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Sherlock Holmes Bangla Pdf File

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Plot summary[ edit ] Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson travel by train to Dartmoor to investigate a crime of disappearance of the great race horse Silver Blaze and the murder of the horse's trainer, John Straker. Fitzroy Simpson has come to Dartmoor and specifically to King's Pyland to gather information relating to his professional activities, and has become a suspect in the murder. However, to Holmes, from the outset, there seem to be a number of facts that do not fit the inspector's case against Simpson, damning as it looks. It seems odd, for instance, that he would lead the horse out on to the moor simply to injure or kill him. That could be done right in his stall. He could not have stolen the animal. What good would such a famous thoroughbred be to him? Why has an exhaustive search of the neighbourhood not turned up Silver Blaze? What has Simpson done with him? Holmes being confronted by Silas Brown Sherlock Holmes soon tracks down Silver Blaze, literally: his tracks along with a man's are clearly visible in the soil, albeit intermittently. Holmes also deduces why the police could not find the horse, despite having looked right at him. Holmes ensures Silver Blaze's safety, and turns his mind to other aspects of the case. John Straker, Silver Blaze's late trainer, has been killed by a blow to the skull, assumed to have been administered by Simpson with his " Penang lawyer ", a clublike walking stick. Simpson's cravat is also found in Straker's hand, and the latter's coat is found draped over a furze bush.

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The Adventure of Silver Blaze

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This establishes his motive: he had a mistress with expensive tastes, and tried to influence the race's outcome to earn himself a large sum of money. The curried mutton was a clue, also; only such a spicy dish could have masked the taste of powdered opium, and it was impossible for Simpson to arrange a highly seasoned meal that evening for his purposes.

Therefore, someone in the household must have conceived the idea—namely, Straker himself. The "curious incident of the dog in the night-time" is easily explained: the dog made no noise, because no stranger was there. As Holmes explains: "I had grasped the significance of the silence of the dog, for one true inference invariably suggests others Obviously the midnight visitor was someone whom the dog knew well.

Sherlock Holmes in Bangla

It was Straker who removed Silver Blaze from his stall and led him out on to the moor". Straker's purpose in doing this was to use the cataract knife to inflict a slight injury upon one of the horse's legs, rendering him temporarily lame in a way that would be undetectable on examination and thus likely put down to strain.

He had thought to use Simpson's cravat which the latter dropped when he was expelled from King's Pyland as a sling to hold the horse's leg to cut it.

But instead, Straker was killed when the horse, sensing that something was wrong, panicked and kicked the trainer in the head.

The lame sheep had been used by Straker for practice. Colonel Ross's main concern, of course, is getting his horse back safely. Holmes chooses not to tell Ross where his horse has been although he has known all along until after the Wessex Cup, which is won by Silver Blaze.

Sherlock Holmes - in Bangla

At first the Colonel does not recognize his own horse, since the animal's distinguishing white markings have been covered with dye. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

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