The information contained in this document represents the current view of Tally Solu tions Pvt. Ltd 9 at a Glance - Tally Solutions. Tally Notes in Hindi Pdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Books Beginning From: bl QhYM esa cqDl vkWQ,dkmaV~l “kq: djusa dh frFkh .. ERP 9. Uploaded by. naresh buccha. Tally ERP 9 - Tutorial. Uploaded by. Download Book For 9 In Hindi In Pdf - best software for Windows. Tally. ERP 9: 9 is a software program designed to help business owners to.

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Tally in Hindi pdf. 9 is anything but difficult to download, quick introduces and simple to learn and utilize. Introduction Tally in Hindi [medical-site.info9] is the. tally basic tutorial pdf, tally erp 9 book in english free download, tally payroll tutorial, tally erp book pdf, all shortcut keys of tally erp 9, download books in hindi. ERP 9 Books, it is true that books are a great way of increasing your One of the Tally books is in Hindi as well as English and other one is in English only. .. For practical assignments in PDF, you need to enroll for Tally Expert Course.

ERP 9 gives complete support for all types of GST invoices and transactions, for all types of businesses. download and sales management Be it download or sales orders, debit or credit notes, keep your books up-to-date with Tally. ERP 9 which tracks and manages the download and sales cycles completely. Multi-currency support Have business operations, or customers and suppliers outside India? ERP 9 lets you define the rate of currency, and standard selling and downloading rates before calculating Forex.

Important: The information declared in the annual returns has multiple implications. Any incorrect information can attract notices, tax demands, interest and penalties and much more.

Please check the details filled in before filing as GST Annual return once filed, cannot be revised. Option to import the yearly Sales and downloads and compare with returns filed at a section level. A simple point checklist to identify potential errors in the GSTR-9 form with suggestions for the tables that need to be updated for correcting the errors.

In-built audit trail at an invoice level for each entry in the outward and inward supplies tables Directly import the data into ClearTax with the superfast Tally plugin. Auto-compute outward HSN summary from sales books data to fill Table smoothly. Invoice-level reconciliation of GSTR-1 with books of accounts. Excel-like software screen for working online and with GSTR-9 form. However, these will affect the tax liability at the end of the year.

Examples for this situation are — Supply without consideration, goods sent on approval basis, deemed supplies where taxpayers have sent inputs or capital goods to the job workers and have not received them by one or three years respectively, etc. The Ministry of Finance has clarified that the auto-population of data is a service provided to the taxpayers for easy filing.

However, the taxpayers have to report the data as per their books of accounts or GST returns filed during the financial year. Currently, GSTR-9 does not allow for any revision after filing. Good intrect between students nd trainer. Problems are listened nd solved by the trainer immediately. Kunal the atmoshpare of academy full of learning new things in subject that i have.. Mahima This is a learning center and very good teachers are here and Anshul mam is very good teacher she gave me lots of knowledge.

Gourav Mamta mam is best gst taxation trainer Laxmi i have Completed Tally. ERP9 Course. It is actually a good institute for learning for all the courses they are offering, I have done Website Designing Training course under the guidance of Mr. Ajay sir. LTD company. They helped me learn complex software and complicated terminologies in such a manner that I now excel at MIS Management. Attitude Academy helped me to become a Accountant expert within a few weeks. Every rupee I spent on the course is worth it as I have gained very knowledge for Career.

Radhika attitude academy is the best tally academy.

Ajay Sharma This Academy is one of the best Institute as per my leraning experience.. Training culture is very cozy. Trainers are very cooperative with his students and staff. Students are also obedient. Vishal Kaushik Nice Institute for better career prospect for trainees. The trainers were having great knowledge about corporate sectors and guide us well.

Hatim Tanwar Excellent way of training by trainers, simply superb! Anuj Raghav it was really a good experience with Attitude Academy. Pooja Attitude Academy supports each and every student, understood our problem properly. Our problem resolved perfectly.

So very thanks for him. You can use Tally.

ERP 9 to account for the loan and book compound interest. Monitor the interest on the amount through the ledger interest report. As you settle the principal amount, the interest is calculated on the revised principal. Activating interest calculation for the required indirect income ledgers, and specifying interest details will let you calculate the interest earned on investments.

You can view the ledger interest report for the income ledgers required to give you complete details of interest earned. Scenario You are studying the Balance Sheet of your company. You want to check the details of a specific group displayed in it, like Fixed Assets. Pressing Enter on the required group, takes you to the group summary, where you can analyse the group wise break-up.

Just by clicking the Esc key, you will go back to the Balance Sheet. Scenario You are viewing your Day Book at end of the day and reconciling your physical bill copies.

The totals of your downloads are not matching. You need to identify the error and rectify it. You don't have to exit Day Book to check your transactions. From the report, you can filter transactions based on their voucher number or party details. You can drill down to the transaction level, compare the transactions with your physical bills, and make necessary changes. Scenario A business has two manufacturing plants and 4 distribution businesses.

The business wants to know how the manufacturing business is doing, independently of the distribution business. Or if one manufacturing is linked to two of their distribution businesses. They would like to see a consolidation of the three to gauge the performance, as a whole. ERP 9, you can create a group company with multiple companies under it. ERP 9 consolidates the accounts of all the companies in a group to present a consolidated overview.

Alternatively, you can select only the companies which you want to view and compare. You can also view the statement of each company separately. Scenario TRX Enterprises operates from different locations. They want to view the consolidated report of all their branches. TRX Enterprises can create a group company with all its branches as companies under it.

ERP, you can view the accounts statement of the group company, which is the consolidated statement of all the companies in the group. ERP 9 by defining unlimited groups, categories and batches. Control inventory across locations Inventory needs continuous monitoring. ERP 9 makes this easy for you. Access Aging Analysis report, view item-wise profitability and keep a watch on stock movement across multiple godowns to manage inventory efficiently. You want to install an application to manage your business.

However, you don't have the time to enter the details of items in your application. Without having the item details ready on your system, will you be able to invoice? Although you haven't recorded item details in your application, billing doesn't have to wait.

Tally solutions notes in hindi pdf social advice

Enter just the basic details, like the item name and unit of measure. You can alter the stock item master to add more details at your leisure. The rate is Rs. When standard conversion of units don't suit your business needs, and when you need floating units of measurements, use Alternate Units of Measure in Tally. You can modify the conversion even during invoicing, and Tally.

ERP 9 will calculate the amount precisely. Scenario A popular mobile phone brand launched its latest model of smart phones. However, the launch was followed by the news of quality issues in some devices.

They figured that mobile phones manufactured in certain batches had issues. They decided to refund the downloaders. They also wanted to hold the sale of remaining items from these batches. The mobile phone manufacturer created and maintained batches in Tally.

The mobile phones were tagged to a specific batch. Since sales transactions recorded for these items also had the batch details tracked, the manufacturer can identify the customers to whom the mobiles were sold, and immediately stop further distribution of defected pieces in the market.

Scenario You are the owner of a chain of electronic stores in Bangalore. In one of the stores, there is high demand for a specific model of laptops.

Book For 9 In Hindi In Pdf - free download suggestions

Due to shortage in supply, your manufacturer hasn't delivered the fresh pieces of laptops. However, you figure out that there are a few pieces available in another outlet of yours. You decide to transfer goods from one outlet to another and meet the urgent demands.

When you transfer goods, you don't want the quantity of stock to get updated but the transfer from one location to another should reflect in your reports. Record a stock journal voucher in Tally. ERP 9 to show movement of goods from one location to another. You can select the source godown once and show the transfer of materials from this godown to multiple destinations. ERP 9 ensures that transfer of material only impacts your inventory books and not your books of accounts.

Scenario Items that are slow moving remain in the shelves beyond their expiry dates. The retailer may not know about them, as a result of which sometimes customers tend to download expired goods. This affects the retailer's as well as the brand's reputation in the market.

Specify date of manufacture and expiry dates for all you stock items, and identify a batch of goods with a unique batch number. Get notified when invoicing an item that has past it's expiry date. Proactively, filter for expired batches and eliminate them from your shelves. Early identification of stocks that are nearing expiry will help you devise a strategy to sell or remove this stock as soon as possible. Scenario A departmental store owner receives multiple complaints from his customers about stock outs for certain products and that they never find those in the racks.

The owner himself checks the racks and finds that the items are not available.


Looking at the stock report and movement report, he realizes that he has enough stock in his godown but, it is not brought to the shelves. He either needs to increase the shelf space and stock more in the racks or frequently replenish the stock.

When inventory records are maintained in Tally.

ERP 9, real time stock position is available always. Comprehensive inventory reports like Stock Summary can be accessed from the sales invoice at the click of a button to know the availability of a particular stock item.

Furthermore, a summary of stock items available in each of your godowns will give you the visibility you need before deciding on procuring stock. Scenario You want to transfer pcs of Item X costing Rs.

While transferring the item, freight charges of Rs. The amount spent as freight charges will be a loss. Record inter-godown transfer entries by including the additional costs incurred during transfer and include expenses incurred in the item cost. Scenario An electrical switchgear manufacturing company manufactures medium voltage and high voltage switch sockets and regulators mainly for the industrial segment.

Due to uncertainty of orders, they planned to diversify their business into the residential segment and add low voltage switchgears in their product portfolio. Due to this the number of SKUs they were dealing with increased from approx. They need a system that would notify when stock went below a defined level, so that they would replenish their inventory. To track and manage the stock level of huge numbers of stock items, define minimum quantities for each stock item in Tally.

ERP 9, beyond which the item has to be procured. Benefit from the comprehensive reports to give you a view of your stock position from orders pending to orders due, and the nett available stock. Decide the quantity to be procured based on the shortfall. Scenario A household appliances distributor has high demand for air conditioners in summer. He has placed orders to replenish the stocks and has received the goods. Sales being at its peak, he hasn't had time to update his books of inventory.

Scenario A wholesale trader of grains who sells to retail stores as well individual customers', needs to bill in different units of measurement.

While he sells in Kgs to an individual customer, he will use quintals when selling to retailers. Also, there may be a difference in pricing based on the quantity sold. ERP 9 has the capability to deal with multiple units of measurement for one item, and also draw a relationship between the two measurements. In the above scenario, the trader creates both the units Kg and quintal and then creates another unit that relates both these units.

He then creates price lists for each customer type with varying prices based on quantities being sold. When used in a transaction, the price lists are applied according to the customer type or quanitity selected. You need not worry about the hassle of carrying forward balances. Tally takes care of that. Backup and restore data Worried about how to take backup and store all your business data in a safe and secure manner? Due to its minimalistic design, you can easily take data backups in portable storage devices.

Data can be transferred to any storage device and restored back within seconds. Tally lets you to export data in XML that can be later imported in other systems. This data can the be imported into another software. Your data is always secure with Tally. ERP 9 which has built-in security at all levels. Data Synchronisation Having business at multiple places? Synchronize business data across locations and get consolidated information at one location by using the Synchronization feature of Tally.

Automate business emails Share party ledger information or send reminder letters to parties in just a single click with Tally. Avoid manual work and save time. He needs your help. You can e-mail the balance sheet from Tally. ERP 9 as an attachment. You can also export the report to Excel and share the sheet with your manager. Scenario An organization with employees has to e-mail payslips to each employee. E-mailing one at a time will be time consuming. The operator processes salaries and uses the mass mailing feature in Tally.

Payslips can be sent to an employee category or employee group, or to all employees in one go. Zero valued entries can be eliminated if required.

The e-mail details are fetched automatically from the employee profile created in Tally. Scenario You have raised a download order against a vendor and want to keep him in the loop. You can directly e-mail the required download order from Tally. This facility aids businesses to rapidly send information entered and saved in the product, as well as quickly keep their customers updated with the status of their orders.

Scenario You were going through your receivables statement and realised that there are quite a few customers who have defaulted on payments. ERP 9's mass-mailing capabilities, you can send reminder letters to some or all of your customers. From your outstanding statements, you just have to select the required ledgers in the e-mail address, enable the E-mail Reminder Letter option, and send a mass mail.

ERP 9's advanced uploading feature, you can directly upload documents to your website or FTP server, without the need to export and convert a document into a particular format. Your executives or regional teams can directly access these reports online from anywhere in the world.

Scenario You want to analyse sales trends for the month. Create graphs accordingly to analyse information. The Tax Computation Report displays employee-wise income tax details in Form 16 format.

Further, you can view and handle exceptions effortlessly. Statutory compliance in payroll Tally.

ERP 9 generates statutory reports with regard to provident fund, employee state insurances, professional tax, gratuity and income tax. Manage payroll related compliance easily. The company wishes to classify the people appropriately. Multiple departments like Sales, Procurement, IT can be created as employee group.

Further categorisation - Sales Planning, Analytics, and Sales executives - can be created within an employee group. Furthermore, levels and cadres can be created, and salaries can be defined accordingly. Scenario An employee has approached the accounts department requesting pay slips of the last three months for applying a bank loan. The company generates the employee's payslips for the required period, and e-mails it with the company logo.

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