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Amanda Quick, a pseudonym for Jayne Ann Krentz, is a bestselling, award- winning author of contemporary and historical romances. There are over twenty- five. Affair [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / Amanda Quick. The 18th century English sleuth, Charlotte Arkendale has made such a lucrative career from. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Garden of Lies “The fast-moving storyline weaves in and by Amanda Quick. Romance Kindle eBooks @

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When the Club is formed, he is the richest and most prominent man in town. He is active in local Republican Party politics, but conflicts with other local members of the party over his support for Horace Greeley in the presidential election. Mary Grimes Ballard — The activist wife of Judge Ballard, she supports various causes that are considered radical, including women's suffrage and the temperance movement.

She becomes the first president of the Club. Eliza Ballard — The older daughter of Judge Ballard, she never marries and supports herself first by working as a secretary in her father's law firm.

After her father's death, due to her conflict with Douglas Gardiner, a principal of the firm, she is hired as secretary by Ludwig Rausch and competently works for him for many years, until her death.

She is blunt and also a busybody and gossip, which sometimes stirs up trouble in the town; she upsets Doug by gossiping about his romantic interest in Barbara Bodien, and is wrongly suspected of being the person who revealed Johnny Gordon's affair to his wife Julia, causing their divorce. Despite her brusque nature, Eliza is kind to Ariana McCune, taking her in and caring for her when she is ill and has no place else to go.

Thomasina Ballard Travers — The well-educated, but timid, sickly and romantic daughter of Judge Ballard. She unexpectedly marries church organist Samuel Travers, despite his being relatively poor. Although he is at first thought to have married her for her money, the two remain happily married for many years until her death.

Lowrey spearheads the founding of the Club. Although well educated, she is a poor housekeeper who spends much of her time dealing with her daughter Ellen's unruly children. In , the Lowreys close the College, which has ceased to be financially viable, sell the buildings to clear their debt, and move to Kansas where the Professor has been offered a position.

She repeatedly leaves her husband during the s, and brings her children to stay with her parents. Katherine "Kitty" Lowrey Edwards — The Lowrey's younger daughter, she attends Oberlin, and is considered a "tomboy" and a " bluestocking ". She and Sheldon Edwards fall in love, but must delay their marriage until the Lowrey debt is resolved, and then Kitty has trouble carrying a child to term.

With Dock Gordon's help she manages to have two sons, but her health is destroyed by the pregnancies and she dies at a young age. After her untimely death, he raises their sons alone. Many years later when the children have grown up and left home, he marries Jessamine Stevens. Their father, an abolitionist , freed his slaves, thus losing most of the family fortune and forcing the family to have to move to Ohio to escape the anger of pro-slavery neighbors.

As a result of the social rejection they suffered in Virginia, the Misses Gardiner chose to isolate themselves from others and give off an air of being aristocratic. At the time of founding of the Club, they are in their forties and raising their teenage nephew, Douglas Gardiner. They decide to accept the invitation to join the Club in order to become more a part of the community.

He later becomes a judge himself. Handicapped by a club foot , he initially is angry and argumentative, but later mellows after meeting and marrying Barbara Bodien over his aunts' objections.

The two marry and have several children, but because of her background, Barbara is not accepted by many society women, except for Kitty Edwards. Mary Gardiner — The youngest daughter of Doug and Barbara Gardiner, she becomes a labor activist and unsuccessfully tries to organize the workers of the Rausch Cordage Company. She later marries Franz Lichtenstein. He later dies of emphysema. Christina Blair Voorhees — Dr. Blair's pretty daughter who becomes a longstanding member of the Club, marries bank clerk Henry Voorhees, and has two children, Blair and Janey.

At first she appears willing to defy convention by appearing in an amateur dramatic production at Sally Rausch's Christmas party, although many Reformed Presbyterians disapprove of the theatre. As time goes by, she becomes more rigid and controlling, and overprotects her children to the detriment of their social development.

He sees that Blair and Janey are not fitting in with the rest of the local children, but is unable to convince Christina to change her ways. Blair Voorhees — The son of Christina and Henry, Blair is a "mama's boy" who resorts to physical violence when involved in a disagreement.

Although not permitted to drink alcohol by his parents, he tries some at a party given by the Rausches, causing a family argument and crisis. Sent off to seminary school, he is suspended after drinking liquor with a group of other students, getting into a fight and severely injuring another student.

He runs away to enlist in the military and becomes permanently estranged from his family. He is later seen serving in World War I and apparently still drinking. She later becomes a member of the Club and marries a seminarian.

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McCune family[ edit ] Rev. McCune — The strict Reformed Presbyterian minister, he dominates his weak wife Mary and their many children. He impregnates Mary again contrary to Dock Gordon's medical advice, as she is in poor health.

After Mary dies, he unsuccessfully tries to court Amanda Reid. Mary McCune — Rev. McCune's wife, she is controlled and probably abused by her husband, although she stands up to him once by attending a theatrical party given by Sally Rausch. She dies from the combined effects of many pregnancies and pulmonary tuberculosis. Ariana McCune — The McCunes' rebellious and dramatic daughter, she is a childhood friend of Johnny Gordon, and has a talent for music and acting.

She attends music lessons at the Ballard home, and the Ballard sisters, especially Eliza, take an interest in her. As a young teenager, she runs away from her oppressive family, gets married and joins a traveling acting troupe.

She later returns to Waynesboro terminally ill and is cared for by the Ballard sisters until her death. Although regarded as knowledgeable about books, she is never asked to join the Club due to her lack of formal education. Other major characters[ edit ] Amanda Reid — The daughter of a widow who operates a boardinghouse, she is an intelligent, dedicated scholar who obtains a "man's degree" from Oberlin and then returns to teach at the Female College. Due to her gender, she is unable to obtain a position in academia elsewhere.

Later she becomes a public school teacher. She is considered unusual by others because she prefers a scholarly and mostly solitary life, and has no desire to marry or have children.

Ballard, she is an outspoken reformer and activist. After joining the Club, she leads a controversial temperance crusade.

Miss Agatha Pinney — An elderly, unmarried teacher of elementary school pupils and a founding member of the Club. She develops a laudanum addiction after being prescribed the drug for pain, and her addiction worsens to the point where she is unable to control her class or teach, and often falls asleep during school hours.

Desperate for help and fearing that the police will be of no assistance, Calista turns to Trent Hastings, a reclusive author of popular crime novels.

Secret Sisters. Jayne Ann Krentz. Illusion Town. Jayne Castle. Siren's Call. When All the Girls Have Gone. Trust No One. The Private Eye. Promise Not to Tell. The Hot Zone. Silver Linings. The Pirate. River Road. Perfect Touch.

Elizabeth Lowell. Deception Cove. Linda Howard. Bridal Jitters. The Adventurer.

Amanda Quick - Ebook Library

Connecting Rooms. Fire Bound. Christine Feehan. Blue Moon.

Tightrope By Amanda Quick

A Buccaneer at Heart. Stephanie Laurens. Chain Lightning. The Lady's Command. The Lady By His Side. An Irresistible Alliance. The Daredevil Snared. Only Beloved.

Mary Balogh. A Match For Marcus Cynster. Because of Miss Bridgerton.


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The Woman Left Behind. Lady With A Black Umbrella. Someone To Love. Dark Carousel. Lord of the Privateers. Spider Game. Someone to Hold. Sensitive, intelligent, and high-minded, her noble pen pal seems to embody everything Emily has ever dreamed of in a man.

Driven by dark, smoldering passions and a tragic secret buried deep within his soul, Blade has all of London cowering at his feet, but not Emily. For even as she surrenders to his seductive charms, she knows the real reason for his amorous suit. And she knows that she must reach the heart of this golden-eyed dragon before the avenging demons of their entwined pasts destroy the only love she has ever known. Siren's Call. Jayne Castle. The Adventurer. Jayne Ann Krentz.

Julia Quinn. One Perfect Rose. Mary Jo Putney. The Hot Zone. Illusion Town. Secret Sisters. On the Way to the Wedding with 2nd Epilogue. Trust No One. The Private Eye. The Pirate. Silver Linings. Connecting Rooms. Beyond Compare. Candace Camp. Chain Lightning. Elizabeth Lowell. Promise Not to Tell. When All the Girls Have Gone. Veils of Silk.

「特注スペック」2017モデルブリヂストン日本正規品TOUR BJGR ドライバーAiR Speeder Gカーボンシャフト 【飛距離モンスター誕生】

Thunder and Roses. Silk and Secrets. Silk and Shadows. Shattered Rainbows. Bridal Jitters. A Dangerous Man. Connie Brockway. River of Fire. As You Desire. River Road. Dancing On the Wind. Petals In the Storm. The Lady's Command. Stephanie Laurens. The Bridal Season. Deception Cove. A Match For Marcus Cynster. Only Beloved.

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