BlackBerry Curve Series. BlackBerry Curve / Smartphones. Version: User Guide. To find the latest user guides, visit. The BlackBerry Curve line of smartphones is fully compatible with portable document format files, or PDFs. PDF is the file format of choice for documentation and. I know enough to get on the web and find a forum - - lol Hello All, Got my curve today. Is there such a thing as a free pdf viewer?

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Pdf Blackberry Curve

The procedures for reading PDF files on your BlackBerry Curve depend on your smartphone's model and operating system. As a general rule, however, your. In the modern digital world, smartphones such as the BlackBerry Curve are nearly as ubiquitous as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Unfortunately, the BlackBerry. A SIM card stores important information about your wireless service. A SIM card might already be inserted in your BlackBerry® device. Insert a SIM card into your .

Get a little refresher about the different buttons on your device as well as some of its key features. The battery power level for your phone is low, or your phone is turned off and is charging. When you restore data to your BlackBerry device, all files that are stored on your device are deleted before the backup file is restored. A master reset restores the original factory settings and may delete your personal data on the internal storage, such as downloads, ringtones, images, apps, contacts, and Visual Voicemail. You've probably been through a lot with your device and although it's tough to say goodbye, it just might be time to say your farewells and get a new device. Check out some upgrade options or learn about our Equipment Installment Plan which helps break down the costs of devices into manageable monthly payments. Already have a new device?

To back up all data except e-mail messages, click Quick Backup. To select which types of data to back up, click Custom Backup and select the checkboxes next to the desired data.

How to Read PDF Files on a BlackBerry Curve

If desired, click Files saved on my built-in media storage. Click close once the backup is complete. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

Click Restore.

Select the backup file you want to use. Perform one of the following actions: To restore all data, click Full restore.

Manuales BlackBerry

To select which data you want to restore, click Custom restore and select the checkboxes for the desired data. See KB for details.

To restore data to built-in media storage, select the Files saved on my built-in media storage checkbox. If the backup file is encrypted, enter the password. Open the email message containing the PDF attachment.

Earlier Devices

Click the attachment in the email or click the link in the Web page. Continue below if a message with the text "Password protected document" appears.

Press the arrow key, press the BlackBerry key and then click "Enter Password.

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