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Succeeding With Agile Ebook

Download from This page intentionally left blank. Download from Succeeding with Agile Download from. Download this ebook at: [PDF] Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum [PDF]. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Succeeding with Agile. “Understanding the mechanics of eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; In this edition, page numbers are just like the physical edition; Length: pages; Enhanced.

This is the book from the co-creator of Scrum Framework — Jeff Sutherland. Jeff Sutherland makes it easy to understand Scrum for anyone. The thorny problem Jeff began tackling 20 years ago boils down to this: people are spectacularly bad at doing things with agility and efficiency. Best laid plans go up in smoke. Teams often work aimlessly bound in silos. And when the pressure of delivery rises, unhappiness soars. Jeff began challenging those dysfunctional realities, looking for solutions that would have global impact. Woven with insights from martial arts, judicial decision making, advanced aerial combat, robotics, and many other disciplines, Scrum is consistently riveting. But the most important reason to read this book is that it may just help you achieve what others consider unachievable — whether it be inventing a trailblazing technology, devising a new system of education, pioneering a way to feed the hungry, or, closer to home, a building a foundation for your family to thrive and prosper.

Small Team Productivity Given the strength of these advantages to small teams, we would expect small teams to be more productive than large teams.

Doug Putnam of QSM found exactly that after studying projects with team sizes from 1 to 20 people. Since QSM has been collecting data on software productivity and estimates.

The company maintains the software development industry's most thorough metrics database, including data on application size, effort, industry, and more. As such, the QSM database is uniquely valuable for comparing different types of projects. From the QSM database of over 7, projects, Putnam narrowed the data set to projects completed between — that delivered between 35, and 95, new or modified lines of source code.

Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum

As shown in Figure However, the difference between teams sized from 1. Figure Printed with permission from QSM, Inc. All rights reserved. Putnam looked also at the total development effort that goes into projects. Not surprisingly, he found that smaller teams complete projects with less total effort. Putnam concluded that "larger teams translate into more effort and cost.

The trend appears to have an exponential behavior. The most cost-effective strategy is the smallest team; however the extreme nonlinear effort increase doesn't seem to kick in until the team size approaches nine or more people. In most cases, however, we are not concerned with minimizing the total development effort; schedule is always a major consideration.

After all, we rarely have 40 years to wait for a lone developer to finish what we need by next spring. The impact of team size on overall schedule is shown in Figure This figure shows that a 5- to 7-person team will complete an equivalently sized project in the shortest amount of time.

Smaller teams took slightly longer. Notice again the dramatic increase with teams of 9 to 11 people. See Also There are, of course, projects that cannot be done with a single two-pizza team. Scrum teams scale by having teams of teams rather than one immense team. For more on scaling, see Chapter An additional study described in the Communications of the ACM compared the productivity of large and small teams.

Long-time industry veteran Phillip Armour writes of this research. Large teams twenty-nine people create around six times as many defects as small teams three people and obviously burn through a lot more money.

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Yet, the large team appears to produce about the same amount of output in only an average of twelve days less time. This is a truly astonishing finding, though it fits with my personal experience on projects over thirty-five years.

Objection "There are too many disciplines on my project for us to have small teams. There are analysts, programmers, database developers, client-side programmers, middle-tier programmers, testers, test automation engineers, and more. I can't possibly have a five- to nine-person team. On a nine-person team with each person responsible solely for one discipline, it will be difficult or impossible to balance the workload of each team member. A team structure where some people may work only within one discipline but where others can move between two or more makes it much easier for the team to balance the workload of the different disciplines.

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Having at least some people work across disciplines also instills a better sense of whole-product responsibility rather than "I just do such-and-such. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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Succeeding with Agile Software Development Using Scrum: Team Structure

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Start on. Geschreven bij Succeeding with Agile. Ik sla dit boek open op het moment dat er in mijn scrum team iets gaande is, waarbij ik wil weten "hoe doen anderen dit".

En meestal vind ik een antwoord. Niet altijd exact wat ik zocht, maar soms ook wat nieuw inzicht om verder te gaan. Bekijk de voorwaarden. Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW en andere heffingen en exclusief eventuele verzendkosten en servicekosten. Software Development Using Scrum Auteur: Mike Cohn. E-mail deze pagina. Inkijkexemplaar Bekijk video. Ebooks lezen is heel makkelijk. Na aankoop zijn ze direct beschikbaar op je Kobo e-reader en op je smartphone of tablet met de gratis bol.

Addison-Wesley Professional.

Mike Cohn is one of the contributors to the invention of the Scrum software development methodology. He is one of the founders of the Scrum Alliance He is the owner of Mountain Goat Software, a company that provides training on Scrum and Agile software development techniques. Alles van Mike Cohn. Toon meer Toon minder.

Leading agile consultant and practitioner Mike Cohn presents detailed recommendations, powerful tips, and real-world case studies drawn from his unparalleled experience helping hundreds of software organizations make Scrum and agile work. Succeeding with Agile is for pragmatic software professionals who want real answers to the most difficult challenges they face in implementing Scrum. Cohn covers every facet of the transition: Throughout, Cohn presents Things to Try Now sections based on his most successful advice.

Complementary Objection sections reproduce typical conversations with those resisting change and offer practical guidance for addressing their concerns. Then, it will help you go much further: It will help you transform your entire development organization. Recensie s Praise for Succeeding with Agile Understanding the mechanics of an agile process is just not enough. Mike Cohn has compiled a superb and comprehensive collection of advice that will help individuals and teams with the intricate task of adopting and adapting agile processes to fit their specific challenges.

This book will become the definitive handbook for agile teams. If you really want agile methods to stick, this is the book to read. Succeeding with Agile is based on his experience, and all of our experience, with agile to date. He covers from the earliest days of the project up to maturity and offers advice for the individual, the team, and the enterprise.

No matter where you are in the agile cycle, this book has something for you! It discusses issues, great solutions, and helpful guidelines when scaling up in agile projects.

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