Xl dynamics aptitude test papers with answers pdf


XL Dynamics Aptitude Test Sample Papers. Aptitude test sample papers with questions and answers are available here. We provided these. As far as my interview went, First of all it was an aptitude test followed by a case Please make sure you answer to these questions on your own as they will. Placement Questions; /; XL DYNAMICS. Placement Papers with Solutions. XL DYNAMICS Select Another Category Select Another Topic. Company. 3i-Infotech .

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Xl Dynamics Aptitude Test Papers With Answers Pdf

XL Dynamics Financial Analyst interview questions and interview Interviews for Top Jobs at XL Dynamics . Aptitude was diffficult Answer Question. Xl Dynamics - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Then there was a aptitude test consisting of 30 question - 20 questions were have to answer some general questions by typing the answers on the PC. XL Dynamics Financial Analyst Interview Questions _ medical-site.info - Download as PDF Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Aptitude is very easy and case study information was given and the answers were calculations.

You can also check: Interview Questions. Aptitude test sample papers with questions and answers are available here. We provided these questions along with the solutions. We suggest the aspirants practice these questions to get select in the XL Dynamics recruitment drive.

Out of a total profit of Rs. Option D. Candidates can practice the reasoning test questions and answers along with the solution provided below. So applicants can check out and practice these questions to get the best result in the XL Dynamics Recruitment test.

A car always has A. Driver B. Bonnet C. Dickey D.

Bumper E. Wheels Answer: Option E 2. Select the correct alternative from given choices. Which of the following symbol should replace question mark?

Because of the large number of potholes in road X, reaching airport in time has become difficult. Reaching airport in time may not be always necessary. There is no other convenient road to the airport. Only assumption I is implicit B.

Only assumption II is implicit C. Either I or II is implicit D. Neither I nor II is implicit E. Both I and II are implicit Answer: This means that reaching airport in time is necessary. So, I is not implicit. Besides, it is mentioned that reaching airport in time has become difficult due to large number of potholes in road X.

So, II is implicit. Quality has a price tag. India is allocating lots of funds to education. Quality of education in India would improve soon. Funding alone can enhance quality of education. Only conclusion I follows B. Only conclusion II follows C. Either I or II follows D. Neither I nor II follows E. Both I and II follow Answer: Option A Solution: According to the statement, funding is necessary to improve quality and India is allocating funds to education.

So, I follows. But funding alone is sufficient to enhance quality, is not true. So, II does not follow. Should religion be banned? It develops fanaticism in people. No, Religion binds people together. Only argument I is strong B. Only argument II is strong C. Either I or II is strong D. Neither I nor II is strong E.

Both I and II are strong Answer: Religion binds people together through the name of God and human values. But at the same time it may create differences and ill-will among people.

Select the most appropriate alternative as the answer.: You are in a bus. The bus reaches your stop but still you have not downloadd the ticket because of heavy rush. What will you do? Jump out quickly to avoid embarrassment. Call the conductor, give him the money and get the ticket. Hand the money to someone sitting nearby to give it to the conductor. Give the money to the driver.

Option B 7.

Xl Dynamics

Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions: The following is an illustration of input and rearrangement: What should be the third step of the following input?

From the last step it is clear that there are two alternating series of numbers. One in descending order and the other in ascending order. When we go through input to step I, we find that the largest number because the first and remaining numbers shift rightward. In the next step the smallest number becomes the second and the rest shift rightward. These two steps continue alternately untill the two alternate series are formed.

If the first and second digits in the sequence 5 9 8 1 3 2 7 4 3 8 are interchanged, also the third and fourth digits, the fifth and sixth digits and so on, which digit would be the seventh counting to your left?

Look at this series: This is a simple division series; each number is one-half of the previous number. In other terms to say, the number is divided by 2 successively to get the next result. Option E Solution: Give answer. Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence. Wall 2. Clay 3. House 4. Room 5. The correct order is: Clay Bricks Wall Room House 2 5 1 4 3 Four defensive football players are chasing the opposing wide receiver, who has the ball.

Calvin is directly behind the ball carrier. Jenkins and Burton are side by side behind Calvin. Zeller is behind Jenkins and Burton. Calvin tries for the tackle but misses and falls.


Burton trips. Which defensive player tackles the receiver? Burton B. Zeller C. Jenkins D. Calvin Answer: After all the switching was done, Jenkins was directly behind the receiver. Calvin and Burton had fallen.

Zeller remained in the rear. G, H, J, M,? R Answer: The letters move 0, 1, 2, 3,. Bewildered C. Illful Answer: Option C 3. A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics, etc. Questions are such as: Abt personality characteristics, work exp, ability, disappointment suffered in last 6 mnths, success in last 6 mths and many more. Total i think there were near about questions.

This test takes more time as you have to type the answers. Last round is a Technical interview round. One technical person wil take your interview.

Questions asked was: General HR kind questions What is mortgage. What do you understand from our profile. What is sub-prime crisis their fav question Where do you see yourself in nxt 2 years Are u comfortable with night shifts Can u sign a bond of 24 mnths or 1 year with us. And when i went for last interview he tld me that d training wil start from 20th dec i My interview was good and their response was also very positive but you cant say what dey might be thinking.

Mortgage and "home loan" are often used interchangeably. In all i m waiting for their response as i have cleared all the process and lets see whether they will offer me d analyst profile. BTW i am a fresher so fresher r not at a disadvantaged stage Interview Questions Tell me about the role of mortgage analyst or how they work.

Can u work hard and work for long hours and also on weekends when official holiday is there. So dont generate hope if you are able to clear some rounds as they are not very much interested to select ny1 In all my experience was good but I am little bit skeptical about whether they recruit any person or not..

Their openings are goin on from many days.. I think they are very choosy abt a particular person whim they r selecting. You can use mortgage as a verb. View Answers 3 Definition: A mortgage is an agreement to give up an interest in something if you fail to perform some duty.

In many cases. And many such type of question related ti finance if u r from finance background. Aptitude test: There would be a Test comprising of General Aptitude.

Reconciliation OF reports. Training and mentoring of new recruits. We require good Communication skills written and verbal both. Human Resource Madhwacharya Mulgund or Email your resume on madhwacharya. Hr Round of interview 3. Basic computer skill. Mumbai- Any Graduate or Fresher with relevenat Experiance in Finance and following are the details as follow: Please be prepared on below mentioned topics: What is capital market?

XL Dynamics Financial Analyst Interview Questions _ Glassdoor.co

GoodAnalytical Skills. Job Profile: Additional Information: Hi we are glad to share this Opening for Finance Analyst. Final Round of interview Kindly revert with your confirmation. Good Analytical Skills. Word and Outlook.

Word and Outlook Interview rounds: Reconciliation Male Candidates should be willing to work in day or night shifts. Willingness towork in shifts 6am-3pm or 1pmpm or 7pm H look up. Shift Timings: Excellentverbal and written communication Skills. Cash settlements. Basic knowledge of Microsof t Excel shortcuts. Basic knowledge knowledge of Finance Capital Markets.

V look up. Desired Candidate Profile: Candidate"s Profile: Good analyticaland logical skills. Hiring Company Details Industry: Basic knowledgeon MS Excel.


Fresher"s can apply 2. Pivot table. Good written and verbal communication. No night shift for Female candidates. No night shifts for female candidates. Good analytical and problem solving skills. Kindly note: Marol Mumbai. The Great Oasis.

Street MH http: Strikethrough highlighted selection. See the computer shortcut page if you are looking for other shortcut keys used in other programs.

Create chart. Bring up the print dialog box to begin printing. Undo last action. Enter the current date.

Underline highlighted selection. Go to a specific cell. Bold highlighted selection. Enter the current time. Select all contents of the worksheet.

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