a letter to the publisher. The other part of the sentence tells us about a possible result. New Delhi. Unless that little bird flies away quickly. Sentences with unless or if not are negative conditional sentences. Mindfame Private Limited. Make adverbs from these adjectives.

Unless you promise to write back.

Download NCERT Book class 9-English-Beehive (Chapters).pdf

The part that begins with if not or unless tells us the condition. Order one set. Use the correct form of the verb. Your letter will have the following parts. Notice that these sentences have two parts.

Notice these two tenses again in the following examples. Complete the following conditional sentences. For example. Yours sincerely. Your signature Remember that the language of a formal letter is different from the colloquial style of personal letters.

Speaking In groups of four discuss the following topic. False science creates atheists. After this. You may find the following phrases useful to present your argument in the debate. And that has made all the difference. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence. And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black.

Robert Frost is an American poet who writes simply. I doubted if I should ever come back. Because it was grassy and wanted wear. And having perhaps the better claim. And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveller. Then took the other. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same.

Two roads diverged in a wood. I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way. Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does.

Is there any difference between the two roads as the poet describes them i in stanzas two and three? Have you ever had to make a difficult choice or do you think you will have difficult choices to make? How will you make the choice for what reasons? What do you think the last two lines of the poem mean? Looking back.

After you have made a choice do you always think about what might have been. Discuss what these phrases mean to you. Where does the traveller find himself? What problem does he face? For quite a while Evelyn managed to conceal her growing deafness from friends and teachers. What we hear. A slight girl. But this aspiring musician faced a bigger challenge than most: It was her first day at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London and daunting enough for any teenager fresh from a Scottish farm.

R U S H hour crowds jostle for position on the jostle: Her mother remembers noticing something was wrong when the eight-year -old Evelyn was waiting to play the piano. That is why she expresses music so beautifully. But by the time she was eleven her marks had deteriorated and her headmistress urged her parents to take her to a slight: She was determined to lead a normal life and pursue her interest in music.

She never looked back from that point onwards. He began by tuning two large drums to different notes. And for all this. It was then discovered that her hearing was severely impaired as a result of gradual nerve damage. But Evelyn was not going to give up.

At the end of her three-year course. She gradually moved from orchestral work to solo performances. She toured the United Kingdom with a youth orchestra and by the time she was sixteen. One day she noticed a girl playing a xylophone and decided that she wanted to play it too. In our two-hour discussion she never missed a word. She auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music and scored one of the highest marks in the history of the academy.

They were advised that she should be fitted with hearing aids and sent to a school for the deaf. Most of the teachers discouraged her but percussionist Ron Forbes spotted her potential. It is intriguing to watch Evelyn function so effortlessly without hearing. As for music. It tingles in the skin. By leaning against the drums. It is intriguing to watch Evelyn function so effortlessly without hearing not just watching the lips.

On a wooden platform she removes her shoes so that the vibrations pass through her bare feet and up her legs. I can. How old was Evelyn when she went to the Royal Academy of Music? Not surprisingly. Name the various places and causes for which Evelyn performs. Evelyn also gives free concerts in prisons and hospitals.

How does Evelyn hear music? Evelyn confesses that she is something of a workaholic. Answer each of these questions in a short paragraph 30 — 40 words. When was her deafness first noticed? When was it confirmed? She has brought percussion to the front of the orchestra.

But the rewards are enormous. Evelyn delights her audiences. She has given inspiration to those who are handicapped. She also gives high priority to classes for young musicians. Who helped her to continue with music? What did he do and say? Evelyn Glennie has already accomplished more than most people twice her age.

They see that there is nowhere that they cannot go. Answer the question in two or three paragraphs — words. Says master percussionist James Blades.

A barber of a family of professional musicians. What instruments do they play? He chose a pipe with a natural hollow stem that was longer and broader than the pungi. Pungi became the generic name for reeded noisemakers. The next would probably be Ustad Bismillah Khan. Few had thought that it would one day be revived. When he played on it. In the past. And for this reason it is still played in temples and is an indispensable component of any North Indian wedding. As a five-year old.

The credit for bringing this instrument onto the classical stage goes to Ustad Bismillah Khan. His father. This happened 80 years ago. Pungi Shehnai The sound of the shehnai began to be considered auspicious. He played the instrument before royalty and everyone was impressed. Bismillah belongs to a well-known family of musicians from Bihar. Paigambar Bux. The instrument so different from the pungi had to be given a new name.

His grandfather. Born on 21 March As the story goes. Rasool Bux Khan. Bismillah Khan played gillidanda near a pond in the ancient estate of Dumraon in Bihar. Till recently it was used only in temples and weddings.

The young boy took to music early in life. Soon Bismillah started accompanying his uncle, Ali Bux, to the Vishnu temple of Benaras where Bux was employed to play the shehnai. Ali Bux would play the shehnai and Bismillah would sit captivated for hours on end.

Slowly, he started getting lessons in playing the instrument and would sit practising throughout the day. The flowing waters of the Ganga inspired him to improvise and invent raagas that were earlier considered to be beyond the range of the shehnai.

At the age of 14, Bismillah accompanied his uncle to the Allahabad Music Conference. He soon became an often-heard shehnai player on radio. When India gained independence on 15 August , Bismillah Khan became the first Indian to greet the nation with his shehnai. Bismillah Khan has given many memorable performances both in India and abroad. His first trip abroad was to Afghanistan where King Zahir Shah was so taken in by the maestro that he gifted him priceless Persian carpets and other souvenirs.

Film director Vijay Bhatt was so impressed after hearing Bismillah play at a festival that he named a film after the instrument called Gunj Uthi Shehnai. The 5. Awards and recognition came thick and fast. So well known did he become internationally that an auditorium in Teheran was named after him — Tahar Mosiquee Ustaad Bismillah Khan. In spite of having travelled all over the world — Khansaab as he is fondly called — is exceedingly fond of Benaras and Dumraon and they remain for him the most wonderful towns of the world.

A student of his once wanted him to head a shehnai school in the U. But Khansaab asked him if he would be able to transport River Ganga as well. While in Mumbai, I think of only Benaras and the holy Ganga. And while in Benaras, I miss the unique mattha of Dumraon. God forbid! Me, leave Benaras? I went to Pakistan once—I crossed the border just to say I have been to Pakistan. I was there for about an hour. I said namaskar to the Pakistanis and salaam alaikum to the Indians! I had a good laugh.

He was given a state funeral and the Government of India declared one day of national mourning. Thinking about the T Teext I. Tick the right answer.

Download NCERT Book Class 9-English-Beehive (Chapters)

Bismillah Khan, A barber, Ali Bux transformed the pungi into a shehnai. Discuss your the items listed below. Complete the following sentences. Why did Bismillah Khan refuse to start a shehnai school in the U. The school sports team hopes 2. From the text on Bismillah Khan. Beginning with a to-verb. When and how did Bismillah Khan get his big break?

What does it hope to do? We all want What do we all want to do? Where was the shehnai played traditionally? How did Bismillah Khan change this? Find at least two instances in the text which tell you that Bismillah Khan loves India and Benaras. A musician decided to to do? What What did the authorities What did the musician decide II. The authorities permitted us to permit us to do? Look at these sentences. The italicised parts answer the questions: Where did Bismillah Khan play the shehnai on 15 August ?

Why was the event historic? How is a shehnai different from a pungi? Why did Aurangzeb ban the playing of the pungi? Answer these questions in 30— 40 words. When a government bans something.. When something is considered auspicious.

The adjective auspicious can occur after the verb be as in the first sentence. But there are some adjectives which can be used after the verb be and not before a noun. We cannot say: I was still awake when he came to bed. When something is revived.

When you appreciate something. When we come to terms with something. When we take to something. When you replicate something. Imagine the famous singer Kishori Amonkar is going to visit your school. Consult your dictionary and complete the following table. Mogubai Kurdikar. You have been asked to introduce her to the audience before her performance.

The first one has been done for you. As her own style developed.

How would you introduce her? Here is some information about Kishori Amonkar you can find on the Internet. She is very much inspired by the teachings of the ancient Vedic sages. Kishori Amonkar is a thinker. She dissects them with the precision of a perfectionist. Read the passage and make notes of the main points about: Speaking I. You have now read about two musicians Use your notes on Kishori Amonkar to introduce her to an imaginary audience.

Whenever you see darkness. Significant awards bestowed on this artist include the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award You may use one of the following phrases to introduce a guest: I am honoured to introduce.. Do you think that they both worked hard? Answer these questions in two paragraphs. Evelyn Glennie and Ustad Bismillah Khan. You brought rain again. You tore the pages of the books. He makes strong fires roar and flourish.

Ramanujan] Subramania Bharati — is a great Tamil poet. Do this. How can we make friends with it? W ind The wind blows strongly and causes a lot of destruction. Frail crumbling houses. Ramanujan is a Kannada and English poet. The wind blows out weak fires. Make the heart steadfast. Practise to firm the body. We praise him every day.

His friendship is good. The poem you have just read is originally in the Tamil. Have you seen anybody winnow grain at home or in a paddy field?

What is the word in your language for winnowing? What do people use for winnowing? Give the words in your language. What is your response to this? How does the poet speak to the wind — in anger or with humour? What should we do to make friends with the wind? What do the last four lines of the poem mean to you? If it has any choice at all. Do you know any such poems in your language?

The tree on the mountain takes whatever the weather brings. What does the poet say the wind god winnows? What are the things the wind does in the first stanza? Have you been a good girl today? TO the little girl he was a figure to be feared and a figure to be feared: Every morning before going to work he came into her room and gave her a casual kiss. Perhaps you now understand the reasons for some of their actions that used to upset you earlier. By that time he had his spectacles on and looked at her over them in a way that was terrifying to the little girl.

And oh. In the evening when he came home she stood near the staircase and heard his loud voice in the hall. But the little girl always found Mother reading and Father stretched out on the sofa. If you stutter like that Mother will have to take you to the doctor. She never stuttered with other people — had quite given it up — but only with Father..

I wish you taught this child not to appear on the brink of suicide. Thinking about him alone was like thinking about a giant. What are you looking so wretched about?

The grandmother was out in the garden. But what to fill it with? That was the question. And she was dragged down to where Father was pacing to and fro. Mother explained. She sat on a stool.

That night there was a hue and cry in the house. You look like a little brown owl. Rooms were searched. He stopped and stared at the child. On the bed-table she discovered a great many sheets of fine paper. I tried to explain to Father but he was too upset to listen tonight.

The Macdonalds lived next door. They had five children. Then it was she decided there were different sorts of fathers. You must be taught once and for all not to touch what does not belong to you. That was all right in the daytime. Crying too much to explain. Next time she saw him she quickly put both hands behind her back and a red colour flew into her cheeks. Mother became ill. Go to sleep. He pulled them aside. Once she saw the boys turn the hose on him—and he tried to catch them laughing all the time.

The father with the baby. The little girl was left alone in the house with Alice. Hours later. Then Father came into the room with a ruler in his hands. Blow your nose. Tired out. Half asleep still. But the same old nightmare came — the butcher with a knife and a rope.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive

Then the dark did not matter. I can hear it going. Chapter 2 - Wind [Poem]. Chapter 7 - The Duck and the Kangaroos [Poem]. Chapter 9 - The Snake Trying [Poem]. Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Textbook Solutions. Home Tuition in Bangalore. Home Tuition in Mumbai. Home Tuition in New Delhi. Home Tuition in Lucknow. Home Tuition in Jaipur. Home Tuition in Chennai. Home Tuition in Hyderabad. Home Tuition in Pune. Home Tuition in Kolkata. Home Tuition in Cochin Kochi. Register now. Class 12th. Class 11th.

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