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Objective. The objective is to install Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu Bionic Beaver Linux. Please note that Adobe no longer supports. Don't add the Ubuntu Partner repository, you're not really supposed to add For Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (running with Wine). Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most widely used cross platform PDF reader. Although it is not the lightest on the system resources, it is reliable and the free.

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Adobe Pdf Reader For Ubuntu

Download Adobe Reader The Famous PDF file reader is now also in GNU/ Linux. Adobe Reader has been the ultimate reader of PDF files for the Windows. Adobe Acrobat is a family of application software and Web services developed by Adobe Systems to view, create, manipulate, print and. If you still want this PDF reader, below is how to install Adobe Reader (Acroread) 9 in Ubuntu from the Canonical Partners repository for.

The free version of Adobe reader provides features such as; viewing and reading of documents, adding annotations to documents and provides printing functionalities. However, there are other PDF readers that provide similar basic features for day to day use. Depending on the number of functionalities one requires from a PDF reader and viewer, there are a good number of applications to choose from. Some provide basic functionality while others have additional features to provide more functionality. This article will provide alternative applications to substitute for Adobe reader while providing similar functions. It will also provide links and download procedures of the applications. Calibre also provides library management features where it facilitates management of user e-books.

Unfortunately the internet does not distinguish very well between blind alleys where people make helpful suggestions that turn out not to solve the problem, and knowledgeable people who are genuinely helpful in solving problems. YOU my friend, are the latter. God bless your brain.

FYI your instructions worked fine on Ubuntu I have 64 bit but the software worked fine without the sudo apt-get install libxml2: I tried those commands on ubuntu Thanks, for the great article. I do not really see the need to install Acrobat Reader since there are many open-source alternatives available for Linux.

While options are available for editing PDF files, Acrobat is still the best. The only reason would be that a few bodies such as the British tax office have produced interactive documents in such a way that they can only be completed using Adobe Acrobat — not any of the better PDF programmes.

Adobe Reader

So a few people will need to install Adobe simply for that purpose alone. Foxit reader is another excellent option and it is available for several OS Linux, Windows, Android….

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Install Adobe Reader in Ubuntu

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Immensely popular cross platform PDF reader application. Last Modified: June 12, Tags PDF. Kiran Kumar Hi there!

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Adobe has stopped supporting Linux. The last official Adobe Reader is version 9. There is no magic in it. The last available build is version 9.

8 Best PDF Document Viewers for Linux Systems

I will show you how to install it. The installation is tested in Ubuntu STEP 2: Enter the following command to install gdebi package installer. Copy and Paste the following command in the Terminal. For example, even all modern day browsers can access PDF files. So then, why should we go with Adobe Reader? There are numerous reasons why Adobe Reader is a better choice.

Next up, the interface. Adobe Reader had a bad reputation in the community for a bad interface. However, over time, the redesign and continuous improvement made the interface cleaner and leaner. Now, the only buttons to distract you are the must-have options like zoom, page selection, and a couple of others.

Again, Adobe is actually the inventor of PDF. In , Dr.

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