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Download ASP DOTNET interview questions in PDF based on Object oriented programming concept. is an open source server-side. Net Interview Questions_WorkShop( questions and answers).pdf Net Interview Questions Net Framework 2. C#.Net 3. 4. A) Whenever we want to display the data from XML document to the user then we can use. Net | Interview Questions and Answers PDF | Questions and Answers | Interview Questions Pdf | Technical Interview.

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Asp Net Interview Questions And Answers In Pdf Format

answers pdf etc? Here are good collections of latest interview questions. ASP. answers in pdf format Online test, Ask question! interview. Interview Questions And Answers. In this article you will learn With the Repeater control we can display data in a custom format. The list of C# Interview Questions and Answers is also available for from server after download is finished in using C# and

Unloading Initialization During this stage the IsPostback property is set. The page determines whether the request is a Postback old request or if this is the first time the page is being processed new request. Controls on the page are available and each control's UniqueID property is set. Now if the current request is a postback then the data has not been loaded and the value of the controls have not yet been restored from the view state. Loading At this stage if the request is a Postback then it loads the data from the view state. Rendering Before rendering, the View State is saved for the page and its controls. During this phase, the page calls the render method for each control, providing a text writer that writes its output to the OutputStream of the page's Response property. Unloading Unload is called after the page has been fully rendered, sent to the client and is ready to be discarded. At this point also the page properties such as Response and Request are unloaded. NET page life cycle events? Answer: We have many events in ASP. NET gets a page request, it decides whether to parse and compile the page or there would be a cached version of the page; accordingly the response is sent, Starting of page life cycle At this stage, the Request and Response objects are set. If the request is an old request or post back, the IsPostBack property of the page is set to true.

What are the different validators in ASP. NET validation controls define an important role in validating the user input data. Whenever the user gives the input, it must always be validated before sending it across to various layers of an application.

If we get the user input with validation, then chances are that we are sending the wrong data. So, validation is a good idea to do whenever we are taking input from the user. There are the following two types of validation in ASP. When validation is done on the client browser, then it is known as Client-Side Validation. Server-Side Validation: When validation occurs on the server, then it is known as Server-Side Validation.

Server-Side Validation is a secure form of validation. The main advantage of Server-Side Validation is if the user somehow bypasses the Client-Side Validation, we can still catch the problem on server-side.

What is View State? View State is the method to preserve the Value of the Page and Controls between round trips. It is a Page-Level State Management technique. View State is turned on by default and normally serializes the data in every control on the page regardless of whether it is actually used during a post-back. A web application is stateless.

That means that a new instance of a page is created every time when we make a request to the server to get the page and after the round trip our page has been lost immediately. What are the different Session state management options available in ASP. State Management in ASP. For further information click on the link:. What is caching in ASP.

50+ ASP.Net Interview questions with answers

Caching is one of the most interesting concept and operation in ASP. If you can handle it, you can run any web application by applying the caching concept depending on the requirements.

Caching is for providing solutions or the results to the users depending on their request, admin needs to recreate the pages often depending on user requests…STOP!!! Types For further information click on the link:. How can we apply themes in ASP. NET application? A theme is a collection of settings that define the look of controls and web pages. These themes are applied across all the pages in a web application to maintain a consistent appearance. Themes are included images and skin files; the skin files set the visual properties of ASP.

NET controls. Themes are of two types: A page theme is applied to a single page of the web site. Global Theme A Global theme is a theme that is applied to all the web sites on a web server and includes property settings, and graphics. This theme allows us to maintain all the websites on the same web server and define the same style for all the web pages of the web sites. What is MVC?

Model-View-Controller MVC is a pattern to separate an application into the following three main components:. The ASP.

50 ASP.Net Interview Questions & Answers

NET Web Forms pattern for creating web applications. NET features, such as master pages and membership-based authentications. The MVC framework is defined in the System. Mvc assembly. It's the better as well as a recommended approach for large-scale applications where various teams are working together.

What are Cookies in ASP. Cookies are a State Management Technique that can store the values of control after a post-back. Cookies can store user-specific Information on the client's machine like when the user last visited your site. Basically cookies are a small text file sent by the web server and saved by the Web Browser on the client's machine.

List of properties containing the HttpCookies Class:. What is Ajax in ASP. AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes. This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the entire page. We can also define Ajax is a combination of client side technologies that provides asynchronous communication between the user interface and the web server so that partial page rendering occurs instead of complete page post back.

It also supports open source implementation of other technology. It partially renders the page to the server instead of complete page post back. We use AJAX for developing faster, better and more interactive web applications. A Web Service is a software program that uses XML to exchange information with other software via common internet protocols.

In a simple sense, Web Services are a way for interacting with objects over the Internet. A web service is: For further info click on the link:. What are the Advantages of ASP. NET is a server-side technology. Web Applications are built using Web Forms. NET comes with built-in Web Form controls, which are responsible for generating the user interface.

They mirror typical HTML widgets such as text boxes or buttons. If these controls do not fit your needs, you are free to create your own user controls. What is the concepts of Globalization and Localization in. Localization means " process of translating resources for a specific culture ", and Globalization means " process of designing applications that can adapt to different cultures ".

NET framework has greatly simplified the task of creating the applications targeting the clients of multiple cultures. The namespaces involved in creation of globalize, localizing applications are:. What is the Web. Configuration file is used to manage various settings that define a website. The settings are stored in XML files that are separate from your application code. In this way you can configure settings independently from your code.

Generally a website contains a single Web. However there can be many configuration files that manage settings at various levels within an application. Usage of configuration file ASP. NET applications. Configuration files help you to manage the settings related to your website.

Each file is an XML file with the extension. Configuration information is stored in XML-based text files.

.Net Interview Questions_WorkShop(250 questions and answers).pdf

Benefits of XML-based Configuration files: It can be considered as a Lightweight process which is both a container and boundary. NET runtime uses an AppDomain as a container for code and data, just like the operating system uses a process as a container for code and data.

As the operating system uses a process to isolate misbehaving code, the. NET runtime uses an AppDomain to isolate code inside a secure boundary. The CLR can allow the multiple. NET applications to run in a single AppDomain. Mulitple Appdomains can exist in Win32 process. How to create AppDomain: AppDomains are created using the CreateDomain method. AppDomain instances are used to load and execute assemblies Assembly. When an AppDomain is no longer in use, it can be unloaded.

A QueryString is a collection of characters input to a computer or web browser. A Query String is helpful when we want to transfer a value from one page to another. It is basically used for identifying data appearing after this separating symbol. If we want to transfer a large amount of data then we can't use the Request. Query Strings are also generated by form submission or can be used by a user typing a query into the address bar of the browsers.

Syntax of Query String Request. QueryString variable [ index. What is master page in ASP. The extension of MasterPage is '.

MasterPage cannot be directly accessed from the client because it just acts as a template for the other Content Pages. We can have multiple masters in one web application.

A master page is defined using the following code: What is tracing in. Tracing helps to see the information of issues at the runtime of the application. By default Tracing is disabled.

Tracing has the following important features:. What are the data controls available in ASP. When you use data binding, you have more flexibility when you use data from a database or other means. Data Bind controls are container controls.

With data binding we can bind a control to a particular column in a table from the database or we can bind the whole table to the data grid. Data binding allows you to take the results of properties, collection, method calls, and database queries and integrate them with your ASP.

NET code. You can combine data binding with Web control rendering to relieve much of the programming burden surrounding Web control creation. You can also use data binding with ADO. Data binding uses a special syntax: NET to evaluate the expression.

Expressions within the data binding tags are evaluated only when the DataBind method in the Page objects or Web control is called. Data Bind Control can display data in connected and disconnected model.

Following are data bind controls in ASP. What are the major events in global. The Global. Use of CheckBox in. The CheckBox control is a very common control of HTML, unlike radio buttons it can select multiple items on a webpage. NET has many properties and some of them are listed below. What is the authentication and authorization in ASP. In ASP. NET authentication means to identify the user or in other words its nothing but to validate that he exists in your database and he is the proper user.

Authorization means does he have access to a particular resource on the IIS website. A resource can be an ASP. Types of authentication and authorization in ASP.

In 'web. The Microsoft. NET Framework provides a rich set of server-side controls for developing Web applications. You can add these controls to WebForms pages just as you add Windows controls to a form. Server-side controls are often called server controls or Web Forms controls. There are four types of Server controls: HTML server controls.

Web server controls, validation control, and user controls. What are the authentication modes in ASP. NET for security? When you begin a program for a customer using ASP. NET, you should consider about security. Security is one of the most important components of any application. Security is even more important when you are making a web application which is exposed to million of users.

NET provides classes and methods that ensure that the application is secure from outside attacks. In this article we will investigate the different types of authentication provided by ASP. In web. What's about difference and how to you use them? Authentication have some other values to, this article does not consider them. How to use mode "Windows"? Windows Authentication mode provides the developer to authenticate a user based on Windows user accounts. This is the default authentication mode provider by ASP.

This will return the computer name along with the user name. There are many frameworks available to build HTTP based services.

They follow a common guideline of international standardization but with different flavors. For example, all framework must adhere to these status codes-.

Describe application state management in ASP. Application Level State Management is used to maintain the state of all the users accessing the web forms present within the website. The value assigned for an application is considered as an object. Application object will not have any default expiration period. Whenever the webserver has been restarted or stopped then the information maintained by the application object will be lost.

If any data is stored on the application object then that information will be shared upon all the users accessing the webserver. Since the information is shared among all the users, it is advisable to lock and unlock the application object as per requirement.

Global Application Class Global. It is a Class which consists of event handlers which executes the code implicitly whenever a relevant task has been performed on the web server. What is the code behind and Inline Code?

NET Web page that is written in a separate class file that can have the extension of. Here the code is compiled into a separate class from which the. You can write the code in a separate. One major point of Code Behind is that the code for all the Web pages is compiled into a DLL file that allows the web pages to be hosted free from any Inline Server Code.

NET Web Page that has an extension of. It's major point is that since it's physically in the. What is the ASP.

50+ Interview questions with answers | TestingBrain

NET page life Cycle? When a page is requested by the user from the browser, the request goes through a series of steps and many things happen in the background to produce the output or send the response back to the client. The periods between the request and response of a page is called the "Page Life Cycle". Later in this article we"ll study all these stages and their sub events. NET page life cycle events?

We have many events in ASP. Describe login Controls in ASP? The Login control provides the user interface to log a user into a web site.

The Login control uses the Membership service to authenticate the user in your membership system. The default Membership service from your configuration file will be used automatically, however you can also set the Membership provider that you would like used as a property on the control.

The Login Control consists of: How to use repeater control in ASP. A Repeater is a Data-bound control. Data-bound controls are container controls. It creates a link between the Data Source and the presentation UI to display the data. The repeater control is used to display a repeated list of items. The main use of Repeater Control is for displaying a repeated list of items bound to the control. With the Repeater control we can display data in a custom format.

The main drawback of a Repeater Control is that it doesn't support paging and sorting.

The Repeater Control has the following types of template fields:. What are different methods of session maintenance in ASP. Session is a State Management Technique. A Session can store the value on the Server. It can support any type of object to be stored along with our own custom objects.

A session is one of the best techniques for State Management because it stores the data as client-based, in other words the data is stored for every user separately and the data is secured also because it is on the server. We can set the session on one of the following 2 types of configuration files:. NET there are 4 types of Session Mode.

We can disable the session mode for the entire application using the off mode. Home Categories. Follow ASPSnippets. Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has covered the list of best possible C Interview Questions and Answers of the C programming language and explain in as simple language as possible so it becomes understandable by every fellow programmer. C is an enormous programming language with many concepts which is being constantly updated by Microsoft and hence the list of C Interview Questions and Answers cannot be constant.

Thus this article and the downloadable PDF file will be periodically updated with the new questions that fit best into this list of C Interview Questions and Answers. In this article I will cover the list of best possible C Interview Questions and Answers of the C programming language and explain in as simple language as possible so it becomes understandable by every fellow programmer.

C Interview Questions and Answers. What is C? What is Struct and Class in C? Difference between String and StringBuilder in C? N memory allocation operations will be performed. Concat s, "Khan" ;. Text namespace.

Append "Mudassar" ;. Append "Khan" ;. What is Static function and example of in-built Static function in. What is Static class and its difference with Non-Static class? A Static class is a class that cannot be instantiated i.

Static class. Non-Static class. But Static members cannot be accessed using this keyword. What is Namespace in C? Give example of in-built Namespace in. A Namespace is used to organize classes. Example of in-built. Net Namespace is the System Namespace. Fun ;. What is a Sealed class in C? A Sealed class is a class which cannot be inherited.

The sealed keyword is used to prohibit inheritance of a particular class in C. A sealed class can be public as well as private. What is an Internal class in C? An Internal class is a class which cannot be used outside its Assembly. The internal keyword is used to mark a particular class Internal i. What is an Abstract class in C? An Abstract class is a special class which is majorly used for inheritance and it cannot be instantiated. Fun4 ;. Fun5 ;. Cannot create an instance of the abstract class or interface.

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