Twilight (stylized as twilight) is a young adult vampire-romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer. It is the first book in the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen-year-old The novel was named one of Publishers Weekly's Best Children's Books of The film adaptation .. Novels portal. Quotations related to. 1, by artist Young Kim based on the first book in the series. which tells the story of a newborn vampire who appeared in Eclipse. Full Story: Twilight A/U of Twilight with male Bella. .. I did some reading, deciding to study Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights', my favourite book.

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Twilight Full Story Book

OPEN BOOK 3. PHENOMENON 4. INVITATIONS 5. BLOOD TYPE 6. SCARY STORIES 7. NIGHTMARE 8. PORT ANGELES 9. THEORY INTERROGATIONS. That same year, Twilight was named one of Publishers Weekly's Best Children's Books of The novel was also the biggest selling book of and, to date . Twilight is a young adult vampire-romance novel written by author Stephenie Meyer. It is the first book of the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen-year- old This (along with the fact that she saw him stop a full-size van) peaks her As the teens tell scary stories around the fire, Bella becomes.

Under the rainy sky there, he meets the mysterious, alluring Edward Cullen. Nothing can prepare him for what will await; the long drives, random walks, and aching heart. Have fun reading. I wore some skinny jeans and an average shirt. My hair was medium length and brown with some red highlights, natural of course. The reason? Well since my Mom and Phil dated more, they got much more attached, but Phil was a minor league baseball player so he travels a lot, leaving Mom at home with me yet that made her unhappy. So I came to the conclusion to leave home, to go to the minute, rainy town of Forks where my Dad, Charlie lived. I'd spend a month in Forks every summer with Charlie, in the drizzle, the cold, the cage-like sky. It was torture. I want to," I smiled, hugging her. I had said this lie so predominantly now that it seemed to sink in it was the truth. Even I believed it. I was trying to convince myself this was a good idea for me, but my feelings deceived me. On the way there, I looked into the side mirror and saw myself.

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Unfortunately for me, this aircraft didn't have blinds, so I had to gaze endlessly out of the window at the looming pine trees and sunken valleys with powerful rivers forcing their way between them.

I saw Charlie stood there in his police uniform when I got off the miniature jet; he must've just left work. He gave me an awkward smile and I gave him a one armed hug. I hadn't brought that many clothes as most of them were 'summer' clothes, and I had very little winter attire. An uncomfortable silence positioned itself in the car, leading me to look out of the window and rest my head against the cool window. I saw the forest; the rain water trickling down the window, this water was an omen.

I had to admit, Washington was very beautiful. Green tree trunks for the moss of time had wreathed itself around it, green canopy that blocked out any potential sunlight, even green air.

This place was too green. It was an alien planet. He looked over at me, awaiting my expression. I turned to him, my face plastered with disbelief and gratitude, "Really? She's a classic," He looked pleased, yet by the way he said it was cheap seemed to me he meant it wasn't very good.

I looked down, fumbling with my freezing hands, "Oh, um, well thanks, Dad. My hair just flipped from the right across my face, covering one eye. Home to 3, people, Forks was as I said, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, even now.

Getting out of the car, I saw that Charlie's house, which will soon be our home, hadn't changed at all. The white, badly painted wooden frames keeping the house up brought back painful, boring memories. The windows were unkempt and had clutter lining the frames.

And that's when I saw it. The truck, not a car, sitting like a demon in the driveway. Charlie fortunately couldn't see my facial expression, but it looked like I just threw up in my mouth and had to swallow it back. The vehicle was a 'red' colour, and I use the air quotes as it was more of a pink-y red. I turned back to Charlie, who was getting the suitcases out, struggling. I went over to help, but my damsel-in-distress body was finding it hard to cope with the heavy boxes.

I managed though, but it annoyed me how I was sixteen and weaker than a drowned rat. Putting my stuff upstairs, into my room which was pretty purple, I saw how much it had changed.

The toys which used to be here had been cleared out and had been replaced by a desk where I'd place my Macbook. The bed was the same one, but with purple sheets. As we passed the kitchen I saw it had the same faded yellow cupboard mom used when she lived her to try and brighten up the place. In her words, she tried 'to bring in as much sunlight as possible.

Outside, in the freezing cold wind, I put my hood up from my brown leather jacked and wore my grey gloves. I'm going to go clear some things up for you upstairs, I also cleared some shelves out for you in the bathroom. After putting my things away and crying a little covertly in my room as I realised this was my new life, I heard someone outside. I checked out after my cry through my bedroom window and saw a middle aged man in a wheelchair wearing a hat being pushed up the drive by a cute not sexual, as in baby cute boy a few years younger than me with long black hair.

Bella feels that it would make her mother more comfortable with Phil's traveling job if she were living with her father Charlie Swan, who is the sheriff of the small town. Having lived in Phoenix most of her life, Bella is not accustomed to the rainy and bleak weather of Forks. She attends the local high school and makes few friends. Her first week at school, she is told about the odd and mysterious Cullen family who adopted five children, four of whom were dating each other.

Those five teenagers sit together at lunch and Bella instantly notices their unusual beauty, the fact that they never touch their food, and the way that other students avoid them while not understanding why they do so. As Bella attends classes, she finds that the youngest looking Cullen, named Edward, is in her biology class. When she is assigned as his partner for the class, he reacts poorly to her, acting as if he found her repulsive and he belives she is attractive in a seductive way but the adience is not aware of it yet.

However, over time Edward warms up to her a bit, no longer glaring when she enters the room, or ignoring her throughout class. On a day when Edward is conspicuously absent from Biology, Bella is horrified to find that the class will be blood typing today. Upon seeing blood, she becomes woosy. Mike Newton who has an obvious crush on Bella immediately volunteers to take Bella to the nurse. On the way to said nurse's office, they run into Edward, who has arrived just as class is ending.

Bella has fallen sickly to the ground, and Mike is patheticallly unable to move her. Upon being told what's wrong, Edward chuckles, and scoops her up to frustrated Mike's protests. He takes her to the nurse, mocking her for her intolerance for so little blood. Angrily, Bella defends herself by explaining that it's the smell of blood that gets her. Shocked, Edward says "People can't smell blood". As Bella and Edward spend more time together at school, they become friends, even beginning to sit together at lunch on occasion.

But he remains mysterious.

She notices that his eyes change color, sometimes golden, sometimes eerily black. One day, while Bella is in the parking lot at school, she is nearly crushed by a van that is spinning out of control.

Twilight Summary

Edward rushes towards her reaching her in a split second from the other side of the lot , pushes her out of the way and stops the van with his bare hands leaving a dent in the metal. In the ER, Bella is examined by Dr. Carlisle Cullen - Edward's father. She learns that he is a well-loved doctor in this local hospital. Edward is there as well, and she finds that he is not hurt at all. This along with the fact that she saw him stop a full-size van peaks her curiosity, but Edward is quick to avoid the topic, telling her she hit her head pretty hard on the concrete.

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Back at school, they resume their odd friendship, and she asks him at lunch what he is exactly. He smirks and asks her what her theories are. He dismisses her cliche superhero-like guesses with humor, but then seriously asks "What if I'm not the hero, what if I'm the monster?

Over a weekend, several of Bella's friends decide to have a bonfire on a beach at La Push, the Quiluete Native American reservation. Bella invites Edward to come, but he declines, telling her that he and his family are not welcome at the reservation. He will not say why. At the bonfire, Bella meets the son of an old friend of her father's - named Jacob Black. As the teens tell scary stories around the fire, Bella becomes intrigued at Jacob's knowledge of the Cullen family.

Getting him alone, she coerces him into telling Quiluete legends until he gets to the one that Jacob's father Bella's father's friend Billy Black claims is about the Cullen family. According to the stories, they are "Cold Ones", or vampires. Jacob scoffs at the stories, saying his father is a crazy old man. But to Bella, the pieces begin to fit and she puts it all together. Bella goes out one weekend with Angela and Jessica to Port Angelos, a nearby city.

She splits off from the other two, planning to meet them later for dinner. Looking for a specific store, Bella gets lost in the darkening town. Creepy men follow her, and begin cat-calling. Now realizing what the men intend to do, Bella starts to run, but the men have herded her towards yet more creepy men. At the last possible moment, a shiny Volvo - Edward Cullen's car - screeches to a halt and he throws the door open ordering her to get in.

Gratefully she does so, and they speed away. Edward snaps at Bella, asking her why in the world she had been so foolish, and asking her to distract him by babbling on about some boring subject, so that he could calm down. After Bella fails ease his temper by much, Edward suggests he take her to dinner as a distraction. On their way into the resteraunt they run into Angela and Jessica, who head home without Bella. After dinner as always, Edward did not eat , in Edward's car on the way back to Forks from Port Angelos, Bella confronts Edward with what she has learned from Jacob.

He reluctantly admits to being a vampire, and confirms that so are the rest of the Cullens. She then asks how he knew she needed saving. He explains that he has been following her, feeling a need to protect her. He knew she was coming to Port Angelos because he can read minds So, he had been listening to Angela's and Jessica's thoughts to keep tabs on her.

When she left them, he lost her for a while, but managed to find her by scent just in time. Hearing the would-be-rapists' thoughts about Bella nearly sent him over the edge. He needed Bella to distract him so that he could stop himself from hunting them down and killing them all.

Still driving home, Bella freaks out at how fast he is driving, and he tells her not to worry because he is a "built-in radar detector". Sufficiently soothed, Bella continues to ask questions. She asks if her assumption that when his eyes are golden he is full, and when his eyes are black he is thirsty is right. Surprised at her observance, he comfirms that's correct. Then Bella learns about Edward's family.

His "parents" are Carlisle and Esme. His brothers are Emmett and Jasper, and his sisters are Rosalie and Alice.

Emmett and Rosalie are in love, so are Jasper and Alice. Jasper can both feel and manipulate the emotions of those around him.

Alice has premonitions, and can hazily see pieces of the future. Bella also learns that unlike the Cullen coven, vampires are usually nomads. The Cullens are one of only two covens that they know of that do not feed on humans.

They jokingly call themselves "vegetarians". Edward also dispels the myths that they sleep in coffins and have no reflections. However, he says that they truly can't go out in sunlight the Forks area is almost always rainy. However, that is not because the sun harms them. Edward refuses to tell Bella what happens when he goes out in sunlight, but promises to show her someday. Now that they are being completely truthful with each other, their relationship begins to turn to romance as the two find they have deep feelings for each other, rather obsessive.

However, they never so much as touch hands, Edward makes sure of that. One day, Edward tells her that the sun will be coming out that weekend, and he wanted to show her a place he loves up in the mountains. He disappears for a few days, but warms up to Bella upon his return; their newfound relationship is interrupted after Bella is nearly struck by a van in the school parking lot.

Edward saves Bella, stopping the van with only his hand. Bella questions Edward about how he saved her life until she hears that Edward and his family are actually vampires who only drink animal blood. She is told legends of the local Quileute people by a friend named Jacob Black, who she met during a camp out.

Disturbed and riddled by recurring nightmares, Bella researches about vampires. Much to her dismay, she then realizes that Edward hadn't come to school on the blood typing day, because he is a vampire; she compares the characteristics of the vampires in mythology to the Cullens, and finds many similarities. Convinced that he is a vampire, she finds herself in the state of bewilderment. Bella is saved by Edward again in Port Angeles when she is almost attacked.

Driving a silver Volvo, Edward takes Bella to dinner and then back home. As they drive, she tells him of the stories that he is a vampire. Edward says he tried to stay away, finding her scent too desirable. Over time, Edward and Bella fall in love. Their relationship is affected when a nomad vampire coven arrives in Forks. James , a tracker vampire who is intrigued by Cullens' relationship with a human, wants to hunt Bella for sport.

James calls and claims to be holding her mother hostage. When Bella surrenders, James attacks her. Before he can finish her, Edward and other Cullens rescue her and kill James. He still attacks the girl. Edward prevents her from becoming a vampire, and she is treated at a hospital. After they return to Forks, they go to the school prom together.

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