OCA: Oracle database 11g administrator certified associate study guide (1Z0- and He is also a certified Oracle Database SQL Expert. .. PDF of the Book. The exam audience is represented by Oracle Database 11g administrators, that have a strong foundation and expertise in the industry's most advanced. Entire Book in PDF. Exam 1Z SERIOUS SKILLS. OCP. Oracle The Oracle 11g Administrator Certified Associate (OCA) certification is a streamlined.

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Oracle 11g Certification Books Pdf

There are several Oracle certification tracks—this book is concerned with the. Oracle . clear: the Oracle Documentation Library (a free download from Oracle. Thank you for choosing OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I. PDF of the Book. Guide For 1z0 Oracle Database 11g: Sql Fundamentals I (Oracle Certification Prep) By Matthew. Morris free download pdf. Study Guide.

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This Study Guide contains the following information: In the beginning of each topic, a reference from Oracle documentation and metalink notes is provided to get more information on a specific subject.

Oracle Database OCA & OCP Certification

Each topic is explained in a practical examples using both graphic user and command line interfaces. At the end of each topic a reader is assigned to solve different pre-created tasks in a specified time limit. Server Configuration chapter provides a detailed step-by-step guide on Oracle 11g Database Software setup and new database creation through GUI and silent mode likewise.

Enterprise Manager Grid Control chapter starts by illustrating a detailed step by step installation of OEM Grid Control starting from the download methods of all OEM components till successful installation. In this chapter you will also see how to create Programs, automate Jobs, create Schedulers, Alerts and Notifications.

Managing Database Availability chapter provides steps to create and manage the recovery catalog. A number of ways also introduced to create a backup of a database and detailed step by step explanation of database recovery from different failure cases through RMAN is provided.

Data Management chapter provides detailed information about types of materialized view and materialized view log and how Oracle uses precomputed materialized view instead of querying a table with different aggregate functions and provides a quick result.

Data Warehouse Management chapter provides information about main data warehouse topics such as partitioning and managing large objects.

OCM 11g Preparation - DBA - Rodrigo Jorge - Oracle Tips and Guides

Next, we talk about large objects and show how to use various SecureFile LOB features such as compression, deduplication, encryption, caching and logging. Avoid drinking too much liquid before the exam or during the breaks. Do it after. Sleep for at least 8 hours before each exam day.

Relax your body and your mind! Maybe the passport and the other your driver license or your country main ID. If you don't, you will need to leave.


Rules are rules, they will not be flexible with you in this point. Before starting the exam you must sign a NDA non disclosure agreement , available here , saying that you won't say or talk anything about the exam.

SQL Fundamentals Certification

If you don't want to sign it, you cannot do the exam and that's it, good bye. But if you do sign and if you talk to anyone about the exam, you will lose your OCM credential.

It's not fair to the ones who studied and worked hard to get it.

Also, that's why you usually don't see much information about the exam in the internet. And what about the results? So relax during that time also.

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