Short stories from Selected Stories, by O Henry. → The Gift of the Magi. → A Cosmopolite in a Café. → Between Rounds. → The Skylight Room. This collection of short stories by O. Henry gives the reader a wonderful selection of characters from the United States of years ago. The classic short story The Gift of the Magi is the most famous of O. Henry's stories, but the Text (PDF). Short stories from Selected Stories, by O Henry. Pages · Telugu neethi kathalu| Short stories for Telugu kids| Pdf telugu short stories online.

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A GO O D coign of vantage for the a ppra isa l of O. Henry is found in the n umber a n d variety of authors with whom he has been compared. N0 other American. O. Henry was born William Sidney Porter on. September 11, , near Greensboro, North Caro- lina. He moved to Texas in He first settled in Cotulla. 11 ճᕓᇅகᙅᇾࡋ. ── 12 Κξϰ. ── 13 ࠥੀ࿆ЊޠϾٙ೛. ── 14 ݣၰ२Ң. ── 15 ڽၽϟၰ. ── Part 1 The Best Short Stories of O. Henry.

He changed the spelling of his middle name to Sydney in His parents were Dr. William's parents had married on April 20, When William was three, his mother died after birthing her third child, and he and his father moved into the home of his paternal grandmother. As a child, Porter was always reading, everything from classics to dime novels ; his favorite works were Lane 's translation of One Thousand and One Nights and Burton 's Anatomy of Melancholy. He then enrolled at the Lindsey Street High School. His aunt continued to tutor him until he was In , he started working in his uncle's drugstore in Greensboro, and on August 30, , at the age of 19, Porter was licensed as a pharmacist. At the drugstore, he also showed his natural artistic talents by sketching the townsfolk.

He simply stared at her fixedly with that peculiar expression on his face. Della wriggled off the table and went for him. I had my hair cut off and sold it because I couldn't have lived through Christmas without giving you a present. It'll grow out again - you won't mind, will you? I just had to do it. M y hair grows awfully fast. Say "Merry Christmas! You don't know what a nice - what a beautiful, nice gift I've got for you.

I'm me without my hair, ain't I? It's Christmas Eve, boy. Be good to me, for it went for you.


Maybe the hairs of my head were numbered,' she went on with a sudden serious sweetness, 'but nobody could ever count my love for you. Shall I put the chops on, Jim? He enfolded his Della. For ten seconds let us regard with discreet scrutiny some inconsequential object in the other direction.

Eight dollars a week or a million a year - what is the difference? A mathematician or a wit would give you the wrong answer. The magi brought valuable gifts, but that was not among them. This dark assertion will be illuminated later on. Jim drew a package from his overcoat pocket and threw it upon the table. I don't think there's anything in the way of a haircut or a shave or a shampoo that could make me like my girl any less.

But if you'll unwrap that package you may see why you had me going awhile at first. And then an ecstatic scream of joy; and then, alas! Beautiful combs, pure tortoiseshell, with jewelled rims - just the shade to wear in the beautiful vanished hair.

They were expensive combs, she knew, and her heart had simply craved and yearned over them without the least hope of possession. And now they were hers, but the tresses that should have adorned the coveted adornments were gone.

But she hugged them to her bosom, and at length she was able to look up with dim eyes and a smile and say: 'My hair grows so fast, Jim! She held it out to him eagerly upon her open palm. The dull precious metal seemed to flash with a reflection of her bright and ardent spirit.

I hunted all over town to find it. You'll have to look at the time a hundred times a day now. Give me your watch. I want to see how it looks on it. They're too nice to use just at present. I sold the watch to get the money to download your combs.

And now suppose you put the chops on. They invented the art of giving Christmas presents. Being wise, their gifts were no doubt wise ones, possibly bearing the privilege of exchange in case of duplication.

Ebooks by O. Henry

But in a last word to the wise of these days, let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest. Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. Smoot, pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church , where the Estes family attended church.

The couple continued to participate in musical and theater groups, and Athol encouraged her husband to pursue his writing. Athol gave birth to a son in , who died hours after birth, and then daughter Margaret Worth Porter in September The salary was enough to support his family, but he continued his contributions to magazines and newspapers.

In the GLO building , he began developing characters and plots for such stories as "Georgia's Ruling" , and "Buried Treasure" The castle-like building he worked in was even woven into some of his tales such as "Bexar Scrip No. His job at the GLO was a political appointment by Hall. Hall ran for governor in the election of but lost. Porter resigned on January 21, , the day after the new governor, Jim Hogg , was sworn in.

The bank was operated informally, and Porter was apparently careless in keeping his books and may have embezzled funds.

In , he was accused by the bank of embezzlement and lost his job but was not indicted at the time. He then worked full-time on his humorous weekly called The Rolling Stone, which he started while working at the bank. The Rolling Stone featured satire on life, people, and politics and included Porter's short stories and sketches.

Although eventually reaching a top circulation of 1,, The Rolling Stone failed in April because the paper never provided an adequate income. However, his writing and drawings had caught the attention of the editor at the Houston Post. Porter and his family moved to Houston in , where he started writing for the Post. Porter gathered ideas for his column by loitering in hotel lobbies and observing and talking to people there.

This was a technique he used throughout his writing career. While he was in Houston, federal auditors audited the First National Bank of Austin and found the embezzlement shortages that led to his firing. A federal indictment followed, and he was arrested on charges of embezzlement.

Flight and return[ edit ] Porter in his 30s Porter's father-in-law posted bail to keep him out of jail. He was due to stand trial on July 7, , but the day before, as he was changing trains to get to the courthouse, an impulse hit him.

He fled, first to New Orleans and later to Honduras, with which the United States had no extradition treaty at that time. Porter lived in Honduras for only six months, until January There he became friends with Al Jennings , a notorious train robber, who later wrote a book about their friendship.

Unfortunately, Athol became too ill to meet Porter in Honduras as he had planned. When he learned that his wife was dying, Porter returned to Austin in February and surrendered to the court, pending trial. Athol Estes Porter died from tuberculosis then known as consumption on July 25, He was sentenced to five years in prison and imprisoned on March 25, , at the Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus, Ohio.

Porter was a licensed pharmacist and was able to work in the prison hospital as the night druggist. He was given his own room in the hospital wing, and there is no record that he actually spent time in the cell block of the prison.

He had 14 stories published under various pseudonyms while he was in prison but was becoming best known as "O. A friend of his in New Orleans would forward his stories to publishers so that they had no idea that the writer was imprisoned. Porter was released on July 24, , for good behavior after serving three years. He reunited with his daughter Margaret, now age 11, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Athol's parents had moved after Porter's conviction.

Margaret was never told that her father had been in prison—just that he had been away on business. Later life and death[ edit ] Porter's most prolific writing period started in , when he moved to New York City to be near his publishers.

While there, he wrote short stories. His wit, characterization, and plot twists were adored by his readers but often panned by critics. Porter married again in to childhood sweetheart Sarah Sallie Lindsey Coleman, whom he met again after revisiting his native state of North Carolina.

Sarah Lindsey Coleman was herself a writer and wrote a romanticized and fictionalized version of their correspondence and courtship in her novella Wind of Destiny.

In , Sarah left him, and he died on June 5, , of cirrhosis of the liver , complications of diabetes , and an enlarged heart. She married cartoonist Oscar Cesare of New York in ; they were divorced four years later.

She died of tuberculosis in and is buried next to her father. Stories[ edit ] Portrait of Porter used as frontispiece in the posthumous collection of short stories Waifs and Strays O. Henry's stories frequently have surprise endings. This story tells of Jimmy Valentine, a safe burglar who recently was released from prison. After robbing a few more safes, he decides to abandon his old life in favor of becoming a better citizen. This story is about Harvey Maxwell, a broker who works like a machine, so much so that he forgets a few important things.

This story is about a man who honors his promise to meet his best friend in the same location where they met twenty years ago, before he headed West. This story is about a man and a woman who save enough money from their blue-collar jobs to spend a week in luxury at a hotel. However, a man who lives in the same house wants to help her change her disposition. This story is about a soap tycoon named Anthony Rockwall who thinks that literally anything can be bought with money.

This story is about Prince Michael of Valleluna, a prince who loves to help people and hates clocks. One night, he decides to help a man who has been nervously watching a clock.

This story is about Rudolf Steiner, a "true adventurer" who is always ready to try something different.

The Complete Works Of O Henry

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