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Mu sigma Aptitude Paper updated on Apr Latest mu sigma question papers and answers,Placement papers,test pattern and Company medical-site.info Mu-Sigma Previous Placement Papers and Practice. You can access Mu Sigma Placement papers by signing up for free. These tests are exactly similar to the real company placement tests in the past few years.

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Mu Sigma Aptitude Papers Pdf

Co- Cubes Mu Sigma Paper - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Sample paper of exam organized by cocubes for Mu Sigma written mu sigma. Uploaded by. jabirkk. cocubes-placement-paperpdf. Uploaded by. Campus HR Interviews MU-Sigma Company Details Syllabus Test Placement Papers Questions and Answers with Explanation PDF Download. MU-Sigma Aptitude English Logical Reasoning Placement Papers PDF. Mu Sigma Placement papers with selction procedure of the company and Mu Sigma Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF | Mu Sigma Selection.

Along with the recent incidents of acid rains, the strong pollution level figures released today seem like it is indicative that the environment, although various reforms introduced, is not being protected enough a like it is indicative that b to indicate that c indicative of d like an indication of 3. Based on his personal email account, the manager has shared the daily tasks for the team. This activity is considered unauthorized and the manager may have to face serious consequences for such unethical practices a based on his personal email account b basing on his personal email accounts c by various personal email accounts d using his personal email account 4. During the summers of and , I walked more than a thousand miles on the Camino de Santiago. Also called the Way of St. James, or simply the Way, by English speakers, it is a centuries-old Christian pilgirmage path through France and Spain.

College first year students were asked to know about college presidential elections and vote for their preferred candidate. What is the most logical question that the students want an answer for a What are the manifestos of the presidential candidates b Which candidate has the majority support as per the college surveys c How are historical performance and credibility ratings of the candidate d To which college association does the presidential candidate belong to Directions for Questions Nos: 3 to 4 Kya-Kya is an island in the south pacific.

The inhabitants of Kya-Kya always Answerany question with two sentences, one of which is always true and other is always false.

Mu Sigma Placement Paper | medical-site.info

You are walking on a road and came to a fork. A Left road takes you to the village B Right road takes you to the village C Lila is married to Laxman D None of above [Ans: Ram said he never talked to strangers, but he spoke to a stranger, this means that this statement is false, hence his other statement must be true, hence the second statement of Lila is false, hence her first statement is true that is she is married to ram, hence the first statement of Laxman is false, hence his second statement is true, that is take the left road.

You find that your boat is stolen. Krishna didn't do it.

I don't know who did it. Your project mate and good friend is going through a rough patch in his relationship and he is not contributing enough to the project. This slows the progress of the project, and the rest of the team demand for his removal from the team a You stay out of this and let your manager figure out the right thing to do b You talk to your team and ask them to stand by your friend during his tough times 2.

The size of the software is 4. Sanjay and Vijay started their journey from Mumbai to Pune.

Mu Sigma Placement Paper

Who reached Pune first? Sanjay overtakes Vijay twice and Vijay overtakes Sanjay twice.

A boat can ferry passengers across a river in 12 hrs. How many round trips does it make during the journey? The boat can carry passengers at a time II.

During its journey, the boat takes 40 mins time each way and 20 mins waiting time at each end. What are the values of m and n? The product of m and n is 30 8.

How much is the weight of 20 mangoes and 30 oranges? Each team played against each other. The top teams played finals. A win fetched 2 pts and a tie 1 point 1 South Africa were in the finals 2 India defeated SA but failed to reach the finals 3 Australia lost only one match in the tournament 4 The match between India and Sri Lanka was a tie 5 The undefeated team in the league matches lost in the finals 6 England was one of the best teams that did not qualify 9.

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