Download Amcat sample question papers with revised Amcat syllabus, to get function (PDF); Cumulative distribution function (CDF); Standard distributions. In this article, we have attached the free pdf links of AMCAT Previous Year Sample Papers Interested candidates can check the following. AMCAT Previous Papers with Solutions PDF are the best way to prepare for AMCAT Placement Papers, recommend AMCAT Model Question Paper in AMCAT.

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Amcat Exam Papers Pdf

Here you will get AMCAT sample papers for all subjects and download them in pdf format. AMCAT stands for Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test. It is an. Questions in this AMCAT mock tests were taken from previous AMCAT papers. Practice these . AMCAT question papers - Model/Sample paper download pdf. AMCAT Sample Question Paper and Download pdf for all the branches. find amcat questions for CSE/IT/ECE/EEE/CIVIL & Mechanical.

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Also, the time management is very important. Each section consists of Marks. The given Test Pattern is collected from the various sources. Hence, be careful and try to solve all the Question Papers.

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AMCAT Previous Year Sample Papers PDF Download with Answers -

Candidates if you satisfied with the given information then share the details with your friends too and help them in getting the AMCAT Previous Papers. Keep visiting our website www. Share on Facebook. Tech BE B. Com BCA. Tech ME M. Sc MCA M. Govt Jobs by Qualification. It is the process of adapting organisations to changing circumstances Creating better performance through customer orie circumstances.

It is the system of aligning people with the direction it has taken taken.

It refers to creating a vision to help direct the change effectively effectively. What is the historical reason for many organisations ations not having leadership? A view that leaders are born, they are not made b. Leaders lack managerial skills and organisations need managers c.

Leaders are weak in carrying out tradit traditional functions of management t d. Leaders allow too much complacency in organisations xs Q Which of the following lowing characteristics help organi organisations sations in their transformation efforts?

Emphasis on leadership but not management b. A strong and dogmatic culture e c. Bureaucratic and inward looking approach d.

Failing to acknowledge the value of customers and shareholders ap Q Which of the following lowing is similar in meaning of the word 'smother' as used u in the passage?

AMCAT Previous Year Sample Question Papers PDF Download with Answers

Suppress b. Encourage c. Instigate d.

In a kilometre race, if A gi gives B a 40 m start, A wins by 19 s. But if A gives B a 30 s start, B wins by 40 m.

Find the time taken by B to run 5, m? Pipe A takes 16 min to fill ill a tank tank. Pipes B and C, whose cross-sectional al circumferences are in thee ratio 2: If A has a cross-sectional circumference mference that is one the second tank?

AMCAT Sample Question Paper 2019 Download pdf – CST/Mech/ECE/IT/Civil

Assume is same for all the three pipes. Three consecutive whole hole numbers are such ththat at the square of the middle number n is t greater than the product of the other two by Find the middle number. All of these Q4. The arithmetic mean of 2 numbers is 34 and th their eir geometric mean is None of these Q6. What least number must be subtracted from to get a nu number mber exactly divisible divisib by 65? None of these Q9. What is the value of the following expression expression: None of these Q Increase linearly b.

Decrease linearly c. Increase exponentially d. What is the probability ty of getting the sum 5 in tw twoo throws of the dice? None of these co y. The question shows a pair of words iin n which the first is related to the second in i some way.

It is followed by a single word which bears a similar relation to one of the given alternatives. Find the correct alternative to complete the analogy. Ice b. Condense c. Solid d. Crystal b. Present Future y. Fill in the blankGuilt is to Past as Hope is to. Today d. Despair e. Hopeless Q3. From the given choices select the od odd man out: Bird xs b.

Kite c. Crow d. Pigeon e. Sparrow Q4. Find the missing pattern e BOQD: DQSF b. FSHU c. SHFU d. DSQF Q5. From the given choices select the od odd man out a. DFHEG b. TWXUV co c. OQSPR d. Find the next number in th the series 1, 6, 13, 22, 33,.

The question contains some statements followed by some conclusions. Decide which of the given conclusionss logically follow from the given state statements, ments, disregarding commonly known facts.

I All tomatoes are red.

II All grapes are tomatoes. I All grapes are red. II Some Tomatoes are grapes.

Only conclusion I follows. Only conclusion II follows. Neither I nor II follows d. Both I and II follow. Either I or II follows Q9. Old woman's son is my daugh daughter's uncle, then what relation has the old woman w to me? Sister b. Mother c. Grandmother d. Mother - in - law co Q Ramu was facing East.

He walked 4 km forward and then after turning turnin to his right walked 6 km. Again he turned to h his right and walked 7 km. After this hee turned back. East b. North c. South West North-East y.

Raman is not wearing purple and Aman is not wearin wearing black. Raman an and Sahil S wear different colours. Avinash alone wears gree green. What is Sahil's il's colour, if all four of them are wearing different colours. Green t b.

Black c. Purple xs d. Can't Say Q The question is followed by two arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide which of thee arguments is a strong argument and which is a weak argument. Should a total ban be put on trapping wild animals? Yes, Trappers are making a lot of money money. No, bans on hunting and trapping are not effective effective. Only argument I is strong. Only argument II is strong.

Either I or II is strong.

Neither I nor II is strong. The question contains a statement followed by tw twoo Assumptions I and II.

II Find out which assumption s is implicit mplicit. Vitamin E tablets improve circulation, keep your complexion in glowing condition.

AMCAT Syllabus,Question Pattern,Sample Question Papers 2018

People like glowing complexion complexion. Complexion becomes dull in the absence of circulation circulation. Only assumption I is implicit b. Only assumption II is implicit co c. Both assumption I and II are implicit implicit. Neither assumption I nor II is implicit Q Study the statement s and the conclusions and select the correct option. No country is absolutely self - dependent these days days. It is imposible to grow and produce all that a country needs II.

Countrymen in general have become lazy lazy. Only Conclusion I follows b. Only Conclusion II follows c. Both the conclusion I and II follow d. Either conclusion I or II follows ws e.

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